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The 2002 30M3 

Virginia Military Institute 

Islington, Virginia 24450 

Volume 108 

«&*&& skk& ^ 

Stutitsnl jnatiliM ainig-iiV 

05M*S aiaig^iV t aotgaix$eI 

801 ^oidIoV 



\- '--... 


%hle of Contents 



Cadet Life 


Chain of Command 





M -3 8 

Pa s s 



The Virginia Military Institute. A small college nestled in the 
hills of the Shenandoah Valley. A place similar to that of the 
legendary place called Brigadoon. For the four-year period 
that is spent at the "I," time goes by quickly, yet, at the same 
time, so slowly for the cadets there. VMI is a place that is 
built on timeless traditions, honor, and brotherhood. While 
cadets are here they spend their time juggling the rigors of 
VMFs three-legged stool — academics, military, and athletics. 
As each year at the Institute comes and goes, a new class 
enters in August. This new class or "Rat Mass," as is called 
here, takes "the road less traveled," and encounters an 
experience that is found nowhere else in the world. It is an 
experience that has produced great military and civic leaders 
like General George Catlett Marshall, Class of 1901, who 
helped save Europe after World War II with the Marshall Plan, 
and Jonathan Myrick Daniels, Class of 1961, a civil rights 
activist who gave his own life to save Ruby Sales, a small 
African- American Alabama girl. Each class makes its way 
through the Ratline and progresses through its Third and 
Second Class years until ultimately reaching the eagerly- 
awaited First Class year. This VMI experience lasts the entire 
four years, not just the first six months. Upon reaching the 
First Class year, the final stretch of one's cadetship, one sees 
the changes in VMI more directly. These changes can be 
small and insignificant or large and drastic; this is the essence 
of the VMI system — the more things change, the more they 
remain the same. Please join us as we pass in review life at 
the Institute in 2001-2002. 

The 2002 BOMB is dedicated to the Class of 2002. This edition of the 
BOMB is intended to cover their First Class year. 

4 Introduction 



The Spirit of 
VMI .5 The 

New Market 
Corps charges 
the Battlefield on 
May 15, 1864. 
Ten cadets died 
on the Field of 

in review ... MG Josiah S. Bunting, III, takes 
the review of a Friday afternoon parade. 


Old Corps ...Photograph 
of Sir Moses Ezkiel as a 
cadet. Ezekiel scuplted 
hotli the Jackson ana 
Virginia Mourning Her Dead 
statues on Post. 

A rite of passage 

...The burning of the 
woolies, a tradition estab- 
lished by the First Class 
signifying the end of their 
last Dark Age at VMI. 

Hope springs eternal ... 

A sign from above indicating 
that the end of the year is near. 

Introduction 5 

n 181 ^ the m'YMI 

ivas si'aifcd M;iienftiie : -;' : i;/i "'. 
Commonwealth of Virginia built 
tire Lexington arsenal -Tt was not 
until" 1 835, when a- young lawyer, 
.-John XL.- Preston, .suggested 
| that the arsenal's soldier guard 
\ be turned into a cadet guard, 
wl) ich would receive an 
education: In 1836,-th'e Virginia 
j legislature disbanded the arsenal 
and established a military school 
"l its place. It was not until 

VMI Timeline 

1778 — Lexington, Virginia, and 

the County of Rockbridge are 


1818 — Commonwealth of 

Virginia establishes an arsenal 

in Lexington 

1835 — J.XL. Preston proposes 

that the arsenal be turned into 

a school 

1836 — Virginia disbands 

arsenal and establishes a 

military school 

1839 — VMI is established and 

is founded on November 1 1 

1842— The first class of VMI 

graduates with a total of 16 

1842— The Alumni Military 

Association is founded; it 

would later become the VMI 

Alumni Association 

1851 — "Stonewall" Jackson 

joins the faculty at VMI as a 

professor of Natural and 

Experimental Philosophy and 

Artillery Tactics 

1859 — Cadet contingency 

goes to Harper's Ferry to 

preserve order at the execution | 

of abolitionist John Brown 

1861 — Corps of Cadets travels 

to Richmond to drill 

Confederate troops 

1864— Corps of Cadets fights 

in the Battle of New Market; 10 

cadets die as a result 

1864 — General Hunter raids 

VMI and shells barracks 

1867 — VMI is restored back to 

it pre-war shape and size 

i 885 — Fraternities were 


■. November 11,1 839, that the 
Virginia Military Institute opened 
its doors as a facility for higher 
education: VMI throughout its 
history has been involved with 
many events that have shaped the 
history of our nation. In 1 859, a 
cadet contingency was sent to 
Harper's Ferry to preserve order at 
the execution of abolitionist John 
Brown! In 1 864, the Corps of 
Cadets marched to New Market, 

soldiers. This was the first and 
only time that any student body 
has fought in any war. VMFs 
mission is to produce citizen- 
soldiers, people who have a 
commitment to make communities a 
better place through service while 
being ready to defend their nation 
or rights at any time. VMI has 
produced great leaders, such as 
George C. Marshall. Class of 1 901 , 

has also been at the head ol . 
controversies. In 1 996, VMI was 
the last state-supported school to 
become co-educational. However, 
these controversies cannot tarnish 
the presence of VMI. It is VMFs 
unique co-curriculum that makes it 
the most uniqueand challenging 
college in the world. The future of 
VMI is in the hands of its modem 
day cadets, it is only limited by 
their ambitions. 

Destruction ...The Virginia Military Institute in 1864 after being 
shelled and raided by General Hunter and his Union forces. 

I 1 

2*' I ' k 

1 ! i ■ 



Hi ii fin i 


\ 7 CV'^" 


: ^; 

,^v^^*^^^S^*"^ ; * 

I Ml ^H 


IT - '^ 


1915 — VMI receives restitution 

from the Federal Government due 

to the damages done by Union 

soldiers during the Civil War 

1916 — Cavalry, field artillery, and 

infantry units are established at 

VMI when the National Defense 

Act of 1 9 1 6 creates ROTC 

1943 — The first Army Specialized 

Training Program soldier-students 

are assigned for training at VMI 

1948 — Horses make their last 

appearance at VMI (until 54 years 

later); New Barracks is dedicated 

1951 — Marshall Arch is dedicated 

in honor of General of the Army 

George C. Marshall 

1966 — The Barracks are 

designated as a National Historic 


1968 — The First African- American 

cadets matriculate 

1970— The New Market 

Battlefield Historical Park's Hall of 

Valor is dedicated 

1990 — Board of Visitors rescinds 

mandatory commissioning policy; 

Justice Department files civil rights 

law suits against VMI 

1996— U.S. Supreme Court 

decrees that VMI can no longer 

continue as a state-supported, 

single-sex institution 

1997 — The last class to have 

spent its four-year cadetship in an 

all male Corps of Cadets 

graduates; August 18, 30 women 

sign the matriculation book 

1999 — The first women graduate 

from VMI, Melissa Graham and 


2000— The last all-male class 


2001 — The first co-educational 

class graduates 

2002— VMI SRC prayer is ruled 

unconstitutional; VMI enters 

appeal to State Supreme Court 




From Above ...An aerial 
photograph of modern day Post. 

Through the 

When you take that first glimpse at VMI, you will find that 
there exists a world of its own on top of a hill in Lexington, 
Virginia. The "I" is like a small city with the cadets running 
every aspect of the unique environment in which they live. 
During our tenure here, we are touched by not only the 
things that happen to us, but by the people we meet. As you 
step into the 2002 VMI BOMB, remember to look beyond 
what lies on these picture-filled pages. This is not simply 
just a book of pictures, but a compilation of what another 
year has brought to the rich history of the Institute. 

8 Introduction 

Limits Gates 


k -■ 



Never Forget 

September 11, 2001 

The 21 st century's 'Day of Infamy' 



The focus of all cadet life re- 
sides within these four walls. \ 
Upon entering through one of the 
arches of Barracks, one will find 
a dijferert, unique, and 
interesting way of life. 

Cadet Life 

You may be whatever you resolve to be" 

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson 

Cadet Life 1.3 

;r.-.'-; %&&&&&< - 

II, every aspect 

life is 

permeated by the honor 
code. A cadet from the 
day of matriculation, is told 
that his or her word is their 
bond. A cadet is bound by 
the Honor Code to "never 
lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate 

those who do." 

Virginia Military Institute 



The purpose of the Honor Code is to maintain the high standards traditionally attributed 
to VMI cadets by seeking to instill in all cadets the desire to conduct themselves according 
to the code of an honorable cadet, who will neither LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, NOR TOLERATE 

THOSE WHO DO. All cadets should be able to determine right from wrong, and thus be able 
themselves to arrive at honorable answers to their questions. 

The Code is the heart of VMI. It pervades every activity of the Corps— personal, academic, 
athletic, and military, and presents a rigid standard by which all cadets must live. Because the 
Code is such an integral part of the life of cadets, its very existence depends on the vigilance 
of every cadet at VMI. Therefore, every suspected violation of this Code must be reported 

The Honor Code is the daily application of the principles of ethics, honesty, and personal 
integrity by all cadets to the problems with which they are confronted. 

The Code has been administered and enforced by the cadets themselves since its 
beginning, and therefore belongs to the Corps. In the broadest sense, however, it belongs to 
all VMI men and women everywhere — those who have been cadets, those who are cadets, and 
most important, to those who will be cadets in the future. It is their most jealously guarded 

But the Code itself is never to be left behind by cadets when they depart from the Post. 
Though cadets may be in summer school, at another college, or later in life, they remain morally 
obligated to the Code and the personal standards on which it is based. 

it is therefore far more than just a set of principles for four years in the life of a cadet. It is 
a Code, which must be strictly followed by all cadets, no matter where they may be, if they wish 
to preserve the most priceless thing they have in life THEIR HONOR. 



vvAI... fosters Brotherhood 

The VMI experience 
allows for a closeness to 
form between friends tha_ 
is nnparalled to any othei 
school in the world. The 
bonds formed here go 
beyond the four walls of 
Barracks and Will span a 

1 ^ 


B to/ i*' 

s y 1 

VML„ builds Character 

The Rat year is the foundation 
the entire four year cadet year 
experience. VMTs cadets are 
similar to steel in that they are 
strengthened through a trial bv 

VbAL.. embodies Tradition 

rime-honored traditions are a unique aspect of 
VMI. Whether it be r v- 

f; 1 

from marching parades I^^J 
:>r guard posts to 
developing a dyke 
relationship with a new 
:adet, the more things 
:hange the more they 
remain the same. 




Died on the 

Field of Honor 

Corporal Atwill 

A Co., Virginia 

Private Haynes 

B Co., Virginia 

Private Jefferson 

B Co., Virginia 
Private McDowell 

B Co., North Carolina 
Private Stanard 

B Co., Virginia 

Private Wheelwright 

C Co., Virginia 


Sergeant Cabell 

D Co., Virginia 
Private Crockett 

D Co., Virginia 

Private Hartsfield 

D Co., North Carolina 

Private Jones 

D Co., Virginia 

It is said that the true essence of VMI 
was born on May 15, 1864 at the Battle of New 
Market. The Corps of Cadets was given notice 
on May 11, 1864 that Union soldiers were 
making their way through the Shenandoah 
Valley. The cadets, under the leadership of 
Colonel Scott Shipp, headed towards the small 
town of New Market, some 86 miles away from 
Lexington. At New Market the Corps of Cadets 
joined Confederate General John 
Breekenridge's forces and defended the 
Shenandoah Valley from Union General Franz 
Sigel and his Union forces. The New Market 
Corps was responsible for this victory against 
the North as it was the group who rushed the 
Union soldiers and caused Sigel and his men to 
return to Strasburg. 

The Battle of New Market was 
significant to both the Institute and the 
Confederate Army. This is the only battle in 
which a student bod}', as a whole, fought in a 
war as a unit; also, this triumph allowed the 
South to maintain control of the Shenandoah 
Valley, which was vital to their way of life. The 
Battle of New Market did not allow the Corps of 
Cadets to go unscathed as 10 cadets were killed 
in the battle. The battlefield at New Market is 
referred to as the "Field of Lost Shoes," as the 
cadets who fought at the battle lost their shoes 
as they charged against the Union forces. 


. Ml.JTTlA'K/ V 

7Tj - L ~/;'7 

iff. I 

The Battle of New Market ... A mur 
charge of the cadets at New Market I: 
West Clinedinst, VMI Class of isso. 

*^* l &tJI„«ISS' , 

At the National Battlefield 
Memorial Museum m New Market, this stained 
: \\ iiulow lists the names of the New Market Cad. 

- "~* 

The Battle of New Market 

May 15, 1864 

"We remember the New Market cadets 

because they represent both a challenge 

and a support. I believe that the VMl 

Spirit was born on that May day in 1864, 

and I believe that the New Market Corps 

stands as a bond among all who have 

worn the cadet gray. Every cadet, every 

alumnus, is forever able to draw upon 

one stirring and reassuring thought, the 

thought that if they could do it, so, God 

willing, can I. " 

-Chester B. Goal rick Jr., VMl '37 

Home on the Battlefield ... The [?iishoii»- farmhouse 

"Send the cadets in, and may 
God forgive me. " 

—General John C. Breekenridge 

%**' f*>J 

• 4jj ?• Eternal Rest ... Six of tli 

* % Cadets are buried on I' 

: Vinrinin Mourning Her Dc 

ten New Marke 

of.200i£ reelii 


> /?<►* -*>■ 


1 v^SST^ 

The Cincinnatus Monument is one of the least noticed monuments on Post. It was dedicated on November 11, 1983 in 
celebration of Veterans Day, VMI's 144"' Founders Day, and the 200 lh Anniversary of the Society of the Cincinnatus. It is 
humble in its magnitude and reason for construction. Yet, this monument symbolizes all that the VMI mission is based 
upon. Standing seven feet tall, the hexagonal, granite artwork sculpted by John Sproston, can be seen in between Lejeune 
Hall and New Barracks. Numerous bronze plaques decorate each of its six sides. There is a relief of the Roman farmer turned 
soldier and dictator, Cincinnatus, for whom the statue was named, depicting his acceptance of duty. This relief, done by 
Ceasar Rufo, is modeled after a mural that hangs in the Capitol building. There are also 
plaques giving background to the establishment of the Society of the Cincinnatus. Each side 
of the Cincinnatus medal, awarded to a member of the graduating class "for superior merit", is 
also shown on its own bronze relief. Quotes from Col J.T.L Preston, President Franklin D. 
Roosevelt, Gen. George C Marshall '01 , Secretary of the Army John O. Marsh and Lt. Gen 
Sumter L Lowry ' 14 are inscribed on various locations. Lowry is the first winner of the medal. 
Other recipients of the medal are inscribed on a bronze plaque as well. Two endowments were 
established with the unveiling of the Cincinnatus. These are the John Biggs '30 Chair and 
the Sumter Lowry '14 Cincinnatus Endowment. 

The Society of the Cincinnati was founded in 1 783 by Officers of the Continental Army. 
Before it disbanded with the end of the American Revolution, it wanted to "perpetuate" the 
bonds it had developed during its service and the ideal it represented. The Roman 
Cincinnatus was a farmer who unhesitatingly left his farm to perform his duties for Rome and 
then returned to his farm; the ideal citizen soldier. 

Frank McCarthy. 1933... Producer of the 
movie Patton, pictured with George C. Scott. 

VMVs Finest 

Rhodes Scholars 

Samuel \Y. Washington, lr. 'J 1 

Henry Harrison Cooke '21 

John White Pendleton '28 

Robert Q. Marston '44 

William B. Adams '4~ 

George W. Hardv III 4 54 

Dabnev Colem 


The Honor Court 

Front Row: Stillman Clark, Brian Francis, Scott Chalkley, and Timothy Wolford 
Back Row: Darnell Griffin, Matthew McQueen, Douglas Bahrns, Christopher Walsh, 
Justin Vorassi, Mark Davis, and David Woody 

20 Cadet Life 

rhe heart of the Virginia Military Institute is found in 

he Honor Code. It states that a cadet will not lie, 

;heat, steal, nor tolerate those 

who do. Here at VMI, however, it 

s not simply a rule that cadets 

mist obey; it is a way of life. In 

:he classroom, on the athletic 

field, and inside Barracks, cadets 

ire always expected to uphold 

this way of life. Often, we use the 

phrase "honor above self to 

capture the idea behind the honor 

system. Even when personal gain 

can be achieved through 

dishonest conduct, cadets are 

expected to do what is right. This is a concept that 

is foreign to most other college students, and it is 

that concept that makes VMI stand out among other 

colleges and universities. If there is one thing that 

you can take pride in about VMI, it is the Honor 

System. For there is no quality that a person can 

have that is more valuable than good character. 

Academic brilliance and athletic talent are nothing if 

they are not coupled with integrity. It is this idea that 

"A cadet will not 
lie, cheat, steal, 
nor tolerate those 
who do. " 

—VMI Honor Code 

the Honor Court wishes to instill in every cadet that 
signs the matriculation book. Here at VMI, we learn 
this through strict adherence to 
the Code. There is only one 
result in violating the Honor 
Code — immediate dismissal. A 
single sanction honor system is 
one that teaches cadets to take 
responsibility for their actions. In 
addition to adhering to the Code, 
cadets are also expected to sit in 
judgement of their peers. Jury 
duty is the most difficult job a 
cadet will encounter at VMI; 
however, the cadet jury system 
demonstrates the willingness of the Corps to uphold 
the standards of the Code and live an honorable life. 
It is this aspect of VMI that makes it a unique and 
refreshing environment, and one that we will 
hopefully carry with us when we leave. 

Timothy B. Wolford 
HC President 

Cadet Life 21 

11 I I 1 1 ■ II ■ 

The Class of 2002 GC Officers 

Jackson S. Castleberry, Vice President 
Mark D. Grigsby, President 
R. Meeks, Historian 

The Class of 2003 GC Officers.. 

Jon C. Anderson, Vice President 
Brandon H. Turner, President 
Thomas F. Hancock, IV Historian 

The Class of 2004 GC Officers... 

Timothy A. Price, Vice President 
Jason A. Quash, President 
Jaden L. Lowry, Historian 

VMI's General Committee is equivalent to any other 
college or university's student government. However, the 
significance that VMI places on the class system makes the GC 
quite different than any other student 
government body. The General 
Committee is in control of the class system 
at VMI. The General Committee is 
charged with the responsibility to uphold 
the traditions and standards of VMI. The 
GC deals with matters that do not concern 
the Honor Code, but that do reflect upon 
the appearance, discipline, and reputation 
of the Corps. The GC is also responsible 
for enforcing the system of class privileges. 
The General Committee is composed of 
nine class officers, three from each class, 
and the GC Secretary, with the First Class 
President serving a dual role as both the 
class president and the president of the entire Corps. The GC 
run by the FirstClass leadership, controls life inside barracks. 

rt Life 

With this power comes even greater responsibility, as found out 
by the Class of 2002. Throughout the year the General 
Committee has faced many difficulties ranging from gaining back 

• ' . power from me administration and 

reestablishing the importance of the class 
system to all the classes in barracks to 
facing major changes in policies that would 
affect the effectiveness of the General 
Committee forever. The class system is 
vital to cadets while they are here. It is 
also important after they graduate, in that it 
instills the importance of waiting until its 
their turn. The class system also teaches 
cadets that they are responsible for each 
other's actions. The General Committee 
and its purpose at VMI is important to 
both the school and the Corps of Cadets. 
The Class of 2002 GC members hoped to 
enforce a strong GC system upon the Corps; however, as with ; 
many things at VMI, it was easier said than done. 

Jason W. Breeding 
GC Secretary 

The General Committee 

is charged with 

upholding the 

time-honored traditions 

and standards of VMI. 


The General Lommittee 

as obtained the mastery over , 
and discharge the smallest duty, has done much to qualify 
himself for the greatest. " 

Francis H. Smith, 1851 

From Left to Right: Sean Boiling, Layne Fielder, Adam Soller, Matthew Burgess, Keenan 
Entsminger, Jason Kocher,TriTang, Harry Montoro, Jason Mounts, Sean Hoover, and Heidi Mason 

24 Cadet Life 

The Officers of the Guard Association is a 
bcommittee of the General Committee. The OGA 
consists of First Class Privates. 

he OGA serves a dual role for the 

iorps of Cadet, as an investigative 

ody and as a mediator between 

: ie Corps and the administration. 

' he OGA investigates more serious 

' ises involving things such as 

' arassment or discrimination. The 

i »GA comprises nine company 

jpresentatives, two defense 

aunsel members, a president, 

ice-president, and secretary. The 

on company representatives are 

lected by their peers and are chosen to be their 

oice to the upper echelon of the class system or the 


he 2002 OGA members took their responsibilities 

ery seriously, as they were extremely dedicated to 

taking things run smoothly at the Institute. This 

trong sense of dedication was very hard to keep 

The Officers of the 

Guard Association serves 

the Corps by acting as 

both an investigative 

body and as the 

Corps' voice 

to the administration. 

during the year due to the events which happened to 
the First Class. The OGA was faced with many 
large and difficult tasks, but the 
diligence of the OGA members 
allowed us to work through the 
good times and the bad, 
accomplishing many great things 
for the Corps of Cadets. 
I could never express the pride 
and honor that I have in each of 
the individuals who were on the 
OGA. I believe that there has 
never been any better group of 
people to serve as members of the 
Officers of the Guard 
Association. This has not only 
been an interesting year for the members of the 
OGA, but more importantly a memorable one! In 
closing, I would like to thank the Class of 2002, the 
Corps, and the administration for their support and 
dedication in helping us make VMI a better place. 

M. Keenan Entsminger 
OGA President 

Cadet Life 25 

Second Class Representatives: 

.John Bocek 
Roy Perry 
William Talley, IV 
Brandon Matthews 
Matthew Kluk (not pictured) 


♦ * 


RDC Officers: 

Frank Deerr, Operations Officer 
Bryan Rodriguez, President 
Ronald Sebeck, Operations Officer 

The 200 1 -2002 Rat Disciplinary Committee began its 
preparations in the spring of our Second Class year. Bobby, 
Luke, Matt, and I all took an active part in creating a tough yet 
logistically sound RDC Charter. Matt decided to resign from 
the RDC due to time constraints after he found out that he 
would be the Regimental Commander. Yet we, the remaining 
three, always considered Matt a member and looked to him 
for insight and support. After the GC announced the officers, 
the three of us fell into our respective roles, and we continued 
on with the business of selecting members for our committee. 
Fast-forwarding to August and Hell Week 200 1 , the 
RDC was definitely ready to go. All the members returned 
early from summer furlough in 
order to help ensure that the rats 
would enjoy a stress free transition 
from civilian to military life. We 
maintained the mission that Bobby, 
Luke, and I had laid out the 
previous year; which was to create 
an overwhelming and terrifying 
presence from the first day of the 
Ratline. Every sub-standard at 
from that first week will remember 
courtyard workouts and "special 
attention." Unfortunately, at this 
very early date a number of 

The Rat Disciplinary 

Committee is the 

subcommitte of the GC 

that is responsible for 

correcting Rats andjheii 

deficiencies, overseeing 

and guiding their 

development from a 

Rat Mass into a class. 

negative events transpired. While I will not elaborate on the 
politics and controversy surrounding these events, I will highUght 
the fact that the RDC lost two of its finest leaders in Bobby 
Christafore and Luke Wullenwaber, and one of its finest 
members in Christian Collamore. Following the suspensions and 
Barracks unrest, the rats were let out of the Ratline for a long 
period of time during which they were able to see VMI through 
the eyes of an upper-class cadet before they had time to learn 
respect, discipline, maturity, or responsibility. The remainder of 
the first semester was spent trying to regain First Class identity 
and autonomy. I accepted the position of RDC President. By 
late fall RDC meetings and Sweat Parties had resumed regularly. 
Second semester the RDC came out 
kicking. We were reorganized with Ron 

Sebeck and Frank Deerr contributing as 

officers. We held meetings twice a week, and 
we also ran some hellacious Rat Tours thanks 
in large part to Randy Sheets and Nate Jones. 
We also increased the number of Sweat 
Parties. As the Ratline waned, the RDC 
assisted the GC and the Regimental System in 
planning an early Breakout. This early, yet 
exceptionally difficult, Breakout had been a 
vision of the RDC since last year. 
Unfortunately we had not had the time to 
prepare the Rats for an early Breakout and 
they most certainly were not ready. 

Bryan Rodriguez 
RDC President 

26 Cadet Life 

The Rat Disciplinary 

Front Row: John Bocek, Roy Perry, William Talley, IV, and Brandon Matthews 
Back Row: Kevin Zirkle, Jason Lamendola, Sven Jensen, Timothy Tendall, Ryan Davis, Christopher 
Brander, Ronald Sebeck, Christopher Morris, Darian Lafferty, Brett Prillaman, Benjamin Bowman, 
Randy Sheets, Kevin Braine, Frank Deerr,Tim Burke, Nathan Jones, and Christopher Sullivan 
Seated: Bryan Rodriguez 

Not Pictured: Matt Kluk 

Cadet Life 27 


,,-- &vfi 


■» -f**^ ' 

1 it 1 j 



•J K^PSbft 




*4 5 







flv^w ; (\% 



28 Cadet Life 


. s 



ass in 


30 Cadet 

From the other side... The 

alumni view from the Moody Hall 
Terrace, a view that cadets can't wait 
to see from the time thev first arrive 

Alumni Weekends at 
VMI are a special time, 
as being an alumnus of 
the "T is a great 
accomplishment These 
weekends are filled with 
parades and football 
games in the fall and 
parades and other 
special events, like the 
Alumni vs. Cadet 
Rugby game in the 

^ spring. With the earliest 

classes celebrating their fifth reunion to classes that are celebrating their 50 th , these 
weekends bring about aspecial aura that is felt all aroundPost. Along with these 
alumni come great stories of the Old Corps and anecdotes about when they were 
cadets. These weekends also double as huge fundraisers for the classes, in which 
each class donates money to the Institute, with the younger classes providing 
$200,000 to the older classes donating upwards on $5-6 million. These weekends 
are meaningful to the alumni, as they come backto Lexington and getreacquainted 
withtheplace for which the have special feelings for. Forthe cadets, seeingthese 
alumni makes them anxious in wantingto join their ranks and enjoy the splendor of 
looking at VM from the other endofthe Parade Ground. 

Preparation... The Corps of Cadets prepares for the] 
Alumni Parade followed by "Old Yells" in the courtyard 

32 Cadet Life 

For the Old Corps... The Corps of Cadets leads the Parade for the alumni from 
Moody Hall to the VMI Barracks for each alumni class' "Old Yell." 

Parents Weekend 

-^■ ^■■^jJiLnagwj.iJMtf'' mm 

ids the Corps of Cadets in the Parents' Weekend parade 

^et's eat... Jonathan Rushin looks like he is 
etting ready to partake in one of the best parts of 
'arents' Weekend, the after parade tailgating. 

How's it been... Brett Havelka and his fathei 
talk about what the last three months as a rat havi 
been like for both of them. 

Parents' Weekend 
200 1 was arguably 
the busiest 
weekend during the 
fall. Due to the 
events that 
occurred on 
September 1 1 , the 
Homecoming Court 
was postponed until 
Parents' Weekend 
this year. With 
parents and dates 
_, around, VMI was 
full of hustle and 
bustle. Parents' 
Weekend is the 
most enjoyable 
weekend during the 
fall, especially for 
those cadets on 
restrictions. With 
Mom and Dad 
around, restrictions 
are somewhat lifted, 
and cadets can live 
normally for a while. 
With parades, 

homecoming, and a 
football game, 
Parents' Weekend 
2001 went off 
without a hitch, allowing parents 
and their cadet children time to 
catch up on what's been going 
on and, most importantly, 
spending time with one another. 






Homecoming 2001 found itself 

to be a very busy weekend at 

VMI. Originally scheduled for 

September 15, 2001, it was 

rescheduled due to the tragic 

events that occurred on 

September 11. Homecoming 

was rescheduled to be on 

Parents' Weekend. Besides 

the normal Friday afternoon 

parade, the parade ground 

was filled with tailgaiting and 

tents. On Saturday, the 

Keydets faced the University of 


Moccasins on Alumni Memorial Field. During halftime, each company's 

Homecoming Court Representative walked onto the field, with no one knowing who 

would be crowned as VMI's Homecoming Queen. From the nine companies, the F- 

Troop , Ms. Nancy Caramucci, was crowned Homecoming Queen for 2001-2002. 

First Classman Nick Kron was her escort. During the second half of the football 

game, the Keydets proved that they still had the VMI Spirit when they defeated the 

Mocs, 19-16, giving VMI its first and only win of the season. 

34 Cadet Life 

HIhesi h i ■ - Mi*^--" "' 

^ \ik$0^^ 



Cadet Life 35 

36 Cadet Life 

2001 Homecoming Queen 


Cadet Life 37 

lops at VMI date back to the early 1930s. They provide the Corps of Cadets with a chance to 
>reak away from the monotony of classes. Hops provide a social environment for cadets, 

especially for rats. 
Hops range from 
dances that are held in 
Cameron or Cocke 
Hall to movie nights in 
Lejeune Hall to bands 
on the Parade Ground. 
This year's hops 
brought in bands like 
Fighting Gravity and 
Oar, which performed 
in Barracks. Hops are 
also beneficial for the 
Corps, as they allow 
the cadets to stay off 
Post longer with their 

Cadet Life 39 

If V c 
J J 



Regimental System ... 
The body that provides the 

•i • j. £* T/^Tl /FT r T l 1 

military aspect of VM1. 1 ne 
system that helps teach and 
instill discipline into cadets. 


of Command 

€# n 

\ J - " 

"Discipline is that trait of character 
which renders punishment unnecessary" 

Chain of 

Governor Mark R. Warner 


42 Chain of Command 

Back Row: Waverly Berkley, MG Claude Williams, Dennis Johnson, Bruce Gottwald, Sue Rocovich, Carter Melton, Donald 

Wilkinson, Bruce Morris, Richard Cullen, Darryl Home, and Waite Rawls, III. 

Front Row: Jay Sculley, Gilmer Minor, Samuel Witt, Rhett Clarkson, Mark Grigsby, and Robert McDowell 

"Virginia, as a state institution, neither sectional nor 

denominational. Military, indicating its character 

feature. Institute, as something different from either 

college or university. The three elements thus indicated 

are the basis of a triangular pyramid of which sides will 

preserve their mutual relation to whatever height the 

structure may rise." 

COLJ.T.L. Preston, 1839 

VMI Board of Visitors 

Chain of Command 43 

MG Josiah S. Bunting, III 


44 Chain of Command 

, » 

COL William J. Stockwell 

Associate Dean for Planning & Administration I 




J+\ * 



COL Robert L. McDonald 

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 

COL Susan H. Barr 

Dean of Academic Support & Cadet Services 

~ j 




: 'V 

LTC Charles J. Steenburgh 

Acting Director of Public Relations 


Chain of Command 45 

Pa s s 


Cjl \y lAs L4' !• 1 1 1* i? w*3 • • * 


The primary purpose of VMI 
is educational excellence. 

Chain of Command 47 



From Left to Right: 'Pepe' Kesler, 
Wade Bell, Marie Greene, James Turner, 
Dick Rowe - Head, Tom Baur, and 
Burwell Wingfield 


Jfe[ '^k 

- - T 

,.V,. ** "* 




From Left to Right: Robert Ludt, 
Tappey Jones, Daniel Pharr, Judith 
Cain, Stanton Smith, Adele Addington, 
Steven Riethmiller - Head, Thomas 
Coker, Daren Timmons, James Turner, 
and Henry Schreiber 

Not Pictured: Anita Cruze, Ted 
Grigoriejf, Eileen Hinks, Vada 
Sanderson, Charlotte Schreiber, and 
Andrea Senkowski 

in of Command 

.'"- ,i."-- "•J 5, » ■■™?s 




Front Row: Stacy Vargas, Bruce 
Boiler, and Dorothy Gearhart 

Middle Row: Gregory Topasna, 'Pepe' 
Kesler, and Ross Thomas - Head 

Back Row: David DuPuy, Philip 
Peters, and David Allen 

Mathematics & 
Computer Science 

From Left to Right: Soe Than, 
Robert Bennell, Troy Siemers, 
Michael Tierney - Head, Myke 
Gluck, George Piegari, David Bolen, 
and Tom Lominac 

Not Pictured: Al Deal, Tom 
Faulkner, Loretta Huffman, Bill Lowe, 
Jane Randall, Glen Stark, and Vonda 


From Left to Right: Emily Miller ■ 

Head, Meredith Bedell, John Leland, 
Helen Emmitt, Kurt Ayau, David 
Rachels, Roger Thompson, Bill Badgett, 
and Alan Baragona 

Not Pictured: Gordon Ball, Robert 
Bedell, Susan Coleman, Ian Crump, 
Mary Deyo, Doug Harwood, Jennifer 
Jacovitch, Lynne McComhs, and 
Nina Salmon 


Front Row: Tom Davis, Elena 
Andreeva, and Janet Aldridge 

Middle Row: Mark Wilkinson. Turk 
McCleskey, Blair Turner - Head, 

and Spencer Tucker 

Back Row: Kenneth Koons, David 
Coffey, Cash Koeniger, and Doug 

Not Pictured: Timothy Dowling, 
Malcolm Muir, Elizabeth Ramsey, 
Rose Mary Sheldon, Bruce Vandervort, 
and Anne Wells 


,^v^- -aeataBSB , 


From Left to Right: James Gire, 
Bill Hughes - Head, and Duncan 

Not Pictured: James Eicher and 
Thomas Meriwether 

& Business 

1 From Row: Clifford West, 

J Ed Daley - Head, Francis Bush, Atin 

■] Basu, Tinni Sen, and Floyd Duncan 

Back Row: Ed Sexton, William 
Schwartz, and George Greenwade 

Ml Not Pictured: Charles. Fraley, Karen 
Gutermuth, Glenn Hammond, Barbara 
Riester, and Neil Treger 




From Left to Right: Peter Hoadley, 
Wane Schneiter. Jon Lester, Gary Rogers, 
Jack Page, Leroy Hammond, Marilyn 
Maisano, Michele Marlowe, Dale 
Buckner - Head, and Ron Erchul 

Not Pictured: Jim Groves, Grigg 
Mullen, JeffParrent, and John Riester 


From Left to Right: Roger Childress, 
David Livingston, Robert Johnson - 
Head, Shawn Addington, Dawn 
Cochran, Todd Smith, and Gary 

Not Pictured: Dan Ban and James 


Front Row: Mike Sexton, Matthew 
Eyre, and Howard Arthur 

Back Row: Jon Hardin, Richard 
Trandel, Wayne Neel, Bill Cook, 
Tim Hodges - Head, Jin-Woo Kim, 
and Charlene Graves 

Not Pictured: Woody Sadler 

ft ' :? > -?i 4 ft 

















■*> '"■■' *V 

^ ' 


Undergraduate Research Symposium 

finally... Steven Lee, Jr., Matthew Brooks, and BrianHolt 
lisplay their project, one of eighteen, at the URS. 

On April 1 9, 2002, 45 cadets participated in VMI's first 
Undergraduate Research Symposium. Their 27 oral 
presentations and 1 8 displays are drawn from every 
academic division. The symposium's operations committee 
- Maj. Jim Squire of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 
LTC Duncan Richter of Psychology and Philosophy, and 
Mrs. Mary Wright of the Superintendents Office - 
coordinated an event that had something for cadets, 
faculty, and alumni alike - including cash prizes totaling 
. $ 1 ,750 in each of the three major presentation categories: 
Liberal Arts, Science, and Engineering. 

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is an important 
part of the Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI), which 
in turn reflects VMI's emphasis on cadet intellectual life. 
The URI promotes in-depth inquiry by fostering one-on- 
one professional relationships between cadets and their 
professors outside the traditional classroom setting. 
)irector of Undergraduate Research COL James Turner '65 says, "It's essential to encourage, showcase, and reward cadets who 
/ork independently under the supervision of faculty mentors." Turner is quick to identify what made this elaborate event possible: 
VMI achieved this important milestone so quickly because of generous support provided by the Jackson-Hope Fund." The 
ackson-Hope Fund an innovative part of Reveille: A Call to Excel, VMI's ongoing capital campaign, seeks to foster creative 
pproaches to academic excellence. 


St\c:. . -sir jar 
K ■• ™ i 

SGM Alvin Hockaday Retires 

Sergeant Major Alvin Hockaday first came to VMI in 1 974, as a Gunnery Sergeant, where he 
was an instructor in the newly formed Naval ROTC Department. He was one of four Marines in 
the department. After four years, Hockaday was reassigned and promoted to SGM in 1 978. 
Although he had left Lexington for Japan, Lexington never left his mind. Hockaday retired from 
the Marine Corps in 1 990 and returned to Lexington to retire and to open up a business; 
however, he returned to VMI once again, but this time as a member of the Commandant's Staff 
I in May 1 990. In 1 994, Hockaday took a small break from VMI to help establish his 
' Vi businesses, but when planning commenced for the assimilation of women into the Corps, the 
> Institute called on Hockaday once more. "During the assimilation planning, I was asked if I 
"\ would consider returning as Sergeant Major to the Corps of Cadets. I was so impressed by all 
H. ;L the planning and thought that was going into the process that I agreed to return," he 
"Si! 1 explainedHockaday returned in January 1997 and served with distinction until the end of 

I September 2001 . What will he miss the most? "I'll miss talking to the cadets about their grades, 
1 their families, their hopes, their dreams, how each of them can make the world a little better for 
. Vj having been here." The Corps will miss Sergeant Major Hockaday, too. As was written in the 
1 \i1 I citation accompanying the Virginia Military Institute Achievement Medal that was awardedhim 

on the occasion of his retirement, "Sergeant Major Hockaday has become legendary for his 
booming command voice which renders microphones redundant, his absolute insistence on 
perfection in appearance and drill from all cadets and his annual 'Brother Rats Never Leave 
Brother Rats On The Battlefield' speech to new cadets." Although he is still around The Corps 
of Cadets has lost a valuable man. One cadet said recently of Hockaday, "He doesn't set the 
standard. He is the standard." 

Chain of Command 53 


From Left to Right: Richard Levy, 
Bob Cairns - Head, Jimmy Coale, 
Gordon Calkins, Hunter Powell, and 
Holly Richardson 

Not Pictured: Chad Joyce, 
Jimmy Mason and Karen Moore 


From Left to Right: 

Pat Mayerchak - Head, Douglass 

Ayer, Mary Stegmaier, James Hentz, 

Putamanonda Terrawat, and Alicia 


Not Pictured: William Crisp, James 
Moore, Tom Tait, and Anthony Zinni 


Front Row: Kathleen Bulger-Barnett, 
Don Sunnen, Patricia Hardin, Khadija 
Bentouhami, Fumiko Snidow, and 
Mary Ann Dellinger 

Back Row: Wafa Wingfield, 
Siegfried' Weing - Head, John 
Cerkey, Emily Frampton, Hiroshi 
Wakita, and Mike Harris 


es 9 



w~ J 


Not Pictured: Ellen Burch, Janet Cummings, Alan Farrell, 
James Leva, and Mary Jane Mayerchak 



i -u^n 

Navy & 
Marine Corps 

From Left to Right: Travis Homiak, 
Todd Ecklqff, Tom Minor -Head , 

Kevin Oxner, Linda Connelly, Janet 
Hermanson, Bradley Knope, Cliff Wade, 
Edilberto Cantu, Rodney Ward, and 
Rick Schemehorn 

Not Pictured: Gail Ayers, Patrick 
Murphy, and Christoper Powell 


Front Row: Wesley Sherman, Michael 
Callender, and Randolph Thornton 

Middle Row: Charles Hagar, Jimmy 
Hinton, William Bither, Timothy Lethers, 
Gene Whitesides, and Shawn Simmons 

Rack Row: William Faistenhammer 
- Head, Christian Larlee, Hank Amato, 
Larry Campbell, Kathy Ruffin, Larry 
Murray, David Lehmkuhl, Thomas 
Atkinson, and John Esposito 

Regimentalxr. , t . ,.', 


In 2002, the Corps of Cadets was privy 
to many special events. In August, portions 
of the upcoming film Gods & Generals were 
filmed at VMI, and some cadets utilized 
their academic days in order to become 
extras for the scenes shot on Post. In 
October 2001, Henry Kissinger, former 
Secretary of State, spoke to the Corps, 
addressing issues about terrorism and the 
events of September 11. During VMI's 
annual Founder's Day celebration, General 
Anthony Zinni spoke to the Corps about 
ethics. General Zinni holds the Stanley 
Chair of Ethics in the VMI International 
Studies Department and is the Middle East 
envoy of President Bush. In January 2002, 
the Corps returned early from Christmas 
furlough and practiced for its upcoming 
appearance in Governor Mark Warner's 

inaugural parade. The Corps traveled to Richmond and marched the parade, receiving a much-needed gift of amnesty. LI 
April 2002, the President of the United States, George W. Bush, visited VMI to give the keynote address to the Marshal 
Award winners. President Bush also gave an early graduation present to the First Class, amnesty. President Bush is the 
third sitting President to visit VMI; the last was President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. With two amnesties within three 
months, the Corps of Cadets benefited greatly from the President's visit. 


I \:>" ' *. "^'^.^•S i ?J^«5vS»r^r;??.! C ! r s ^! ll y !7 . r „i 

56 Chain of Command 

The flag flies high... Miniature New Market flags 
adorn the six graves of the New Market Cadets 

The Spirit of VMI. . . Governor Mark 
iVarner addresses the Corps of Cadets before 
he beginning of the New Market Ceremony. 

Pride. . . Commandant Eric Hutchings 
and Regimental Commander Matthew 
Thompson complete the wreath laying 
ceremony before the Corps marches 
down Letcher Avenue to remember the 
sacrifices of the 10 New Market Cadets. 

New Market 2002 

138 th Anniversary of the Battle of New Market 

^leW wW W — »'-4 




Chain of Command 57 



Matthew S. Thompson 
Regimental Commander 

58 Chain of Command 


Reuben Trant 
Executive Officer 

Alex Martin 
S-l Captain 

Caleb Sylvester 
S-2 Captain 

Jared Conrad 
S-3 Captain 

John Trant 
S-4 Captain 

Michael Zanetti 
S-5 Captain 

Ronnie Hull 
S-6 Captain 

Seth Wheeler 
S-l Lieutenant 

Ryan Manor 
S-3 Lieutenant 

Jerry Whitlock 
S-4 Lieutenant 

Jason Breeding 
S-5 Lieutenant 

Chain of Command 59 

60 Chain of Command 











Chris Gromadski 
S-l Sergeant 


Kyle Haire 
First Battalion SGM 

Devin Flavin 
Second Battalion SGM 




Rich Eytel 
S-4 Sergeant 

Aaron Campbell 
S-5 Sergeant 

Donald Williat 
S-6 Sergeant 

Chain of Command 61 

■ |MHHN| 

Alpha Company 

First Class Privates 

62 Chain of Command 

Hardcore Alpha 


Rollin Steele 
First Sergeant 

Thomas F. Hancock, IV 
Operations Sergeant 

Douglas Bahrns 
Master Sergeant 

Chain of Command 63 

Ball Bustin' Bravo 

Bravo Company 

First Class Privates 

Chain of Command 65 

Charlie Company 

First Class Privates 

£5) |fav „ ; "**- ,, ti 

66 Chain of Command 

Jeff Stoner 
Company Commander 

Cold Steel Charlie 


James Smith 
1st Pit. Lieutenant 

Brian Shepherd 
3rd Pit. Lieutenant 

Robert Cuthbertson 
First Sergeant 


Darnell Griffin 
Operations Sergeant 

Roy Perry 
Master Sergeant 

Chain of Command 67 

Delta Company 

First Class Privates 

""'--"— *--*v-s»..~' 

Chain of Command 69 

I : H 

Wes Swank 
Regimental SGM 


David Bartles 
Color Sergeant 

Regimental Color Guard 

Erik Wilkerson 
Color Sergeant 

70 Chain of Command 


B AT T<? 

b L 


I o 

Matthew Mitchell 
S-4 Lieutenant 

Jason Halin 
S-5 Lieutenant 

Tasha Jones 
S-6 Lieutenant 

Chain of Command 71 

Tiger Echo 

Matthew Blanchette 
Company Commander 

Chris Carroll 
1st Pit. Lieutenant 

Saul Newsome 
First Sergeant 

Nathan J ones 
2nd Pit. Lieutenant 



Operations Sergeant, 

Andrew Alissandratos 
Master Sergeant 

72 Chain of Command 

Echo Company 

First Class Privates 


::<,.. 4».. .'.■„•;- 

&j!fc ipSsswreE-!. 


/ * 



Chain of Command 73 


Foxtrot Company 

First Class Privates 

74 Chain of Command 


No Limit F-Troop 

Nick Kron 
3rd Pit. Lieutenant 

Clint Alanis 
First Sergeant 

James Hollozvay 
Operations Sergeant 

Justin Vorassi 
Master Sergeant 

Chain of Command 75 

Blood & Guts Golf 

76 Chain of Command 

Golf Company 

First Class Privates 

I"*'",.' m 

I ll 

II fi 'If ,Jral 



[I! |f III 

HI IB |[[ 

Chain of Command 77 

Hotel Company 

First Class Privates 

78 Chain of Command 

Hard Chargin' 


t "v 

David DeMayo 
First Sergeant 

Thomas Bliss 
Operations Sergeant 

Jason Lambert 
Master Sergeant 

Chain of Command 79 

Wes Tatum 
Company Commande 

Band Co. 

Brendan Fitzpatrick 

Jason Taylor 
1st Pit. Lieutenant 


*■ )) 

Chris Mills 
2nd Pit. Lieutenant 

Mike Newton 
Operations Sergeant 

80 Chain of Command 

Band Company 

First Class Privates 

■n nw 

Chain of Command 81 


Class System ... 
The class system is unique to 

VMI, as VMI is the only school 

system upholds the standards 
and traditions of VMI and forge 
the brotherhood between cadets. 

I: Classes 


All's Well That Ends Well A Midsummer Night's Dream 


Much Ado About Nothing 

The Tempest 

"The spirit of brotherhood is not engendered 
at VMI by fraternities, but by classes, for it 
is with the members of a VMI class - with 
their Brother Rats - that a cadet really feels 

the bonds of fellowship and loyalty" 

The Bullet 

Classes 83 

It has arrived, 2002. Four 
years have gone by, and finally, 
our graduation has arrived. It 
amazes me that in such a short 
period of time so much could 
have taken place. From 
watching our Dykes graduate 
to enforcing the Ratline from 
the Third Stoop, our class 
began to take more and more of 
an important role within the 
Corps. Second Class year 
brought on a Ring Figure that 
all could be proud of, but a new 
face appeared in the 
Commandant's office. With this 
new face came a world of 
changes; and these changes 
could only set the stage for one heck of a First Class year. Who could forget the Fall Semester of 2001? 

From the second the Rat Mass of 2005 arrived at Jackson Arch, the Class of 2002 had its work cut out 
for it. With the alumni and administration boasting about the high G.P.A. of '05 and the Commandant's office 
warning everyone of change, 2002 set out with the best of intentions. It was only to be a few days into the 
Ratline when the first problems came to the surface. A staggering number of rats were leaving, and with this high 
attrition came the tremendous pressures from the outside world. In the wake of Hell Week, the Old Corps 
returned and began to implement a Ratline as they had been taught in years before. The events that took place 
in late August and early September happened so fast that they seemed to blur together. 

It was in the midst of all of this that the Corps pulled together and watched in horror the September 1 If 
attacks on both New York and Washington. However, the intrusive lifestyle of Barracks and the high speed at 
which it is lived pulled the Corps back into its own world. With the ever-changing policies and rules, the Corps 
of Cadets did all it could to maintain a consistent Ratline as well as a way of life. The pressure in Barracks finally 
exploded and the Class of 2002 led the Corps of Cadets into the longest step-off in the history of Virginia 
Military Institute. 

After a few days of wondering if we would all be able to graduate, followed by months of serving 
serious penalties, the semester moved along quickly. With Christmas break being two-and-a-half weeks, it 
seemed like no time until we were back in the swing of second semester. The rats broke out February 9 lh and in 
only a short month, we all enjoyed Spring Break. In what seemed only days later, we, the Class of 2002, walked 
across the stage into our futures. 

It was a hard time to be a cadet, and a time I am sure none of us will ever forget. From lowly rats to 
powerful First Classmen, the men and women of the Class of 2002 overcame every obstacle that VMI set before 
them. It is this characteristic that will allow our class to achieve great things. I am proud to have stood among 

Good Luck out there. 

Joel R. Meeks 
Historian, 2002 

■you seen my shako? ... Mark Grigsby keeps his 
litary bearing even though his shako has slipped off. 

Wake up! . . . First corporal Wes Tatum is getting 
ready to give Miliaela Guberovic a little wake-up call. 


To wear the ring ... Mike Zanetti, Jeff Stoner, Dave Baber, Brian Shepherd, Scott Chalkley, Wes 
Tatum, and Paul Stamp celebrate the night of November 10, 2000, as the Class of 2002 joins the 
Brotherhood of the Ring. 

My post is... Jared Conrad takes on Post No. 1 
as the first rat sentinel of the Class of 2002. 

First Class 85 

2002 sXE 


Every year on May 15, the Corps pays tribute to its fallen Brother Rats who fought valiantly in the 
Battle of New Market on May 15, 1864. We perform a ceremony that recognizes each of the 10 cadets whc 
lost his life in that battle. As the bagpipes began to play "Amazing Grace," 1 suddenly realized that this is 
why VMI is special. It is not the training, the academics, nor our sports teams 
that make us the men and women that we are. It is the men and women we 
stand beside everyday that make us and VMI great. 

Throughout our four years we are told that we are Brother Rats, that we ° : 
■ must stick together and do what is right. We must demonstrate this unity, our 
" Brotherhood, to become a class and break out. The opportunity to be a Brother 
Rat and do what is right presented itself on September 13, 2001, just a few days 
after the devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. At the time it 
was mostly rumors, but when First Class President Mark Grigsby took the 
podium in Jackson Memorial Hall and related the events of the week to the rest 
I of the Corps, no one could believe it. He confirmed the rumors of harsh and 
unjust penalties that were implemented upon Bobby Christafore, Christian 
Collamore, Devon O'Brein and Pat Kattack. Mark then explained why they had 
been suspended, dismissed or received harsh penalties, and what he and the 
class leadership were doing to rectify the problem. The Ratline was suspended indefinitely and the class 
system would be in control of Barracks. HC president Shawn Joyce announced that administrative use of j' 
the Honor Code would no longer be enforced. He nullified the Taps Status Check and de-certified the 
Officer of the Day, while maintaining that the Honor Code was still in effect, but the use of it to maintain the 
rules of the administration was not. 

The Coips was stunned with what had happened, it had heard of a step-off, it is even in the Rat 
Bible, but it had never been part of one. The First Class did not call this a step-off, but rather a step-up. 
We, as a class, were stepping up to the plate to go to bat for our mistreated Brother Rats. The events that 
followed that night were exciting; we were now in charge... really in charge. Shawn Joyce was summoned 

OGA President Keenan F.ntMinnger. along with the Regm-ientai-Staff, I 1C 
ami GC addres.-. the Corp.-. concerning the injustices that they are .fighting. 


. -■. 

ffffi jjj ljf ^ r •» i * "**■ 

The mass of 99+3 begins the trials of 
Breakout that make it the Class of 2002 

First Class privates refuse to 
march the parade. Only rankers 
followed the orders. 


Chris Sullivan 
his "failure to C 
orders" special. 
"Sir, You owe iii 


• 1 

■ ■ yd 

I Jl f|*f < 

to Smith Hall in gray blouse the 
following day, assuming he was in for 

it. He was asked by the administration to rethink the actions he had taken the 
night before and if he would reverse his decision on the Taps Status Check and 
OD certification. He replied with a polite "No". General Bunting then dismissed 
him from the Corps along with those he had dismissed just a few days earlier. 
Later that day as°word spread about Shawn's dismissal the First Class became 
even more angered. Just before parade the First Class privates decided that they would not rrfarch parade. 
Mike Escobar announced over the loud speaker, "The Corps will not march parade." After many 
accusations, and bickering in the guardroom, General Bunting announced. "Shawn Joyce will march 
parade." We never saw Shawn and knew it was not so. When the command for "Forward March" was 
given by Regimental Commander Matt Thompson, only rankers followed, the guideon did not budge. Ed 
Skarda, Alpha Company guideon, did not budge, and neither did any of the other guideons. They stood 
firm in support of Shawn and our other Brother Rats. They stuck together. That night the Corps took 
over entire control of the everyday activities from section marcher slips to appearance. We felt that what 
we were once told about how the class system runs Barracks was finally true. We marched our own 
parade on the night of September the 14 over to Moody Hall to pay tribute to a member of the Class of 
1991, who had died in the attack on the Pentagon. Over the next 10 days, the OGA and other members of 
the Class of 2002 put together a packet that addressed the issues we had with the administration and how 
each of the accused had not had due process. This was presented to the administration and the BOV We 
reached an agreement that led to the reinstatement of all the suspended cadets except for Shawn Joyce. He 
was the true Brother Rat, he did not waiver in his support, and he made a great sacrifice for his Brother 
Rats. During that 10-day time, the Corps' morale was at an all-time high. People took pride in being 
cadets, and felt that they were a part of something that was much needed — their voice was finally beini 
heard. For those who doubt what VMI teaches us, the step-up showed that the ideals that are imposed on 
us as rats are carried on throughout the four years of our cadetship. With the outcomes of the events of 
our September insurrection, this should cause the administration, perhaps, to rethink how it wants to 
change this place. It seems that what it started teaching in 1839 is still effective today. 

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 



First Class President Mark Grigsby 
addresses the Corps, relating his plan 
to get our Brother Rats reinstated. 

Eric Baines, Max Whitman, and Curtis Van Cleave 
strain and display their specials, which resulted from 
not marching parade. 

Vl* 11 ^" 

First Class 87 

Edward J. Anderson 
Midlothian, VA 

Jason A. Armstead 


Berton G. Austin, Jr. 

Natural BridgeStatioii VA 


Army - Economics & Business 

.Army - Economics &r Business 

Army - Mechanical Engineering 

I'm not going to get into the specifics of my cadetship here, but 
overall all it was a good time. Thanks, Mom and Dad, Alison, 
and Robert.. .Ziadeh, Meeks, Ben, Shawno, Abe, Kev, James, 
Ryan, Dunn, Stillman, and everyone else, especially my 
Richmond friends. ..You know we do it. That's all I have. 


I have met many quality people who have made this long, 
tedious road called VMI bearable. I thank you all and God 
Bless. Good luck in the future. 

Well I've been here for almost four years now and things na 
got that much better. I still remember those hot August day;.' 
1998, but when I leave here I feel those memories will be ■ 
first to fade away. It's the memories from Bar 288, the blur 
visions from 222, and the drunken bar nights with my roommai 
in 122 that I will take with me. The memory of friends w: 
together, found a common escape from the loathsome reality" 
this place. P-Hat, Scootorious, and Bat, I don't know if I co! 
have pulled it off without you in the last two years. Thau 
guys, it's been a hell of a time. To my parents, thanks for 
support, you've always been there when I needed yt 
Everyone always said that college is the greatest time of yt] 
life; everyone doesn't go to VMI. Joe and C.B., take care gu 
this place will be over before you know it. Both of you will 
fine if you can focus on the important aspects of this place, 
leaving! I've made a lot of friends here, and I just wanted to s 
thanks one last time to everyone for making this somethin 
may not have enjoyed, but I will never forget it. 


1999- Matt DLxon 
2005- Tom Innes 

1999 -Andy Fox 
2005 - Titus Green, Rita Lewis 

1999- Chris Lukanich 
2005 -Joe Smith 

88 First Class 

Brady A. Bagwan 

Queens, NY 

Travis W. Bailey 
Stony Point, NC 

Scooter, Saber Baber, Scootorious 
Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Computer Science 

Army - Economics & Business 

As graduation comes closer we realize what is most important 
n our lives. To me, the friends I have made, the lessons I have 
Named, and Honor have changed my life forever. I have made 
fiends that I will keep forever. VMI has taught me many 
Issons in life, and I believe I am a better person for coming. I 
mank my roomates for putting up with me and all that I do. I 
mow I have given you all some trouble and some scares over 
Be past years, and without you all I couldn't have made it nor 
jeen my true self, a strange kid that is off the walls. Scott, you 
ave been my reasoning through many times. Brian, you 
Eye brought out the party in me, always remember the times 
It the cabin, Tech (oh wow), and all those other places. Bear, 
Sou are just Bear and we have had some strange times at SBC, 
! think you know what I mean. Kyle, I wish you the best, my 
test advice is to make the best out of every situation that arises 
E life. To my family, the love and support that you have given 
rie throughout my life is unbelievable. I honestly think that the 
jiaber/Patton families have the strongest bonds. I thank each 
jnd every one of you. If I had another three pages I could list 
toil all and what you have done for me. Mom and Dad, we 
ave gone through some hard times ourselves, yet you have 
een standing by my side through everything. I thank you so 
jiuch for everything you have done. The love I have for each 
i.nd every one of you is undying. In no way will I be able to 
hank you enough. VMI, I thank you as well. There have been 
nany hard times, yet we have perservered. I cannot ever say 
i hate this place and I will not understand how people do. I have 
nade the best of my situations, and I believe I have come out 
in top. Thank you for everything that each of you have done 
or me. 

If there's something you can do about it, don't worry; if there's 
nothing you can do about it, why worry? 

Oh man, I thought this trip would never end. Well. really 
hasn't for me, but with some luck I'll be out of here this summer. 
Need to give a shoutout to my best friend and roommate, Lane. 
You're a little girl and have the body of a cheerleader. Your 
success in life will be based completely on your social skills of 
which you have none, but you'll always have a friend in me 
man. I'll build a little shed out back for you to reside in. Soller (the 
loud speaker), you'll do great in life, just don't get trapped by 
any strange women. Mongo, four years is a long time to live 
together, had some great times. Brick.. .damn. For the rats, stay 
out of trouble and don't forget your training. There's no telling 
what life has in store coming out of here, it'll just be nice to be 
free. For all those girls, I'm real sorry. Have a good life and stuff. 
Wish 2002 luck. IHTFP 

1999- Woody Cromley 
2005 - Robert Ricadela (Ears) 

First Class 89 

Old Man Baines 
Army - International Studies 

Nicholas W. Barcheski 


Jesse A. Barnard 

Nicky, The Dude, Barcheeznutz 
Army - History 

Barnyard, Yard, Old Man Jess 
Marine Corps - English 

Well guys, if you're reading this, you probably made it! Good 
job! Hopefully, I made it as well, but more to the point: you're 
probably reading this to look back upon... if not 'good times' at 
least some memories, so here's a little something about what I 
can remember off the top ot my head right now of at least what 
happened to me. I guess first must come the drama of the 
ratline... that is my arm snapping in half at rugby by the big 
Norwich dude, Brown, and doing the good of arm strapped to 
my chest one arm push-ups during breakout. Third Class 
year, well you should remember finals... and well... the late 
night studying and my "lack-o-sleep heart attack." Second 
Class year... Ring Figure.. Can you remember that? I 
remember something about Paul Murphy and wine... and Curtis 
Van Cleave and a keg of Killians. And of course me taking my 
stint abroad to the German Armed Forces academy... my 21st 
there... lots of Becks, some Jagermeister, and a toilet bowl at 
1p. First Class... Job search for some, sold their souls for 
others. Jon, study! You have a lot of potential, put it to use. 
Mark, you have a lot of motivation, keep it up, and make it 
focused; academics is key, graduation is the goal. 

I am glad to see that the "Road Less Traveled" is finally over. 
If given the opportunity to do it all over again, I know I would 
have done a lot of things differently. Since I can't, life goes on 
and I have no regrets. None of this would have been possible 
without the immense support my family and friends had given 
me. Mom and Dad, I give you two the most credit for keeping 
me going even through the worst of times, since we all know 
I've had plenty of them. Without you, I wouldn't have been able 
to make it. As for my friends, you all know who you are, so I 
won't begin to list names, I owe all of you the same debt of 
gratitude. We have definitly shared some wild and most interesting 
of times and I will never forget any of you. Finally, to our rats 
Brian, Aaron, and Lael. Keep up the good work, boys, I am 
very proud of you guys and never forget what Devon, Marc, 
and I have taught you. Well, that's it for me. I'm outta here! I'll 
catch you on the flipside. NSIB. 

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, 
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." • 

Someone once said to me VMI is a living, breathing thing. p i 

come to an understanding that this is true. I've seen this plaij 

miraculously make people and effortlessly break people. ;] 

my time here comes to an end my departing words a J 

bittersweet. First let me thank my family: Mom; through maiJ 

storms, the strength of your character and courage of yal 

conviction were always my guides, Thank you. To Dad; I su>J 

wish you could have been here to see this day. To Papa; yi J 

taught me everything I know. To Nanny; the letters made all tl | 

difference in the world, thank you. Elyse; I owe you the worb] 

please settle for my heart. Next, friends; Harry, the best frieia 

anyone could ask for. Whitt; remember 416 "all three of us J 

Men of Bravo, you're the best! My rats, Tom and Tucke-1 

Never, ever give anything less than your very best, chin u] 

shoulders back, fight hard. Lastly, to the I; 

...For the madness of it all! For the sweat parties, the rat toui j 

after-SRC-workouts, and my dyke. 

For the room inspections, the specials, formations, and eail 

sounding bugle. 

For parades, confinement and PTs. 

For the true, lasting and loyal brothers. 

VMI, even though I hate you, I can't help but to love you. ] 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 
I took the one less traveled by. 
And that has made all the difference." 

1999 - Rico Espinoza 

2005 Jon Vaughn, Mark Loyd 

POT r 


1999- Hardy Robinson 

2005 - Brian Herrick, Justin Liu 


1999 -Shaun Hall 
2005 - Tucker Rainey, Tom Ferrara 

90 First Class 

Zachary T. Batte 
Idaho Falls, ID 

David S. Becker 
Richmond, VA 

Bootay, Sack, Z, Battier, Ol Dirty Batte 
Army - English 


Army - Chi] Engineering 

"Brando"," B." 
Army - Civil Enginering 

lell, well. well... I don't think anyone will truly care to read this but me. so let me just say 
.at I feel I need to say to myself, for myself, by myself Life is a combination of good 
■i bad decisions, self. Coming to VMI the first time was one decision, and coming back 
s another. Both were equally terrible decisions in retrospect. But hey, you can't do 
i/thing about it now.. .can you. self? "Make the most of the hand you're dealt" and 
Eer played out cliches come to mind you won't use any of them though will you. self? 
pjpatio). There aren't too many decent minds in this place But don't worry, self, they'll 
: the ones they do find, and when they do!!!! Don't you think so. self? Hey self, 
nember what that worthless protest was about first semester? No? I didnl think so 
I you do remember Room Confinement and 80 PTs, right? A person once told you 
R VMI breeds some of the greatest leaders in the world. Another person told you that 
HI breeds mediocrity and produces some of the mosf underachieving young people 
die world. What do YOU think, serf? VMI. the place that preaches the Three legged 
item* but won't be held accountable for any of Ihe three Does that make any sense 
you, self? Me neither. Anyway, if anyone I actually care about really did lake the time 
read this, I will now fill your names in below so you won't fee! that 1 didn't REALLY like 
j„ .Old School Shoutouts: E, JB, D-faulk. Dre and the concourse crew, Mat-tie, Top. 
m. Nek and Dick and Tromb, Nard, Mark, Tim Coletrain, Ryan n Chad (don't worry 
n there's more), Ed (you too) Pedro, Richie n JM, and anyone from Idaho, and anyone 
e that slips my mind at this time. New School Shoutouts Tavis. Ra-sklee Dipworth, III- 
i, Day, Coop, BR, Mike, oh and Skip C, thanks for pushing me in my wheelchair, and 
yone else I forget.oh yeah and all you basketball rats.. I'll see you next year. Now 
those who get real props for always keeping it real ..or at least attempting to: Eddy 
field Skarda, you're a strange cat. but you're my fnend for trie, sorry for pushing you 
ough the window. Chad, you kept it real from day one .even when 1 had to let you 

ow that what you just said was some BULLish...what tha ? ??? And stop asking 

en we're gonna eat...i know your dad was military no you share your shoes with 
an. Pedro, you kept it real this year and we'll be here next year so I ajnl got to say 

at that means., you my and r! get no bigga. Tavis, stop popping your damn 

»ow„ .but tor real you kept it real too. just don't turn into your uncle and we'll be 
of— Wet! that's about it. if anyone got discouraged because I didn't name you or say 
ything to you (wow that's sad).. .get a life, it's just a stupid yearbook. Hoping that 
meday I get out of here forever.... 

August 17, 1998, a day of chaos and confusion. The beginning 
of what would become four years of hell. Never had I imagined 
this place to be how it is, or is becoming. As the end nears, still 
confused, I await the rewards of this VMI education. Curious 
about the future, knowing it can't be worse than what lay behind. 

To Blake, take advantage of what you can and know that the 
next three years will pass by quicker than you think. 

To my parents, who through it all have always remained strong, 
supportive, and most of all, loving. Thank you. 

"Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards." 
Soren Kierkegaard 1813-1855 

First I would like to thank my Mom and Dad and even Becky 
for all the support and having faith in me. We have been through 
a lot. What else can I say. There is no other place that I can 
think of that forces someone to befriend so many people in such 
a short time and be rewarded with knowing that those same 
people will be there for you for the rest of your life. I can sit here 
and ramble on about all the crazy things that I have done, along 
with various other people, but who needs that. As much as we 
hate this place, we all leave with a piece of VMI inside of us. 
Best wishes to everyone in the class of '02, and to the Rats as 
well, see you all on the other side. 

"We are twice armed if we fight with faith." 

999 -Dallas Clark 
'■005 - None 



1999 - Kris Turpin 
2005 - Blake Bryant 


1999 - Seamus Toolan 
2005- Mike Ragsdale 



First Class 91 

Jesse M. Bilthuis 

Midlothian,}/ A 

Christian Blanch 

Matthew R. Blanchette 
Long Valley, NJ 

Chesty, Bear, Bigthumr 
Army - Computer Science 

Mexican, Blank, Taco Bell 
Marine Corps - Economics & Business 

Navy - International Studies 

I knew that when I signed that book (our years ago that I had no 
choice but to stay here. There are few of us that understand 
why anyone would go to VMI and those who understand that 
are the ones who have experienced it for four year and have 
come to realize how much more there is to life than a couple ot 
bad times. I used to believe that the road less traveled was less 
traveled for a reason. However, now I have realized that I 
would not change this road less traveled lor anything. First and 
foremost, I would like to thank my family. Jake, thanks for 
everything that you have done for me the two years that we 
were here together. Mom and Dad, you were there for me 
when no one else was. You guys have given me more than I 
ever deserved. Kerri, you were there for me when I needed 
you most and I will never forget that. I love you, baby. Grey, 
Keenan, Nate, and Tim (Burke) the times that we have had and 
our friendships are irreplaceable. Rueben, John (Trant), Luke, 
Matt, Tri, Jackson, John (Tibbs), Tim (Wolford), Brett, Jeff, 
Taylor, and Ryan we have had a lot of good times whether it be 
at VMI, Ring Figure, Daytona, Jamaica, Lex Vegas, or 
wherever. Hopefully we will continue the good times in the 
future, except not at VMI. Ben, Andrew, Lance, Mark, and Nate 
don't let your dykes down. I want to see all of you at graduation 
in four years. To all of you it's been real, I will miss you guys. 

Well it's been a long time, but it is finally over!!! I want to thank 
my friends for being there when i needed them. Black, how 
about some Madden 2002? Dave, good luck in the Air Force. 
Max, I dont know what you're going to do, but you can always 
come down to Florida and freestyle. To all my Delta friends, 
thanks for the help, we made it. I will like to also say thanks to 
my parents, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Well, that's 
it. You all are welcome to come down to UF and visit sometime. 

I am not going to spend my time criticizing VMI because 
wouldn't be fair to the one great thing this school has given m 
and that is friendship. The only thing I will say to our belove* 
Institute is: I hope someone catches you before you fall too fc 
If someone were to ask me, "was it worth it?", I'd answer yj] 
because I have made friendships that are like no other. I'd lil 
to think I could have made it on my own, but I don't think anyorf 
can be successful without the help of others. People on tf 
outside can't comprehend the things we have been throug; 
Luke, it's been interesting, you still haven't picked an islan; 
Tri, I wouldn't want to party with anyone else. Reuben ar< 
John, I still admire your strength and discipline. Joel, one wo. 
for ya-Spain. Nate, I never want to be in a car with you aga! 
Keenan, you are like no other and I wouldn't ask for anythii 
different. Jackson, thanks for being there when I needed 
Squirrel, my b*#%h, you can pay me back w/ S. Long live tt 
Gentlemen. And to the rest of my close friends and you knc 
who you are: Good Luck, and don"t forget the good times. F 
not having a brother I made out pretty well in the end. I thai 
you all for everything, I couldn't have asked for more. To tt 
rats of C-30, preserve what is right. And to my family, Mor 
Dad, and Christina "y'all" are the best. It's finally over and y< ; 
were there every step of the way. Thank you so much, ancj 
love you. 



2005 - Ben Hilton, Mark Lenzi, Nate Johnson 

1999 - Eric East 
2005 - Matt Wilkins, Brandon Snively 


1999 KiHak Hwang 
2005 - Preston Beverly 


92 First Class 

Landon M. Blum 


Nathan W. Blythe 

m ,**?. 

Derrick V. Bodkin 
Dayton, VA 

Army - Psychology 

Nate Davvg, Salad Boy 
Army- History 

Crackhead, Jojo, Jojo the Idiot Circus Boy 
Army - Biology 

flaybe I didn't enjoy all aspects of VMI, maybe it seemed 
['ectionless at times, but I do know that it will be one of the most 
(emorable experiences of my life. With the lessons I have 
famed, I will take away a strong sense of character, dedication, 
snor, and duty to whatever task I encounter. VMI has taught 
I to be grateful for the small things in life- the things that regular 
illege students take for granted. Yes, it was frustrating, and, at 
hes, I wondered whose logic was leading us into the dark, but 
ose same conflicting experiences will only help to improve 
'e way I lead and the way I deal with people in my future. I 
iplaud those who survived the injustices and those who did 
■>t give way to the unorthodox practices we endured. I hope 
: e efforts of the Class of 2002 will set a precedent that VMI 
jlongs to the Corps, and that no cadet will give way to any 
justice or fall victim to hypocritical methods. The strength of 
is great Institution resides in the spirit of the Corps and the will 
those who make it shine. I will turn the negative aspects I 
tperienced into positive ones and I will never forget the bonds 
formed with those who are closest to me. Congratulations to 
e Class of 2002 and thank you to those who helped us make 
to graduation. The history of VMI will live in the hearts and 
ords of those who conquer its rigors and survive to see the 
id. Long live Ed Skardal! 

For me:lfs a lovely day to praise the Lord for a day that's fresh 
and new. that's filled with Nature's beauty... created just for you. 
It's a lovely day to look, to see the flowers, the trees, the birds. 
The music of their voices rings, None sweeter can be heard. 
It's a lovely day to thank the Lord, As all around we see the 
vastness of blue skies above and feel the Summer breeze. It's 
a lovely day to think of how He cares for us each day. As we 
lourney in this life. He's there to lead the wayjHelen Gleason) 
For my Roomates:There are good ships and there are wood 
ships, The ships that sail the sea. But the best ships, are 
friendships, And may they always be. For my RATMay the 
road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. 
May the sun shine warm upon your face and rains fall soft upon 
your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the 
hollow of His hand. For my FAMILY:Each and every one of you 
has helped sculpt me. You have always been there for me and 
until the day I die, I will return the favor. Finally:We thank Thee 
that Thou art the mighty God. We put our trust in Thee. Lead us 
on to Victory: in Christ. Amen. 

Time flies when you're having.. .well. ..time flies. It's been crazy, 
y'all, and so have I. Miss you all I will. As far as advice goes, 
if you ever feel like giving money to this place, give it to your 
academic department so that they'll actually SEE it. Doug, don't 
let this place get to you too much. There is life after VMI (and 
occasionally during). And that's all I got to say about that. 
Beware the blanket monster. And the bunny. Peace. 



1005 - Owen Mayo.Jeremy Ward, Chris Beachum 


1999 - Ryan Thompson 

2005 - Lev Pobirsky, Samuel Stephens, Ben King 

1999 -Matthew Hart 
2005- Douglas Abisio 


First Class 93 


Sean M. Boiling 
Kenncsaw, GA 

L.l Ashla 

Michael R. Booth 


Benjamin W. Bowman 
Richmond, VA 

Stu, Stuey 
Army - English 

Army - Psychology 

Beast, Sweetpea, Big Head, GrapeApe 
Army - Psychology 

In the brilliant film "The Shawshank Redemption", Morgan 
Freeman says "After a while you cannot live without these 
walls, they become a part of you", Bullcrap. I am fully prepared 
to live without these walls, I will not begin to insinuate that I had 
no good times here, I have some damn good ones to leave here 
with, and they are all associated with the good people I have 
met. Layne and James, the angriest people in old barracks, 
Chan, the truly equal opportunity human hater, Franco, you'll 

find a job never!! And a few others. If you belong on this list 

you know who you are, thanks for making this place livable. 
Now, to the majority: I hate you. 

Thanks to: Mom, Dad. and family, Krisu (special thanks to 
you), and my dedicated roomates who have lived with the 
obstacle course of laundry and books that is my side of the 
room for two years. 

Well, it looks like I might actually make it out of this place. I 
would like to, first and foremost, thank my parents for being with 
me every step of the way. Thank you, guys, for coming to the 
games, for the tailgates afterward, for the constant motivation 
and for standing up with me and behind me when I needed it 
most. If I turn out to be only half as good as a parent as the two 
of you, I will still be a good parent. I would also like to give 
thanks to God. After all, I can do all things through Him who 
gives me strength. And strength He did give. Lastly, I want to 
thank my close friends, the people who cared enough to help 
me through. Lisa-TTWWMFJ1, Matty-the grandfather of VMI, 
Pee-Dee- thinking deep thoughts like Plato, Nate-one more year 
my man!, all my boys on the football team- get your minds right 
and turn that team around, and my no limit F-Troop (minus a 
few select folk) Good luck to the rest of the class, and God bless 
us, everyone. 

Finally over. Roger, thanks for teaching me all the junk 
needed to know, and if it weren't for you I woudn't be hei 
writing this. Brian and Ian, I hope I taught you all you needed 
know to make it through here. da man and we\ 
been through some good and bad times here.. .Ray, it wouldr/ 
have been the same without you. all my friends.. .you kno 
who you are so I'm not gonna name you, best of luck to yc/ 
and I'll catch you guys on the flip side. Wish I had somethin 
profound to say, but I don't, so it's been real and it's been fun, bi 
it ain't been real fun. 


1999 - Jeremy Labor, Dale Durlach 
2005- Tom Larsi 

1999- Matt Markwski 

2005 -Ricky Brown 


1999- Roger Hart 

2005 - Ian Foley, Brian Nooney 

94 First Class 

a\ fr 

Michael F. Bradley 

Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Physics 


Army - International Studies 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim. 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

The strong do what they can, the weak do what they must 
Kobra Kai do or die, The Sinks-best rooms in barracks 
An S-14 rat is a happy rat, be good. 

VMI gave me the opportunity to figure out what I wanted to 
do with my life. Although it has taken four years of 
constantly changing what I want my life to be like, VMI has 
pointed me in the right direction. I hated every minute of the 
four years I've been here and most of the time, if not all of the 
time, things that we've had to do have been pointless. 
However, I am grateful for what VMI has instilled in me. I've 
learned that the world is full of stupid people who have no 
leadership ability and it has taught me how to deal with it. It 
has also taught me to ignore my wants and needs in order to 
get the job done. I just want the "I" to know that I played the 
game.. .and I beat the game. To my rat Drew: I want you to 
know not everything at this place should be taken so 
seriously. Just put your head down, keep going, and you 
will find yourself at the end also. This goes for Saul, Chris, 
and Sam as well. Stick it through to the end. I would just 
like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to go to 
college and for being there to guide me. I couldn't have done 
it without you. To my roommates: I know you will be 
successful wherever you go in life. It has been a pleasure 
living with you guys. To the Class of 2002: you're 
incredible. I could not have asked for any other guys to 
spend my four years with. Good luck in the real world. 



2005- Ryan Schelske 

?; 1 


IK 1 4 

'■ 1 


T n 



1999 - Anthony Kasprzyk 
2005- Brian Gorski 


1999 - Ryan Bogese 

2005 - Andrew Thorn, Saul Newsomc, Chris Muller 

First Class 95 


Jason W. Breeding 
Lebanon, VA 

Timothy J. Brennan 


Maury B. Brickhouse 

, Chesapeake, VA j 

Bluebook, Ranger, Goober, J-Dawg 
Air Force - Chemistry 

T-Bone (Not Gammy), Lefty, Martha 
Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Economics & Business 

My time at VMI has drawn to a close- Four quick years, flew by at what 
now seems to be the blink of an eye. I have learned many things while I 
was here, both inside the classroom and outside. I am grateful tor what 
this place has given me— brothers, friends, and lifelong companions. To 
J P., Hamel, & Mike, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do not 
believe that there were any better dykes than you three. J.P, thanks tor 
showing me how to shoot. Hamel, thanks for enhancing my schmoozing 
skills and permit writing abilities (both of which came in very handy 
throughout my cadefship), and Mike, thanks for giving me a different 
perspective on how to view things— straight edge (sort of). To Scott. Rob, 
and Tim, thanks for being great co-dykes and wonderful fnends, if there is 
anything you ever need I'm just a phone call away. To the Class of 2002. I 
welcome you into my home anytime I hope that I have served you well as 
a brother rat and I hope to do the same as our class agent. Sony for all the 
emails! To my parents. I hope that you will find a way to resolve your 
problems, whether or not you realize it— you ail are meant for each other I 
finally broke the mold. Dad— I hope that you are proud of me, as much as I 
am of myself. Mom. I iove you, I know that you wished you could do more, 
but you did enough by thinking about and looking out tor me. To Granny, I 
miss you dearly and I think about you all the time I wish that you could 
have seen me graduate, but I know you were watching from above with 
Papaw. To afl my chemistry guys. I'm going to miss the times that we 
shared in New Science— the water fights, the midnight-talk sessions 
around cold pizza, and our very own rooms in the Hotel de Science Library. 
To all my band guys, you are some of the finest people I know; please 
don't let lite after VM! change that To all the friends I've made (I wish I 
could list you ail): Good luck in the real world and be careful. To Chase, I 
have only three pieces of advice for you: 1) Get out and experience the 
world— Castlewood is a sheltered place, break out of that shell, 2) You're a 
smart kid and you'll do fine and succeed if you set your mind on it, and 3} 
Pass on what I have taught you— I hope that you picked up a lot by 
watching and listening. Finally, to Amberlea, I love you more than 
anything on this Earth or world You have been my foundation whenever I 
needed you You have been with me from high school and you have 
changed my entire view on life, I'm happy again. I know that God will 
bless us and bring us many wonderful things 1 look forward to seeing you 
walk down that aisle on June 29'". I don't think you'll ever know how 
much you mean to me I will love you always and forever. 

"There was madness in any direction, at any hour. If not 
across the Bay, then up the Golden Gate or down 101 to Los 
Altos or La Honda... You could strike sparks anywhere. There 
was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing 
was right, that we were winning.... And that, I think, was the 
handle — that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old 
and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn't need 
that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in 
fighting — on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we 
were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave..." 
Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 

Thank you Mom andDdad for your seemingly endless supply 
of patience with me over the last four years. You have made 
me realize that things can always be worse and that quitting is 
never an option. It has been tough love but love nonetheless, 
and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I am really 
happy that this is going to be over. The only tears I shed in the 
end are going to be tears of joy and relief. Erin, you picked the 
worst time possible to start dating me so I hope it gets better for 
you when I am done. I think we will be okay just as long as we 
stop breaking up and hating each other. As for my friends I am 
going to miss you guys, but that's why they invented the 
phone. Nobody is worth staying here any longer than is 
necessary. Maybe someday I will find out why alumni can't 
stay away, but for some reason I don't think that's going to 
happen for this keydet. That's a shame. Flapp, stay alive and 
don't ever stop running. Merkle, please get a job that actually 
requires a college degree. Warren, take a shower. Dickboy, 
stop being such a dick. Everyone else, keep on keepin' on. 
Life's a garden; dig it. 

Well I wonder everyday how I ended up here and will probafc 
always wonder how I made it out. First I would like to thank n 
family for your help and support. Without you guys graduatit 
would never have been possible. I have also made it out 
here with some friends I'll never forget: My Dykes: Thanks f 
giving us a place to crash at Tech. You made VMI much mo: 
bearable. JR and Travis, it has been a long four years, but vi 
finally made it I will never forget the times we had. Travis,;, 
you still have tires on your truck after living in DC you are mo: 
then welcome to come hang out at the beach. JR, if you ha« 
a weekend away from VMI you are more then welcome 
come down also. Lane, we have gone out many nights togeth' 
and you have only wetted yourself or others on two occasions 
this is something to be proud of. If you are not a cross dress 
in 10 years I'll be surprised. Bailey, be careful what gene po 
you fall into look at her cousin. Soller, thanks for having n 
back during T9's witch hunt and the fun times at UVA ar 
Radford including the eventful ride back. Mongo, if you ev> 
break away from your ball and chain I would like to party dov 
sometime. Maybe she will even let you use the phom 
Ellington, practice at Madden because you will never wii 
Ross, tennis shoes do not go with khakis. . To my rats: Eri 
don't ever let me catch you at the petting zoo. Elliott, watc 
your back and don't be stupid. To Title IX: printable wore 
cannot express what I think of you people. I can just hope ar 
pray that the Supreme Court and/or Justice Department doel' 
not have anymore "good ideas" on "improving" VMI in rr| 
lifetime. To the Men of 2002: Good luck. I guess I'll end this wil I 
words that someone once heard Stonewall Jackson sal 

1999 -J.P. O'Dell 
2005 -A. Chase Porter 


1999 - Greg 

2005 - You know who you are 


1999 -Jordan Brandon 

2005 - Eric Huggard, Elliott Erbe 

fHHlMkllMiiH 1 i : i. fit* 


ri :,^.... 




1 v-: 

96 First Class 



Matthew R. Brooks 
Newport News, VA 


David L. Brown 
Culpeper, VA 

Dominik A. Browne 


Air Force - Electrical Engineering 

DL, Dulpeper, Davie, D-Brown 
Marine Corps - History 

Tony, TB, DAB 
Army - Psychology 

ffj has been four years of my life that I will never forget. What 
difference it's made on my character and personality. I didn't 
nk I even had a room to live in for hell week. From the 486 
.11 problem team to band trips and breakout, it was all just a 

sweaty blur. My Dyke, Travis, really made a difference in 

life. As it should have been, Third Class year was bad. 
loming with Bowman the Beast sure was an interesting 
perience. Electrical engineering kicked in full swing as a 
cond classman. Thank goodness there was Ring Figure to 
;ak up the long nights of studying. I thought First Class year 
luld never come, and never expected having rats would be 
5 raising a couple of little kids. Getting that diploma makes it 
worth it though. Thanks to the band, quintet and Col. Brodie 

all the memories. There was Paris, New York, England, 
irdi Gras, and Germany. To Fitz, thanks for keeping me 
ighing and getting me to enjoy the lighter side of Barracks, 
e've stuck it out through four different roommates, and there 
is only that one time when I had to just slap you silly. To 
ideef, S-2. Kev, Seminole, Q-tip, Stickshift, Keith, and Joudawg, 
anks for Senior Deez, SNL clips, PS2, and all the jokes. To 
/ rats, I hope I've instilled all the right qualities in you guys, 
ways believe that you're the number one person responsible 
r what happens to you, good and bad. To Krista, my true 
i/e, you were my inspiration tor getting to where I am today. 

never forget that. And finally, Mom and Dad, thanks for the 
/e, support, and open arms when I needed to unwind. I can 
iver repay you for all you've done. I want to continue to make 
iu proud. 


999 - Travis Quesenberry 

.005 - David Carrol, Pete Kubesh 

I truly cannot find words to express my feelings and emotions 
right now. The time has come to say goodbye to this place, the 
place we've called home for the last four years. There is no 
better way to describe this place than home, for it brought us 
some of the best memories and the stongest bonds of our lives, 
yet it taught us discipline and the demand to take responsibility 
for our actions. I am excited to leave this place and venture into 
a new world that this expierence has prepared me for, but I am 
hesitant to leave behind the bonds that have been created here. 
But as they say, these bonds will never be broken and I truly 
hope they never are. Before I end I must make some very 
important thank yous. First, I must thank the Heavenly Father 
for giving me the strength and courage to push through the 
troubled times that this place presented. Without Your guidance 
and love I would not be approaching this awesome moment in 
my life. To my parents- I could not have asked for more 
supportive and loving parents. Your support will never be 
forgotten and I only hope I can show the sincere thankfulness 
that you both are owed in my future adventures. To all my 
boys- D-Rock, D-Lo, Mexicano, T-Guidt, JR, Benjie, TJ, Big 
Death, Brady. Withers, Meeks, "Fat Boy" Wilkins, J. Whit, man 
who knew we would finally make it to this day? All that is left 
to be said now is let the good times begin! To my dykes- C- 
Murder, Beeks. and Rog, you raised me well and taught me 
what it took to survive this place. To all those that deserve 
thanks that I missed, I apologize but I will make them in due 
time. I leave with a verse of scripture given to me by someone 
very special that is perfect for this occasion, "I will lead them in 
paths that they do not know: I will make darkness light before 
them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto 
them, and not forsake them." Isaiah 42:16 l"m OUT DAWGH! 


1999- Court Whitman 

2005 - Brian Duncan 




■^ tin 

First of all thanks to all my classmates in '02 for reminding me 
everyday that I wasn't in this alone. To the Keydets, good luck 
in all the upcoming seasons whatever conference we're in. To 
my rats I take comfort in knowing at least three other people 
lives will be worse than mine for at least three if not four or 
maybe five years. Stillman and Mike, get some sleep! To my 
ghost roommate John Elliott (wall locker kid) keep the box for 
those cold Marine nights in the field. Chris Morris I'm not sure if 
the world is ready for you or if hunting season is either. Thanks 
to all and good luck in your future endeavors. Mom, Dad and 
Mel, I couldn't have done this without you!!! And most of all to 
the laundry department.... Can I have my black socks back 

1999 -Jason White 
2005 - James Hairston, Eric Thompson.Terrell Golden 

First Class 97 




==J\ f r 

Matthew H. Burgess 
Chesapeake, VA 

N f r 

Timothy J. Burke 
Wamnton, VA 

James R. Burket 


Booger, Boogshow, Boogatron, Shorty, Sleepy 
Marine Corps - History' 

Army - International Studies 

NFat Chest, Jimbo 
Army - International Studies 

Well we're finally out of here, it's been a long road for all of us. 
I've asked myself the question "Why am I at VMI?" a million 
times, and I still don't think I know the answer, but I'm glad I 
stuck with it. I'll never forget all the good times I had up here, 
thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, but a few 
people deserve some words: 

To Mom and Dad, I love you guys, you've always been my 

biggest supporters, thank you for believing in me when I didn't 

believe in myself. 

To "Softshoe" Eddie, co-dykes forever, bro, you've been with 

me through thick and thin, I'll never forget you. 

To the Goon, I know you'll do well, you're too talented for 

anything less. I expect a call when you get ready to make your 


To Cichy, you've always been the quiet one in the room, but I'm 

glad I got to know you, stay in touch, bro. 

To the boys in 117, you've made life interesting up here, it 

would've been too quiet in barracks without you guys. 

To Dussia, you've been a good rat, keep the faith, bro, and stick 

with it, you'll be glad in the end. 

To Kevin, look me up sometime, we'll smoke a cigarette. 

To the entire funhouse crew, thank you for some excellent 

memories, stay in touch, fellas. 

In the off chance that they see ever see this, to Whittaker and 

Fridley, I hope you die a slow and agonizing death, you were 

cruel and heartless when you didn't have to be. 

VMI has in fact been the best of times and the worst of times. I 
was told once as a rat that by the time May 2002 arrived I would 
have witnessed the death of the Institute. In all too many aspects 
such has been the case. If it were not for the men I have met 
here during the duration of my cadetship the degradation and 
decay of this once sacred institution would have been too much 
to endure. I am forever in debt to a special group of men who 
have embraced and epitomized through actions, not words, 
notions such as honor, discipline, sacrifice and friendship. To 
my dykes Matt, Mike, Jake and Conor, a special thanks for 
setting me on the right path. To my roommates Taylor, Jeff and 
Ryan thank you for providing a sanctuary based on the very 
values we sought in attending VMI, distant from the corruption, 
politics and deceit that has all too often permeated this institution. 
To the others that matter and you know who you are, thanks 
and may the bond continue to grow. My liver hurts but my heart 
says thanks. To Aaron and the other rats of 123, we have set 
you on the right path, it is now your duty to stay on course and 
keep the faith. Finally a special thanks to my parents and family 
for their constant love and support. Sean, thanks for helping me 
make sense of this place. 

" We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he that 
sheds his blood for me today shall be my brother" 

It's been a long but quick road through this school. I didn't kt 
what to expect from VMI. It was a last second decision to att 
about a month before the Ratline started. I have to admit, I 
displeased attending here when I started and hoped that th 
four years would fly right by. Well, it has flown by. Non 
regret what I've said about that, but now I am eager to contii'J 
on from here. I would have never made it without the help 1 
guidance from my parents. Mom and Dad, thanks for pusrl 
me through here, you were right the whole time. I also wani 
thank my dykes and my cousin, Ryan, for looking out for | 
during my rat year. Without you guys. I might have quit. I i j 
want to thank my rat roommates Pedro, Tim, and MarkJ 
helping me through the Ratline by letting me know that I 
Ratline was going to end and we all would be cadets. I wan j 
thank all of my friends who I have met here, starting with 1 
roommate Tim Cole as well as 01' Dad, Summers, Williams, I 
Mo, Sebeck, Geno, Jay, Matt Serra, Erwin, Keith, and othfl 
To others that I may have forgotten to recognize, thanks al I 
Now that my time here has come to an end. I now realize 1 1 
the other graduates from here are right, I will miss this plai 
Not so much the mandatory parades or the inspections, bif 
will missthe work I have accomplished in academics and 
friendships I've made. I am proud to say that I am a Virgil 
Military Institute graduate. 


1999- Brad Vier 

2005 - Matt Dussia, John Langowsky 

1999 - Matt Irving 
2005 - Aaron Rouleau 


1999 -Max Chance 

2005 - Travis Hord, Daniel Harrison 

Jeffrey F. Bushman 

McLean, VA 

Boozie, Buzzsavv 
Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Computer Science 

Eddie, Cade 
Army - Electrical Engineering 

start things off, I would like to thank my parents and family for 
Importing me through these four miserable and difficult years, 
lithout their support, I would have never made it through the 
ressful times at VMI. The one thing that has kept me at VMI is 
[e friendships I have made over the past four years. To my 
■ommates throughout the past four years, there have been 
lany great times. 

would focus on all the negative aspects and events at VMI, but 
'at is not how I want to remember my time at VMI. I'll never 
Irget Kevin and his pet frogs, or his baby pool full of beer. Nick, 
Iwill always remember my first trip down to Richmond when 
|e got drunk, and you tried to sleep on the driveway. Jason, I 
never forget you busting a groove on the dance floor when 
e went hogging. Wyatt, stay laiad back, your goofy laugh of 
jurs will always be in my mind. Stu, I will always remember 
e time you bit my finger rat year. To Boon, who was another 
ctim of the administration, I have one thing to say, "Hacksaw 
m Dugan, Hoooo!" To my rats, thanks for making the year so 
iuch fun and taking care of me. Keep your head up and don't 
se sight of your goals. To the rest of F-Troop, I will never 
irget you and all the good times we had. 

Wow, no longer deprived what will I do now ??? 


"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will 

worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own 


(Matthew 6:34-37) 

"One thing I know that though I was blind, now I see" 

(John 9:25-26) 

In reality the four long years have flown by. It seems our stay 
at VMI has been nothing but a fleeting moment to some. VMI 
has given me the greatest opportunities and the best friends. To 
all the guys in Hardcore Alpha, we could not have had a better 
time. The EE guys down in NEB. we had to make the best of 
nights out of the worst, gotta love those all-nighters. Kevin and 
John, don't forget all the endless hours of playing 64. We had a 
blast. And to the three other guys who live in the "Funhouse," 
the past two years could not have been more enjoyable. "The 
Terminator", "The Director" and "The Boog Show," you guys 
have been true friends through all the thick, the thin, and all the 
"Movies For Free." Our friendships are one of a kind and I 
know they will last forever. To my parents, your effort and 
support have been more than just special. You all have helped 
me through each of the years with everything. You all have 
been great and I love you and hope to make you proud. And I 
will not forget my sister, you have been the best sister anyone 
could ever hope for; it will be difficult with you gone next year, 
but I wish you luck and love you very much. To the rats, keep 
your heads up, it is a long road; just remember to enpy every 
bump in it. And last, I want to thank God for supporting me the 
last four years. 


999 - Martin Ratigan 

2005 - Kurt Karpov, Mark Iannatuano 


1999 Will Sarsfield 
2005- Kurt Weishaar 

|p» S 

If J 


I "5 
li 111 

BliTil IMA 


'* lit 

First Class 99 

Samuel D. Carney 

Christopher D. Carroll 

Salon, VA 

Paul M. Carroll 


Scuba Sam 
Army -History 

C-Dog, Rod 
Army - Civil Engineering 

Army - Civil Engineering 

I'm gonna keep this short but sweet. I know everyone hasn't 
quite enjoyed all four years of this place, but I know it was well 
worth it. I wanna wish all my BRs the best of luck at whatever 
it is you choose to do. I have made many good friends through 
the years here and pray we can stay in touch. Friends are the 
most important thing to take away from heie. Most of all, I want 
to thank my Second Class roomies for being such good friends.. 
Larkin Scott, Salmaan Khawaja, Nate Gabor and Marc Yelle... 
Best of luck to you, I know you will all do well at whatever you 
try for. 

I hope it's as easy as they say it is to break the normality of an 
institutional way of living. The comforts of not having to worry 
about what to wear everyday, not sleeping too late, and finding 
time to eat are over. I do have to say that I feel like it's time to 
break out of these four walls of concrete and move on, but the 
crazy study patterns and bad coffee will never be forgotten. 
Best wishes to the guys that took it upon themselves to struggle 
through statics and solids. I want to thank the civil engineering 
professors for taking away a good portion of my hairline. Chris, 
thanks for smelling up the room all four years. Ken, if you can 
ever pull yourself away from your computer you might make a 
good Army officer. Buck, I hope your last semester here will be 
as enjoyable without us. Opie, keep up the smart-aleck attitude 
and you'll do just fine. Tsar, thanks for teaching me a real way 
of viewing life, I'll miss going to the spot. I'll never forget the 
Echo guys who've stuck together over the years, and for the 
ones preceding me, thanks for making it a challenge. As for 
now, a truck, a dog, and plenty of time to hunt and fish sounds 
like a nice plan to me. I frown upon the changes I've seen in the 
"I," but I have no regrets. 

It's been a time, some very memorable moments with frien 
but mostly full of bullcrap. It turned out to be a very differ- 
place than I initially envisioned, more political and less idealis 
Maybe I should have expected that, I don't know. They tall 
up real good, like they are better than the outside. They 
these standards that don't seem to apply to them. Freak 
hypocrites. I'm not trying to bash the powers that be, in fau] 
think most of them mean well, but they are either too proud: 
too dumb to understand the impact of some of their actions, a 
how the students interpret them. 
Anyway, I want to say thanks to all the friends I made along I 
way, those who will graduate from the "I" and those who woi: 
All the CE's I came up with, the soccer team, all the boys I 
Alpha, and definitely my roommates; Willie, Derek, and Ch: i 
I couldh't leave on account of all you nasties, I didn't want to 
the one to puss out. 

The thing about living under a communist regime like the o 
we have endured is that the friendships you make aren't fal 
Even a guy you don't talk to while you're at school is a go 
friend on the outside. That's what I've gained from the Institu 
that's what I appreciate. 

I gotta go now, it's time to move on, let the new guys run t 
place for awhile. 

1999 - Jeff Sprague 
2005 -None 



1999 - Markjamouneau 
2005 Matthew Lloyd 

~w~ ' 

Stay cool fellas, stay cool forever 

1999 - PaulBrown 
2005- David Janati 

'*•■ iSr- ^W? "* ' 
i i , 


m tB^^^^I^ ^ "jaWfjjgj^F f^P^Wp 

100 First Class 

Chris M. Carter 


Gene E. Cauthen 

Navy - Economics &r Business 

Castlenuts, Nuts, Stu, Monkey 
Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Economics & Business 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the lirst for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

These past four years, while hard as hell, will probably bear 
some of my fondest memories. It is hard to believe that a place 
as unfriendly as VMI can give you such great recollections. 
My only answer lies in the bonds of brotherhood that are forged 
here, ties that will always be treasured. Those friendships 
made the most painful of moments here fun, and helped make 
this place a little more bearable. I laughed my way through this 
place, and I am still a firm believer that a strong sense of humor 
makes this place and life itself much easier. All the life lessons 
learned here leave me confident that I can overcome any 
obstacle. I want to thank God and Jesus for giving me strength, 
guidance, and wisdom. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for always 
being there for me. I love you both. To my roommates, John, 
Tim, and Brett, we have had a great time, may they continue 
on. Dave and Mike, it is hard to believe we made it all this way. 
Franco, we will still continue to rock out. Joel, we will own this 
place someday along with most of corporate America. C-30, 
C-29, Mark, Stillman, Settles, and the gentlemen, these years 
have been great with you all. To the Echo-ians, may you all 
stay hard and stay the course. Young William and Will, don't 
forget what I have taught you. You have both been great rats 
and you will do well here. You both have made me proud. To 
the rest of my friends, best of luck in the future and I love you all. 
Stay hard!! 

"If you Ye going through hell, then keep on going." 
■Winston Churchill 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim. 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 


1999 -James Ford, III 
2005 -Nick Garza 

1999 - Charles Man 
2005 - Will DeShazor, Will Ray 

1999 -Andre Curtis 
2005 - Amit Hull, Christopher Perry 

First Class 101 


Walter S. Chalkley 
Lexington, VA 

Sopheap Chan 
Richmond, VA 

Robert M. Christafore 


Bat, Colonel 
Army -History 

Superpheap, LazyAsian 
Air Force - Mechanical Engineering 

Marine Corps - Chemistry 

VMI has the most bizarre sense of humor to it and that as well 
as being surrounded with some of the finest individuals I have 
ever met, has kept me at this school. I think everyone can 
relate to the emotional, physical, and mental drain that this 
Institution places on us, but it is the fact that I have survived and 
accomplished something great that makes me so proud, but I 
certainly could not of done it without a lot of help. To my parents 
who introduced me to VMI. I want to thank you for standing by 
me and always showing me your love and support. To all my 
roomates, Bear, Scooter, Brian, Ryan, Butchie, and Foot, I will 
cherish the memories and the many laughs. Maggie, Phil, and 
Gaby, thanks for getting me through this unique year, every one 
one of you knows how to be successful, and I feel blessed to 
have had you as my rats. To all my BRs on the Court, I have 
the utmost respect for all of you on a personal and professional 
level. I thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to 
upholding VMI's most cherished asset regardless of the difficulty 
and level of personal sacrifice. And for the new members. I 
wish you all the best of luck and I must say that I do not envy 
you, but no matter how hard it may get always remember that 
you are a part of something great. There are so many great 
people at this school that have been so influential, I will miss 
you all dearly and I wish you all prosperity in all of your 

Hahaha, it's finally here. It's still hard to imagine a little over 
three years ago it just started and now it's coming to an end. 
Along the way I've made some great friends, truly the best 
group of people I will ever be associated with. Shane, you are 
the greatest influence on my success here. I was very lucky 
to have you as my dyke, and I do not doubt my outlook on 
things would be different if it were not for you. The friends I 
made here will remain with me for life. Brett, you helped me to 
leave my "hermit" lifestyle. Christian, together we laughed at 
everyone while we stayed warm and disease free in our 
rooms. Brian, after faulty first impressions, I'm glad we became 
friends even though being roommates sometimes had its stressful 
moments. Bryant, Jason G, Jason K, Lou, Bryan, Derrick, 
and especially Nam, I've been an ass for the majority of the 
time here, but for whatever reason, you all still remained my 
friends. Henry, keep your head up, because if you're not 
paying attention the admin will get you. And to my family, I owe 
you everything. With your love, I was able to succeed. I walk 
away from here with many lessons learned. One of the greatest 
ones is what not to do as a leader. I owe this aspect of my 
experience to the administration. I thank everyone in the 
Commandant's office for this. If it were not for you, I could not 
see the possible faults committed by so-called leaders. So now 
as this chapter of my life comes to an end, I look back feeling 
happy I made the decision to come here. 

I'm not going to start this by trying to talk about all the lessons tl 1 1 
I have learned at this place. I came here with much enthusiaij-' 
and many misconceptions. And after four years I have conclud ■-. 
that the only things that I will take from this place are the peo|.| 
that I have, the friends that I have made, and sadly to say, not muil 
else. So with that I don't really know what else to say beside 
saying thank you to the class of 2002 and the rest of the Corps. Ya 
never turned your back on me even when you started to feel 1 1 
heat, and for that I owe you more than just words. Matt, you're 1 1 
best damn Reg CO that this place will ever know and a true friera 
You know that you can couunt on me for anything. Jack, no mahl 
what misfortunes or hardships were going on in my life, you coic 
always make me laugh and one day we will make our millio 
together. To all my Marine bras, four years of hard work and tfl 
damn midshipmen battallion have finally paid off. We're going 
tear the fleet up.Hoorah. Q, I love you man, you are one of a ki 
and I hope that I have impacted you as much as you have impact 
me. I am your friend and white honky forever. Clint, the troop 
yours, take care of them. ..there is nothing like her on post. Jay ai 
Wo you are damn good knuckleheads and I am proud to say tha : 
am your dyke. Keep your heads on straight over the next thrfl 
years. To all my hard-chargin' chemistry guys, remember tl; [ 
countless hours in New Science and the nights of sleeping on tl 
library floor. I wish you all the best of luck. Finally, Shawn, I wouldq 
be here if it wasn't for you. You had the courage to stand up for wh 
was right in the face of tyranny, and for that I have the utmost respe 
for you. I can't wait to serve with you in the fleet.; 
would have ever thought? But now all we have is forever togethi 
Mommy, this is for you. I only hope one day I can be as strong ; 
you. I love you. 


1999 - Dallas B. Clark 

2005 - Margaret Smith, Phillip Sauls, Gabriela Arraiz 


1999- Chris Lovvery 

2005 -Jay "Stone" Coleman, Matt "WO" Yansk 

102 First Class 

K" "~" ' "T___Z__I_: 

DanJ. Chung 
Midlothian, VA 

Matthew D. Cichy 

Stillman S. Clark 

Dan the Man, Terrorist 
Army - Economics & Business 

Armv - Civil Enrineerina, 

Army - Economics & Business 

j guess we were all stubborn enough to make it through this far. 
(othing sucked more than the experience at VMI, but no friendship 
fas greater than here. Always remember that we are different 
rom other university kids because no one at VMI came to this 
tellhole to, party, meet girls, or to become a pimp daddy. We all 
Wldly came here with one similar goal - to survive. Hence our 
riendship is a special one because it is just like a precious 
lower that blossomed in hell. People say that there are no 
(Jindrops in hell for flowers to grow. However, they did not see 
he teardrops and the blood that we shed together. Our friendship 
jrew and grew for four years despite the merciless fire that 
turned everything around us. While others out there made 
Rends wearing fancy clothes, dancing along with the rhythm of 
husic, raising up the beer bottles in their hands, we met each 
I'ther wearing BDUs, while straining, listening to cadre's 
hunderous screams, and sharing canteens filled with smelly 
(ink water to sooth our burning bodies. And that makes us so 
'.pecial. Never ever forget that, brother rats. 
ffuna, Hyoung... Thanks for the prayers, and encouragements, 
j can't live without you guys. 

bad: You were right. The clock never stopped. Thanks. 
Mom: Sa lang hae yo. 

r om Lee: Remember the words I said to you. Some were 
bitter, but you needed to hear it. Every boy can become a man, 
but only few can be good ones. 

Matt, Yu Fan, and Kan: I am so proud of you guys. Never quit. 
To my Dyke Jason and my uncle dykes: I tried my best to 
ollow your examples. You guys taught me well. 
My Brother Rat Joe Romano: I cannot wait until I get to see you 
jnd the beach again. Until then... Dan 

1999 - Jason W. Grubaugh 
2005 - Tom Lee, Yufan Chen, Matt Kurz 

The time has finally arrived that my four years at the "I" are 
coming to an end. and as I look back I'd like to thank my Mom. 
Dad. and sisters. You were always there to support me when 
I needed it and always kept pushing me to succeed. To my 
Grandparents, thank you for countless letters and words of 
encouragement. To my dykes, thanks for showing me how to 
survive here. I'd finally like to thank God for giving me the 
strength to overcome all the obstacles that were put before me. 
It certainly was an interesting four years here, beginning with 
the ratline, racking up a #5 for blowing off the Commandant. 
Having an awesome Ring Figure, and starring in a Movies 4 
Free production while keeping the identity of the director away 
from the administration as a Second. Finally as a First, having 
a rat, throwing back the pitchers uptown with my roommates, 
and leading Alpha Company to the top of the Corps has certainly 
been the most interesting and enjoyable year of all. 
To the boys of 117: Soller, Bailey, Mongo, and Lane, you are 
certainly some of the craziest people I ever met, and to set the 
record straight, I am still the Undefeated Champion of the Barracks 
Wrestling Federation. Finally to my roommates Booger, Cade, 
and Goon, we certainly had an awesome time. I don't know 
what else to say but "Thanks!" To my rat Albert, I leave you 
with this. "Be tough, stay strong, and succeed in all you do 1 " 

2005 - Albert J. Chatwood 

First of all I would like to thank my Father in Heaven, for without 
Him nothing would be possible. Next, to my Family: Mom and 
Dad, thank you for you constant support and love. Ezra, 
Dallas, Jordan, thank you for the wonderful footsteps you left 
me to follow. Lincoln, your day will be here before you know 
it. Focus on the light at the end, and keep a good head when all 
around you lose theirs. 

Next, I am so thankful for my experiences here and for the 
many true friends I have made. Joel. Eddy, C-murder, Mike 
B„ Tony B., Tommy, and Mark. Thank you all for being there 
for me. I think for me, my experience here was much different. 
I saw the evil and I saw the good. VMI has taught me much, put 
pressure on me I felt I could never withstand. And I am very 
thankful for it! 

Hilary, what can I say? You are truly my best friend. I love you 
always always, "this much." You have helped me through my 
lows and celebrated with me my highs. You have been my true 
constant through it all! Keep the Faith! 
"Shoot for the stars, but keep your feet on the ground!" 
May God Bless Us All and VMI! 

First Class 103 

■ SH 





Timothy A. Cole 



Too many to list 
Army - Computer Science 


Christian E. Collamore 


Kenneth T. Collins 

Orlando, FL 

Cholera, Claymore, Drago, Guile 
Air Force - Mechanical Engineering 

WiseMan, Ken-Dog, Rompous Wompous 
Army - International Studies 

When I chose to attend VMI, I really didn't know what I was 
getting myself into. I had chosen VMI because it was one of the 
best engineering colleges on the east coast, I was going to have 
a full scholarship to play basketball at the D1 level, and school 
is only two hours from my house. Well, halfway through rat 
year I decided that EE wasn't for me. basketball wasn't what I 
thought it would be, and being closer to home didn't matter 
because we can't ever leave anyway. Everyone who has 
gotten to know me these past few years knows how much I 
hate this place. However, I realize now that this place has 
shaped me into the person I am today. Of all my rat roommates, 
I am the only one to last past Third Class year. I've made a 
good friend in Jim Burket, who has been my roommate since 
the beginning of Third class year. I would like to give a shout 
out to everyone who has been on the basketball team and 
coaches since I've been here. They are a great group of guys 
who are closer than anyone can ask for in an athletic team. I 
thank my family for helping me through this. I would like to 
especially thank my grandparents, even though they didn't 
come and take me home when I tried to leave rat year. They 
have been very supportive of me thus far in my life. My sister, 
Sarah has also been there for me when my morale was low. 
My Mother and Father also deserve thanks for the special 
things they have done over the years. Last, I would like to 
congratulate all my Brother Rats that have made it to May 16, 
2002. It's been a long and winding road, but we have made it. 

The past four years have definitely been the most challenging 
years of my life thus far. A lot of lessons learned. I cannot begin 
to express my feelings toward the people who had faith in me. 
To my parents, family and friends, the Class of 2002: KEEP 
THE FAITH, I will not let you down. There are not too many 
things to like about this place once inside, but the one thing that 
I will cherish and hold onto forever is the Brotherhood. No 
matter how corrupt this place gets, the one thing that truly 
matters is your bond with your Brother Rats. This is what 
makes this place different from any other institution in the country. 
I will remember my friends and everyone that would not stand 
for the debauchery of the administration. I will never forget what 
happened. It is a true testimony of the Brotherhood. I was so 
damn proud of the Corps when I walked out on the stage in JM 
Hall and the place erupted into an uproar of cheering. If I could 
only share the feeling, you would understand. The mere fact 
that people placed their own cadetship on the line to show that 
we weren't going to be a pawn in their game should say 
enough. The Institute is ever changing with society and can 
never revert to the way it used to be. I don't even know the 
way it used to be, only stories. To the future classes of the 
Institute, remember one thing, you are in control of the "I." Don't 
let them walk over you and don't let them separate you as a 
class. Your bond with your Brother Rats is stronger than anything 
they can throw at you. KEEP THE FAITH. 

My theory is that the only reason anybody stays here I 
enough to graduate is because we reached that point where 
have too much invested to quit; all we really are is a bunch 
stubborn fools. That said, the most cherished thing I will t;: 
from here is the friends I have made. To my roommates of I 
years, we finally found our home in C-28, I truly hope that 
friendship will only deepen over time. Tsar, you were: 
intergral part of our group, if not its most vocal member, 
take only the best part of what we taught you, if you o: 
become half as jaded as we have, you will be doing well, 
the Institute: your future is uncertain, may you survive. 


1999- Matt Bryant 

2005 - Daniel Harrison, Travis Hord 

104 First Class 


1999 John Wilcox 

2005 -Justin Abbinante, James Driggs 

B. "• nl-' iJ 

Hliii mm :m 

*«lfe 111 

■jp in 

11 f IW fjf M 

mill" 11 
lit f '» 111 


1999- John Garneski 
2005 -Jeremy Coffman 

Nicholas A. Compher 

Jared M. Conrad 

James C. Copty 

Roauofee, VA 

Nick, Rehpmoc, Head 
Army - History 


Army - International Studies 

rally. I'm eligible for parole. Four years removed from the day 
le all stood in the courtyard eagerly awaiting cadre. I still can"t 
M a finger on why I came to this school. Surprisingly, I am not 
Jtter about my decision either. While life here hasn't been a 
Jholly good time, there were quite a few good times. John, 
few could we ever forget Brendan's dog or Florida? Paul, I 
jon't know where to start, man. We'll never forget all those 
jeorge Costanza stories. I know I won't. Oh yeah, and Jimmy 
uffet: Am I glad your face didn't get rearranged when we were 
orsin' around that one time. Tim, Lapp (yeeapppp, nooooppe), 
ndrew, Matt, WarrenG (what the dick?), Donnie, Old Man 
aines, Stillborn, Curt, Max, and whomever I've forgotten: 
mid all of the suckage that we lived through, I'll never forget 
du guys. You all have helped make my time here worthwhile 
nd I'll always look back and laugh. What a debacle. Dave, 
tanks for getting me into coming here, it's been real.. Your time 
i the Air Force will treat you well. Dad, I'm a fortunate son to 
ave a role model like you. If I turn out to be half the man you 
re, I'll consider myself blessed. Brother Rats, It's been a 
mgular time and place, never to be experienced by all of us at 
le same time ever again. It's been my privilege to be in this 
/ith you. God Bless you all. 


1999- Eric Roed 
2005 -Greg Carlson 

Jared entered Jackson Arch wearing a VMI baseball cap and carrying a green 
trunk. Along with the usual assortment of utilities new cadets bring with them, 
Jared also brought with him striking ambitions and the anticipation of what this 
place might turn him into. What he couldn't have known was how he would 
change the people around him and how he would change VMI I first saw Jared 
when we were leaving our parents at JM Hall; to me he looked the typical college 
freshman, but I couldn't have been more wrong. In the next few days Jared would 
be a loud voice through the tough week. I then began to leam who this young man 
really was Jared started as a MEIDelta Force killed that), then switched to 
history, but his main locus tor coming to VMI was to leam leadership, more 
specific leadership in the Army. Anybody who has ever had any contact with 
Jared can sense his natural leadership ability. Yes leaders can be made, but Jared 
is a natural bom leader. I remember having a lot of great fun and memories being 
up on the stoop with Jared Third class year as a cadre corporal. I could easily 
write forever on how much I learned from just watching him teaching the rats to 
become cadets. To this day 1 believe Jared is a bom-agam Ranger Coming back 
our last year at the 1", Jared took on the awesome responsibility of S-3 Captain, 
Once again, he defined the standard tor how the job was lo be done. Jared came 
to this place, learned from it, and conguered it. I feel privileged to have been part 
of Jared's career at VMI. Next to my father, he is the best leader I know. He has 
the greatest sense of courage, honor and integrity. He is the best f nend I have ever 
had. and I feel honored to call him my brother Thanks a lot Maddawg; it's been 
a blast because of you "See the Conrad. Hear the Conrad. Be the Conrad." - 
E B.W To my family Words can not begin to describe my thanks for all of your 
support Throughout this long journey you have been there to pick me up when 
I stumbled, healed me when I was wounded, and refreshed me when I was hungry 
and parched I will forever be indebted to the love you have shown me. To my 
dykes: Bnan and Laura, it's been fun. You've taught me more about responsibility 
than I could have ever imagined. You will always be my brother and sister. 
To my Brother Rats: You have been the brothers that I always wanted 
growing up. Through thick and thin, we spilt the same blood in the same 
mud; were cut, bloodied and bruised by the same lance; grew, learned and 
matured under the same tutelage. You have all defined the meaning of honor, 
respect, selflessness and courage. 

Well I have no idea what to write here. I guess I'll just leave a 
little message for the people who I met along the way. To my 
roommates I don't know what to say. Dusty, Nate, and 
Travis, living with you guys has been the biggest thrill of my 
life. You are my best friends and my closest confidants and I 
cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. Rich, 
keep smiling, it is the only way to get through this place. To 
the rats: Greg, thanks for always doing your best for me. 
Keep you head up. as you will find out there are a lot of tough 
times ahead of you. There are a lot of good times too. Don't 
forget who you are, and when it gets tough, just laugh. Eric, 
keep being yourself, people will love you for it. Matt Bean, 
don't sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff. And Little 
Steve, talk a little more. To VMI I say this: 

The day is mine. You have tried to beat me and at times I 
thought you would succeed, but you have not. The smoke 
on this battlefield has settled and I am the one standing. I am 
stronger and smarter than I was when I arrived, for that I 
thank you. But it was only through great trials that I arrived 
here, and for that I tell you what one of my Dykes told you 
not so long ago. "I've thrown my middle finger in your face 
long enough, you lost" — Debo 

Peace, I'm outta here. 


1999 - Christopher E. Forbes 
2005 - Laura C. Mack, Brian Park 

1999 - Ryanjohnston 
2005 - Gre? "Cookie Butt" Staat 

First Class 105 



Louis J. Cowardin III 


Lloyd-Jarell E. Davis 

Hampton, 1 */ A 

Army - Biology 

Lloyd, LDiggy, LJirty 
Air Force - Computer Science 

For picking a college I think I could have done worse, it would 
have been hard but I could have. I have had enough character 
building exercises to say I've had a full cadetship. In it I 
enjoyed being a corps medic, breaking out every year, fun 
times in the drum line, damn #4 is heavy, and membership in 
the A#1 club, don't cuss out post pigs. Exploits with women, 
grades, BR's, and the normal roller coaster of life in barracks 
produced many memories and buddies that I will remember 
forever. Salmaan (Smokey) you are by far my best and most 
trusted friend. You have guided me in through times that I thought 
would never end and changed me in such beneficial ways that 
there is no way I can thank you enough. Larkin, you turned out 
to be one of the people that I'm most happy I met here, you were 
always there as a strong person to stand by me. Marc, "Hurray 
For BOBBIES!!", got to love Mardi Gras. Dave (Trox) you 
have always stood by me and kept me in good spirits through 
all those late night talks and excursions with the opposite sex. 
Chris, (here lizard lizard) I'm glad I helped save your ass cause 
I always want to keep you around. Also special thanks to Scott 
(Hunsie), Ben (Bennie), Ray, and Plecha without you this place 
would have been unbearable. Corey (Codyke frac) we had our 
times but at least we made them memorable. To my Ring Dyke 
Brad keep the traditions, the attitude, and don't give an inch to 
this place. To my dyke Trevor, I made it and passed on your 
values as promised. To my Rats Justin, Brian, and Adam 
remember those values because they will get you through your 
toughest times here. My time with all of you is my most prized 
possession from this place. IHTFP, God Save The Privates 

Steve and Larry, I've taught y'all all about this place and what 
you have to do, so it is up to both of y'all to do it or not.. 

Army - International Studies 

To the brothers I never knew I had until four years ago, you'vi I 
made this place what it is to me; a generally unpleasant timi I 
interrupted by spontaneous fits of contentment. Somehow! 
someway we always managed to find humor in what wa:| 
morose and laugh in the face of calamity. I have learned man; ] 
lessons among you and forgotten far more. I know that time wr j 
shed a brighter light on my experiences here at the Institute! 
Until then... 


1999 TrevorChesler 

2005 - Adam Brownback, Justin Juarez 

1999 - Ryan Thompson 
2005 - Larry Williams, Steven Bryan 


1999 -Steve Lucas 

2005 - Erik Gallmann, lohn Streetman 

106 First Class 

John P. Davitt, IV 

Richmond, VA 

Frank H. Deerr, III 
Alexandria, VA 

Army - International Studies 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Army - Psychology 

Papa 29 
Army - History 

I know that when I think back on VMI I will be picturing Nate 
banging on a wall playing songs through his a## and trying fo 
turn the room into a Dutch oven. Or all of the laughs that Caleb 
and I had about how stupid things were at VMI as Brandon was 
listening to his devil music and talking to his girlfriend on IM. Or 
going over to Rod's room and discussing with him how much 
we hate being here as Mark sits and tries to figure out how 
many chickens it would take to pull him through the courtyard if 
he was covered in cnsco. Or talking to Heidi about random stuff 
as we put off studying for a test the next day. These are the 
things that I am going to miss most about VMI. These good 
times are what counted and what helped the days go by. I could 
not have had a better group of friends. I hope that I have done the 
same for you Sam that your brother has done for me. Matt set 
the example as a cadet, he was my role model and I never 
wanted to disappoint him. Just keep that sense of humor of 
yours, Sam and this place will be over in no time. Uncle Tim, 
Aunt Terri. and Alexandra, thank you for always being there for 


1999- Timothy Renin 
2005 -None 

1999 - Matt Stephens 
005 - Sam Stephens 



1999 Mike Rust 
2005 -Richie Barrow 

lp' !: 'lP' 

i i sm 

; J .J 

lyf Jr 

First Class 107 



Christopher E. Donnelly 

Florence, MA 

Dusty, Hardcoure 
Army - History 

Ho, Donny, Poonhcad, All-Star, Quick Spurt Smurf 
Navy - International Studies 

Marine Corps - History 

After serving a full sentence in this starchy old place I can say 
without a doubt I've never met a better group of men. Jake, 
Trav, Nate, Mike, Luke, Andy, and the rest of the boys, you 
know who you are. It's been worth my time here for your 
friendships alone, I'd go to hell and back for you fellas. Rats, 
you've worked hard and earned my respect and a place here 
at the 1," now do the same to keep it. 

Mom and Dad, I love you both and I want you to know that 
my appeciation for everything you've done for me is 

Clay, I couldn't ask for a better brother or friend, thanks for 
always backing me up. 

"Those who expect to receive the blessings of freedom must, 
like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." 
- Thomas Paine • 
-Good Luck Fellas- 

I arrived in Lexington on the bus. Searching for a better lifestyle 
I ended up making the "I" my home instead. VMI was the best 
thing I ever did, and so was studying abroad in Beirut third class 
year. At VMI, I made things happen and got everything I've 
ever wanted out of life. VMI brought me partly out of the gutter 
--old habits are easy to hide but hard to break- and is sending 
me to the top of the world. My four years at VMI can be summed 
up in how I felt from year to year: Excited Rat, Angry Third, 
Depressed Second, and Bored First. 
I'd like to give recognition to first my Nanay who always 
supported me even when I was a bad bad anak. My blood fam. 
My past homeboys and enemies that helped me develop nuts, 
sorry guys, I had to move on but I'll never forget. All my 
homeboys at VMI, my true BRs, and all the Cadets at VMI that 
are D. O.W.N. Mr. Adkins who started it off. And everyone else 
that helped me get my BUD/s slot. Oh yea, the few babaes and 
shotas that made this place a little easier, it's definitely been a 
dry four years. And everyone else. 
Give loyalty to those who deserve it, and reflect the loyalty that 
you receive. 

Well this is it, I guess it's tough to sum up the last four years 
Some good times, some bad. I don't think I can fairly say tha 
I enjoyed my experience here at VMI, but it has been jus 
that. experience. I've had some great opportunities to d( 
great things with great people. It's been a hell of a ride am 
although I wouldn't do it again, I haven't regretted a bit. The 
ratline seems such a distant event and so much has happeneta 
since. Third Class year, Parris Island, Infantry school, twa 
semesters of academic probation. I can't begin to imagine dointi 
it all again and now that the end is in sight, it seems like it's ali 
been worthwhile. Best of luck to everyone as we depart foi 

"It's not the critic who counts. It's not the man who points ou 
where the grown man stumbles, or how the doer of deeds couk 
have done them better; the credit belongs to the man wht 
actually is in the arena, who strives valiantly, who errs anr 
comes up short again and again, who knows the grea 
enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in < 
worthy cause, who, if he wins, knows the triumph of higf 
achievement, but who, if he fails, fails, while doing so greatly 
so that his place will never be with those cold and timid soul; 
who know neither victory nor defeat."-Theodore Roosevelt 

Semper Fi 

1999 - Nicholas A. Devincenro 
2005 - Steven Cunningham 


1999 - Tex 

2005 - Spandex 


1999- Chris Lukanich 
2005 -Justin Fallin 

108 First Class 




" '^S 




Richard H. Donohue 

~ ^ 


Winchester, AM 


Michael E. Dunn 



Navy- History 

Army - Economics & Business 

Box, ED 
Army - Economics & Business 

3est on the Hill" Midshipmen Battalion Company CO! Rat Year: 
he shoes/toothbrush incident, Ron branding himself, fight before 
pring break, Nate losing his t-shirt uptown. Beek's fine girl, 
ton's prom experience, what was the meat stick for? Third 
'lass: B Spot, resorting to Aleve to get through the football 
ames, trips to Manassas w/ Fife, gas station run during finals, 
iudy abroad (enough said) Second Class: What's up Ar-my? 
ileeping on the floor at Radford... what happened? Ring Figure 
nd "cool dates"-while helping Nate forget his. Oasis at 4 p.m. 
K Warren, wrecking the Olds at the end of the year (after the 
hower/wallet incident), a week after Jerry and SE in Sarah's 
:om. ...And that v-card thing? Still trying? First Class: 
lonfinement all but eight days or so. Nice "step off." -"ready, 
/illing, and able." Parents weekend cabin/prank calls at 3 a.m. 
.fter submitting five permits -Notre Dame trip: 1322 miles, two 
ays, two meals, liquid bread... and becoming really good 
lends w/ Commandant's staff. Loved the DVDs and full hooah 
ags every weekend, but nothing beats coming back to work at 
'Ml. And one of the quotes- "I can imagine no more rewarding 
career. And any man who may be asked in this century what 
e did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a 
ood deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States 
lavy.'" (John F. Kennedy) 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim. 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear: 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

I guess there isn't a lot to say. It has been a very long journey 
and even with the monotonous, "ball and chain" life we lived, I 
learned a lot about loyalty, friendship and hard work. VMI has 
been a very strange experience and although a lot of my time 
here was spent wondering what i was doing here, I kept coming 
back and I am graetful for it. I had a lot of great times with the lax 
guys, we had a lot of fun and i will never forget it. JP, Mikey 
and Nate, you guys are my boys. We had a lot of crazy times 
and i will miss you. I wish we could have finished together. 
Randy, you are my brother and my friend. We had a lot of good 
and bad times. I will never forget you, thanks for everything. I 
want to thank my Dad. He was always there when I needed 
him and he made me who I am today. I want to thank my 
brothers. They are truly my best friends and I love them. I can't 
forget the rest of my family because I know they prayed for me 
and were always there if I needed them. Jay and Eric, stay out 
of trouble or I'll come back with the soulpole. 

1999- Tim Remzi 
2005 -Jeff Rummell 




1999 - Vince Hogan 
2005 -Jay Morgan, Eric Rhormann 

First Class 109 

; \ fr 

David B. Ellington 
Lexington, VA 

Jonathan R. Elliott 

Imp, Cooter, Mr. Tednugentrules, Crash 
Army - Economics & Business 

bub, d-rock, dirty dave, dirt dogg 
Army - Civil Engineering 

Marine Corps - Electrical Engineering 

"Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. 
Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their 
business as if nothing had happened." - Sir Winston Churchill 

Cadets often talk about the road less traveled with the obvious 
understanding that VMI is that road and that we are better men 
for having chosen it. But if I have learned anything here, it is that 
every man chooses his own road and what makes a man is 
not what road he picks but what he learns from the |ourney. The 
VMI diploma lets the rest of the world know what you have 
done. It does not let it know who you are. It, in and of itself, 
does not make you a better man. They say a man's life is 
measured on his deathbed, when he is going to face his Maker 
and has no choice but to be honest with himself. In that moment 
he will know the true value, short or long, rich or poor, of his life. 

In the words of William Faulkner . . . 
"Sometimes I think the finest thing that can happen to a man is 
to love something, a woman preferably, well, hard hard hard, 
then to die young because he believed what he could not help 
but believe and was what he could not (could not? would not) 
help but be." 

With that, I bid the Institute farewell. 

"If you get to thinking you're a person of some influence, try 
ordering somebody else's dog around" • Will Rogers 

I just want to first thank Mom, Dad, Peter, and Megan for 
always supporting me and being there when I needed someone 
to talk to about this crazy place. Even with a father and a 
grandfather as VMI alums, I thought that I knew what I was 
getting myself into, but I was completely wrong. You don't know 
anything about this place until you experience it for four years of 
your life. Even though the past four years have been different 
than I expected, I have learned a lot about life while at VMI. I 
want to give a shout out to all my boys: D-Brown, D-Ross, 
Frank, Travis, Matt, JR, JM, Brandon, Brad. We've had a lot 
of good time at the I. I'm glad you guys were here because you 
all made this place bearable. 

The things I value most from my time at VMI are the friendshi| 
made and the education I received. Thanks to the EE departme , 
for an outstanding education. To everybody in Alpha and all n 
friends, good luck in everything you do. Keep in touch. To fl 
rats in C-22, you all had it good. Tough it out and honor ttj 
commitment you made to the team and the Institute. You will nj 
regret it when it's over; persistent determination. Shawn Tashmi 
stand by for a standby there may be a maybe. Thanks f"i 
showing me the ropes. I'll see you out in the fleet. And finalij 
to Mom and Dad, thanks for your continuous love and suppot 
Number one turned out to be all right. 

1999 - Mike Nelson 
2005 Imp the Trakehner 



Brian Ross 







1999 - Shawn Tashma 
2005 Richard Litvvin 

110 First Class 

"El Sasquatch", Sasquatch, and others 
Air Force - Mechanical Engineering 


Michael K. Entsminger 
Clifton Forge, VA 

Matt D. Erwin 

Shitslinger, Keegan, Travis, & Keeglec 

Army - Civil Engineering 

that a long strange trip it has been! I can honestly say: 1 was 
[oing to the worst place in the world, and I didn't know it yet." 
! was not because of the pushups or the pain of the ratline, but 
lecause of the constant pressure of the administration. I have 
famed a lot in these past four years. I have some very good 
Ixperiences, and some I would rather forget. To my dyke: 
nanks Jeff, you were awesome. To all the people that I have 
oomed with (Nick. Magnus, Wade, Dave, Chad, Christian, 
Brian, Derrick, and Joey), thanks for everything, thanks for 
lutting up with me and for being there when things got rough, 
lave, I am sorry things didn't work out so you could finish out 
our First Class year at the Institute, but I could not have done 
without you. To all of my BRs, good luck and Godspeed in 
/hatever you do. To my rats: Hang in there, and stick together, 
'ou can accomplish a lot more en masse than you can on your 
wn. Danny, stay motivated and locked on. will go far. 
Jhaplain Park: Thanks for always being there for me and 
Jways giving me sound advice. I will miss being able to 
wing by your office (or house) whenever I have something on 
ny mind. You have made my VMI experience much more 
learable. To my parents: thanks for everything. Things may 
ie tough but everything will work out for good in the end. 
-'inally. to Jessica, the love of my life: thanks for always being 
here. You mean the world to me and I am looking forward to 
;pending the rest of my life with you. 

I will not sit back and use this paragraph to reflect on what VMI 
gave me or how painful the experience was because I have no 
regrets. Instead, I will reflect on the experiences that leave me 
no regrets and those people who have been beside me through 
the sometimes thick and to what seemed a constant thin. How 
can I express my feelings toward Nate, Whitt, Grey, Jess, my 
Dykes and the rest of my brothers? No one could replace or 
match the ridiculous trips, ludicrous nights, hazy journeys back 
from Lex Vegas, Ring Figure (which I must add that Mr, Hickley. 
the Tin Man, and myself ruled'), and the deranged times I had 
with you guys in my past four years. The laughs never quit 
and of course I never let anyone forget about them with those 
repetitive stories I told. I guess I will always be your "Mother 
Goose." Mom, I love you more than anything, you're the 
greatest in the world! Glenn, Kara. Dad. and the rest of my 
blood, you always believed in me and I love y'all for that! To 
my true friends from home and my newfound friends from 
many new places, we are closer than ever and I have nothing 
but love for y'all! In the words of Jim Morrison, "I don't know 
about you, but I'm gonna get my kicks before the whole house 
goes up in flames!" Well to all of you, we got our kicks and 
that's the reason I will never have a single regret for stepping 
through those gates four long years ago! Give' em hell, C-29 

Much Love to y'all and rock on! 



by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth: 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim. 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 


1999 -Jeff Golden 
2005 -Danny Fields 



1999 Chris "V-Dogg" Varner 
2005 -Nathan "Lil" Nate" Johnson 

1999 .Jason Hannigan 
2005- Mark DiSalvo 

First Class 111 


Michael C. Escobar 


Robert C. Evans 
Wyomissing, PA 

JohnR. Fidlerjr. 
Warsaw, VA 

Pablo, The Spic, EscoButt 
Navy - Civil Enginering 

Army - History 

JR,"jr", "Red- 
Army - Economics & Business 

"Attention inside and outside barracks, the Corps will not march 
parade!" -Michael Escobar (S-4 CPT until Sept. 14th). All I can 
say is like the true HC president, Shawn Joyce, I went out with 
a bang. I am just sorry, Shawn, that some left you out to dry. 

What can I say about this place, except what everyone else 
says, that I am glad to be leaving. I hated this place while I was 
here, but loved it when away. To all the F-Troopers you were 
like family to me here at the "I " Pat, we did not know each other 
that well in the Ratline, but I can definintely say that you are my 
true best friend and I would do anything for you. Thank you, 
Mom and Dad. for all the support throughout high school, my 
enlistment in the Navy, college, and my commission. I hope I 
still make you proud, and I love you both! My roomies, Alex H. 
Alex M., and Bache, you guys will always be brothers to me 
and can call on me for anything. Alex, I wish you luck with the 
infantry, and I know you will bring to the Army's M.I. community 
what they are missing, INTELLIGENCE. Alex, no you can be 
my wingman. Finally, Bache, I am so mad that you took time 
off, but I know that you will be successful in whatever you 
choose to do. Mr. and Mrs. Honaker thank you for all the time 
you allowed me in the "Honaker Hotel" and the wonderful food 
and support you gave me. Last but most definitely not least 
Christine, you have been the one that was most encouraging. 
I can say this, that if it were not for you I would not still be here. 
You have gone through this place with me and earned that ring. 
You are my best friend and always will be. I love you, and I 
owe you so much. Thank You!! To Josh "Big Country" and 
Onymye "El Nino" I hope that I have taught you enough. I know 
that both of you have what it takes to succeed at this place. 

Thank you Dad and Mom for all of your support in every 
aspect of life. Assuredly, I could not have done it without you. 
I hope I have made you proud; it has always been my goal. 
Taylor, never quit anything that you have committed yourself 
to, never. Lauren, I wish you the best. Bill, thanks for being 
hard on me. Drew, remember the traits of a leader and never 
stray from what I have taught you. To my friends, "I wish you 
the joy of a purposeful life. I wish you new worlds and the 
vision to see them. I wish you the decency and nobility of 
which you are capable." Triumph lies in discipline. LEAN AR 
AGHAIDH. John 15:13. 

" know that even one life has breathed easier because you 
have lived, this is to have succeeded." —Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Vote Republican! 

Well, here we are. I must say. il hasn't always been an easy road to follow. There w 
certainly times that I could have made life a lot easier on mysefl, but I put my priorities 
the wrong order. I like to think I have learned from those mistakes and £ 
person for it. To Mama and Daddy. I owe what success ) have achieved in life to yi.' 
Without your guidance and sometimes strong persuasion. I'm sure I wouldn't be whtj 
I am today. For this. I thank you and love you! 

Other ttian family and lifelong friends, there is another group of people in my life 
whom f owe a lot. Those are the guys that I have lived close lo since August o 
of all, I will say I think I had it easier than a lot of others because of having good dyk« 
Grant, Jordan, Wescott, and Matt; thanks for the guidance and expenences. Althou 
there were stories that I care not to remember or tell my parents about, I teel I ha' 
learned a great deal from you all Thanks! 

I am aiso confident in saying that I was lucky to have 
Jason and Sttllman, good luck and keep in touch. After rat year 1 was once again luc 
to have two of my co-dykes. Brad and Travis, as roommates Although we have hat 
arguments and disputes, I have always felt close to you guys. We have shared r 
memories together that I will never forget I don't have to say keep in touch becau 
I know we will. Brad. Good luck in the Chesapeake Fire Department. Also, try not 
get into too much trouble, because f do worry about you sometimes Travis, I don't kn 
whether to wish you luck in the Air Force or tife in general. Either way, I guess a 
of advice is to try and keep heading in the right direction and try and stay between 1 
two yellow lines. It just seems appropriate! 

As far as my other buddies here I wish you all good luck in the future. I know I ca 
mention everyone, but to Room 124 you guys have been great fnends We ha j 
certainty had our memories Dave, t know you will be a great leader, I want to be at j 
to tell my kids when I see you on CNN 30 years from now when you'rs 
you are a good friend of mine. D-Ross I know I give you a hard time, but !or a pers I 
to have a dream from childhood and follow it the way you have, I admire you 1 
can I say? 1 know you will be successful in whatever you do. Just do me a favi 
make sure we are invited to your wedding Frank, you have received your share of jok j 
and sarcasm, but you have been a good friend. I just wish we could have been closf 
earlier in our lour years. Good luck in corporate Amenca. 

Finally. Rob, I've tried to teach you what I have learned through my experienc 
here. You have never let me down and t will be the first to say you've been a 
One last piece of advice is one that I never really understood until it was too late. Go 
grades make this place so much easier. Wdrk hard and your graduation day will be he 
before you know it. 

I know I missed a lot of close fnends. but I only have but so much space. To you gu 
of '02, good luck in the future! Irs been a pleasure to know all of you. 


1999 -James F. Meyer 

2005 -Joshua B. Poston, Onyirtye I. Mbano 

1999 - William F. Steinbach 
2005 -Andre W. Gordon 

112 First Class 

Layne M. Fielder 
Nicevifle, FL 

Kevin E. Fields 


Air Force - Biology 

Army - Psychology 

Fitz, Fitzdaddy, Package 
Army- Computer Science 

Wink I've seen all I want to see in this four year lapse of 
ason. As for a class history, it's stuck up in my head and 
'ing to write it down would never do it justice. Stuey, you're 
3 only person I know that will be too lazy to even get out of the 
my after four years. Hope that Army thing works out, Hooah! 
imes, what an introverted, subtle humor you possess. The 
ie person that can verbally annihilate you and you don't 
'alize it until a day later. I hope no one argues with you out in 
§ field artillery range, KABOOM!!! Brian, what the hell are you 
ling? Nobody knows, not even you! We'll get those jobs in 
aslin. Oh yeah Jeff, I'll stop moving around in formation, and 
II our fiancee I'll be home soon. Chan the disgruntled Asian, I 
ivy the fact that you slept for four years straight. To everyone 
se, it's been good, bad, fun, boring, and long. I wish the best 
luck to you in all your future endeavors. Get out, rehabilitate, 
id have some fun for a change. Somewhere along the line it 
ill pay off. I love you Bruce. 

Three things helped me at this institution of the administration, 
by the administration and for the administration; friends, 
determination and heavy tobacco use. We've had great times, 
stuck together for each other, helped each other and so on. The 
determination, however, decided to show up halfway through. 

Being that there are too many bad things to say about VMI, let's 
name the good things. Some professors care (Capt. Hughes, 
Col Gire, Col Emmitt, Col "FINISH HIM!" Caulkins), the food 
could be a lot worse, and you learn to deal with adversity in 
many forms. I have great memories of playing concerts in the 
courtyard, kiddie pools full of beer in the room, escaping on the 
weekends to see Holly, a silver ring, weekends with the 
Bodenheims (Help me up that ladder chief! I'll fly that jet!), 
running naked in the courtyard, rats and Wal-Mart, outrunning 
the Lex PD, hackysacking drunk until 6, hogging - "Where's my 
damned car!", Wyatt and his goofy laugh, Jason with his dip, 
Paul and his tangents, Nick and his indecisiveness, Stu and his 
computer, Chris - it happens, Nick - help me help you, and the 
Victoria's Secret door. BOON - not forgotten. Chris and Nick, 
y'all were great rats. 

I thank the Meredith Family for their generosity, my parents for 
everything, the Bodenheims for trusting me with two sons and 
making me a part of their family, and Holly for loving me for the 
past three years. 

It all started in August of 1998 and ended in may of 2002; 
however, there are many memories of the dates in between 
which I must mention. Rat year will remain forever unforgettable 
due to mad oriental ups, crazy room inspections in 486, South 
Philly Phat's, hemena hemina, drunken trips with Die, and my 
clown roommates. Though the theory is that Third class year 
is the worst, I managed to have fun due to the many trips to 
Manassas, pushing Eddie, trips to New York, and rooming with 
Ben Bowman. Second Class year picked it up a little with Ring 
Figure, Mardi Gras, the formation of the Nerd Cave, Linear 
Algebra, regaining my freedom, and the Die's return to the I. 
First Class year was by far the longest, but it became bearable 
due to all my friends and most definitely Stephanie. I can 
remember confinement weekends with the Die in DC. Daytona 
fun, the September 14 ,h parade, land nav again with all my 
MSIV buddies, fun in the Philip Morris plant with Chris, rock 
climbing with Dan, and stage diving at concerts with Brian and 
Paul. Thank you to all my family and friends including the rats, 
Stephanie, whom I love dearly, BrooksMR as in MR, Die, 
Brian, Paul, Pak, Lou, Dan, Chris and many more. 

.999 - Jeff Sprague 
1005 - Anthony Boone 

1999 - Paul CTBrien 
2005 - Chris Bodenheim, Nick Harper 


1999 -Ben Bradford 

2005 - Nickolas Battle, Ronald Vopicella 

First Class 113 

Nichole E. Ford 




Brian T. Francis 


Anthony L. Franklin 


Army - Biology 

Army - Computer Science 

Frankenstein, Mess Hall Goon (The Goon) 
Army - Pyschology 

WOW. what a time it has been! I will greatly miss all those I have 
come to know so well through my years at VMI. To all my 
acquaintances, friends, and mentors I thank you for all that you 
have done for me. A special thanks to my parents and my family 
for always giving me the support I needed to make it through 
another day... :)... I love you all dearly. Richard, I love you! 
Thank you for making me a better person and encouraging me to 
do my best and most of all for making sure I always keep on 
keepin' on. Most of all thank you, God! It's finally over. To all the 
friends I have made that have a few more semesters left, hang in 
there- your time will come- I'll keep you in my thoughts and 
prayers. To all the Charlie Company guys- I will miss you and 
always keep the memories close! Lee and Mihaela- thanks for a 
great semester- you guys are great- six down two to go. I have 
had a saying in my cover since rat year and it only seems fitting 
to write it in my history. 

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small 
people do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, 
can become great." 

I am sitting here writing my history, and this is my worst day 
here at VMI. The only thing I have going for me is that at least 
today is not as bad as tomorrow will be. It has been a rough 
four years. Every day after Breakout has been on a downhill 
slope of crap culminating in my entire First Class year which I 
spent on some form of a #1 (except for the seven days in 
Febuary, oh and those were a nice seven days). Jeff Stoner, 
you have been my best friend throughout these three years. As 
this place has sucked more and more, I have come to rely on 
you more and more. Jackson, you will always be my true 
North. To my neighbors Fielder, Boiling, and Smith, you have 
always managed to make sure I never got to cocky. To the 
Honor Court: "Keep the Faith." Finally, to my parents, I will 
always love you. Remember everyone, no worries! 

I've met the best friends that I will ever have here at thi j 
Despite my GPA (or lack of one) I am glad I came here i j. 
wouldn't trade the experience for the world. I would like to thi } 
all my roomies that made this possible- Lane and Austin (it i 1 
shame you guys didn't pick up any nick names) The La Pli 
Jobber, and finally to my sidekicks in the 219/119 Batcaa 
Booger, Soft Shoe Eddie, and Big Chin Cichy. I love all my Ei 
and wish you all the best of luck with your lives, if you e«l 
need a job I'll gladly put you in one of my future movies. I 

1999 -Conor Powell 
2005 - None 



1999 - Fil Heist 

2005 - Lawton Way, Jeff Henderson 


1999 -Jason Estes 
2005 -John Langowsky 

114 First Class 



John A. Fuller 
Anderson, IN 

Nathan E. Gabor 


Army - Economics & Business 

Air Force - Biology 

Air Force - Psychology 

i listened to my dyke who said, "If you sleep 12 hours a day 
pu are only here half of the time." Well it took him five years 
b graduate and from the looks of it. it's gonna be just as long for 
pe. To my roommates. I couldn't have ssked for two better 
uys to live with. Sturg, take care of that little boy, and don't let 
nose dogs run a deer. Petey. many rounds have passed and 
Iknow many more will come so keep working on your game, 
ind don't do anything I wouldn't!!! I love y'all boys like you 
»ere my brothers. To all my other boys, you know where I'm 
t if you ever need me. To my rats, y'all have pissed me off 
tore times than I can count but know that I love all of you like 
rothers and if you ever need me I'll be there. Finally, I hate this 
lace with everything I've got, but God knows I'm glad I came 
ere and I wouldn't change anything that ever went on while I 
erved my sentence. 

"Oh my God, it looks like a prison" 
■Mom, 1998 

Has it really been four years since those words were muttered, 
and a scared kid from Indiana walked into the life of a cadet 7 
Now I am staring at the next academic mountain and am 
looking forward to climbing it. 

I think I can say that VMI has adequately prepared me for so- 
called adulthood. As for the cadetship, it was a good experience. 
The people I've met at this place, both good and bad, have been 
quite interesting. Magnus, we've had some times living together 
the past three years. What can possibly be said? Knulla? 01 
course not, you're the closest thing to a brother I have, and 
should you ever need anything I'll be there (as long as it doesn't 
involve money or women). Jon, you're a good friend, and will 
make one hell of an Army officer. Col. Turner, you're the 
scientist I one day hope to become. Thanks for everything, and 
remember that you'll be one of the first mentioned at the acceptance 
in Stockholm! Joey, don't fret over the ladies so much, they'll be 
around (me). To everyone else: thanks for making this place 
worth being from. Mom and Dad. thanks for making so many 
sacrifices to get me here. I couldn't have done it without you. 
Lastly, to Grandpa Leo, I didn't have to go to VMI to learn about 
honor and integrity: I learned it from you. 
To my rats, you've got a challenge ahead of you in your 
endeavors at the I. Never lose your wits when you are thrown 
about. Make the most of this place because you'll only go 
through it once. 

Fortis fortuna adiuvat. 

Well, it's been a long road and it looks like I am finally outta here. 
Along the way I have made some lifelong friends, some stayed 
here, some left, but all the same I will always remember what 
you all taught me. Amy, what can I say but I couldn't have 
made it without your support, and for that I am eternally grateful, 
and you will always have my love. I'd also like to mention my 
family for always being there for me when things really weren't 
going well. I will look back on these past four years as the most 
important ones to date, I learned who I was, who I want to share 
my life with, and overall had fun. Joe, hang in there, it may 
suck at times, but the light at the end of the tunnel gets closer 
every day 


1999 -Andy Fox 

2005 - Chris Brooks; Henry Lynch 

1999- Jason Crigler 
2005 -Henry Wise 



1999 - Michael Wilson 
2005 Joe Pruce 

First Class 115 

DouglasJ. Garbark 

\. issr ^fa f 

S 1 

v m 


Pedro R. Garcia 


^ Poquosott, VA 



Dougie Fresh, Duckman 
Army - Mechanical Engineering 

Jesus in Cleats, Sire, etc 
Army - Economics & Business 

Daniel P. George 

Pasadena, MD 

Jorge, Dude 
Army - Computer Science 

While looking back on my seemingly endless years at VMI, it 
is difficult to remember many enjoyable experiences. It is the 
negatives that come to mind. From rat year and the 
overwhelming stench of Ben"s feet. From Third Class year 
with the ever so popular M.R.E. bombs in the New Courtyard. 
From Second Class year with the mountain of impossible 
problems that sometimes stumped the very own professors 
who assigned them. Finally the administration and First Class 
year. The Class of 2002 will surely be remembered for 
displaying the true meaning of "brother rat." But among the 
constant "strain" of academics and the administration, some 
positives did arise. Yes, i was in the band, but I will never forget 
the trips to New York, Mardis Gras and Florida. Although 
difficult, VMI seemed to fly by. I attribute this to the constant 
barrage of work from my mechanical engineering professors. I 
couldn't imagine what those history majors went through with 
all that free time. Besides the workload, I never could have 
gotten through the four years without the friendship of my BRs, 
the support of my family and friends and anyone else who 
believed in me. And finally, to my rat Jim, good luck in all that 
you do and always remember the great adventures of room 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence; 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Well, life in my slack-ass major was fun and left plenty of ti' 
for drinking. I'd like to thank Lt. Col. Levenson for that extent 
stay in my room for that month after that bullkrump, he rer 
helped me realize my alcoholic potential. I'd like to say somtht 
about the good times, but they coincide with the drunk so tfi 
are kinda blurry and hard to remember. So screw the wo;! 
I'm paid. 

1999- John Garneski 
2005 -Jim White 



1999- Darius Parker 
2005 -None 


1999 -Gary Goldsmith 

2005 -Beau-ner West, Adam Cliit 

116 First Class 


Sergio F. Giachetti 
Miami FL 


-w ^ 

Joseph P. Gibson 



Jason M. Goldstein 

Hcrndon, VA 

Army - Modern Languages 

J-Nut Knish Goose 
Army - Economics & Business 

Air Force - Mechanical Engineering 

I my journey through VMI is coming to an end I would like to thank some people 
10 have helped me get through this place. The first is God Getting to VMI was 
il easy II was a long awaited journey especially as a transfer student. God has 
ally helped me get through this place especially during that famous rat year, 
lat might have been the worst year but it really determined it i was going to make 
:hrough this place or not. The next group of people that I would tike to thank are 
y family, the professors, and my friends They have really heard me when I 
leded to complain or just pissed off at a cadre member or even the Commandant, 
don't believe that you make it through any place or even life alone. There are 
ways people out there to help you whenever you need it. Coming from the 
tautiful city of Miami. Florida to a little town called Lexington, Virginia was not 
tsy. The city life that I was used to was going to change for the next four years 
y years at VMI were rough just as everyone who has gone through VMI. They 
jre filled with emotion and struggle. Even though I had three chances to leave 
Tided up staying because I wanted to reach the top of that mountain. Reaching 
s top, which I knew deep inside I would, made me even stronger for the next 
tuple of years. 

ter breaking-out and finishing that rat year along came the famous Third Class 
tar which was truly a struggle, but I and everyone in my class made it through 
econd Class year was truly anticipated especially for that big rock which was 
jout to be on my finger. There I knew I had no choice but to continue on my 
■urney and move onto my First Class year. The First Class year was probably 
e worst of all because the semester took so long but it was also the greatest 
;cause my time at VMI was coming to an end I know that I might have stayed 
VMI for only one semester but it truly felt that it was never going to end Those 
ur months were the longest but at the same time the gteatest. I met more people 
my class and at VMI that I had never even known; however, the highlight was 
scorning a dyke. As a dyke I got to teach two young and determined people how 
' get through VMI and the struggles that one endures while at this place. These 
vo young people were very different but alike in the same way I was very 
iviieged to have met them and other members ot their class Teaching not only 
lose two but others as well. It was a challenge but an honor at the same time, 
he years at VMI were quite different - from straining, to eating *"*, to wearing the 
ig rock on my finger, to receiving that big diploma. As much as I have complained 
nd pissed off faces I have had. I had such a privilege to make it through this 
istitiution and have met great people that are at this place I hope to keep-in-touch 
nd carry-out what I have learned here to wherever the road might lead me I thank 
ou all. 


l9 99-j rin McMannon 

2005 - Margarita Lewis, Logan Manning 

Although I am writing this with the intention ol returning one 
more semester to attempt to do the impossible, "HAVE A 
WINNING SEASON," I now realize, this book that has seemed 
endless, is now reaching its final chapters. These past four 
years have quite possibly been the most challenging four years 
of my life in all aspects. I came to VMI 700 miles from home, 
knowing no one, to pursue a dream, play college football and 
get a college education. I learned that there was much more to 
life at VMI than college football and getting an education. Although 
the road has been very scary at times I will look back and be 
grateful for the opportunities the Institute has provided me. I 
would like to thank everyone who has helped me: Donny White 
and General Bunting for wisdom in times of need... Coach 
McCombs and Coach Durden for standing by me and believing 
in me. Most important, I want to thank my family. Mom and 
Dad, you have been the best. I can't remember a game without 
seeing you sitting in the stands. You have been here for me 
through my triumphs and failures. You pushed me to my goals. 
I could not have done it without you. To my sisters Amy, 
Carrie, and Sarah, thank you for all your support. Uncle Mark 
and Aunt Gail, thanks for everything. I love you all. All my 
boyz-D LAFF, C-MO, Stretch. Lacks, Richy, Pedro. JM, Sebeck, 
Graham, Whirl, Tony B, Mike B, TY, Geno, Jason, Still, Tim- we 
made itl 


1999 -Jason White 

2005 - Maury Pauling, Nick Tarran 

The first thing that I need to do is thank my Dad. I am so 
appreciative of all the efforts that you have always made in 
looking out for my best interests. Allison, what words could I 
use to justify everything that you have endured through VMI? 
Without you by my side I could not imagine how difficult this 
place would have been. Bryant -we have endured a lot here 
and you made it seem worth it in some of the darkest times. 
Chan, "That's a damn shame 1 " Mike Z-without your comedy 
and misguided directions I don't know where I would be. I'll see 
you in Washington, D.C. someday. Room 122 was the best 
and I will miss the fun that was had there.... wait, I lived (slept) 
in 107. For all the MEs it has been a long and winding road that 
has finally reached the end. I can't say that I will miss the 
classes but I will miss all of you. To all the rest of my Brother 
Rats I would like to say congratulations. Now, I guess that 
leaves me with the RATS. It has been a long road and I know 
that you will all succeed. You have all been a challenge but, 
keep working hard and don't forget to study.... sometimes. 


1999- Andy Owen 

2005 - Connor Heely, Alex Paul, Jason Reinitz 


First Class 117 

Keith L. Graham 

Richmond, VA 

Mark D. Grigsby 

Petcrstown, WV 


Daniel T. Groover 

Schcnews, NY 

Army - Electrical Engineering 

Army - Psychology 

Army - Biology 

Now that this stay is coming to an end, it's hard to believe how 
fast it went by. Thanks Mom and Dad for your love and support. 
You were with me every step of the way. I will never forget the 
cookouts at Glen Maury and endless hours at Wal-Mart. Natasha, 
thanks for those visits, I look forward to seeing you everyday. 
Four years ago, who would have thought we would ever be on 
the flip side? We have been humbled a million times at this 
place, but the "I" couldn't hold us down. I will never forget the 
roadtrips, and the parties we demolished. Ron, this place tried 
its best to knock you down, and you always tried to knock me 
down, it feels good to say those things never happened. Laff, I 
know you'll be the captain of the love boat when you get out of 
here. I'll miss the stories. Chris, I'll never forget that sweat party 
we were at. Get that deer you always dreamed about. I wish 
the best for each of you. Love y'all. You're my brothers. Holla! 
To the L-Train, I leave all my cell phones. To Laff, oatmeal 
cookies. To Ron, a desk fan. To Chris, what's mine is yours 
buddy. Matt, always do your best here, it will pay off. Work 
hard, you can be great if you want to be. S to all the EE boys, 
time to get what we earned. 

"The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare for It"— Gordon B. 
Hinkley. This is very true. We control our own destinies. We 
decide which path to choose. I thank my Heavenly Father for 
ail His blessings. I thank my dear Mother for her support and 
love. My sisters, Kristin and Shelley, you guys are the best. 
Stillman, you're like a brother. Jackson, after all the crazy 
meetings and smacking people down with penalties, we always 
managed to keep a smile on our faces. Tommya, Tommy, 
Tommy, enough said. Mike, I'll always be bigger and stronger. 
To my basketball boyz, keep on gettin 1 on. To those of the VMI 
staff who have been a huge help and are great people; Betsey, 
Holly, Maj. Volant, Maj. Hopkins, Sandi, Coach Coale, I thank 
you. Now to my class. We stood up for what was right. After 
all the PTs, confinement, and demerits, we stood strong with 
our heads held high. May God bless our team and VMI. 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 


1999 - Thomas Hanifen 
2005 - None 

118 First Class 


Travis C.J. Guidt 
Sandston, VA 

Jason M. Halin 

Neal W.Hall 

Roanoke, VA 

Redneck, T Guee, Mach 3 
Air Force - Civil Engineering 

foot, hailstorm 
Army -History 

Army - Civil Engineering 

Everyday is a new day. I'm thankful for every breath I take...." Above 
1,1 would like to thank God, for watching over me and helping me with 
I the decisions I have made along the way. Well it has definitely been 
long four years of my life, four years that I have both hated and loved 

I at the same time. Like many of my other BRs I sat up many late nights 
ondering why it was that I came to this place, then I would always 
member it was my "old man" who made that choice very clear for me. 
or thai and many other reasons I would like to thank my parents for 
piping me through these past four years. Momma, you were always 
iiere for me when I needed you most and I love you with all my heart, 
;ops I appreciate the tough love we have and I believe I'm a better man 
'iday because of our relationship. As for the rest of my family, Lora and 

II my grandparents... y'all are the reason I always pushed myself and 
jever gave up and I thank you for that. Now that I have taken care of 
rat. . ..its time for me to thank the good of boys that I have become close 
iiends with at this strange place, and that I am proud to have as my 
;lose friends. To my Dykes Grant, Baggs and Ogre, thanks for helping 
: ie out when I first got here and for always getting us drunk both here 
nd at Tech. To my roommates JR and Brad, it's been a long four years 
ut we finally made it, it's been great having y'all as my roommates and 
II never forget the good times we had. Also a special thanks to my crew 
lat I can never forget in RM 124, Dave, D-Rock, Ross, and my I'il 
texican amigo Frank. Ron, Laff, Matt T, Mike. TBrown and all the other 
"anama City boys, words can't describe the fun we had down 
nere...sfiow me daddy's money. And finally to one of my best buds ■ 
'.IB, it's been a hard four years for us man. but you know I'll always be 
iere for ya. To all my other friends, it's been one hell of a ride, and I 
lope that the bonds we have made here can last forever. God Bless 
md drink one for me!! 

I spent four long years here that felt like 400. I have made many 
great life long friends and I will never forget them. Henry, we 
spent four years together, and I have worn ear plugs for four 
years because of you but I would not trade it for anything. You 
made me what I am as much as VMI did in the end. We made 
it together and now with our other Brother Rats we go out into the 
world to do some good I hope. To my rat Ross Duritsa, 
whatever you decide to do in life I know you'll do well. You 
were a great rat and I'm honored that I was able to teach you 
what I could. You were a better rat than I ever was. To the other 
kids in the room this past year, good luck and I'm glad you 
made my year what it was. Finally, I thank my parents for 
enduring this with me. You deserve the ring and diploma as 
much as I do. To Charlie Company and my Brother Rats in it, 
we made it and I thank you for helping survive here. To all, 
good luck 

What can I really say? There are really no words that can 
describe the hell we have been through here. Where else could 
I ever go in life to have four consecutive years suck so bad' 
Perhaps federal prison, who knows' Putting it in that perspective 
makes me realize the accomplishment I have just achieved. I 
can say that I would never have made it without all the laughs 
my friends have provided me. Sweet God, Kenny Entsminger, 
I definitely have never laughed so hard so many times in my 
life as I have with you. ..definitely not to ever be topped. Grey 
dogg child. one and I mean no one calls sports like you and 
me. We should replace turkey neck Pat and John next year 
after they retire. Nathan you were always there when I needed 
someone to heckle. Thanks to my family for monetarily putting 
me through here, and, Dad. maybe I'll thank you down the road 
for VMI brainwashing me since birth. Thanks to all my dykes 
for hooking us up with a tough first year here and teaching us 
how it should be done. And to everyone else who I forgot, 
thanks for everything Later, I'm out of here. 


1999 -Grant Eddy 

2005 - Duke Acors, Jeff Smith 


1999 TomHanifen 
2005 -Ross Duritsa 

First Class 119 

Prince Wahib, Cadet Cichy, Cracker, NJ 
Army - Electrical Engineering 

Lev, Leven the Thevenin 
Army - Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force - Mechanical Engineering 

I am grateful to my parents who have given me guidance, my friends 
who have given me fond memories, and to all the people who have 
shown me kindness over the years. My VMI memories started in: 439, 
do it one more time, sheet! Guy walking into 439 and demanding to 
know what we were doing in his room. Standing with Zirkle on Hell 
Night. 439 being Grand Central Station and chilling around the window 
every night. Playing Whack-a-Rat and the steal-kids-dothes-from-the- 
shower game. Booth always going exploring, b-boxing, and his GC 
sendup. Davit! with Wilder and trying to give Zirkle a hug. Mounts 
hatred of alarm clocks and his ticklish side. Mount's rifle manual and 
Morales ordering us to shoot him for running away. Khattak singing 
Blackhole Sun. The time cadre told us to run out and run back and 
instead we just ran away. Mounts, Booth, and I not studying for five 
straight nights because of an investment and going out to the VMI 0- 
course at night. Kelly and Reese and playing spades religiously. 
Lapsley just lying around, staring up at the ceiling, eating animal 
crackers and coming up with crazy hot air balloon schemes. Hickey's 
unnatural sleeping positions. F-troop frisbee and basketball games. 
Photography/camping expeditions with Franklin. The fun-house, 
paintball, movies4free, and risk games with Booger, Goon, and friends. 
Carroll's two personalities, thinking the Little Debbies girl was hot, and 
falling asleep in the girls shower at KOA, only to be awakened by two 
little girls. No, Paul! Camping and watching the show with Cichy. Easter 
at Price's place and Franklin always wanting thirds. Playing Dark with 
Cade, Elliot, and friends. Controls class with Kehuene and Senor 
Deeznuts. Dustin "Cut-and-don't-paste" and "Stickshift" Johnson, Col. 
Johnson apologizing to furnrture. Jou being section marcher the first 
day of class and not speaking a lick of English. Mini-golfing with Dean, 
Franklin, and Ehnot and winning a goldfish that died two days later. 
Aaron's horse stories and Gochenour working out the other rats. Rats, 
work hard and fear nothing, except me and the Coathanger of Justice 
if you become lazy. 

Where would I be if I hadn't come to VMI? Undoubtedly a better 
place, but praise God this is where He wanted me. The 
experiences, opportunities, friends, free haircuts, forced marches 
- I could never have imagined what a college education 
insinuated at this place. Nor did I expect my cadetship would 
include a summer in China and a big-screen debut in a Civil 
War movie. In retrospect, the ratline was certainly a good take: 
though surreal at times, I had a blast. With a twin brother at a 
'real' college, I've been perpetually cognizant of the world outside 
the Mother I, especially during those long days/nights spent in 
the basement of NEB Annex (long live the batcave). But I have 
few regrets. ..and consider my greatest accomplishments finding 
Generals Christian Fellowship at W&L and getting away to 
study in Scotland. Additionally, I've been richly blessed and 
give all glory to God, my savior and redeemer. Was it not the 
great missionary David Livingstone who had his heart buried 
under a Mvula tree in Africa? My relationship to VMI is not so 
intimate that I wish my heart buried on post, but I'm grateful for 
my friends and experiences and hope many more generations 
are offered the same opportunity. "Better is one day in your 
courts than a thousand elsewhere" -Psalm 84:10. 

1999 - Eric Martin 
2005 - Chaz Ehnot, Adam Gochenour 

1999- Daniel HendrLx 
2005 -Robert Brown 




Question heard a thousand times: "Why did you go to VMI' I 
couldn't answer that then and I still can't, but I can tell you I 
I stayed. Foremost was my goal to join the military and* 
Well I'm on the path to accomplishing those goals in the U6I 
But I also stayed because of all of my friends here. Together 1 ! 
have endured four tough and trying years. The Ratline, count! 
parades and inspections, Ring Figure and now our First CCl 
year. It has definitely been an interesting, exciting, frustratf 
learning and, at times, an enjoyable experience. Mom, !| 
and the rest of the family and close friends, thanks for lister-i 
to all my complaining and stories. Colonel and Sarge, thai 
for all the guidance. To all my roommates, it's been a wild I 
fun experience. From the Ratline, to the snake in the room I 
rappelling out the backside of barracks, to the all-Northern D ( 
room, you guys are the best, thanks for all the great tirr 1 
Movie night, weekend trips, and the nights spent over at Ka I 
shall never be forgotten. To all the ME's who experienced f 
Dungeon, Dungeon Ball, the CAD Lab, the Bat Cave and J 
those late nights, good luck wherever you find yourselves. { 
all my fellow Air Force Contracting Cadets who survived fi | 
Egghead, the Form 16's, LLABs, and lets not forget our reel 
episode of AFPFT football, good luck and have fun in the real 
Force. Rats, you guys were great. Keep your head up : 
your minds on your goals and you'll do fine. Goodbye V 
Real world, here I come ... 


1999 - Patrick Geoghegan 
2005 -Andy Miller 

120 First Class 

Andrew G. Harter 

New Orleans, LA 


Alexander D. Haseley 


w V 1 



Robert J. Hendricks 


Llewellyn,? A 

DickBoy, Juke Box Hero 
Army - Chemistry 

Army - Modern Languages 

Arm)' - Civil Engineering 

iter my Rat year at VMI, anyone that asked me whether or not 
would go through the Ratline again got a loud and resounding 
'ES!" After four years have gone by, there is now no way I 
ould do it again. I have had my fill of VMI and can't take 
nymore. I have been ready for the next step in my life since 
le first day of my First Class year. 
do not regret attending VMI. I do hope that all of the people I 
lave met and grown to see as brothers will keep in touch. I 
pish you all the best of luck!! 

want to thank all of the people who helped me through out my 
(areer at the I, especially: my Family, the Millses, the Mitchells, 
fie Trumbos, and of course all of my friends. Thank you so 

o my Rats, Good luck and don't ever give up. I have faith in 
of you. 

Four years punctuated with Europe, Africa, parachutes, and 
airfields- the once invisible light at the end of the tunnel now 
shines as an almost palpable, brilliant beacon of reality, 
illuminating the inimitable path I have left behind. 
On brass and drums: How many mornings have we been 
startled by the evermore de-motivating brass alarm clock? Fall- 
in... Ra Ra VMI: 99, 99, 99... Game day baby... Sweat dyke, 
rats; New Courtyard, now,.. Thirds eat... Days and a wakeup 
until Ring Figure... Ra Ra VMI: 02, 02, 02... Days and a 
wakeup until commencement... How many nights has that 
mournful cry from Sally Port brought a brief peace to Barracks? 
Death before dishonor: dismissed. 
On wisdom: I take an immeasurable amount of pride in what I 
have gained from those omniscient professors whose lessons 
will unendingly contribute to my life. You will never know 
where your influence stops. 

On drinks and monsters: Esco and Bache- sneezes and stitches. 
Fifth stoop, F-troop. Who would have thought that only seven of 
the eleven would complete the journey... even worse stats for 
the whole company. Mike: $10 drinks and used couches. Alex: 
breathing under blankets and velociraptors. Living with you two 
has been an education in itself. 

On Rats: John & J.B: The will to win means nothing without the 
will to prepare. Watch for your light, build your shadow, and 
keep in touch. 

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far 
they can go. -T.S. Eliot 

I would like to thank my dykes, Chris, Randy, and Keith for 
making me puke and catching it all on video. Thanks guys. 
Third Class year was the worst. I almost joined the Marines. 
What was I thinking? Rod, you still owe me a computer. Mark 
good luck with not working your whole life. Pete, thanks for 
your DVD specials on the weekends. I spent most of my time 
here complaining, trying to pass my classes, and pondering the 
unsolvable chicken sled problem. My family supported me 
during the past lour years. Thanks. Robyn, you stuck with me 
for almost two years through all of this. You have to be crazy. I 
love you. One more month and it's all over with. Thank God. 

1999 -Andy Fuller 
2005 -Frank Dyson 



1999- Willis Tatterson 
2005 -John K. Corrado, John B 



'*9HiiKLLi'' ' 



•* ii 




1999- Randy Brown 
2005 - Pete Formica 

First Class 121 





^^? '^^ 

Gabriel A. Hensley 


^ Inverness, FL 


T --® * « ff?r- f ^^^B 




Ryan P. Hickey 

Rochester, NY 



Army - Ci\ll Engineering 

Mr. Hickley, Hicks 
Army - International Studies 

Odis E. Hickman, III 


Army - International Studies 

The time is near and I cannot wait. I have some good memories 
and stories. I just want to say thanks to my parents, Scott and 
Lynne Hensley, my roommates Matt, Daniel, Eddie, and Dustin, 
My Mudd Buddy Ronnie (kill Bambe), and my good friend 
Tommy (hope that bike was cool). I love all ot y'all. Nicole, if it 
were not for you, I would not have made it. 

I came to VMI a boy with certain expectations and goals. I will 
leave a man, and although my initial expectations were not 
met, I have no regrets. I have witnessed the death of the 
Institute, however, I have had the privilege of meeting some of 
the finest men I will ever know. Thank you, and you know 
who you are, for living up to the the ideals I had about honor, 
integrity, character, and most of all, friendship. I will never 
forget the great times we had. We partied harder than anyone. 
To my roommates Tim, Taylor, Jeff, and Lapp: thanks for 
everything. And to the rest of the gentlemen: we never 
compromised our honor or our beliefs, and we still made it, and 
had a great time doing it. I would also like to thank my family, 
especially my Father: all my life I have only wanted to make 
you proud, I hope I have succeeded. "The reasonable man 
adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in 
trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress 
depends on the unreasonable man." -George Bernard Shaw 

It is very strange to look back over my years at VMI: I have 
Andy, John, Ryan, Leven, Nick, Koontz, and my history class 
to thank for STP. As for Cadre, thank you Phil. To the bes 
dykes around, thanks Paul, Justin, Jon, Jack, and Dave, 
owe a great deal to Sergeant Thorp, Eric, Fitz, the Armstrongs; 
Chris. Jon, Jerry, Greg, Michelle, Mike, and Jay, thanks for al 
the times. I had four wonderful years with the BSU, Chapi 
Natalie, and Daniel, thank you. I want to thank all of my 
teachers, even those who saw more than their fair share of me 
To the administration, I saw more than my fair share of you: 
want to thank my parents and all the friends and family who pu'. 
up with me through all of this. To all my BRs, thanks for four o 
the most interesting years of my life. To all my roommate 
throughout the years, we had our moments, and for that, I than! 
you all. To my rats, thanks Doug, Nick, Matt, and Shawn for i 
great year; and a heartfelt thanks to those who were there fo 
me, when no one else was, you know who you are, you mear 
the world to me. Goodbye, VMI. 

122 First Class 

John H.Holland IV 


Wyatt W. Hollar 


Army - Economics ^Business 


, f SW- 


z \ 


\ - < 




Sean W. Hoover 

^ Massil 

of; OH J 


Army- History 

Army- International Studies 

ey, Ma, how's my lemonade ? 

••laryjane, thank you for keeping your promise for so many 
Bars. I have worked hard to keep my part of the deal. I also 
Jant to thank you for all the cards and letters that you and Papa 
tent me. They helped me in ways that you never realized. To 
iie rest of my family I can only say that my success is due to 
ur sacrifices. Thank You. 

■utumn, thank you for listening to me complain on the phone 
fntil 4 a.m. so many nights. You stood by me for so long, 

pick, I will always remember our trip to Florida. You know, 
pan, we are the only two left out of the original four. You are like 
| brother to me, man. I love you, killa. Q, Roob, Kevin, we 
sad so many great times over Summer school. Chris and 
i'appy, I love going to JMU with you two. Hey, Harry, good 
jck, man, I am going to miss all the times you made me laugh 
; o hard I cried. I love all you guys and you helped me through 
ome hard times, thanks y'all. Roob, good luck with that horse 
arm, man, if you ever need help or you got your hands full, 
live me a ring. 

"o VMI: What were you thinking? 

Well I can't say that it has all been fun— but I can say that since 
I went through it all here I am glad that I did it with the group of 
guys I was with— it's been real. 

Rats: Paul, Tim, Tom, Jay, Wo, and Seth y'all are a great 
bunch. Remember to stick together and try to stay out of 
trouble— at least try. okay? 

The light wraps you in its mortal flame. Abstracted pale mourner, 
standing that way against the old propellers of twilight that 
revolves around you. Oh magnificent and fecund and magnetic 
slave of the circle that moves in turn through red, white, and 
yellow: rise, lead, and possess a creation so rich in life. 
Aim my road on your bow of hope and in a frenzy I will free my 
flock of arrows. Bits and pieces taken from Pablo Neruda 
-I would have never imagined going to this school four years 
ago unless an Alum talked me into going here instead of The 
Citadel. I want to first thank my entire family for being my 
Gibraltar and for all the love they provided that has made me the 
man I am today. I also want to thank everyone in the Class of 
02. The endeavor was long, hard, and full of sacrifice. However, 
we are all better because of it. We have something that no 
individual from another college has. Ours is a bond forged of 
blood, sweat, and tears. I will be there at anytime for all of you. 
No matter where I go, you will all be in my heart and thoughts 
Of course there will always be a special place for those in 
rooms 342, 311, 250, and 198. This also includes all the other 
rooms that from time to time I made my home. I hope my stupid 
antics provided some humor to my friends in a place that was 
void of most emotions. I also hope that my short-term memory 
improves. Otherwise, I will forget my name by the time I am 
30. No matter how forgetful I am, I will never lose the memories 
that I have shared with you, my Brother Rats. To my rats, Mike 
and Brandon, good luck to you, the journey has just begun. 
Change is a necessity in life that not many want, others 
embrace, some fail to handle, yet all must face. 
"Wherever you go, there you are." ... Basta 


1999 -Jeff Snyder 
[2005 'Andrew Gordon 


1999 - Jason Tomlinson 
2005 - Paul Julian 


E3^> SS^-X 

— '' 

•- y 


1999 - Jeffrey Snyder 

2005 - Mike Parsons, Brandon Haenny 

First Class 123 

,-rT- t S*"- . '■■' 

— ■ — ^ 

m f 



James L. Howard 



Lynchburg, Va 




\ ./ 

Shu-hsiang Hsu 

Taiwan, ROC 

Thomas J. Huffman 
Denver, CO 

Arm)' - Civil Engineering 

Army - Civil Engineering 

Tommy, ET, Tuffy 
Army - Civil Engineering 

Thanks, Momma, for being there for me, all the cook outs, and 
all the inspiration over the years. Thanks, Dad, for everything 
you have done for me, all the lunches and all the support. 
Thanks, John, for being a good brother. I have always looked 
up to you and respect you as a brother and my best friend, 
even though you graduated from UVA. I couldn't have done it 
without y'all and I love you. Nick, I will return in four years to pin 
your bars on good luck. To all the boys in the sinks, cobra ki do 
or die. I'll never forget all my freinds here. 

Time passes really fast, and I am about to graduate. I cherish 
the time that we had together, and I will always remember all 
those good memories. 

I am very thankful that I have you two as my rats. I am ready 
to go back for my new life in the Navy. I might see Jeng very 
often cause we might be "in the same boat". But I probably 
won"t be able to see Chang very often. Please remember that 
I have a great time with you guys. I will keep in touch with you 
guys just like my dyke and me. Thank you very much, Heidi 
and Dave. You guys helped me out a lot, and I am so lucky that 
I have you guys with me for these four years at VMI. 
Thanks for everythign that you guys have done for me. 
Thanks for all my friends at VMI! 
Hsu Shu-hsiang 

Well I showed up at VMI August 17, 1998 with my fratty he 
hanging out of my W&L hat. Needless to say, I wasn't tr 
typical Keydet. 

Rat year room 429-Foxtrot?. .Wilder pranks... Breakout?. .-Th™ 
Class year room 329-Hey man, you're peein' in the wen 
locker.. .Tennis locker room. ..Late nights with room 321.. ■ 
Second Class year-Insignificant arguments. ..Alright, who thre f 1 
up on the floor?. ..naked in the courtyard. ..-First Class yeiaH 
room 141-More insignificant arguments.. .Tommy hook-ups.. .SeS 
man, can I use your computer...? 

"Feelin" alone, but we are here, payin' the toll for our llttitl 
world. Days like these seem to take some time. When they'i,B 
over you will find. ..Wait for you to see you prove. It's whrB 
we've known all this time. They're taking you to break the 
rules. It's what we've done all the while. Put you in this plai 
to change your life. Take away things that were your life. Afti 
they've made their example of you, their fun is over and yc 
are through" (Widespread Panic). 

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for believing in me. Bill, I don't kno 
what I would have done without you here the first two year: 
To all our rats, good luck. Hang in there, Emily. Run hard ar 
stay tough. To my rat: Brian (B-diddy), don't stay here an 
longer then you have to. Study hard and good luck. 


1999 - Saul, Fan 

2005 - Haopo, Chang, Wei-han, Jen 


J\ /2 


Ronald G.Hull 
Monona, Wl 

William S. Hunsberger 

Ccntrcvillc, VA 

Army - Civil Enginering 

Ronnie, Raun, The Raun 
Army - Civil Engineering 

Hunsy, Scotty 2 Hotty, Tubby, Slutsberger 
Army - Civil Engineering 

Veil many people didn't think I would make it at VMI, which forced me 
i doubt myself at times Many things occurred throughout my cadetship 
lat made me want to quit, but I want to give (hanks to my family and 
iiends who helped me make the right decision to stay at VMI. I would 
specially like to give thanks to my Mom and Dad, who supported me 
hen they could, and even when they couldn't they were still there 
,lso, I would like to give thanks to my boys, Shawn Lacks and Renard 
hillips, who were there for me when I was really down. No matter the 
istance that separates us. if you ever have a problem or need a 
'ympathetic ear, you know I'm here I was there for you here and I will 
e here for you there Oh, lets not forget about the ladies here at VMI. 
lam so proud to be able to matriculate with a co-ed class. Despite what 
fiany people say, even our so-called Brother Rats, we are all supposed 
: ) be here for each other regardless of our background, gender, and 
hce. However, those elements created divisions within the Corps, 
specifically regarding the issue of gender, aAn unfair hand was dealt 
■) the women, the scales were tipped before they even arrived. They 
leserve credit where credit is due because they rose above the 
hortcomings of others, and showed t they truly have a place here at 
['Ml, more so than the majority of their hypocritical male counterparts 
lowever, to merely acknowledge their presence doesn't seem 
dequate enough without the names of the girls who were truly there 
pr me especially Tasha Jones, Rachel McGraw. and Traci Schultz. 
'here are many more Brother Rats that have helped me along this 
oad less traveled. We have been there for each other in the past and 
hope it continues into the future. Regardless of our paths through 
• ere we made it through just the same, one class unified for the most 
art. We stood up for what we believed in. ..that's something no one 
an change. One LOVE Stretch. 

love you, Mom, Dad, Matthew and my family. 

Good Luck, Johnny and Emily, 

I can't say I've enjoyed everything about the 1" in my past four 
years, but the long journey has been worth the trip. JP.Ham, 
and Mike- thanks for teaching me everything I needed to know 
and helping me along the way. Benny-you're more than just a 
dirty bastard, youre a great friend. Hunter and Shawn-I hope 
I've taught you what you need to know about this place and 
maybe even some things that will stick with you in life after 
VMI. I couldn't have asked for better rats. Jason, Tim, and 
Rob-you've all been good co-dykes and great friends. Ray- 
wish you could have been here one more year, but thanks for 
the good times we did have. To every one else who helped me 
along the way, thanks for the support, it's too long of a road to 
travel alone. 


1999 -Ben Bradford 

2005 - Ben Melton, Esau Eatman 




wJ" > 


'] '•'• 


1 vii ,it^ 

r n 


£i&=*u .-A,* 

1999- Wirt Cross 
2005 -Johnny "JJ" Johnson, Emily "Hey Kid" Naslund 




J.P. O'Dell 
- Hunter "Huge" West, Shavvn 



ut»t ' 






First Class 125 


Matthew L. Hylton 
Roanoke, VA 

M '•'■""' v \ 

R ,-- «i. . 'S3| 



Sven Jensen 





Skinny Bastard, Pterodactyl 
Air Force - Chemistry 

"JonnyS" "Kammmmmbi" 
Air Force - Psychology 

Marine Corps - History 

Finally done. It's been a blast these past four years. Props to 
all the guys from Club 311. The crap we did in that room helped 
us get through Third Class year sane, but maybe not sober. 
Shane, I've had a blast with you all four years here and thanks 
for keeping me out of trouble, even though you and Greg were 
normally the reasons I was in it. Greg, Congrats on having the 
most amount of specials of anyone I know; we always had a 
blast at Corned Beef and everything else we did. Cory, Hoov, 
Cy, Mark, and Frank, we've had fun even though we've been 
stuck at VMI most of the time. To the 150 rats, stay out of trouble 
and have fun. Don't forget your BRs that you might lose along 
the way. Mom and Dad, thanks for coming up all the time and 
supporting me the whole time I've been here. Good luck to 
everyone! I'm outta here!!!!!!! 

I assure you that wherever Mike goes next year, and whatever he is 
doing, no matter how difficult, he will not quit." My high school coach 
expressed this wholeheartedly among my peers on the team and their 
parents. I was flattered, however, not appalled, because I have always 
been known to rebound from my shortcomings and strive to do better 
each and every time. VMI has been an emotional rollercoaster, seeming 
at times an impossible mission, having been debased frequently and 
tested physically past my limitations My life changed dramatically when 
I arrived here: I acquired new skills, adhered to new regulations and 
was introduced to a new breed of people. Some changes were for the 
better, and some were not.. The Honor System, for example, has been 
paramount in my cadetship. To "believe" in the system, rather than 
simply adhere through force, makes you undeniably credible and 
selfless. Such a system cannot thrive on a discriminatory basis, rather, 
it should apply to all equally. The people I have known here have 
been the most sincere, strong-willed, and determined, which is evident 
in their decision to spend four of their "best" years without the luxuries 
so taken for granted by our peers at civilian colleges. The friendships 
I have made throughout my years here cannot be paralleled. Mike, 
thanks for the comic relief these four years, and I will never torget our 
trips to JMU, and VCU. Rob, being your roommate and friend has had 
much value to me, and although you are the simplest person I have 
met, I have had the best times in my cadetship just shooting the breeze 
with you in Mallory. VMI, you have changed in order to be politically 
correct. This change has been cause for the progressive decline in 
the Ratline and loss ot brotherhood. The plague is spreading, and it 
will be only a matter of time that the administration will realize the extent 
of damage that their selfish desires have caused. I wish the best of 
success to my colleagues, and I am sure life will be rewarding. As for 
you VMI. I played all your games, and I WON! 

This goes out to the handful of my Brother Rats who are s 1 
tough in mind, spirit and body, with whom I look forward 
serving, and those whom I can call my friends. The rest of yi, 
don't belong. Of course, any instructor, cadet or friend who hit 
helped me to learn important lessons needs to be thanked. Si 
remind me to do that. "Praise be that which toughens." Zu d 
Freundin, ich hab' dich lieb. Mom, you'd probably tell rr 
"Cowboy Up!" and Dad, you'd say "Skoal!" as we hoist a ca 
one. Bis Walhalla... 


1999 Brent Harms 

2005 - Brandon Holiday Wheeler 


1999 Brent Harms 
2005 - Matthew Noreus 






ym a^j 


T * * \ 

1 1 JBt 

[ 1' fcrl 



126 First Class 

k .: - ■ 





Dustin G.Johnson 

Richmond, VA J 


Air Force - Eletrical Engineering 

Navy - International Studies 

Nathan W. Jones 
West Chester, PA 


Marine Corps - Economics & Business 

■Iho would have thought that after four years of Electrical 
lgineering, countless Air Force functions, much heartache. 
ugh times, and an always stressful state of mind, that the 
■ginning of the finish line would finally arrive'' The opportunity 
as given to me, and I decided to take it and run. I can honestly 
ty that I would never wish on my most hated soul the four 
?ars that I have endured, but I can also safely say that these 
ur years have indeed made me a better man. I now plan to 
ke the lessons learned from VMI. both personal and 
ofessional, and use them to climb as high as the corporate 
dder will allow me to go. I first thank God for allowing me to 
icceed this far, and I also thank my Mom and Dad for the 
icrifices they made to give me nothing but the best. Thank 
>u Daniel, Matt, Gabe, Bryant and Eddie for the sanity to keep 
e going, and Sean, always remember that one's best is 
;ver enough and no matter how hard you think you have it, 
>meone is always passing right in front of you. 

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how 
the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could 
have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually 
in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and 
blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again 
and again: who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions 
and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best, knows 
in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, 
if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place 
shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know 
neither victory or defeat." 
(Paris Sorbonne.1910) 

We have been through a lot since that infamous day of August 
17, 1998. VMI has been an experience that will not be forgotten. 
VMI has taught me resiliency Without resiliency, I do not think 
anyone could put up with the bullcrap at VMI. I cannot forget the 
fact that the friends I have from here are the best men out there. 
I must thank them for being there during these adverse times at 
the "I." To all my friends here at school, good luck with your 
careers in both the civilian world and the military. I am sure we 
will run into each other down the road. To my dykes, Kevin, 
Chris, Shawn, and Tom, thanks for showing me the ropes. To 
my roommates. Keenan, Grey, Jesse, and Whitt. we have had 
a good couple of years. Thanks for putting up with my BS and 
good luck with your future, I am sure they will be fine. Rats of 
C-29, good luck the next three years. I also want to thank my 
family for putting me through school. I want to wish my brother 
and sister best of luck with their own lives and especially want 
to thank my parents for supporting me through the years. 
Semper Fidelis 

"War, not peace, produces virtue. War, not peace, purges 
vice. War, and the preparation for war, call forth all that is noble 
and honorable in a man." 

— Polynikes— 
"The Gates of Fire" 


999 - Anthony Espinoza 
1005 - Sean Matson 

1999 - Kevin Azar 
2005 - Tom Petykowski 


1999 - Kevin Henderson 
2005 - Mark Lena 



■ "" Sfi 

First Class 127 

\ /! 

Tasha N.Jones 

Ming-Ching Jou 
Keelung, Taiwan R.O.C 

Robert T. Kaczowka 



Air Force - Electrical Engineering 

Marine Corps - International Studies 

First, I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to have 
life. I don"t think we understand how precious life really is.... 

I want to thank my family for always supporting me and giving 
me that extra push when I needed it. Mom, you are my hero. 
Thank you for always being there and guiding me to becoming 
the woman I am today. You are truly my inspiration, and I love 
you. M.G., there are not enough words to express what you 
have done for me and my life. You have been there through 
thick and thin when you did not have to be. I thank you, and I 
love you. 

To the lucky SEVEN!!! WE did it, girls. The hell with what 
anyone else thought, we made it. I have to say I could have 
never done it without you. To my roommates: Rachel. Traci 
and Jackie, I thank you. You three have been there through the 
tears, the fears and the laughter. You will always be in my heart 
and never forgotten. I love you. RATS: remember what we 
have taught you. Learn from our triumphs and our mistakes and 
understand that there is life after VMI. 

To those who could not accept me for me, I truly feel sorry for 
you. It is sad that one has to go through life with so much hatred 
for no reason. Hopefully all of you will grow up and realize life 
is too short for ignorance. May God bless you... 


1999 Andre Curtis 

2005 - Mildred Cooper, Marlon Powell 




K \ 

* - r-/ r 



When somebody asks me, if I ever regret going to VMI, my 
answer is certainly going to be "No." Coming to VMI was the 
smartest decision I ever made. Four years of cadet life, just like 
a movie scene, popped up from my mind now. It was not too 
long or too short and I have many good memories of those four 
years, especially of passing through the ratline with my Brother 
Rats of the Class of 2002. The four years of cadet life seemed 
to pass very quickly. When I first arrived here, everything was 
unfamiliar: the language, the culture and the routine. When I was 
a rat, Col. Addington selected me to be the section marcher. I 
couldn't pronounce everybody's name correctly and it took me 
a long time. The whole class was waiting for me and I saw Col. 
Addington's face become red. I couldn't understand what the 
cadre said. When they kicked in the door at midnight and we all 
woke up in the dark to change clothes, I was really scared and 
confused. I learned the BR spirit from the start and came to 
believe Stonewall Jackson's phrase, "You may be whatever 
you resolve to be." VMI taught me many lessons during my 
brief stay in Lexington such as honor, integrity and duty. After I 
graduate, I will remember what I learned. 

I will also remember good friends such as Ho and Ed. I 
would like to thank them for their encouragement and help, and 
thanks also to all the professors at VMI who helped me, and to 
those who supported me. Also, I need to thank Su's family; they 
are just like my family back in Taiwan. I enjoyed the good times 
I had with them. They treated me like their son. I really appreciate 
it. To my rat Yu-Fan, keep your eyes open and you will learn 
a lot from the "I." Keep working hard and study hard. VMI is a 
great place, and I will miss it. Dad, grandmother, and sisters, I 
love you all. 

HONOR, one realizes that in our society honor is an abstrs 
concept, alien in our present society of amoral prevaricatoi 
There are no shades of honor here, either one is honorable 
one leaves. We don't tolerate those who decide to rationali. 
their perversions. Out of brotherhood, courage, respect, loyal: 
dedication I will take honor as the number one asset from Vtv 
True, the others are important, but how can one TRULY ha. 
the others without honor? To those men with whom I had tl 
honor of serving, you have shown me what true brother!™ 
means. This especially applies to my co-dyke Mike, who hi 
never let me down. To you all I am forever grateful and I 
always cherish you. To those in any way affiliated with VI 
who at the expense of others have been selfish or dishonorab 
you will forever have to live with the shame of creating 
disease, a disease of lies and double standards that destroy tt 
noble institution and the hearts of our alumni. To you all I thr< 
my middle finger in your face one last time. To my family 
thank you for all your love and support. It is a pleasure beii 
your son and brother. I will always do my best to make yi 
proud. I know I will never be able to thank you for all that yi 
have done for me. To my rats, Ryan and Brandon, this will I 
the toughest challenge you will ever face. At times your characl 
and honor will be put to the test; do the right thing. Give nothii 
less than 100% and one day you will walk from here knowii 
that you earned your ring and diploma with honor. 

"Only when you have lost everything, can you truly do anythin 

: Unknown 

"Don't mistake kindness for weakness" 



1999 - Wen-Jeng, Huang 

2005 - Yu-Fan, Chen, Khan Banchusuwan 


1999- Patrick Meyer 

2005 - Ryan Anderson, Brandon Wheeler 

128 First Class 

Robert W. Kendrick 


Dick, Wayndick, Kendick 
Army - Civil Engineering 

James C. Kenna 


Army -History 

^ ^\ 


Patrick S. Khattak 
Albany, G A 

NKit Kat, Pat Attack, Pattak, 
Army - Mechanical Enginering 

m the beginning, we were told that at least once in our 
etships there would be a day that we questioned our choice 
mt attending the Institute. Many left, many didn't make it, but 
!ther we thought this was the wrong choice or not, those of 
n this book made it through and the days at the I are behind 
We leave here with many memories, triumphs and regrets 
5 one positive thing that we can all take away are the long 
ed about bonds that we have formed. For me, they've led 
:hairs breaking windows, broken down cars in Richmond, 
I fun times over Corps FTX. Without those times, these last 
' months would have been a lifetime longer. Without my 
ents behind me, these last four years would have been an 
rnity. Without the hassles of VMI, we have nothing left to 
den us except for the integration back into the real world, 
od luck. 

Well we finally made it! I never thought the day would come. 
I've been through some really rough times, but I've had some 
good friends help me through it. When my brother left, I didn't 
think I was ever going to make it through this place. Ryan, I 
don't blame you for leaving. I would have been right there with 
you if my grades had been just a little bit better. I want to thank 
all the guys on the basketball and golf team over my four years 
that have made this place a little bit more tolerablet, even though 
we had our rough moments there, too. To my roomies over the 
years that have helped me through it, I appreciate you all very 
much! Zach. Willie, Derick, and Paul, you guys have been 
great. Paul, don't worry I won't tell anyone about your little 
bedtime problem! I know we'll stay in touch. To the Great 
Bridge connection and the Baltimore boys (Bruns and Hook), 
you guys hang in there and hopefully your time here will go by 
faster than mine did. Last but not least, to my parents, you guys 
have been the best parents anyone could ever ask for! I could 
not have made it through this place without you. You were 
behind me every step of the way. Thank you, and I love you!! 

They say what doesn't hurt, isn't worth it. VMI has been nothing 
but an uphill struggle with disappointments littering the road like 
stones. This is not to say that I will carry nothing away from this 
prison for I have learned a lesson on leadership. Members of 
the Army department have, through their actions, become role 
models to follow as I enter the armed forces... names like 
Tertetchny, Bither, Hinton, Larlee, Thornton, Farrell and 
Faistenhammer. On the other hand, there are also examples of 
leadership I will never follow. Many of those examples exist on 
the hill. They are the people that put personal gain above their 
duty to look after those under their commands, people who don't 
have the personal foritude to lead by example. To those that 
believed in me, I thank you for your support. To Shawn Joyce 
I apologize, 2002 left a man behind on the battlefield. To my rats 
in the troop, well... F-TROOP... SCREW THE REST! 

1999 Ben Chang 
2005 - Matt Leake, Matt Smith 

Mf'WlllifflWI -•: 

— 3^"1 l 

r mam 

J 1 


1999- Yen BeiTsuen 

2005 -Austin House, Jeff Durham 

First Class 129 

Salmaan A. Khawaja 
Aurora, IL 

Paul S. Knick 


Jason F. Kocher 
Jonestown, PA 

Solomon, Smokey, Smoke, Tarbash, FBKJoe 
Army - Biology 

knasty Knick, Harry Potter 
Air Force - Computer Science 

Army - International Studies 

"Think where Man's glory most begins and ends, and say my 
glory was I had such friends." I'm not going to fill my allotted 
space with negative things about VMI, though I have many. I'd 
rather use this space to tell those people who helped me, 
motivated me, and taught me how to be a successful person. 
Jim, my only regret is not having met you earlier, you're like a 
brother to me; Larkin, you're one of my best friends, and always 
will be. Nate and Sam. rooming with you brings about some of 
my fondest memories. Jason, you are a good man, a strange 
one, but a good friend as well. Wes, Paul, Marc, Nathan, Mike, 
thanks for all the great times. Dan, I only wish there was 
something more I could have done, dude. To all of my friends: 
thank you from the bottom of my heart for having faith in me and 
helping me every step of the way. ERTs, thanks for keeping it 
interesting. Brodie. you kept me going all the time, even though 
all I ever wanted to do was leave. I'm forever indebted to you. 
Marti. Teresa. Gary, thanks for all the friendly advice and always 
being there for me. Gire. Baur. Hughes. Farrell, and Baragona, 
you're the most influential professors I've ever had. You all 
define true mentors. To my rats: keep the faith, and maintain 
your honor, always. To '02, it's been one hell of a ride. To 
Laura, thank you for helping me keep my sanity and give me 
something to cherish and lean on. Claudette and Dave, thank 
you for your continuing understanding and kindnesses. To my 
parents and brother, thank you for the motivation, the true spirit 
and love that knows no bounds, I appreciate what you do for 
me. And thank you, God, for everything. Corps: Never let VMI 
beat you. Peace. 

Four long years. I thought my time here would never end. 
Granma, I'd like to thank you first of all for helping me get through 
this place, having you close by was incredibily helpful. To all 
my buds from Ball Bustin 1 Bravo, I'll always remember those 
nights pushing on the stoops, sorry my laughing always got us 
in trouble. The things I'll remember most after the Ratline are my 
trips to Spain and cross country. Brian, my roommate of two 
years, you were the most chill roommate I could have asked 
for, thanks for keeping me on target when I didn't feel like 
studying. I'm sure you'll make an excellent colonel one day. 
Phak, I think of all my roommates over the years you're the one 
I've learned the most from, thanks for helping me keep the 
purple monster running. My fellow Nerds, it's been great sharing 
the cave with you: grabbing that room was the best idea we 
ever had. Weil get our business started one of these days if we 
can decide what to sell. Rats, get out now, this place is no good 
and it's only getting worse; the sooner you leave the better off 
you'll be. To Harry, it seems like any time I did something crazy 
you were there; thanks for the memories. Neil, you always 
kept me thinking, going cross country both ways was awesome. 
I think in the end we'll look back and say we did some good 
here. I'm off to start my life with my soon-to-be wife in Shreveport 
Louisiana. Goodbye VMI, can't say it's been real fun, but it's 
certainly been real. 

I have learned a lot my last four years at this place. Althougl 
have experienced a lot of things not covered in the brochure 
it has been good for me and I am a better person because of 
Most importantly. I would like to thank my family for their praye 
for me, especially my parents for supporting me no matter wh 
decisions I made. I am a very fortunate individual to have t 
family that I have. As I sit here writing this, my roommates e 
playing video games. I found myself rather inept as far 
video games were concerned, preferring the faster paced wo 
of crossword puzzles instead. I like to think we always tried 
make this place fun despite our Spartan surroundings. I woi 
like to thank all the roommates I had for putting up with me. Lc 
roommate for four years, you have more patience than anyo 
I know. Ryan, I hope our paths will cross again some day in t 
Army. Bryan(t), with all the video games you've been playi 
I know you will make outstanding pilots. Harry, I'll never fort 
the late nights we spent studying together, and I thank you for 
the help you gave me on the academic side of VMI, Brie 
thanks for making Army fun. Pheap, as of this writing you do r 
have a job, but I want you to know that with your sense 
humor I'd hire you in a heartbeat. 121 Rats, remember wt 
you have learned this past year and you will do well. Brandc 
I think you have a lot of potential to achieve great things, jt 
keep up your grades and your positive attitude and you will 
far. I was very hesitant to list specific names here becausi 
knew I would not be able to list them all. For all the people tt 
I have known here I appreciate your friendship. You are all t 
reason I have made it through here. 

1999 - John Wilcox 
2005 - Charlie Blake, Chris Johnson 


1999 - Jeff Sprague 

2005 - Stephen Sawyer, Ian Dunlap 


1999 - Barry Williams 
2005 - Brandon Strickland 

130 First Class 


Christopher F. Kongelka 
Washington, PA 

\ /? 


■» f^Tv, 

Brian P. Kornett 


s*r 'wrv 

Nicholas D. Kron 

Richmond, VA 

Army - Economics & Business 

Mad Dawg, Kornball, Kordogg 
Army - Computer Science 

Army - Economics &r Business 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 


999 - Gregory Bryant 
005 - None 

I thought these four years would never end. Mom, I really 
should have listened to you about this place; I never should 
have come. In a way I am glad I did, though. Else, I would not 
have met Paul, Phak. Jason, Louis. Bryan, Brendan and Bryant, 
just to name a few of my really great friends. Phak and Paul 
were the best roommates a guy could ask for. Sure, Paul liked 
to be a little controversial, but in the room he was a lot of fun and 
very selfless. Phak was the little Asian version of me, so of 
course it was a joy to know him. Jennifer and Liz are some 
beautiful girls, too, and our dream will come true one day 
guys!!! We all had some great times together; I wish we could 
have lived together all four years. So, if it were not for these six 
guys there is no way I would have made it through this "school." 
Mom and Dad, every bit of advice you gave me was so 
beneficial!!! I can't thank you enough. You were both always 
right, and I usually was not. I did learn a lot from you both. Traci, 
well, you helped me more than I could ever explain. You were 
the one person I could come to for any and every problem. Our 
life together will be perfect!! People like to say nothing is perfect, 
but they never met you. To all the members of the Nerd Cave. 
5 Nerds.Com will be up and running in the next four years and 
we will all be rich. Where will we donate some of our hard 
earned money? I guess we'll find someplace. Col. P and Col. 
Than, I enjoyed knowing you and hope to keep in touch after I 
am gone. The CS department was a wonderful place to learn 
and every teacher was top-notch. To VMI: I'm sure you prepared 
me to be successful, but don't ever expect to see me again. 
The Class of '02 got the shaft in everything because we stood 
up for our beliefs. What kind of school does that to its students? 
Shawn Joyce will never be forgotten and will always be a 
welcome member of the best class to ever stay in Barracks 1 ! 

First and foremost, I want to thank my family for all of their 
support and love. Mom and Dad I love you with all of my heart, 
and you guys are truly my best friends. I only pray that I can be 
as good a parent to my children as you have been to me. Paul, 
you are a dear friend and I know that you will find that special 
girl. I wish you luck in the military, and I hope that you live a 
very blessed life. I know that you will be successful in everything 
that you do! Kevin you are the MAN!! Keep on rocking, and if 
I ever have any mental problems you will be my number one 
choice for a psych. I have enjoyed living with you, and I look 
forward to continuing our friendship. Jason, you are the coolest 
hippie I know. I am going to miss not having you around. 
Never change yourself for anyone, and good luck in whatever 
path you take in life. I am sure you will do fine. Quitman "Q," 
it has been a pleasure being your friend, and I want to wish you 
luck in grad. school. Wyatt, keep on being real. To the rest of 
the Troop, I want you to know that it has been a pleasure being 
your fellow F-Trooper. Just always remember. "F-Troop Screw 
the Rest!" U guys are the best! Shawn, I am sorry how the 
cards fell for you, but things happen for a reason whether we 
know it or not. Mark Lyons, you were a great rat, and you will 
do very well at VMI. Keep your mind on track and your grades 
up. I will be checking up on you so do not make me come back 
here and work you out. ha ha Aaron you also did very well, 
and even though you only came to me at the beginning of 
second semester I still consider you one of mine. You will do 
well in the military if you choose to commission. Continue to do 
well in school, and what I wrote about coming up here applies 
to you as well. To everyone that I have become friends with 
while at VMI, I wish you all happy lives. 


1999 Jake Hughes 

2005 - Ian Dunlap, Steve Sawyer 


1999- Jason Brown 

2005 - Mark Lyons, Aaron Wallace 

First Class 131 

Shawn C. Lacks 

Poquoson, VA 





' - 


Darian L. Lafferty 






f \ 

Jason M. Lamendola 


Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Psychology 

Army - Economics & Business 

"It's only after you've lost everything that you are free to do 
anything." Four years ago it seemed as though I had lost 
everything of "value" in my life. Every facet of my daily 
existence was broken down and altered. Meanwhile, I preached 
to my friends and family how this place would never make me 
change. Ironically, in the long run I did change, but not in the 
way they intended for me to change. We ran circles around this 
place morning, day and night, forging lifelong friendships. For 
us it didn't matter, we had fun along the way. To my rats, I wish 
you all the same. Regardless of our paths through here, a bright 
future lies on our horizons, and a whole world rests at our feet. 
We ARE prepared to succeed, and I for one sit here with a smile 
on my face, laughing at the thought of those who said I couldn't 
do it and basking in their defeat. In the face of such adversity, 
my parents were the key. Sadly, it has taken me roughly 22 
years to admit this: from my mother, unconditional love is the 
greatest gift I have received. I appreciate every thing you have 
ever done for me, you have unveiled a wonderful life and lifted 
the "mask" from my face. Regardless that it sometimes goes 
unsaid... I love you unconditionally, more than words can say. 
Finally, it is to my father to whom I dedicate the last line. You are 
my hero, and I am proud to be your son. 

VMI is truly Hell on earth. Four years ago I made the worst 
decision of my life, I went from "Frat to Rat." All of my friends 
back home said I would only last two weeks, and that may 
have been true if it wasn't for my parents' wonderful support and 
encouragement (and the football team getting me out of a lot of 
crap). The first group of people that I would like to thank are the 
lovely ladies at the barber shop for continuously turning my 
fade hair cut into a high and tight every week for four years. 
Now to my boys, with whom I have shared many brews. To 
my roommates Chris, Ron, and Keith, we have had many 
good times together over the last four years pounding beers and 
making road trips. We had one helluva party down in S-16 
during the OAR concert. Now to all of the fellas down the sinks, 
"Cobra Chi Do Or Die." To my rat, Sean, keep your head on 
straight and focused on your goals and you will be fine. Gibson, 
Lacks, and Pedro. I would just like to say thanks for all the good 
times we had together partying our asses off. Now I would like 
to end this by saying, as much as I hated this place, I made 
some great friends and had some great times. 

Where do I begin' First, I would like to thank my family for 
of their love and devotion. I love you guys more than anythir 
Dad, I could not have survived these past four years withe 
you. You seemed to always be there for me through thick a: 
thin. Mom, thanks for your encouragement and countle 1 
hours of advice. You continue to amaze me with all of yc 
support and for that, I thank you. I only hope to make you bo 
as proud of me as I am to be your son. 

To all the gentlemen, you know who you are, era 
though our military friendships have ended, our lives have ji 
begun. That being said, I know that we will continue to sti ; 
together so that we remain brothers forever. 

Now that it is over, I can truly say that VMI has been 
rather unique and different experience. Though at time; 
questioned whether I made the right decision to come here, 
the end I would not have traded this experience for anything 
the world. In the words of Thomas Paine, 'These are the tim 
that try men's souls." So as I start the next chapter of my Ir 
I am confident knowing that I was able to meet the challenges 
VMI, leaving with no regrets. VMI has given me a strong sen 
of honor and integrity that will serve as a hallmark for the rest 
my life. Stonewall Jackson could not have said it more eloquen 
when he noted, "What is life without honor? Degradation is I 
worse then death." 

To my rat, Tim, always remember to make the rig 
decisions, though at times you may feel as though they may 
the unpopular ones. As long as you live by this, you will live I 
with no regrets. 


1999 Wes Barrows 

2005 - Allen Beall, Tim AUmond, Esau Eatman 



Josh Chance 


- Sean Moore 


«,. . 


i --aiif-fll 



• • 





1999- Troy Denison 
2005 - Tim Riemann 

132 First Class 

Christopher B. Lane 


Jared W. Lapp 

Many, L4 

Ryan J. Lapsley 
Springfield, VA 

Porn star, Lando Griffen, Lane Dog 
Army - Economics & Business 

Flapp, Dracula, Hondo, Spookjohn 
Army - Psychology 

Last Minute 
Army - Economics & Business 

If you're reading this I'm pretty sure I graduated. Well, thanks 
or everything Dad, I know you didn't think I was gonna make 
I out of this awful place but it appears that I have. So ha, and I 
lid it without being a tool like you were, Mr. Ranker. Bailey, 
tou're so lucky that you came all the way to VMI from your 
[lick town because you have the privilege of being my friend. 
i"hat goes for all of you. too, except for people I don't like. I hope 
Sou end up marrying my cousin and have an awful life though. 
lust so you know. Soller and Mongo, you two are already 
narried basically, so I guess I'll get to see you guys when the 
garden lets you out. Brick, there are no words, just get help 
tilease. Andrew, remember all the cool stuff we taught you and 
Seep all the other rats in line. Well, guys, i'ts been real, e-mail 
ine or something when you get a chance. 

Because of my faith in the Lord and His strength, the love and 
support of my family, loved ones, and friends, I will graduate 
from here. There is nothing more powerful than God, a loving 
family, and honor. To all my buddies that have suffered with me 
here at the I. y'all will always be welcome at my home. Take 

After almost four years I still am not really sure how I feel about 
this place. I don't regret deciding to come here although many 
things about this place have disappointed me. It seems like all 
I have done over the past few years is hate this place, but sitting 
here now writing this history, all I can remember is a million 
laughs and and my friends. It has really been a challenge 
Thanks everybody for all the prayers, support, and patience 
(especially Mom. Dad. Christian. Heather and Brad). The only 
reason I stayed was to make you all proud. I love you all most. 


1999 - Danny Payne 
2005- Andrew Kochli 

1999 Rob Hardee 
2005 - You know who you are. 

1999 - Brianjones 
2005 -Jamaal Stafford, Cory 


T ^ w ^ s "'^ f 9^ 

- «r 
II* , 

r I 





First Class 133 

Stephen F. Lee Jr. 

Lou Bega, Loo, Benny 
Army - Economics & Business 

JohnBoy, Centaur, Lt.420 
Army - International Studies 

Steve, Special Forces Lee 
Air Force - Electrical Engineering 

From the moment I entered the great arch, into the confines of 
this cold desolate prison, I knew I was going to face many 
challenges. VMI, you have done all you can to break me, but 
you have failed. You came close a few times, but I triumphed 
in the end. I would like to thank my family, everyone in the 
Hargrove family, Jessica, my BRs, and all my friends for their 
love and support during the tough times. To my Mom and step 
dad, thank you for your strength and encouragement. To Anne 
and David, thank you for taking care of me and sharing your 
lives with me. I am grateful to have you in my life. To Jessica, 
thank you for every little thing you have ever done for me. I 
treasure the time we shared together. To all my Boyz in the "I," 
you are the craziest individuals I have ever met, and you have 
made this place bearable. I will never forget all that we have 
been through. I wish you the best in your future. To my rat, 
don't ever forget the things I taught you. Stay strong, lift your 
head up, and go forward. Fall down, and get back on your feet. 
I will always be your dyke, so if you need help, let me know. 
Peace out! 

When I look back on my four years at VMI, it's a lot like looking 
at the mural in JM Hall. From far away it's impressive, inspiring 
and maybe even a quasi-religious experience. But up close 
you can easily discern faults, imperfections, and weakness. In 
other words, the daily grind of Barracks life breeds resentment 
for the superfluity of regulations we live by and all the 
inconsistencies we tolerate. But when we step away from this 
place— even for a short three-week furlough— that acrimony 
fades remarkably fast. What remains to be seen now is how 
that spirit will manifest itself in the coming years. (Who knows, 
I may be giving money to that damn football team sooner than 
I think!) 

For the success I've had here, I'd like to thank a special group 
of people that guided me in the right direction: my dyke Matthew, 
my parents and grandparents, and, of course, the three greatest 
Americans to ever live: Jesus, John Wayne, and R.E. Leell 

For the fun I've had here, I have to thank the WBC and all of our 
associates for helping me maintain some sort of sanity here. 
You guys could teach Keith Richards how to party!!! 

To the 192 rats: you guys have exceeded a lot of my 
expectations, and I'm sincerely proud of you. See you at the 

In conclusion. I've always heard that VMI was a great place to 
be from. Now's my chance to find out... 

The past four years have been long, tedious and hard, but 

occasion fun. Jason, thanks for helping to make the past thr I 

years more enjoyable with your ever humorous outlook on li \ 

You are the best friend a guy can find. To my fellow [■ 

classmates: as Col Smith would say, "EE has been a mi % 

altering experience." Matt, independent research was rea: 

cool and profitable. Maybe someday we will see our design ~ 


To the rats, good job putting up with all the beatings and abu;. 

Aaron, no more Advil Cold and Sinus and trips to the hospit 

Hang in there. Play the game and you will have no proble 

getting through. 

Pam, keep running. If at first you don't get first, break t 1 ! 

kneecaps of everyone better than you. No matter what peoj 

say about permits, if you enjoy the sport, then keep with it. Tl 

place is one big game, so play hard. 

Opi, time management. Get things done early, and you t 

always have time for fun. 

John, you're an all around good kid. Keep it up and you will 


Ryan, remember just because Marines like to absorb bulle" 

when the enemy fires, duck. Help Opi out, he really needs' 

woman who won't run away. 

Remember, keep the friendships you have formed with yo 

co-dykes. They will be here when you need them. 


1999 - Tuyen Dam 

2005 - Mathew Kurz, Yu-Fan Chen, Tom Lee 

M ** L 

1999- Matthew Hart 
2005 - Scott Maciejewski 


1999 Mike Wilson 

2005 - Aaron Gleaton, Pam Reeves 

134 First Class 

Berserker, Chizzy 
Marine Corps - Psychology 

John W. Leon 

Woodbridgc, VA 

Jose M. Leoncio 

Virginia BcadiV A 

Leon, "The Mack" 

Marine Corps - History 


Army - Biology 

"o all those who doubted me and said I wouldn't make it, 
SCREW YOU! Out of all my rat roommates, I am the only one 
5ft! I don't know if that makes me tougher or dumber for sticking 
■: through and putting up with this place. I will not miss this place 
it all, but I will miss the friends I've made and, above all, the 
:ugby team. To my roommates: Phil, sucks you got one more 
'ear; Scar, always watching movies with me even though we 
lad work to do; Bo, "Hi Sir." To my family: Mom, thanks for 
llways being there and all the hard work you do. You're the 
jest! Dad, I made it. ..Thanks for being someone I can look up 
o; Jessica and Ariana, without you guys I probably would 
lave gone crazy. Thanks for coming to see me all those times 
ind allowing to get the real college experience, love ya guys! 
fo the rats: this is only the beginning and it will never be 
downhill" from here, good luck! The only thing that I will take 
rom this "microcosm" of a world is how to deal with the BS and 
j low tolerance to alcohol. Thanks. VMI! 

"All warfare is based on deception." Sun Tzu 

First off, thank you, God, for getting me through this. Without 
You, I wouldn't have made it (Psalms 27:1). Thanks, Mom and 
Dad, for putting up with all the BS that I put you guys through 
over the years, I love you guys. Four years have come, and 
four years have gone... but the "I" is with us forever. As I look 
back I see dreams envisioned, dreams dashed, and dreams 
made into reality. Things I should have done and things I 
shouldn't have done (remember UVA, "Cool Guy?"). But, you 
can't change the past; all you can do, however, is prepare 
yourself for the uncertain future. So, Mike and Rob, my most 
favorite if not wierdest roommates, keep up the faith, BRs. 
Things look tough, but you've been through a whole lot worse 
(e.g. Ratline-99 style). Stay tough, be strong, and drink 
till.. .till. ..ah, hell, just drink to your heart's content. 

On that bright matriculation day in August 1998, Joey spoke woefully 
to his family, 'Ihere's no beach in Lexington." Despite the absence ot 
ridable waves, raising hell with his hometown crew in Virginia Beach, 
and all the restrictions VMI placed on him, he found other avenues for 
having fun, like running the block to visit JMU girls, caving, rock climbing, 
and snowboarding. Being a hedonistic JMU student while playing the 
VMI game was just a manifestation of Joey's fun-loving and rebellious 
nature. When the inevitable misery surrounding VMI set in, there were 
always good times, laughter, and support from his BRs and his friends 
among the rest of the Corps to cheer him up. His family was always 
there for him with their inspiration, love, and support. As much as Joey 
hates to admit that he ever needed anyone to help him through a 
tough situation, he graciously extends his appreciation to all his loved 

For his rats. Tom, Danny, Chris, and honorary rats, Pete P. and Aaron 
T: Stay out of trouble and do as Joey's dyke told him when he was a 
rat, 'lake it day by day and keep looking forward to all of your weekends 
and furloughs." Before you know it, you'll be a First Classman telling 
your rats the same thing. Be coo! to your rats the way your dyke was 
cool to you. 

Finally, best wishes to all the friends who gave their support and who 
made the last four years so memorable and meaningful: John Fuller, 
Marc Weber, Nick Barcheski. Devon Miller, "Tank" McNamara. Neil 
Mellon, Jackie Tugman. Brian Kornett, Phakdey Pen. Nichole Ford. 
Nam Tran, Joel Andrus, Nate Blythe. Shane Wilhelm, Frank Slavin. 
Heidi Mason. Frank Deerr, Brady Bagwan. Maj. Bell. Col. Rowe, Dr. 
and Mrs. Turner. Col. Wingfield. Col Baur, all the biology majors, Brian 
Meadowcroft, Jake Elsass, Courtney Frank. Brycen Davis, Elisa Ruppel, 
Sarah Bingham, Shannon Tanner, Bnan Buckley. Matt Lee, Tony Papa, 
and all those unsaid. You people rock! 


2005 - DanKwon 

mMsssw. s &£.^~ 




1999 - Andre Sapp 
2005 - None 


1999 Jon Rogers 

2005 - Tom Hardinge, Chris Guin 

First Class 135 

David G. Lester, Jr. 

Midlothian, VA 

Edward W. Lewis 


Air Force - Economics & Business 

Army - Civil Engineering 

Chack-taw, Indian, Wingnuts, the Redneck 
Army - Civil Engineering 

I am convinced the main two reasons I choose to put up with 
VMI for four years are my family and my friends, i would like 
to first and foremost thank my mother and father. You guys 
always supported me through my four years here at VMI no 
matter what I did and your faith in me is what drove me to 
achieve. I love you both very much. The same goes for you, 
Rachel and Reed, you guys are the best. Also to Nana and 
Grandma, I love you both and I couldn't have made it with you. 
Nana your food was the only thing that kept us going sometimes. 
As far as the friends I made here at VMI, our group was small, 
but I am sure we are just plain better than everyone else. To my 
roomates, Jess, Keegan, Whitt-dogg and Nate-dogg, we got 
each other through here and I cant imagine living with four better 
guys. To the rest of the concourse.. .Matt, Luke, John, Ruben, 
Tri, Stu, Tibbs, Tim, and Goon.'s been real, boys, I enjoyed 
every mintute. Also, a shout out to the gentlemen, it was a 
pleasure becoming friends with all of you guys, the Palms will 
be never be the same because of us. That's about all I got to 
say, special thanks to my boys at JMU for always giving me 
a place to act stupid on the weekends away from this place. I 
wish everyone the best of luck. Peace, foolsl 

All I can say is that it has been one hell of a ride. I don't exactly 
know why I chose VMI. Hopefully one day I will figure that out. 
All I know is that I am done with this place. Through it all I 
wouldn't change a thing, except the #1 . Soon I will head out into 
the real world with some of the best friends one could ever find. 
Good friends made this place a little bit bearable. To the boys of 
306 and 206, thanks for all the laughs. Lastly, I would like to 
thank the Lord, my family, Mandy, and my roommates for 
remaining behind me. 

Well, boys, we are finally at the end! Here we stand at 
biggest pivotal point in our lives and wonder how we got h 
We all did it in different ways, but at times we had to depene 
others to help us through. May we never forget those pec 
and their time, but don't let it stop there. Carry on the spiri 
others whereever you go and be lifting hands to thfi 
Remember: "He who serves his fellows, is of his fellcl 
greatest." Brothers, it's been a wild and crazy ride, and ne 
forget where we are from. May God bless you and all you | 
Brandon Lindsey 



1999 - Nate Lada 

2005 -James Shambley, Scott Kreckman 

136 First Class 

William E. Lyles, III 


Ryan P. Manor 

f \ 

Alexander L. Martin 

Lincoln Ri 

Willie, Big Willie Style, Willie Beamon 
Army - Psychology 

Army - Psychology 

Navy- History 

i'ell it is finally over. I think I hate this place now more than I did 
lien I first got here. I guess I need to start this thing off by 
tanking my Mom and Dad because I know without them I 
;>uld have never made it. You have been there for me through 
I good times and the bad, and you will never know how 
Mch I truly appreciate that. I love you, guys. I also want to tell 
ty sister and brother that I love them very much and thank 
bu. I want to thank my roommates Swenck, Carroll, and 
had, because you guys also made life here that much easier. 
|e had a lot of good times and y'all were always there for me 
hen I needed you. I will never forget you guys because you 
je like brothers to me. My next shout out goes to all my Base 
io. peeps, y'all know who y'all are. I will never forget our 
jnes together on the road, at the "Patch," and our other 
ijventures. Most of my best moments here were spent with 
iu guys. Being around you guys everyday made being here 
p much easier. If you ever need anything, just holla. To my 
other Josh, I know you have a long, tough road ahead of you, 
pi you will be just fine. Just try to stay out of trouble, work hard 
|i the field and in the classroom, and you will do great things. 
6 my rats, Jeff and Matt, just like I told my brother, it will be a 
ng, tough road, but if you stay out of trouble and work hard, 
all will do just fine. Last but not least, I want to tell my tiance 
va and my daughter Alexis that I love the both of you. You two 
'e my inspiration and I thank you. I can't wait to get out of here 
nd spend everyday for the rest of my life with you two. 


.999 -Ben Bradford 

2005 -Jeff Demara, Matt Smith 

The year is finally 2002 and my days at the Institute are over. 
I have successfully dealt with both the hardships and the good 
times that this place has put in my journey through life. From 
the beginning, I could not have done it without my friends. 
These friendships, the bonds that will last through our lifetimes, 
are the best things that the Institute creates. First, my rat 
roommates and my adopted dyke have some of my deepest 
gratitude. Mark and Dubee (KIA), you guys were the support 
that I needed to make it through. And this will never be forgotten. 
Hamel Reinmiller, out of the kindness of your soul, you took in 
a lonely rat that year (ME), taught me the ropes, and through 
your years of being a model cadet, molded and instilled that 
same attitude in me. Your friendship and kindness taught me so 
many things and I cannot possibly imagine the words to describe 
the love and appreciation I have for you. The key to my 
success has to be my roommates and the one who acts like he 
is. Tim and John (and Corey who was almost always with 
us): We have lived together, bled together, complained together, 
and shared everything for the last few years. Remember that 
friendship and drinking heavily to the good and bad times is a 
good way to pass time while at the Institute. (WBC 2002, NEED 
I SAY MORE 9 !) I would also like to thank my parents for giving 
me the love and support through the last four years. You guys 
have no idea how much I love and respect you both. Finally, 
to my rats, Brian and Brandon and my nephew rats: you guys 
made my First Class year a lot of fun and I enjoyed our time 
together here at the Institute, and I only hope that it will continue 
for the rest of our lives. Stay strong and remember that friends 
are always there for you, especially me. 


1999 - Michael Purdy 

2005 - Brian Bowman, Brandon Fellers has been difficult, it has been challenging, and above all 
it has been rewarding. The friends I have made will last a 
lifetime. ..Shepard, Scooter, Rod75, Zanetti, Squirrel, Imrich, 
Bache, Dustin, Seth, Taylor, and Henry. Joe and Jeff. ..I can 
only hope that I have given you the guidance and friendship that 
your Grand Dyke gave to me. I leave VMI with confidence that 
when your time comes to rule the "I" that it will be in good 
hands. Pass onto your rats the knowledge that I have passed 
onto you. Remember, the "Brick" is always here for you. Mike 
and Alex. ..Wow! Four years of being together. If it were not for 
the random velociraptor moments, Dutch ovens, Mikes scary 
Reynosa stories and Alex's bleached blond bimbos (Erin) I do 
not think we would have made it. If only the Ccps could see 
us in our strange little world (room 161), where imagination and 
retardation are the rules of thumb. Alex, may the Army treat 
you well. Mike, you can be my wingman anytime. 
four years at VMI have all taken place with you by my side. 
You have seen me grow from the scared little rat to the confident 
First Classman. You have seen me relish in success and cry 
in defeat. You have seen me at my best and at my worst. You 
know all there is to know about me. You know my likes and 
dislikes, my favorite foods and my favorite books. Without you 
I do not know how I would have survived. You are my best 
friend. Thank you. Mom... you are my rock. You have made 
me the man I am today. And without you I strongly believe that 
I would not have become the person I am. As a child, you 
loved me and taught me the basics of survival. As a teenager, 
you taught me responsibility and accountability for my actions. 
As a young adult, you have taught me to be a man. a man of 
integrity and ability. My achievements are as much yours as 
they are mine. 


1999- Chris Lowery 

2005 -Jeff Lange, Joe Amaral 

First Class 137 

Army - International Studies 




l -W~ J 

^^T *P 



Matthew R. Maxey 


[ BooncsMillVA 


Rachel A. McGraw 
Virginia Beach,VA 

Matt, Buck, Max 
Army - Economics & Business 

Quick Draw McGraw 
Army - Psychology 

When Heidi entered VMI the words to describe her would have 
been: idealistic, naive, and a cheerleader. Four years later the 
words to describe her would be: feminine, tenacious, and 
articulate. Heidi came to VMI on an academic scholarship and 
had no idea what to expect. She was a rat who enjoyed getting 
worked out, feared the RDC, and wanted to study on Friday 
nights. She believed wholeheartedly in what VMI was built 
upon. She soon realized that VMI was going to teach her not 
about honor but, rather, living with people she did not have 
much in common with, guys who wanted to "talk," and the 
hardship of following God in such a hateful place. After her 
successful rat year, Heidi was chosen to be one of the first two 
female cadre members. As fourth corporal of Delta company, 
Heidi taught rats the essence of shining shoes, eating like a rat, 
and the New Market cadets. Her stint as cadre came to a 
sudden halt when it was revealed she was dating a member of 
the corps. It was at this point in Heidi's life she realized that life 
was full of choices, and she could not control the consequences. 
Her conviction to the Lord became stronger as she persevered 
through the end of her Third Class year. As a Second, Heidi had 
no rank and focused on her grades and being the RDC president's 
girlfriend. As a First, Heidi is blossoming as a woman, mentor, 
and scholar. DRN— Thanks for everything, David, we endured 
so much. I am in awe of your continual sacrifice for me. I love 
you. My parents, grandparents and family are an unbelievable, 
amazing blessing from GOD. I win the prize for the best care 
packages, To my girls in the First Class we went through so 
much together and YOU GUYS ROCK, Much respect for Hsu. 
Caleb and Frank— I am all smiles when I think about you guys, 
thanks for being there time and again. We will be friends for life. 
HFM P.S. Two last words for all you Keydets.... CELL PHONES 


2005 - Peggy Serig, Becca Baas 

The days at VMI passed quickly as we gained many 
experiences only described with a combination of the good, the 
bad, and the ugly. VMI proved to be a game of chance and 
repetition, reminding me of the movie, "Groundhog Day." It 
takes a lot to get through this place. I thank my parents and 
grandparents for their support and being there for me as much 
as they could; the weekend visits and Wal-Mart trips helped a 
lot. I thank my brother for the knowledge he's given me. I also 
thank the football team for so many memories. To the roommates 
- 423/323/223/C-28 (the room we weren't good enough for) 
Chris: C-Dog/ROD (whatever that means), good luck in the real 
world, what would we have done without you but I gotta see the 
Ruffs, BUCK WHO. Ken: Collins/Wiseman, good luck as LT, I'll 
miss the serious comments you've graced our conversations 
with, long live Europa, HOOAH Future 2ndLT Chris: Superman/ 
Mini-Homiak, good luck in the Marines, keep on lifting cause 
you know it's good for ya, I won't forget our years at VMI, GO 
NAVY. Then there's Andy: Tsar, you left us too soon, I'll 
always remember the good times and conversations we all 
had together. You four guys made VMI better for us all with the 
experiences we shared as roommates and great friends. I 
saved the best for last because I will never forget Sarah, my 
love forever. Your love and inspiration helped me through the 
rough times at VMI, I am so thankful to have you. You are my 
future. I love you forever, and I can't wait to spend the rest of 
my life with you. 

1999 Foster Beeker 
2005 - Wesley Feazelle 

I am not going to spend time critcizing VMI or the immatu 
gentlemen that went here because it would be a waste 
space. Yet, let me thank those who supported me throuc 
everything. To my family, I love you all and I know I would n 
have made it through here without your love and suppoi 
Tasha, Jackie, Traci, Naomi, Hsu, and Heidi— thank you I 
giving me the strength to be a strong VMI WOMAN. You all a 
the best, I love you, and will never forget our "clustering." 
the rats in 196, 1 hope you learned as much from me as I learn 
from you. Never lose the great people you are inside I 
anyone or anything. VMI is just a school, it's not what life 



1999 -Wyatt McGraw 

2005 - Scarlett Collins, Robert Lyles 

138 First Class 

Army - Modern Languages 

Brian K. Meadowcroft 

Palmyra, VA 


Joel R. Meeks 
Richmond, VA 

Army - Electrical Engineering 

Army - Economics & Business 

.ell I'll be damned, I'm down to my last months in the stockade! 
| going to be honest and say that it has been a long and difficult 
ad here at VMI, even though half of it was spent in my rack, 
lave however been lucky enough to spend my time here with 
ends that have always been there to see me through my 
'srst moments and share in my best. It's with them that I have 
;en able to prosper the most during my time here at the I and 
I those memories we created together that will last me the rest 
| my life. I also need to mention my mother and father who 
jive also been driving forces in my rise to excellence at the 
Istitute. Because of them I have had a sounding board that 
'ways resonates with thoughtful advice. I know it's been tough 
I you, but I do appreciate all the time and patience you've put 
i to my experience at VMI, so thank you, it was worth it. 
lother important set of people starts with my dyke, Les. You 
ught me a lot about life at VMI. which has been invaluable and 
assure you that I've passed it on to my rat. As for my rats, I'm 
r oud of you guys. You've come a long way, and I have no 
jubts that you'll continue to succeed in your future endeavors, 
astly, I need to thank Col. Harris and the Modern Languages 
epartment for creating and then guiding me through a well- 
jited niche for me at the Institute, which was both enjoyable 
id a challenge. Thanks again, everyone. NSIB 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Years ago I came to this school under the pretense that it would 
teach me things that no other college in the world would teach 
me. VMI did exactly that and more. However, had I known 
what I would go through and how I would feel when I was done. 
I might have walked away the same day I arrived. 

To the outside world, a place such as VMI is honorable and 
proud, while at the same time cruel and barbaric. In this ever 
changing time, where society quickly moves forward, VMI 
tries incessantly to remain the same. It is this attempt that has 
caused the Corps to almost tear itself apart. In the few years that 
I have been a cadet, I witnessed changes of which most VMI 
alumni could never dream. I have seen young men act as 
leaders and watched as our leaders have acted like children. I 
have been kicked down so many times that I have forgotten 
what it feels like to succeed. I have been screamed at by both 
alumni and administration for doing things the same way that 
my predecessors had done before me. And how has it made 
me feel? 

It has made me feel that the Corps after the Class of 2000 are 
the bastard children of VMI. It has made me think that we are 
alone in our experience here and that everyone else thinks 
what we do is wrong and out of place. To that I say, "Fine." 

My experience here could never be understood by anyone 
except those who I can call my friends. It is these people here 
that I know share my blinding determination to climb to the top of 
any obstacle that life will throw at them. It is these people who 
I know that I can always count on. And, it is these people I could 
have never gotten through this place without. Thank you. guys. 
I will never forget you. 






1999- Carl Trask 
2005 - Christopher Guin 

1999 - Jamie Kane 
2005 -Jim Kingsley, Peter Knowles 

First Class 139 

Neil J. Mellen 
Rancho Pahs Vcrdcs CA 

BenjaminJ. Midura 

Devon S. Miller 

Marine Corps - Psychology 

Army - Psychology 

Army -History 

I am grateful for parents who gave me the tools to define and 
pursue my goals. At the Institute, scholars such as Roger 
Thompson, Duncan Richter, and Gordon Ball have helped me 
to identify great thinkers who have articulated the thoughts with 
which I struggle. Mentors such as Christopher Doss and Dr. 
Steve RiCharde challenged me to apply these concepts. My 
dykes and cadre empowered me to act upon them. 

Whoever reaches his ideal transcends it. eo ipso 

Neil 1 

They say VMI instills certain characteristics in those who take 
the road less traveled. They are wrong. Those who take the 
road less traveled instill, in VMI, the characteristics it is known 
for. Those still here have done nothing for the place as it has 
done nothing for them. In short, now is the time of reckoning. 
We finally have the opportunity to see if VMI can put its money 
where its mouth is. For all our futures, I hope it can, so we, too, 
can maintain what those before us have created. 
In my experience here I have been given a superior education, 
and I have found a new respect for various members of our 
society, and, in turn, I have lost respect for others. This change 
has not been universal or typical. To successfully maneuver 
through VMI is something to take pride in. Once it is 
accomplished, it can never be taken away. Those of you who 
made this journey with me in Barracks and on the field, you 
know who you are, and I thank you. 
Virginia has been good to me. I came here knowing few; I will 
leave knowing many. One special girl, who also found Virginia 
to be good to her, gave me the support I needed throughout my 
time here. I hope she will continue with this needed support and 
love for all time. And finally, I could not have made it through this 
place without my amazing family, Thank you all so much. 

It is amazing how much can change in just four years. I ca 
to VMI intent on a career in the Army and becoming Regimes 
Commander. As I leave, no one believes that I once aspirea 

My influences were too many to name, but there were a f 
deserving special mention. First, the great Ben Kincaid: a:i 
dyke, you set the bar high and yet made it look so easy. M 
rat, I could never figure out how you kept ac stars and were I 
editor of the time consuming Cadet newspaper. Now that I hii 
done both, your influence is undeniable. 
To Nick and Marc: looking back, I am overwhelmingly impress 
with your ability to put up with me. The late nights studying, 
snoring and sleep talking, the babbling about whatever randi 
thought I had that day... Thanks for not killing me. 
To the Thursday night crew in Maury Brooke: keep The Ca 
run independently by cadets for another 100 years. The borj 
I made and the lessons we learned together made it all a 

To all the guys: I couldn't have made it through it all without j | 
guys. Thanks for everything, the good times and the bad. I 
To the VMI Faculty: while I learned so much here, the one Ih a 
I still can't do is find the words to express my undying appreciat . 
for everything I have gained because of you. 
To my family: I don't say it enough, but I do appreciate yoij 
Rocco, Steak, and Cindy: rely on each other, stay true to yil 
beliefs and carry on the tradition. 
It seems everyone tends to end these with a platitude about 
honorable life. Well here it goes: don't do anything that you dc 
want to read about on page 8! 


1999- Scott Bums 
2005 - Brandon Haney 

140 First Class 


1999 - Aaron Bush 

2005 -Jeff King, Gabe McCaig 

1 1 

1999 -Ben Kincaid 
2005 - Lael Bellotti, Brian Herrick 

;, 'I..'' 1 ", 

Christopher B. Mills 

Richmond, VA 





Mark D.Mills 





Matthew S. Mitchell 
Manhasset, NY 

Phatty, Raquet 
Army - Economics & Business 

Army - History 

Nicho, Jacob the * *** 
Army - Economics Sr Business 

nere has the time gone? I feel like I just got here, but I am 
Mainly glad to be going. I have made bonds with people who 
nought I would never become friends with. Watts and Kron. 
: made it, WOW. I would have never made it if it wasn't for the 
I'e and support of my mother and father. Thanks for pushing 
i and not letting me lose sight of my objectives Dad. I stood 
( your strength. Mom, I will never forget the long conversations 
EJ we had, you showing me the greater good in people. You 
I truly the best mother a boy could have. Jason, wow, you 
■ ve changed so much. Thanks for keeping me grounded and 
imeone to look forward to seeing at home. To my roommates, 
!es and Paul, you're the reason I stayed. Without the times we 
iared I would have never made it. The long diatribes with Paul 
1 Wes couldn't stand... we can truly talk about anything. Wes 
| adventure to concerts and YANCY MILLS... I hope that both 
I you find yourselves true happiness. To the drum line, I had 
in. I have never seen a group of people learn and become 
'Ummers so quickly, y'all are truly talented. Brodie, what can 
ijay? You are amazing and I hope you never lose sight of 
aking this place fun. RATS, get your crap together, do not fail 
I Remember, have fun, it's the only way your ever gonna 
}ake it. I know each of you will make us proud. Mexican, I 
iipe to see you walk across the stage on a bright May day in 
305. I would never do this again, but I wouldn't trade a minute 
1 it for anything. 

There is something to be said of men and women who bond 
together in both good times and bad. This was my greatest joy 
of being at this Institute. To all those among us who helped me 
through the best of the best and the worst of the worst, thank you 
and God bless. To my rats, take what I have given you and 
learn from me, remember where you came from and remember 
your friends. To my roommates, all of you who have roomed 
with me know that it wasn't always great, or fun, but we were 
always together, and that's all that counts. For all of my 
classmates, wherever you go and whatever you do, God 
bless and keep the brotherhood we have with you for all time. 

First of all, I must thank my family for all they have done for me. 
I love you all. To my friends, Murph, Mutha F. Serra, Reph, 
Warren, PK, Joey D., Collie, Evans, Zirk, and all the other boys 
you made the unbearable bearable, and for that I thank you. I 
must thank the administration for showing us all what not to be 
in a leader. Once again, thank you. To my fellow EC/BU 
majors, it was interesting. They made it hard, but we made it. 
Hey boys, VMI golf lives! We did have good times. To all those 
who became important to me, you will stay that way. and I am 
forever in your gratitude. Murph, we came for the free mess 
hall food and free gym, was it really worth it? To Serra, the 
Empire is gonna work! One question, why the hell do they put 
pockets in our pants if we can't put our hands in them? I really 
can't come up with anything else to say but "It's over and I 
know it was worth it! VMI times were hard, but the times with 
the guys were always "good times." Stay in touch, good luck 
to everyone, and may we all live well and prosper. When I'm 
the President... P.S. To the admin and military... to let you in on 
a little secret, a three-mile run in the cold at 6 in the morning 
doesn't actually build morale See you all later. 

999 -Eric Green 


1999 - iviichael Mellina 
2005 - Rory Opanasets, Alan Coones 


First Class 141 

Withers W. Moncure 


Anthony W. Montgomery 

Covington, VA 

Harry P. Montoro 


Air Force - English 

Army - Economics & Business 

Buzzard, Motorhead, Mitsubishi 
Army - International Studies 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as tor that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Getting out of this place has been an uphill battle. Getting 
suspended for throwing a wal locker off the fourth stoop after the 
Ratline was over, coming back and actually finishing eight 
semesters of college in six to finish on time has taken up a lot of 
time and energy. Thanks to the roomies for making my life a 
bearable hell. Soller, the next man in 117 who will be shackled 
in marriage after me. Lane and Bailey, we'll have to see if the 
Siamaese twins can survive once graduation finally separates 
them at the hip. Brickhouse, most likely to end up on the FBI's 
Top 10 list for some unconcievably messed-up crime. Thanks 
to the Arcade (119) for giving me yet another excuse not to 
study. Miracle of our class: Cichy finds a girl! Finally, I hate 
knowing that my hard-earned tax dollars are going to be spent 
sending unnamed friends through AA, but keep drinking until 
you're thirsty! 

First, I would like to thank all the great friends I made here at VMI ov 1 
the last four years. Without you guys I could have never done it. ' & 
mention a few: Jesse (Barnyard). Chris B., Whirl, Connor, Jason i ] 
Lou, Bryan S., Bryant, Dave R., Mike Z., Scott C, Scooter, Bear, Bri; j 
Shep., Paul and Neil. Jason M„ Jason H., Henry, Heidi, Jason L, Bracil 
Adam, Jason G.. Dustin, James, Shawn B„ Layne. Brian F„ Ben. Eddi ■ 
Joel, Chris M., Jason T, Paul S, Kevin, Nick, Mark G., Caleb, MattP I 
Shane, Rob, Shawn H., Brian F, Brandon, Eric, Mark M„ Bryan Rot.-: 
Devon, Magnus, Ryan D. and Peay, Chris D., Seth, Dan, MattT, Daii 
T, Tasha, Jackson, Jason B., Alex M. and H., Brian K., Pen, Jeff S.. Luki 
Jake, Scott W.. John S„ Matt B„ Keenan, Jesse Bilth, Jerry, Paul M., Nil J 
C, Matt M., Tim Bren and Burk, Pat, Webb, Christian, John and Reube j 
and all my rats.J.e. Room 1 1 0, 122, 1 21 , S1 5, and all the others mcludir 
Little Death and Rankin. Everyone I mentioned above in some way If J 
a positive impression with me, and I am forever grateful for what timi J 
we had together (I know I forgot some people, but it's hard to come 1 1 
with a complete list). To sum up my four years at VMI I have one senteni I 
to describe each year. Rat year: I was a spaz. Third Class Yes j 
formations and ments, Second Class Year: Ring Figure and Vitamin I j 
First Class year: graduation, good times, and a corrupt administratic j 
(also beware of the West Point influence in the Dean's office, he is be ] 
on changing our school). I hope one day I can forgive the administratic j 
here for their destruction of the ratline and the ease at which they scj 
out cadets. But for now I am just going to go out and make a lot of monE i 
and give none of it to VMI unitl my class receives the apology it rightful j 
deserves. On that cheerful note, I say goodbye VMI!!! Stay in tour, j 
everybody, and let's be the first class ever to give no money to th 1 
school because obviously they don't care at all about us. Later... I 

1999 - Andrew Fuller 
2005 -James Favareau 


1999 -Andrew Fuller 
2005 -Jeffery Murray 

142 First Class 



2005 - Tom Ferrara, Tucker Rainy 

Christopher L Morris 


^ fr 

Jason R. Mounts 
Washington, PA 

Paul M. Murphy 

Army - Economics & Business 

Army - English 

Murph, Merkel, dugout, Mcrkcl the turtle, bcarbait 
Army - Economics & Business 

A/ould first like to thank my family for being so supportive in 
'ilping me survive the life of VMI. VMI is a place surrounded by 
any words: honor, integrity, discipline, respect, and heart. 
; iese words are seen as being the foundation of the Institute. 
y only question has been why are these terms so often 
isused. Almost every day at the Institute I found myself 
■viewing these words over and over. I couldn't understand 
ly they were supposed to be seen as the heart and soul of the 
stitute, but were so often misused. Despite these condition, 
>th the help of God, family, and my true friends, I was able to 
falize my true purpose on earth. Life at VMI has changed my 
ihole aspect of living. I would like to thank my roommates, 
iff, Sebass, and Bull for all the crazy times and most of all for 
Ntting up with all my crap. I love y'all like my bothers. Still, I 
ave you my romantic skills for you and Hill. Mike, I want you 
I have my favorite feather pillow and a life time supply of 
VDs. Lacks and Abe, I leave y'all a box of metal tip pens, 
■andy and John, I leave y'all my favorite cookbook. Pedro, I 
ould like to thank you for being a very special friend... will 
3ver forget those hosptial times. All my boyz on the team, I 
'ave y'all free passes to my hunting lodge. To all my wonderful 
Daches and their wives, I want to leave all my love and 
jpport. Thanks for being an inspiration and helping me realize 
[ho I am. To all the boyz in the sinks, watch out for the glass. 
Iways remember: Rangers lead the way! "HOOAH" All The 
7ay! "HOOAH" HOLLA SOLJA39 !!! 

Feelings about VMI are better reserved for another place, so I'll 
forgo the typical blasting or praising, and just say that the last 
four years have been quite a trip, and I'll be happy to get this 
behind me. Maybe this has all been for nought, but at least it's 
been enjoyable while it lasted. 

Much love and thanks to Mom and Dad for your undying love 
and support, you helped me more than you know. Love to my 
sisters, Erin, Lauren, and Shannon, for teaching me the eternal 
optimism of seeing the world through young eyes. Love to 
Grandma and Grandpap for teaching me how important 
relationships are. and to Bubba for teaching me the most important 
thing is faith. Thanks and love to Uncle Joe (the model of 
perseverance). Aunt Becky, Jen, Jacob, Jordan, and Jessica 
for their love, and to Uncle Rick and Aunt Sally, Uncle Jimmy 
and Ellie, Uncle Mark and Aunt Becky Ann for helping me make 
it. And to everyone else of Mounts Hollow, thanks. 
To my roommates: Paul, you showed me how to work like a 
champion. Nick, you showed me that happiness is what counts. 
Kevin, you showed me how some of the best lessons are the 
hardest learned. Wyatt. whenever I get uptight, I think you 
would handle the situation. Brad, Ryan. Q. Waynehead. and all 
the Troopers of '02, see you wherever there's a keg and a 
radio. To Boon, J. P.. and all fellow members of the expatriate 
club, you're always my boys. To Rob and Kye, relax and 
smell the flowers. To Amie, remember to do your best. To all the 
Troopers of '05, I'll say in the words of my dyke, "It is a hard 
heart that kills." And to the rats of 128, you made First Class 
year a blast. 
Don't be followers, be leaders. Stay off the next man's nutz. 

Eh. Whatever. I'm done. 


-999 - David Dixon & Charle Bennett 
2005- Frank Williams 

1999 - Jason Tomlinson 
2005 - Rob Gibson, Amie Novak 

¥' Ai 

\ >w •"•J*; * **■ 


1999- Chris Copenhaver 
2005 - Garrett Brickner 

Kjjwy *■ ■ "i??. 4 

rL "*^SI 


£ip^ **vj!j>i 

First Class 143 

Michael L. Needle 

McLean VA 



Hi * i ?ar "^ ^| 

P". <^l 




Michael S. Nelson 


Midlothian, VA J 


Needle, needles,beetle 
Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Economics & Business 

The best four years of our lives are gone, time to start making 
up for lost time. I am proud what I, and we have done. I mean, 
who would not be proud of balling up Douglas so many times 
that we made him cry? However, I cannot look at the future of 
the Institute and see it producing the graduates it has now and in 
the past. In the quest to keep VMI alive, the administrative 
leadership has in fact set VMI on a path of self-destruction. 
Kambiz: Sorry I pointed this place out to you, but I'm glad you 
came along for the ride. Sullivan and Christian: the real stage 
will be reunions when everyone else is fat. Derrick and Gordon: 
What the hell is that smell? Brett and Tim: I guess three out of 
four ain't bad. Weber and Scott: Charlie Mike to the standard. 
Rob and Tsar: Want to bet on a cockfight? Kongo: SS power. 
Rob, Ryan, and Doug: Keep your asses low and your morale 
high, stay in touch, and STUDY ABROAD. NSIB4321 JWPS321. 
Time to see if the flip side is worth it. 

My answer to the question, "How do you like VMI?" is, "Well, 
it isn't a bowl of cherries, but it is challenging and I enjoy it." I 
am grateful that I have had the opportunity to be challenged by 
VMI. The experiences I have had I will never forget, and 
lessons I have learned I will carry with me. With God's help I 
will strive to meet the challenges ahead in a manner that will 
bring credit to Him, my family, my country, and VMI. 

My decision to attend VMI was a second guess decision, ; fj 
had to withdraw my deposit from Va. Tech first. Through all I 
time here at VMI that I have been unhappy, I am hopeful 
will help me later on in life. I have met some good friends rf 
which is the key thing that helped keep me going through 
painful years. Without my parents' support over the four ye 
I don't know if I could have made it this far. So with not too mi 
to say, I wish all of my buddies the best of luck in their lives, , 
extend to them, along with my family, a thank you for helpinn 
make this prison bearable for the past four years. I'm outll 


1999 - Chinkard "Chuck" Krisada 
2005 -Rob Williams 

144 First Class 

1999- Jeff Geisendaffer 
2005 -Jeff Durham 

Theodore C. Nevatt 
Moreno Valley, CA 

Magnus F. Nordenman 
Lund, Sweden 

Army - English 

Swede, Mag, Swedish Nightmare 
Army - International Studies 

Flying Squirrel 
Army - Psychology 

the trip has been a long one and the road anything but 
ooth. However, looking back I don't think I would of changed 
Single day of it. I wouldn't change the toughest of days for 
en one of the best, because it's those tough ones that have 
lined me. It was on those toughest of days I learned the most 
portant lessons here. It was on those days I learned the 
we of brotherhood, the purpose of integrity, and the depth of 
f own resolve to see it through. Without my family I wouldn'i 
here today and I thank you, Mom, Dad, Lesley, and Tory for 
ing the greatest part of my life. I wouldn't be half the man I am 
iay without all your love and support. Tommy, Dave, Ron, 
d Jerry, thank you for keeping me sane and showing me 
at friendship is all about. To the guys on the team (past and 
Bsent), thank you for all the great memories and especially 
'. ones on the road. Where I go from here I don'l know, but the 
th better be paved this time. Good luck Alan, I know you'll do 
letter than I ever did. To Kelly, thank you for all the memories 
it will forever warm my heart. Sincerely, Ted C. Nevatt C/O 

As I leave this place of absolute and absurd standards and 
ethics that cannot possibly be defended or explained in the 
outside world, I do so with many lessons learned. Many of 
fhem were not pleasant experiences. However, I did not get 
through this place on my own. I need to thank my Mom and 
Dad, Chaplain and Mrs. Park, Col. Rose Mary Sheldon, Col. 
Patrick Mayerchak, Cal Whitehurst, and Christopher Doss for 
their unwavering support and help during these four years. You 
might not have noticed, but I did learn much from you all. 

Finally, I cannot forget my comrade-in-arms, John Fuller. From 
the third to first stoop we have stuck together. To our weekend 
sprees in DC, hiking in the mountains, to midnight conversations 
about VMI we have formed a great friendship. John, I won't 
forget it. Swedes have a long memory. 

It is time to leave. 

Well four years and three majors later.. .all I can say is it's about 
time. I'm here at my computer at midnight writing this thing at 
the last minute like I'm famous for. In true Palmer fashion I have 
failed to graduate in four years and will probably still be finishing 
up school whenever it is that this yearbook finally comes out. 
Thank God it was a family tradition to come here instead of 
some other school where I might have actually had fun. But 
hey, I built character, right? I'm still waiting on those "best four 
years of my life" to happen. Never have I disliked a place more 
than VMI. The only thing that I will miss about this institution is 
the people I have become friends with. There have been some 
good times, though. Nick and Maury, y'all just hang in there 
and it'll be over before you know it. Joey and JM, my senior 
roommates, it's been fun even though y'all were some sloppy 
roommates and I was so organized. Top, it was a fun three 
years while you were here and you're still my favorite brother. 
I can't thank my Mom and Dad enough for always being there 
for me. I love you guys. Mom, thanks for slipping me the extra 
buck every now and then. And Dad. thanks for the infamous 
tailgate memories and "Old Corps" stories. Now what am I 
gonna do? Mom and Dad - make room in the house because 
this alumnus is moving back in with his psychology degree. 
FIDO. Damn, this is longer than most of the papers I wrote. 
Alright, I'm out! 


?99 - Keenan Baluken 
005 -Alan Jones 


1999 - Ben Kincaid 

2005 - Alex Borgek, Marco Pere: 


1999 - George Lawrence 

2005 - Nick "Boris" Taran, Maurice Deon Pauling 

First Class 145 

is f- 

Henry S. Papiano 



Stuart J. Payne 

Butch, Pappy 
Army - Pyschology 

Army - English 

Army -Math 

The four years I have spent here have been worth every 
second. The friends I have made... I will go to the grave with 
you on my mind. Jason, your crazy obsessive compulsive 
self kept me straight. Thanks for always listening to me. Scott 
and Ryan, you two were there for me at first when I brought you 
Gatorade back from practice. Jeff and Darius, you showed me 
the path. I followed it. Now I leave it to Matt, Ross, and Matt. 
You guys are at a new school. Dig deep in the stirrups and you'll 
go straight. Don't let the administration get you guys down. In a 
dark scary way they are molding you into men. Welcome to 
the "I." Leave your personality at the door and pick it up in four 
years. To all my friends I haven't mentioned, don't take it 
personally. You know I'll always be here for you. Carpe Diem. 

There will be plenty of people who will whine about VMI in their 
"class history," so I think maybe I'll thank people instead. 
Besides, I refuse to spend more than five minutes writing this 
thing; I've got better things to do (No, I'm just lazy). But anyhow, 
here we go and away we go... 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad for their support (moral and monetary); 
Hayley and Emily for being proud of their big brother; Scar, 
Chad, and Phil for putting up with my tomfoolery and gibber- 
jabber (without killing me in my sleep for it); Gerrid for making 
my final year a lot easier; Morgan and Danny for keeping me 
honest; Col. Emmitt and Dr. Crump for their encouragement and 
patience. Now, I'm not one for personal and sappy valedictions, 
so I'll leave some words that aren't mine: 
"Before that fury swells inside of you / grows so big that it 
forever quiets you / stand up to your demons / make a run at 
your Goliath / find the best, find the worst / waiting in both of you 
/ it's not the who or the what that is lasting / but how you fight / 
that is the fight / the only mark that will not leave you... 

The easy part is done. I have finished my stay at the "I" ancl 
join the work force. The "I" has prepared me to face all obsts 1 
in my life. It has instilled within me a great sense of pride i 
honor to say I am an alumnus of VMI. I have made friends to a 
a lifetime, thanks to club 431 (Kevin, Matt, Paul, and Wyas 
can see how my dykes felt at this time in their life. They v I 
just part of a whole. When you are a rat, it is too easy to nl 
You are and never will be alone, as long as you remember;l 
people from the "I." I wish all of you the best in your life. | 
you at the reunions. 


1999- Darius Parker 

2005 - Matt Mullen, Ross Duritsa 


1999- Justin Fertick 
2005- Gerrid Gall 




1999- Chris Work 

2005 - Kicked out for being Insane! 

146 First Class 



Renard L. Phillips 
Accokcck MD 

Army - Inrernational Studies 

PhakDiesel, PacMan, PhakNuts 
Army - Computer Science 

Army - Psychology 

t/l has been an experience. I have been forced to find out about who 
Bally am, and I know that never would have happened if I did not 
rnie to VML In many ways I don't feel like the same person I was four 
tars ago, and I suppose in many ways I am not the same person. So 
ych has happened and I have grown up a lot in the last four long 
lars. It has not been easy, this place can suck the life out of you, but 
;the end I am glad I came here. This place has given me lots of things. 
ost importantly it has given me the chance to meet some of the best 
jiys that I will ever know. I don't think I could have ever made the close 
isndships I have any other way. This place is strange like that; it forces 
liople to really get to know each other. The friends I have made here 
i'uly know. I know I can count on them. Seth, what can I say? I don't 
ink I could have lived with anyone else. You're a great guy, and I have 
;id some great times living with you. Chris, you have a good heart, 
id you are a great friend. Burke, you and I have been through a lot 
i\d I wish you the best. Ghetto comer boys, Jeff, Taylor, Hickey, Wolford, 
'•ett, what can I say? We had some crazy and great times together. 
: ;ott and Brian, the Lax team, guys on the Regimental staff and anyone 
se I forgot that I have had the privilege to be friends with, thank you. 
pu guys have made this place bearable and at times great. I will never 
rgetyou guys. Conor, Mike, Jake, and Matt, you were the best dykes 
;ould have asked for You taught me so much. Jarred and Milton, I 
:pe the next few years are as educating and memorable to you as 
ey were for me. Keep your heads up, you will do great. 
) my family, Mom, Dad, and Jim, thank you so much. I could have never 
ade it through this place without you. Sorry for all the pain and hardship 
lave caused, and thank you so much for standing by me through it all. 
ove you all so very much. 

Ironically enough, I chose VMI to gain some freedom from my 
parents. They were always strict on me, never allowing me to 
get away with much. I want to thank them for always pushing, 
no matter how hard I tried to resist. The best part about this place 
will be leaving it. One of the few things that kept me sane was 
being able to leave on those precious few weekends. I would 
have gone crazy if it wasn't for one person. Liz. you were 
always there for me even though I was a grouch at times. You 
made the second half of my visit here more tolerable. I love 
you....MUAH!l! I wouldn't have the handful of friends that I will 
cherish the rest of my life, if not for this place. There were 
horrible times here, but we made up for it outside this place. 
Would you believe I found my exact twin in Brian? You were 
the little white boy version of me. I've never met anybody 
more laid back then Paul. I'm glad I had somebody with me 
who just didn't give a damn. Kornball and Nasty Knick, we 
gotta keep trying with Liz, Traci, and Jennifer. They'll crack 
eventually. Pheap, I don't know what happened, but I'm sorry 
and I hope our friendship will return to what it used to be. To the 
guys in 121, wipe that sleep out of your eyes and get ready for 
dinner. Dilznik and Eyore, I'll leave the same words my dyke 
left with me and that is to leave this place while you still can. If 
you decide to stay, make the most of your time here and try not 
to get caught up in anything stupid. If you get in trouble, don't 
worry, they can't bone all of you. I wont' be sad to leave this 
place, but I will be sad to leave all my friends. We had fun 
times, and I'm sure we'll have more memorable events to look 
forward to. 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear: 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same. 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

999 -Conor Powell 
2005 -Jarred Drown, Milton Aguire 

1999- Chad Varanese 
2005 - Stephen Sawyer 

1999 Wesley Taylor, Jr. 
2005 - Roman Edmunds 

First Class 147 

Naomi E. Pike 

Alexandria, VA 

-( o 


Nathan R. Pleca 

f i 

Jonathan P. Pogranicy 


PK; Paomi 
Navy - English 

Army - Computer Science 

Army - International Studies 

I have experienced many different cultures, people, and attitudes 
over my 21 years, but VMI has taught me the greatest lessons. 
It has been tough; it has taught me to be tough. The hardest part 
was the struggling to bring humor into my life while faced with 
negative people who don't care too much for my sex "at their 
school." Well, to you, I would like to say thank you.'ve 
only made me stronger in the end (I hope the best for you, and 
that your daughters one day tell you that they are coming to 
VMI!). I would also like to say thanks to the people that matter 
most in my life. My parents stood behind me with everything. 
I know you weren't always on the same continent, but you 
were always a phone call away when I needed you (at 4 
a.m.). My grandparents played the role of my parents when 
they couldn't come. My brothers showed their pride, love, 
support and made me stronger. My friends helped get me 
through this place- especially for helping me watch my mouth 
and attitude so I didn't get into more trouble (at The Palms). You 
were my support and what I will be sorry to leave; I love you 
and will miss you. Thanks to all the guys that accepted us and 
treated us with respect. Girls, I am glad the seven of us finally 
came together! Traci, you're the best, I am glad we've had 
each other since rat year. ..who else could help me with my 
problems? Matt, you gave up a lot for me... I can never repay 
you, but thank you for always being there even when you 
didn't have to. To the girls on the soccer team... I will miss our 
freakish conversations! Chris F., you got me through it. I will 
never forget pool table time. Jared (and 152), you know what 
you mean to me. VMI has strengthened me through the good 
and the bad, and I hope I will always carry my lessons and you 
all with me. 


1999 -Chris Forbes 

2005 - Nate Smith, Felicia Milton 

148 First Class 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as tair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day 1 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Open the old cigar box, get me a Cuba Stout, 

For it is time to graduate and our class is finally out! 

I swear it sometimes seems like we have been here for 
whole lives - and although this place might be worth it for a h 
of reasons after years of hindsight and experience, it is a s&f 
few people that make it worth it while we're here. These 
some of the things I'll remember ■ toasting beautiful women 
Italian movie stars at Uncle Larry's dinners, Atlantic City, cruisi 
the back woods, Mom's cooking, surviving the lessons' 
Leland's class, Arnold impersonations (in voice, not yet 
build), turning 21 and full participation in the fruits of that milesto 
your leadership of K of C and God's unwillingness to allow 
to be a member, Worm wars, breaking hearts, car shoppi 
and of course, smoking cigars - and much more. It's incredk 
how the strong bonds of brotherhood can create such gc 
memories through such a frustrating and often ridiculous fi 
years. There will always be something to complain about, 
glad we have stories that we can laugh about with joy, rati 
than relief or cynicism, over brandy and cigars in the futu 
Take care and good luck. 



1999 -Sean Ross 

2005 - David Glier, Marco Perez 



Gordon E. Powers 

Mechanicsvilk, VA 

*&\ f 


Jeffrey N. Prausa 
Centrcvillc, VA 



B • s^B 

* ■ ' : 

P ^i 




David G. Price 


Damascus, VA J 

Army - rlistory 

Army - Mechanical Engineering 

Army - Economics & Business 

free years ago I could only have dreamed of sitting here, 
iting this and preparing for graduation. I thought for sure I 
fculd get kicked out for one reason or another. 
p figure, here I am, and so far, so good. While I could write 
ilumes on my experience at VMI and the lessons I have 
lamed, I will spare the reader. Therefore, I offer this: Always 
i what is right and you can NEVER be wrong. Always cover 
pur 6 o'clock because everyone knows it is a ripe target, 
[ways say what you mean and mean what you say, but do it 
|th respect. Aside from your family, the only one you can 
f/ER trust is the one you see in the mirror. A secret between 
\a people only works if one of them is dead. Always be ready 
! defend yourself against everyone because SOMEONE will 
tways have you in his sights. Relax. Don't worry about sleep 
jitil you can't walk straight. Enough coffee and PT will cure 
liything. Bad news does not get better with time, 
[ways MAKE time for yourself and for your family because no 
he else will care. Take time to listen to others and share in their 
e and experiences: you might just gam an invaluable friend. 

istly. when it seems someone has nothing to offer and you 
sn't even stand their mere sight, think about what you can 
am from them. 

fe is too short NOT to care. 

2005 - Bryan Auman, Ryan Murphy 

It's sad, but I can't help but admit the realization that VMI, or what 
I expected of VMI, truly is dead. I wish I could have come to 
school here 10 years earlier, before the politics that killed tradition, 
prayer and the merits of hardship got a firm foothold. The fact is 
everything that I came to VMI to find in a school is a facade. I 
have seen enough hypocrisy to last me a lifetime, unfortunately 
I know the real world is no better, but I truly expected more out 
of a school that touts honor as its most enduring quality. As bad 
as all that sounds, I can honestly say the experience has been 
worth it for one reason. The men with whom I have been 
privileged enough to share these four years have made the 
experience more than worthwhile. While I know now that I 
cannot trust VMI as an entity, I know I can put that trust in the 
gentlemen (you know who you are) among the alumni of the 
Virginia Military Institute with anything. I have often wondered 
if I would do it all again given the chance. I know now that the 
answer to that question is yes. As disappointed I am with the 
powers that be: I would do it all again to be associated with the 
men that have become like brothers. 
Ty, you've been a good rat, thanks for all your help. I hope I 
haven't left you with too much bitterness. That's never been 
my intention. You will do well at VMI, just keep your eyes and 
ears open and stay true to your beliefs, no matter who threatens 

God Bless you, gentlemen, we are a dying breed. 

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in 
times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality." 

1999 Chris Alligood 

Well, I would love to set (not sit) here and tell you that my 
time here at the I was the grandest of times, but that, as we 
all know, would be a lie With more time needed to get my 
diploma, it is probably best that I didn't start doing that now. It 
doesn't mean, however, that I am devoid of all memories. 
There is a certain fondness that grows inside when I think of 
the fun house, with all its late night games, and the unbridled 
stream of ideas that poured through the doors... to always 
having someone who would be up for anywhere you needed 
to go. Even when some of its players and thinkers were no 
longer heard from, they were fondly remembered and spoken 
of with words of reverence. Though even the strongest of 
friendships endure, chapters close in our lives, people move 
on, and traditions are forgotten, but it is memories like these 
that we carry forever. 

1999 -Wayne Graham 
2005 -None 

First Class 149 






Thomas B. Prillaman 



Midlothian, VA 



Jacob S. Ratchford 

Robert J. Rice 

Richmond, VA 

B Prill, The Goon 

Army - Mechanical Engineering 

Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Economics & Business 

VMI, wow, what an experience. Upon arrival I soon learned 
within my first few days here how deep a commitment it takes 
to endure such a rigorous place. It seemed odd how things I 
once held with high importance fell by the wayside, while the 
things I had once taken lor granted soon became valuable 
treasures. I would first like to thank my parents for all their love 
and support. I love you guys so much. Thank you for putting up 
with me during my visits back home, and for pushing me to 
fulfill my potential, although many times I have fallen short. 
Tim, man, what can I say. it's been three years living together, 
what fun. You truly are the last Boy Scout; we've shared so 
much; good luck to you in all you do; you are a great friend. To 
all my other roommates: Jackson, John, Burkedog, Jeff, and 
Taylor, you know I'm the sappy one when it comes to drama, 
but how can I put it, I love you guys. We've laughed and cried 
together, seen each other during our utmost highs, lows, pitfalls, 
and plateaus and mainly just shared that part of ourselves that 
only roommates can share. To all my other friends: the 
concourse bunch, Seth, Ralphie, Hickey, Pheap, Swenck, good 
ole BD, and all the other gentlemen, thanks lor being there and 
making this place bearable. Ryan and Jordan, I hope I have 
taught you well; you have both certainly taught me plenty. 
Take from this place as much as you can, and give back an 
equal amount. Good luck, I know you will both make me 
Thank you, Lord. 

It has been a long and difficult road. The light at the end of the 
tunnel is now being seen. The one thing I can say that I will 
miss about VMI will be all of the friends I have made along the 
journey. First, I would like to thank God for helping me through 
this place. Without the support from my parents, brother (Zach), 
family, and friends, VMI would have been a lot more difficult 
than it already was. I thank y'all very much for being behind 
me all the way. I also want to thank my wonderful girlfriend, 
Amy, for her continued love and support. Tim & Sturg: thanks 
for everything. I have had a great time the whole way and y'all 
have made this place that much better. You and your families 
will never be forgotten. 

Proverbs 3: 5-6 

Bud. told me within the first week that I was here that ' 
these four years fly by, and I now realize you weren't 
kidding. Mom and Dad, thank you so much for being there 
for me the whole four years, I couldn't have made it without' 
all your support. Jena, Melissa, Emily, and Julia, y'all are 
great. Thank you for always checking up on me. Pop-por.: 
Maria, Uncle Tom, Emily, Erica, Charlie, Uncle Joe, Lori, ] 
Christopher, Nikolas, Uncle Dan, Eileen, Anna, and Chloe, ;j 
thank you so much for your visits, they were so much fun.ij 
All my roommates, David, Ron, Tommy, Ted, Die, it has j 
been interesting. I will never forget all the memories. Goocj 
luck and stay in touch. Justin and Andy, keep a positive I 
attitude, and you will be fine. It will be over before you kncl 
it. Time to go live life to the fullest... 

1999 - Mike Wilson 
2005 - Ryan King, Jordan Prior 

1999 -Matt Bryant 

2005 - Brett St, Peter, Jon Wade 

1999- David Budlong 
2005 -Justin Harris, Andy Karnes 

150 First Class 

Bryan J. Rodriguez 


David M. Ross 

Lexington, VA 

RoD, #75, Mungo 
Army - History 

Bobby, D Ross, D Lo, Ross, Rack Ross 
Army - History 

Marine Corps - Psychology 

III Praises and All Thanks to God Almighty who has blessed 
Ie with true happiness and true LOVE... 
['ell, Sweetie, we just got off the phone again. It's another one 
, those nights, you know. ..when we didn't fight, but we really 
dn't feel great either. I just got off work after classes all day, 
;id it's after one o'clock now, but I haven't studied for that test 
;t, and I have to get up early again tomorrow. You know, one 
'■ THOSE nights. You had school all day, too, and you worked, 
id you have homework. One of those nights when all we 
|ant to do is fall into each other's arms and never let go. But we 
pn't 'cause I'm on a cell phone a few hundred miles away, 
nafs why I'm writing this tonight to you. This little letter is one 
pal testament to all that through which you and I have 
.srsevered. It is so easy to give up, but we never did. I have 
ways believed in us. I think of all the tears and late nights and 
■ugh times, and I am so sorry that I ever wasted one breath. I 
jvear I'll never let such precious moments slip away again, 
lease let's never torget this, the good and the bad. I never 
:uld have survived here, and I never could have become 
hat I am without you. May God bless our life together and our 
ive. I commit myself to you and to us forever. I love you 
hristina. Thank you. We made it Sweetie!! xoh9xoh9 WINK! 
Happily ever after.. .Addendum 26Feb02:They gave us more 
ords so I wanted to say just a little more. Should I talk about all 
ie emails, the IM's, the ICQ's? How many hours in that little 
ooth? Remember compu-phone!!? All the deep talks, the first 
me you came down, all the football weekends, kisses over 
ie phone, fear, love, support, worrying, crying, growing 
igether, getting engaged on that mountain, all the lonely drives 
'hen God kept us safe, ..and we've just begun. I love you 
irever. (Mark 10:6-9)(1 Corinthians 13) 


[999- Foster Beeker 
2005 -None 

Finally, these four long years have come to an end. I have been very 
fortunate to experience some great aspects of this Institute. Many 
thanks go out to my Brother Rats for being such an awesome group of 
people. I had the greatest roomates possible. D Brown, Bubb. Frankiei 
you guys are the best! Props go to JR "Fitler", T Gwee, Fat Brad. JM, 
Richie AKA "Top" and so many others! I wish the best of luck and 
prosperity to y'all in the future! Ring Figure, road trips, and those many 
nights uptown were awesome times. To my rats, even though your 
Ratline was extremely weak (HA!), just kidding. Y'all are good kids. 
Get involved with the Cadet Investment Group; you will learn a lot more 
in that group than most classrooms on Post. Stick with your sports 
Once you start anything, don't ever stop until the job is finished. Just 
stay the course and your time will be over before you know it. To Mike, 
my dyke, and my uncle dykes, Rory and Brian; Thanks for putting up 
with me. I could not have had better dykes. I hope to see you guys more 
in the alumni life! To my brother Brian, you didn't think this place was 
for me. Well, I made it! Finally, to Mom and Dad. Thank you for all that 
you've done. I know it has been a long process for you Mom. Lots of 
times spent worrying! Dad, your perspective is different because you've 
already been through VMI. All of those speeches about "suckin 1 it up" 
and moving forward did indeed work. VMI has made me a better person. 
VMI has been a worthwhile learning experience that has made me so 
much more appreciative of many of life's little things. I made some 
mistakes in my cadetship that to this day I wish I could change. But. 
those days are over and nothing can be done about it. So, I just make 
the best of it. I wish the best to all of my Brother Rats; not a finer group 
of people on Earth than y'all. To The Institute. I wish all the prosperity 
in the future. 



Mike Rust 


- Michael Dongieux, Will Paulette 

I came to VMI for one simple reason - to see if I could make it. 
I wanted to know if I was man enough to conquer the toughest 
college rite of passage in the country, the Ratline. I hoped that 
the lessons learned in surviving the hard, brutal, and taxing 
experience would instill in me the traits of guts, integrity, and 
confidence under pressure that I needed. Through four years of 
BS and trials more defeating than I ever could have imagined, I 
stuck it out for another simple reason. So that with all the 
qualities I'd gained at VMI and with my diploma in hand, I could 
extend my middle finger towards Barracks, smile both a cocky 
and relieved smile, and say, "I beat you, you SOB. You 
couldn't break me. Now we can be friends." 
To my roommates and BRs; to Cliff, Mr. Debouchel and Mr. 
Geisendaffer; to Mr. Witschard, Mr. Sample, Mr. Bolton, the 
Doggs, and of course, Mom and Dad - I would not have made 
it without your constant support and your more than occasional 
kicks in the butt. I hope I can live my life in a way that upholds 
and repays your examples and influences. 
To all the rats of Tiger Echo that I ever had the opportunity of 
leading and working with over the last three years, and to Saul. 
Chris, Drew, and Sam - your guts and determination have 
made it worth it. You've earned it so far, and now the legacy is 
in your capable hands. It's only what you make of it for 
yourselves - make it as tough as you can. 

Stay Hard, 

1999- Cliff Flournoy 
2005 - Chris Muller, Saul Newsome 

First Class 151 

Joseph R. Scarbrough 

Naples, FL 

Army - Economics & Business 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Army - Civil Engineering 

Army -History 

First, I would liked to say thanks to the boys in 206 and 306 for 
all the good times over the last few years. And I would like to 
say thanks to my roommates for helping me get through all this 
crap. Well, I don't have a lot to say good about this place, but 
maybe I will one day. I just hope I still stay close to all the great 
friends I have made here. And good luck to everyone. 

Finally, I'm finished! I know many people had their dou. 
about me staying and I was among you, but I did it with the I 
of family and friends. Thank you, Mom and Dad. You he- 
given me guidance and someone to talk to when I needed m 
You don't need to be afraid of what will come for me becau 
after all of this I am sure I can handle it. Mom, you've fought I 
battles for a long time, and now it's my turn. I feel that wei 
only grown closer over these past four years. Grammomn 
and Papa you have given me moral and financial support, | 
I know it means a lot to you to see me graduate from here, 
I'm glad that I was able to. Mr. and Mrs. Pasko, you have a; 
made this place a lot more bearable for me because when I ■ 
to leave you treated me as if I were a part of your family. The 
you. My roommates over the years have also played 
important role in my stay here. Without them, I would ha 
given up a long time ago. I will definitely miss the laughs 
shared this year. Bo, you were always making me lau 
(usually at Chad). Phil, thanks for the guitar lessons. Ch; 
"and you're really smart so..." We had fun making fun of y 
and the relations you like to have with certain people. Thanl 


1999- Chris Colbow 

2005 -Jason Kontopedes 


if v i, ■ ; 

L i ■' 

1 W- J!-™ 


x© ^^^r^jailpift- fcr 

!'U|. . 


1999- Cameron Tabor - 

2005 -Jeff Sparks, John Rerucha 


2005 -Adam Rouse 


,:j^ ^P* 

152 First Class 

Thomas B. Schillo, II 
LintUcum, MD 

Joshua Schreiber-Schoonyan 

Traci N. Schukz 
Newark, NJ 

Army - Economics &r Business 

Snuff)', Scooby, .Alphabet, Scrotom, Schreibmachine 
Army - History 

Air Force - English 

st of all, I would like to thank my Mom and Dad. Without your 
pport through the various setbacks during the past three-and- 
nalf years, I would have never made it. Ever since I was 
le, you taught me to do the right thing, and that trait has also 
rved me well here. I love you guys. 

jjring my time here at VMI I have met many fine men of 
aracter and honor. My dyke, Ted, is definitely one of those 
ople. However, in the later part of my cadetship I have come 
toss leaders who simply serve as a good example of what 
it to be. Certain members of the current administration represent 
'erything I do not want to be. For I make these judgements 
ised upon a quote my father once said to me: "A man's 
aracter is judged by how he treats those who can do him no 

my rugby friends: your sense of humor and brotherhood has 
ade my time here a lot more bearable. I'm proud to be your 
ing. To my Brother Rats in Charlie Co: I'll never forget you 
jys. Thanks for the memories. TBS 

Praise to Jesus Christ my savior and God above for His 
mercy, forgiveness, and grace. It is by this alone that I am alive 
today. Mom, you taught me true strength and love. Jess, 
you're always my best friend and a hero of honor. Dad, thank 
you for your sacrifices and love. Grandma, God has blessed 
my life with you. Doc Monsour, you are the definition of a true 
man. All friends. I love you all. Women at VMI, much respect 
is due unto you. Czars of VMI, you taught me everything that 
destroys humanity through living examples. ..thanks. '02, never 
forget the brothers we left behind after they put everything out for 
us, Dave, Shawn, and so many others- good luck. '03 Hotel 
and other great friends, see you next year and I love the 
memories so far. Mouse, you taught me my hardest lesson 
while I've been here: sacrifice a world for love and have it 
rejected. The pain has strengthened me, so I guess I should 
thank you. To all those being held down, fight to the death and 
do not fear any man, they all bleed the same— a firestorm to 
purify. Remember all, death is not to be feared, but respected- 
everyday life is a chance. True honor, selflessness, intensity, 
and self-deprivation will lead you in humility to greater things. 
All homage to God and The Lamb: my life and soul are yours. 

"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make 
them all yourself."-Eleanor Roosevelt 

The events that I have witnessed here and been a part of will stay 
with me for the rest of my life. For some, I wished they had never 
happened. I have learned what true friends are and have gained 
several. My roommates this year have taught me a lot about strength 
and pride. For this, I'm thankful. To the other three women in my class 
you have also taught me a lot about sticking together and following 
one's beliefs. I thank my parents for being the roots that have kept me 
grounded and strong. To my rats: don't let this place rule your life. It is 
only four years. Just remember: you have to live the rest of your lives 
with the way you treat others, and what goes around comes around! 
However without the One Being, I would've never experienced any of 
this and for this fact I am thankful. For everything that happens there is 
a reason behind it because God has a purpose for everything. 
This is for all of the women that come in the classes after this one. Hold 
your head up high because you attend this school like everyone else. 
You have nothing to be ashamed of. Do not let others take away what 
is rightfully yours through what they say and their actions! It took me a 
long time to learn this and most of the time I did it the hard way. The 
easiest way to say it is "Don't take unnecessary crap from people who 
have no idea what kind of stuff you go through on a daily basis!" 

To my teammates: I am proud of you all for stepping forward and 
helping making our team what it is today. It is through our sweat and 
tears that there will someday be more sports for incoming females to 
play. It has been an honor and a privilege to share the field with you. 
Stay strong and all that matters is not how many games you win, but 
how you play and the effort you put in. I am proud of you all! 
I look forward to what the future has in store because it has to be better 
than some of the things I've experienced here. I thank God for everyone 
I have met here because through them I have realized what type of 
person I strive to become and what type of person I hope to never be. 


1999 -Kevin Ryan 

2005 -Jessica Stewart, Randy Wainman 


Jfes^i ^ 


!i A BPl 


i . .* 




/ ■ 


First Class 153 

Ronald F. Sebeck 

Westminster, MD 

Matthew F. Serra 
Clearwater, FL 

Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Economics & Business 

Mother F***** Serra 
Navy - International Studies 

I would like to thank my dykes ('99), Powell, Dan, Les and 
Matthew, for the many things you taught me rat year about how 
to get through this crazy place. To my Rat roommates, we had 
some crazy times, but I am glad I got to know you guys. To 
Nate and Sam, you guys will always be some of my best 
friends even though you did ditch me this year, haha. To 
Salmaan, brother, it's been awesome getting to know you, I 
have learned so much from you, and I think you have changed 
me in a lot of ways, I hope we will always stay in touch. To 
Jim(Bloodnutt), I am glad to have gotten to know you this year, 
I count you as one of my better friends. Stay in touch. To Marc, 
well, we have had some times, haven't we? Things have 
changed a lot since Third Class year. We are very different, but 
I think we also have a lot in common. At least there is one thing 
we definitely have in common, haha. Take it easy and stay in 
touch. Dave, Chris, Alex, you guys make good neighbors. To 
F-Troop, we had some good times. Eric and Tim, I hope I have 
been an example to you this year and maybe some 
encouragement that just about anyone can make it through 
here. Mom, Dad, Luke, and Levi, you guys have helped me 
stay focused in so many ways. Without that, I know I would 
have forgotten the goal early on. IHTFP and God bless. 

by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

"It's only when you lose everything can you gain anything. 

Anytime you are faced with making a decision in life, know th; 
the harder decision is most likely the right one. 

"I bow my head to no man, nor do I come on bended knee, bit 
if you come to me a-smiling, a-smiling I will be." 

As I look back at my time at VMI, all I can think to analogize m 
experience is this. ..VMI is like a classic piece of art, if yo. 
stand at a distance.. .it is truly remarkable. But if you stand to 
close.. .you can see its cracks and blemishes. 


1999 Burr Powell Harrison, IV 

2005 - Eric Heese, Tim Johnson 

mm 'MB 

■Hi' tOF - 


^■M* * 






1999 - Corey Kearse 

2005 - Anthony DeVlarco, Kyle Isaacs 


1999- Mike McDermott 

2005 -James Driggs, Justin Abbinante 

154 First Class 

Gregory T. Settle 

Rappahannock, VA 

1 /ST «v f •* 


i 1 



Randy L. Sheets 

Brian P. Shepherd 


Army - Civil Engineering 

Army - Economics & Business 

Shep, P-Hat, Shepdawg, B, 
Army - Economics & Business 

;an't believe the time has come to say goodbye to the "I" and 
it an end to both the best and the worst years of my life. This 
ace has helped me realize what is really important in life, 
rst, I have to thank God for helping me and my family through 
ese four years. I am very grateful for having such a great 
■mily that has always showed me love and support. It starts 
ith the best grandparents anyone could ever have, I thank 
,3u so much for always being there. Mom, Dad, Chuck, 
jorma, and Bobby Jo. thank you so much for your support and 
tseping me focused through these past few years. Jackie, 
ihuckie, Gary, and Kelly, I could not have done it without the 
:Dod advice, encouragement, and the fun times on those short 
irloughs and weekends. Thanks a lot!!!!!! Eric, what can I 
lay, man? You told me it would be over soon, thank you for 
seping me laughing and helping me live life to its fullest every 
me there is an opportunity. Mark and Stillman: those long 
ays and nights asking each other why we were there are 
nally over. I wish you two the best of luck in whatever you 
o. I could not have had better roommates. John and Reuben: 
ven though we had some long stressful nights in NEB, you 
to kept it fun. Good luck!! 

There really isn't much to say about this place but that going 
here was pure hell, and 'm happy it is now all over. To all my 
boys down in the sinks and the "Kobra Ki Klan"; C-MO, Sea 
bass, Old Dad, James Ace, Dirty, and Icabod- we had some 
unforgetable times. To my roommate John, you were the friend 
that I could trust and count on for anything. We've went through 
a lot of tough crap together while we've been here. You will 
always be considered my good friend and someone I'll always 
keep in touch with. I also would like to give a special thanks to 
my Mom for helping me get in and out of VMI. Thanks to my 
brother for motivating me to always do my best. Thanks to my 
little sister (Little Hippie) for supplying me with a nice place to 
chill at and girls to hit on. Lastly to my rats- I gave you guys a 
tough time. It was for your own good, but mainly because I 
thought it was funny seeing you guys miserable. Vik, you're a 
good kid; you did everything I asked without any complaints. 
You have a very happy personality and nothing really seems to 
get you down. Make sure you don't let this place take that 
away. Wells, remember, work on you mumbling and the world 
will be a much easier place. 

It is difficult to determine at this time what exactly I will be 
thinking as I look at VMI in my rear view mirror on May 16. 
2002. Right now I can say that friends were the key factor in 
getting through this four year ordeal. Making it through VMI has 
not only been a struggle for me, but for those close to me as 
well. I cannot even begin to count the times that I called my 
Mom and told her that it was over and that I was done with VMI. 
But here I am typing this history and wondering if I made the 
right decision to stay. I grit my teeth as I reluctantly accept the 
fact that I made the right decision in coming here. I have been 
blessed with many fortunate experiences during my time at the 
beloved "I." The most notable was my experience abroad in 
Prague. The experience was nothing less than amazing. Scott, 
we are the luckiest people I know. Our experiences and 
memories in Europe (and the Iron Door) will always stay 
engraved in our hearts. NAKLADOVE NADRAZI ZIZKOV!! I 
cannot even begin to name off the people who have had a 
positive impact on my experience here, but I will name a few: 
Mom, Dad, Dan, Kelly, and John, thanks for all your love and 
support!! You have made this experience worthwhile. Skippy, 
we will travel the world together... I still think it funny how things 
have progressed since freshman year. Scooter (Ice Princess), 
Scott (BAT), and Bear (Bear): you all have helped me more than 
you know and I think we can all thank God for mind erasing kits, 

Spaceghost, and Sami's classic Telling it wrong" stories Trey 

and Andy. I hope I have shown you the right way and how to 
roll with the many punches here at VMI. ..Good luck!! As for the 
rest of 2002, come visit me in Lithuania next year.. .Good luck 
to you all!!! 

1999 -Jeff Holder 
2005 - Samjohnson 




1999 Ale Rodriguez 

2005 - Vicheal Foxx, Wells Griffith 

1999 - Chris Alligood 
2005 - Trey Mercer, Andy Stribling 

First Class 155 

\ /! 

John D. Simmons 


Franklin P. Sla\ 7 in III 

Rural Retreat, VA 

Sim, JD, Johnny 
Army - Economics & Business 

SKAda, Tough Guy, Skard on 
Army -History 

Steve, Reneck' 
Army - Civil Engineering 

When people ask me about John, I always tell them that they 
truly don"t get the entire "John Simmons Experience" unless 
they live with him and see it 24/7. As I look back at our four 
years, I realize that John embodies the entire VMI model and 
unlike many of his fellow rankers.. .he has some game with the 
ladies. John, don't forget B-Dub's in Dayton and psycho girl 
from "The Cozy".. ..good luck in the Army.. .Scott Watts 

Well the time has gone by fast. Who knew something that 
sucks so bad could go by so fast? I truly believe that VMI has 
prepared me for everything the real world can throw at me. 
Well the rough times have brought about some great friendships 
and great road trips. I don't know if I couldVe made it through 
the "I" if weren't for Scott keeping me in check when I started 
losing sanity. Scott, you have great things coming to you. To 
all those from Spring Break 2002: I don't think that Jamaica will 
ever forget the 16 studs from VMI. "What's your name again?" 
To my family, thanks for all the love and support over the past 
four years. I love you with all my heart and am in debt to you 
for everything you have provided me. To everyone at VMI: 
Remember your roots. Don't ever forget where you came 

The whole notion of an individual class history categorically 
usurps the legitimacy of one cherished and fundamental precept 
governing the VMI experience, the collective achievement of 
the class to which Ed will have graduated with before this 
chronology is released. Nevertheless, amidst this and other 
idiosyncrasies, Ed has never lost the essence of the true VMI 
man, for he is and forever will have what few may claim but all 
desperately long to regain after enduring one of the greatest 
hoaxes ever foisted upon any group of humans. ...individual 
identity. Ed Skarda is and forever will be Ed Skarda. He is and 
always will be the Ed Skarda who as a rat, out of sheer pride 
and willpower, never allowed his body to hit the deck as a 
metaphysical act of defiance amidst others who saw no 
implications relative to this tacit admission of weakness. The 
Ed Skarda who never relinquished the power of self-acceptance 
and concomitant unquantifiable levels of esoterica in exchange 
for the collective security of uniformity is intact. His soul is valid 
and tangible where others are opaque or translucent because 
he was never coaxed into wiping a spot of mustard or ketchup 
from his omnipresent grin to appease those who found it offensive 
or unsettling. If I were to provide a synopsis of what Ed Skarda 
would want to leave the automatons of the class of which he 
and I were once part of it would have to be through a quote from 
The Impossibles (paraphrased in an effort to touch those lacking 
"punk" sensibilities). Have fun "Holding your breath all night, 
clenching your fists so tight, wishing with all your might that 
you'll never fear." - David Debruyn 

I would like to thank all those here and away from VMI wf i 
have helped me survive four years at this "noble Institute 
Mom, Dad, and Bill, if it wasn't for y'all, none of this would evi 
be possible. Cy, Corey, Greg, Marc, Matt, Neal, Sean, Stev. 
and Shane, I will miss y'all incredibly, good times for the la: 
three years. Katherine, you mean more to me then anything j 
the whole world. To everyone else, there is something I wa; 
you all to remember me by: "A Country Boy Can Survive" t 
Hank Williams, Jr. 
All I have to say about VMI is I am glad we stepped off, 2002 
brotherhood will live forever, and don't expect any money froi 
Franklin Peter Slavin III, VMI. I'M OUT!! See Yal! 



Matt Bryant 


-Kyle Clark 

1999 - Joel Christenson 
2005 - Chris Beaucham, Jeremy Ward 


1999 -Van Carson 

2005 - Resse Morris, Brandon Haney 

156 First Class 

Sloan Cold, Sloaney Baloney 
Army - Civil Engineering 

James B. Smith 
Pleasanton, CA 

Army - Computer Science 

Army - Economics & Business 

i my friends in the CE department and Alpha Co., my 
ommates, and my rats: thanks for making me laugh so many 
nes over the last four years. Jimmy and Leif, if you can 
irservere. you will be out of here before you know it. 

I've done my share of complaining about VMI, but I've always 
been proud of this place. A short run past the halls of ivy and the 
shaggy-headed frat freaks next door was the only reminder I 
ever needed that I went to the right school. Thank you, Brian, for 
enduring those runs with me. Our CS major sucked but don't 
worry about it. I have Than"s grid coordinates. Layne, your 
perfect grades were an inspiration. I hope that wherever you 
go. your wonderful intelligence will be recognized and rewarded. 
But who knows? Most people on this earth are King Stupid. 
Sean, I wish you luck in your Army career. The fact is there 
isn't one officer in 100 with your wit and sense of humor. Your 
subordinates (in the Army or anywhere else) won't know how 
lucky they are. Jeff, so long and thanks for the hay-downs. You 
will reap the rewards in heaven. To all my friends, I know I had 
my head in the clouds most of the time, but it's not because you 
weren't good company. Y'all helped me out more than you'll 
ever know. Margaret, I will always be proud of you and I know 
you will do it right. Mom and Dad, thank you for your support. 
And to my rats- don't wish away your time here. These years 
are too important and they go by too fast. A great man once told 
me, life is a process of creating the memories we want to have 
when those memories are all we have. As for VMI, I don't regret 
a minute of it. 

by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence; 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 


999 -Chuck Fleet 

005 - Leif Aaron, Jimmy Thorns 


1999- Matthew Kuhr 

2005 - William Crockett, Zachary Lewis 

1999 - None 
2005 - Loren Gernandt, Hsin- Yu Lin 

First Class 157 




Puthyvuth K. Sok 

I Phnom Penh, Cambodia 


Adam K. Soller 
Alexandria, VA 

Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Economics & Business 

Soil, Soul Train, SF 
Army - Economics & Business 

Thanks Mom.Dad.Ria and all my amigos and amigas who 

helped me throughout the struggle. Thanks, VMI, for showing 

me how ugly this world can be and uglier the people in this 

world are. 

To all the youngsters in the struggle, keep your head up and 

don't let this place get the best of you. Always remain calm no 

matter who is yelling at you or who is trying to belittle you 

because deep down inside you know that you are better then 


Oh Yeah to all the high school zeros VMI heroes out there: you 

guys are the reason why the majority of the Corps does not don 

their rings. You are the reason we all hate this place and tell 

everyone that we meet in life that we are from a small school in 

Lexington. To you I leave a little warning: if you try and do 

some of the things in the real world that you did at this school. 

there will be no GC or administration to save you, so guys 

should probably shut up and never say anything. Take it as an 

insult or as it is meant, which is some help. Believe. It could 

save your life. Anyway, much love to everyone and I will see 

ya when I see ya. 

Don't call me b/c I will not pick up the phone just joking, one 



To friends and roommates, you guys have definitely made my 
experience at VMI a challenging and unforgettable one. I probably 
wouldn't be the same without meeting you guys. Thank you for 
being such good friends. Dan, Lau, and Jou I wish you guys 
the best of luck. Dan and Lau, we still need to go hunting... 
Nam, thanks for being such a good friend, I know I can count on 
you. And good luck, Donahue, with your navy seal training. 
Jerry and Caleb, it is nice knowing you. You guys will always 
be in my mind. And whenever you guys want to stop by 
Cambodia, feel free to contact me. I'll be very happy to show 
you guys around. 

Khan, thanks for being such a good dyke. You know, 
you remind me of myself three years ago. Keep up the good 
work and keep in touch. 

Finally, and more than anything else, I want to thank my 
family, especially my Mom and my Dad, from the bottom of my 
heart for believing in me and supporting me and making this day 
possible. Without you, this world would not be the same. Your 
guidance and your support is what brought me this far, and your 
love is the fuel that keeps me going through all the hardships in 
my life. I know I have been a little out of touch while I am in the 
United States, but you and home have always been in my 
heart. I love you! 

It's been a long, crazy trip these past four years. I want to th . 
my family for being there for me throughout it all. 

To all my friends, we had some fun times here that we'll ne* 
forget. Whether it was getting broke down on 81 , trips to ChiJ 
Hill, having fun at both of Steve's houses (Culpeper <l 
Lexington), trips to Goshen, fun times at the farm, or raising i< 
at Baldwin, Tech, Radford, UVA and was all worthwh: 

To my roommates, we made it through those crazy times! 
well as room wars with Brick, Travis and JR. Bailey, enl 
Lane (Andrea that is) and keep the Trooper no matter wt 
Lane, watch out for the Cambodian River Sickness. Mon | 
there's always a way out but good luck with it, bra. Brad, fil 
Radford to UVA to T9 it's been quite an experience. 

To the rats, you all are good kids who had great dylji 
(seriously). We had some fun times in 117 that I'm sure we r 
not soon forget. You all take care of yourselves and we'll ; 
back to see you. Kirk, keep your head down over there 

To all the boys of 2002, good luck and I'll see you all arour 

To the Institute, IHTFP. 

P.S. Lane I hope you get cursed with four girls. 


1999- Gordon Overby 

2005 - Seth Parker, Tom Manley 

■ Jit ill H ' » Milliia HI 
11 i in Wa sm •■• ■»■ 331 

11 f 111 f if * 1 III f, »ltt 

158 First Class 

1999 - Oat 
2005 - Khan Banchusuwan 


1999 -John Bolt 

2005 -Jerome Mabry, Jacob Saylor 

Bradley J. Sorrell 

Orangey A 

Marc D. Stallard 
Winchester, VA 

Paul W. Stamp 

Army - Mathematics 

Army - Economics & Business 

Army - Mechanical Engineering 

that a long road it has been! I want to thank my family for 
ways being there tor me. Angie. Amie, and Vernon, I pray that 
ju may be blessed with a magnitude of opportunities as I 
live. Vernon Sr.. thank you for all the encouragement and 
(lidance. Mom, God has given you a place with Him so that 
iu may better take care of us. Thank you for all the help you 
live given me, and all the last minute jams that you've gotten 
le out of. Cams, what can I say, you're the best and I love 
liu. Ryan, I love you, man. Life is just beginning and the 
(rport isn't far away. To all those in F-Troop, I love you and 
tank you for being there for me. Laird, William, Jamal, Cory, 
hd Kurt, you guys are great kids, never lose sight of your 
pals, and thanks for all your help in a time of need, My family 
hd I appreciate it. "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow 
[ill worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own 
Duble." Matthew 6:34 

by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth: 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear: 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

It seems like the past four years have come and gone so 
quickly— it seems hard to believe that in such a short amount of 
time such strong bonds can be made between people. My 
friends are the only aspect of VMI I really wish to take away 
from here. Wes: Wow, I've never seen such a huge change in 
a person before. We've come a long way since STP on fhe 
second stoop, haven't we? I'm glad you're happy and I know 
our friendship won't stop at Limit's Gates. Chris, the all-knowing 
(ha!)— if the world were left to us we'd have all of its problems 
solved, wouldn't we' Well, perhaps not, but I'm definitely going 
to miss our frequent debating and constant sarcasm about 
anything and everything. You've been a great friend and 
roommate. Jeff: I have a tremendous amount of respect for you 
and I feel privileged to have you as a friend. I know I couldn't 
have made it through VMI without the loving support of my 
family. Mom, Dad, and Dawn: How can I ever thank you 
enough for being there for me through thick and thin throughout 
my cadetship - ' I appreciate what you've done for me more than 
you'll ever know. As for everything else about this school, it 
doesn't amount to anything. Goodbye. VMI: I'm never looking 



2005 - Laird Nickels, William Hamilton 

1999 Chuck Reinhold 
2005 -Chris White 


*-'- - 

First Class 159 

Bryan L. Starcher 

Shcrmansdalc, PA 



P V ' ' ^ 



Corey J. Stavinoha 

Fairfax,VA J 


Air Force - History 

Army -History 

Twigs, Steve 
Army - Civil Engineering 

To the family: Mom, Dads, Sis, Grandmas and Grandpas, 
your support and love has been incredible. There is no way to 
repay you except to teil you that you have my undying gratitude 
and love. To Kate: You are my sanity, without you I am not sure 
I could have made it. My Angel, you keep watch over me with 
your never ending love and e-mails; I can't wait to start my life 
with you (((Kate))). To the roomies: Bryant, Jason, and Lou 
you are the best friends anyone can ask for. If someone asks 
what I miss most about VMI it will most certainly be you guys, 
and maybe Chicken Nugget Day. It is impossible to remember 
all the good times we have had, so instead I will just say 
"Thanks" for some of the best memories of my life; y'all are 
awesome. To the Boys in Bravo: you have given me some of 
the most endearing friendships a guy could ask for, filled with a 
craziness that only a place such as this could produce. I won't 
miss the PTs or the practice parades, but I will miss the 
conversations and laughter that you all brought to this Institution 
of higher "learning."' To the Class of 2002: you've given me 
back some pride and a reason to smile, something I'd almost 
lost. I don't know near as many of you as well as I should, but 
when it came down to it, we were still there to support each 
other. Shawn Joyce, you will always be welcome in my home 
wherever it may be, and you shall never be forgotten. To my 
rats: Brian and Josh, congratulations on completing the first part 
of this looooooong road. Keep your heads up; I already know 
you have the spirit and common sense to make it through this 
place. Just remember why you came here, it's not easy, but it 
is worth it. To VMI: I'll miss you... someday 

The four years I have been here was a challenge that no one 
could forget. When they say this is the road less traveled, they 
are right. However, one can never forget what they have 
learned here and can never forget the bonds you make with 
your friends. The days when we entered here at VMI are 
coming to a close and a new chapter in our lives is about to be 
written. I could not have done all this without the support from 
my friends and, most of all, from my family, I thank you from the 
bottom of my heart, and I love you all. To my two little nasties, 
you may hear us curse this place and talk down about it, but, in 
the end you will see that all the hell that you have been put 
through will be worth it. Stay strong and never let anybody 
forget who you are. God bless. 

If you don't know where you're going, then any road will 16 
you there. If you don't know who you are, then the world 
tell you. For all of the animosities I have toward my time he> 
there is not a single bit of regret. Even though we take a leap, 
faith and sacrifice "the best years of our life" for an experien 
that sometimes feels like the worst years of our life, we rem; 
stubborn in our ways, too proud to turn back, and one ci 
complete what we set out to accomplish, knowing who we ; 
and where we're going. Then sometime down the road, 
realize they were in fact the best four years of our life. And I 
we gladly support the one thing that was once the source of 
anguish and frustration in our life. I believe that's what mal> 
this place unique. Jake, Dusty. Nate, Mike, and Joe: I adrr 
each of you, and that's all you'll get out of me. To all of the r 
in 105, Eric, Gregg, Matt, and Steve: remember that the v 
majority of people outside of these walls only follow c 
commandment. I pray that each of you will one day have 
privilege of writing this paragraph as well. To Jenny: you 
done your best to understand what we go through here 
cadets, and I cannot thank you enough for what you have dc 
to get me through these last two years. And finally, to Mom ; 
Dad: you will never know how much your support has me, 
to me for I can take only so much credit walking across 
stage. I want to make you proud of whatever it is I do, | 
maybe someday have the blessing of caring for my childc 
half as well as you have for me. Thank you. 

1999 - Eric Roed 
2005 -Josh Simulcik, Brian Touhy 


1999- Trevor Chester 

2005 - Colin Alstad, Dous; MacDonald 

1999 -Brian Wolfe 
2005 - Steve Cunningham 

160 First Class 



if ^ ^M 

*Zjrr IM 

w 't'v^l 



Jefferson D. Stoner 






Phillip D. Stracener 
Wamnton, VA 

Stilt, Grundy 
Army - Civil Engineering 

Marine Corps - Chil Engineering 

Strace, Kaiser, Phil 
Army - Mechanical Engineering 

een an experience, but not always a good one. I've shared 
3 great times with friends and I've grown closer to my 
ly. I thought May 2002 would never come. My football 
3r wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be or expected it to be, 
he relationships I have with some of my teammates and 
imates will never be forgotten. The most important thing I 
learned throughout my cadetship is the value of friendship 
family. Sturg, LB, BB, you know who I'm talking to. I would 
to thank my family for everything they have given me. 
i, Dad, Jodi. Jamie, and the "babies," I love you all. Thank 
so much for everything. I couldn't have made it this far 
lut you. Janie, you have been there for me through the 
t of times and the best of times. I could never thank you 
igh. I love you sweety "lots and lots" (K). Jeremy, good 
with whatever you decide to do. Get that ring, JW. 

To all my friends, thank you for making this place bearable 
these last few years. Without all of you I know I couldn't have 
done it. Brian, roomie, thanks for helping me enjoy life as I 
should. I'm very grateful that I've had the privilege of living with 
you and being entertained by your strange ways and positive 
outlook. John, Reuben and Tommy, it's been a pleasure getting 
to sweat my way through engineering with you. Stu, Layne 
and James, I appreciate the extra sarcasm and humor I needed 
in my life. Paul and Wes, thanks for your friendships and 
helping me realize what's important at the I. Mom and Dad, 
thanks for your support and prayers. And last but not least. 
Jenny, I can't believe you did it, but you actually stuck it out 
with me through these last four years. You have made me the 
world's happiest man and most homesick cadet, I can't wait to 
share my life with you. 

Besides the five-year degree that I am still in contention for there 
are only a few things that I will leave VMI with, in 2003: good 
friendships, my further knowledge of the guitar, and the great 
game of rugby. Hopefully the hell we went through will pay off 
someday. Chad (Berserker), thanks for all the laughs at you; it 
was all in good humor. Joe (Scar), always up for a haircut and 
some guitar. Bo (Fiasko), can't say that I love the music but you 
always kept us awake at least. Nicky, we made it man, even 
though I still think I owe you money. I don't think that I could 
have made it without my parents though... the way you taught 
me never to give in to the easy way. Thanks for letting me take 
my own path, I learned a lot. Thanks for everything, especially 
the money. Pops. Kathleen, you are the most amazing thing that 
could have ever happened to me... I love you and I always will. 
Thank you for keeping me going every day. To all. .keep in 
touch after VMI, catch you on the flipside. 


'9 - Graham Mcpherson 

J5 -Jeremy Ward, Owen Mayo 


1999- Chris McGuire 

2005 - Tony Iliadis, Alex Correll 


1999- Hardy Robinson 

2005 - Pete Dreisbach, Gerrid Gall 




pl . 







1 1 



First Class 161 


Anthony H. Sturgill 
Pound, VA 

Christopher G. Sulhvan 
Newtown, CI 

William T. Summers 

Army - Civil Engineering 

Tsarukivan, Superman, Sully 
Marine Corps - Modern Language 

Army - Psychology 

While at the I, both hard and great times were endured. Though 
some of the times here will be forgotten with time, the friendships 
that were built while here will last a lifetime... not only the friends 
that I shared the football field with, but those with whom I shared 
conversations on the stoop with... 


Now that it's finally coming to an end. I feel it would no longer be 
premature to thank those who have gotten me through this 
place. Mom and Dad, your support kept me going all this 
time... my whole life. Without you two, I would not be where I 
am today. Thank you for all the opportunities you've afforded 
me. You mean the world to me and I hope I can continue to 
make you proud. My three roommates and our honorary 
roommate. ..Chris, Ken, Buck, and Tsar.. .you're all truly great 
friends. Without your joking, complaining, and most importantly 
your support. I couldn't have made it through four years here. 
Thanks also to the Echo boys... of the past and of '02 ("Violence, 
Intensity, Discipline"). 

In writing this, I have come to a simple realization that eluded 
me throughout my cadetship. VMI is a great school. Its cadets 
are the most honorable and loyal men I've ever had the privilege 
of being associated with. Many of my best memories have 
been within the four walls of Barracks and I will always look 
back on them fondly. It is a shame, however, that the school for 
which I signed the matriculation book no longer exists. Perhaps 
the ideal VMI never really existed for any cadet, but hopefully 
we will all look back on the "Mother I" and remember it as such. 
At least I'll have no regrets ... 

There are so many things that I could say about the past I 
years of my life. I have made some wonderful memoriesfl 
met some amazing people. "The Ty and Ty Show," 
legend rolls on my man... "Hey Walsh, I dont think they! 
ever let me have a recruit again." I am so thankful tc:B 
parents for all their guidance and help in choosing VMI. I 1 
gained something very special because of it. I want to than! 
of you who helped me to get where I am today, God bless I 


1999 - Graham McPherson 

2005 - Zane Angle, Brain Fitizgerald 

■ft Jm 

VHmmWl'iU Mm 

1999 -Dallas Clark 

2005 - Trip Smith, Frank Williams 

162 First Class 

George F. Swenck, III 

Midlothian, VA 

Caleb A. Sylvester 

Derick, Swank 
Army - Mechanical Engineering 


Electrical Engineering 

Army - Biology 

it, I would like to thank my family: Mom, Dad, Richard, 
irew, and my grandparents. It's been a long four years. I 
Idn't have done it without my roommates Willie, Paul, and 
ad. (y'all still realize that I can kick ah of your asses), 
inks you guys it's been fun. To the lax team it's been nothing 

fun. Good luck, Nate, John, Ben, JP. and Ryan. Coach 
tlett, thanks for being a teacher of life. I will benefit from my 
ieriences that have come from the Patch. Thanks, Russ, I 
ie I was never that bad as a rat. To my rats: Hook, keep 
ing you will be successful between the pipes. Bruns don't 
afraid to use your brain. It will keep you on the field and out 
rouble; you're good. This place may not be what it appears. 

me it wasn't, but, hopefully, what it has taught me has only 
de me a better person. 

Three weeks ago Frank and I went to Wal-Mart. Frank returned with some granola 
bars, some soap, and S25 worth of fish stuff. Soon after we returned to our room 
he held up his two bags of fish and said, "Welcome to Hell!" We both laughed. 
We can laugh because we understand, just as all of our classmates do, that we 
actually appreciate VMI and what we have learned within its confines For 
adding to this learning experience I would like to thank my family and friends for 
understanding the oddities of VMI And I also ask their forgiveness for my not 
visiting them more often I'll have to call the EE Department to the stand on that 
one AndtheEE Department deservesmytfianksaswell. It has come a long way 
even in these short 3 5 years in providing quality opportunities to cadets The 
only drawback' Mr Barr, AndtoMatt, Cadeef slash Gameplayer, Keith, The 
Struggling Artist, Brian, Jou Ming-Ching, Special Forces, and Stickshift - good 
luck with this EE stuff! I'll cook for all of us at our 1 5-year reunion. I'll even wear 
my chefs hat! SeniorDZ.J 148. I hope that one day I will be as dependable 
and as passionate as Frank; he is a wonderful friend I hope that every day 
someone will provide me with Brandon's strong opinion: he keeps me in check. 
And I hope that one day I will be as level-headed, thoughtful, and insightful as 
Nate; he always has a sobering answer when I start to get petty. Nates only 
drawback' The time he violated Brandon's scanner! Dave and Heidi, I love you 
guys You two set an awesome example of so many things - faith, discipline, 
courage, strength, conviction Mike and Alex, I've learned a bundle from you 
guys, individually and corporately And speaking of corporate, don't get too nch 
or too powerful (Mike) tor the little people Will miss you. You too. Mr Breeding 
I still find it tunny that you gave my e-mail address to that girl. I hope you don't 
mind that I post little pictures of you all around my apartment and office, because 
that's what I'm going to do. And I'm going to carry your Institute Report spotlight 
inmyplanner. In closing I have to tell everyone in 148 toshave Heidi how 
stressed I am so she can do the same. . Alex, not to throw food just because he 
"can"... Mike, that all the lly-by" country really does have some good stuff to 
offer... Jason, that I don't understand how he does it. If you need me. I II be in NEB 

A week into the Ratline I was telling myself, "you can't quit 
now, you've invested too much already, you better get something 
in return". For four years I was telling myself the same thing. So 
what did I get? Well, I met Luke from Idaho. Who would have 
guessed, me becoming best friends with a guy from Idaho 9 I 
didn't even know people lived in Idaho. Luke, you definitely 
taught me to never stand down for what I believe in. And there 
was Matt, my drinking buddy from Jersey. We had good times 
together. It'll be different without you. Make sure you save me 
a spot at the dive shop. guys. Living with twins was definitely 
interesting. Reuben and John, I wouldn't have had it any other 
way. Momma Trant, tailgating will never be the same. I couldn't 
have asked for better friends. The concourse was a great place 
to live. Great times... great friends. There was never a dull 
moment. It was the only place in the world where you could 
play extreme sports on your front porch. And I finally got rats 
(C-30). I hope we raised you guys up right. Mike. I know you'll 
make us proud. Well, I guess it's time to cash in my chips. The 
dealer lost this game. It might not be the typical college 
experience, but it was my college experience. Mom and Dad, 
I hope I made you proud. As long as you're proud of me. I know 
I did well. Thanks for lending me your strength. To my family, 
thanks for always supporting me. I love you. I chose to take the 
path less traveled, but I had God as my guide. 


305 - Mat: Bruns, Matt Hook 


1999 -Jeff Snyder 
2005 -Ben King 




1999 Adair Grahm, Will Sarsfield, 
2005 - Maike Duerr, and C-30 rats 



First Class 163 

Jon W. Tatum 
Petersburg, VA 

Tatum Thunder 
Army - Economics & Business 

Army -History 

Air Force - International Studies 

The end has finally arrived. Though I couldn't be any happier, 
sadness is also felt. I will miss all the time spent with my 
closest BRs. Thanks Chris, Paul, Ronnie, Jeff, Salmaan, 
Scottie. and Jason. We had some great times together, but 
luckily the brotherhood doesn't end here. Fun Times: Jazz 
Band gigs. FG concerts.. .Fancy Hill. ..OBX... Alley Katz... Tyler's 
crib...Cali/Vegas...VMI Tennis. ,.=w= concert. ..131245. ..The 
Luckiest! As for room 114, God bless and warmest wishes to 
each of you. Derek, Alex, Chris, and Luis. ..take what we 
taught you and make us proud, though you already have. 
Keep your heads high and it'll all be over before you know it. 
Thank you, Mom. Dad. and Lea for all your endless love and 
support. You made it possible. Thanks to VMI for a truly unique 
college experience. 

Well, I don't really have that much to say. I never have been a 
person of very many words. I am very proud to have been a 
part of the Class of 2002. It was a long road from matriculation 
in August of 1998. but we all did it. Together! 

Steve, we have been roommates for three years and it has 
been a blast. We have had a lot of fun, and caused a lot of 
trouble too. (HeHeHe) I could not have asked for a better roommate 
or friend. Good luck in the Air Force and try to stay out of trouble. 
To the rats of room 182, if you are reading this, then I am proud 
to say that you made it! You never gave up and now you're the 
class of 2005. Congratulations! Ryan, you have been a great 
rat and friend. Keep hold of both your spirit and your humor. 
Look out for Opi; he's fragile. John, I am very proud of you. You 
were a good rat and friend. Try not to take things so seriously. 
Oh, and whenever the Institute gets you down just remember 
"my motto" on training! 

Last, I would like to thank my parents and brother. They have 
given me so much support these last four years. They have 
always been there for me even in the most difficult of times. I 
can't thank you enough! 

It is hard to believe that our stay at the Institute is over, the days seerr 
to drag on forever but the years have flown by. As I look back, 
memories that I cherish the most are of my friends. To my roommat 
John and Ryan; I couldn't have asked for better friends; we havetoi 
and parted together for the past two- and-a- half years and it h 
been a wild ride. From road trips to drinking in Barracks, we hr. 
carried on the WBC tradition, and yet, managed somehow not to p 
caught! After graduation, even though we might live apart, I will kei 
in touch and will always think of you as my closest friends. To my dy: 
Hamel; a rat's dyke is supposed to be his mentor and friend. You hp 
been that and more to me. Your influence has made me who I am tod' 
I owe a lot to you and my only hope is that I have passed it onto my re : 
To all of my Brother Rats: "We've made it!!!" From band trips tofootti 
games, from smoking and joking to the classroom, I will always rememl 
the group of people that made putting up with all of the VMI has 
worth it. I consider you all as part of my family, and I will always rememl 
our time together. Thank you for being there for me. To my rats, Aar 
and Felix: you guys have made my First Class year interesting a 
enjoyable, I couldn't have asked for better rats. It is hard to believe tl 
the year went by so quickly but I promise you, it seems like it will I; 
forever, but it will be over before you know it! I will see you at yc 
graduation. Finally, to my Mom; thank you for all of your support a 
sacrifices. If you wouldn't have put up with 12-hour drives and r 
seeing you son for months on end, while giving me everything I needf 
I couldn't have made it to where I am today. I owe everything to yc 

Last words always seem important, but I realize that even though \ 
will all go in separate directions after May 1 6th, we will see each otf 
often and those are the days that I look forward to the most. Good lu 
to everyone. 


1999 -Jake AbeU 

2005 - Derek Rankin, Alex Boykin 

mmifK^ wp 


'-^i ™ 

\ Ifc 


1999- Chris Mills 

2005 - Ryan Carroll, John Kite 


1999 - Hamel Reinmiller 

2005 - Aaron Childers, Felix Guerra 

.64 First Class 

\ /: 

Matthew S. Thompson 


S\ /I 

Clarence B. Toney 


Matt-tie, Matty 
Army - Civil Engineering 

Rocker, Jerry, Charles Schwab 
Army - Economics & Business 

CB, Big C, Troll, Beast 
Army - Chemistry 

The Man I Want to BE 
by J. Randal Matheny 

The man I want to be 

Is full of Joy, 
The panoply of peace 

In full deploy. 

The man I want to be 

Is full of Praise, 

Whose voice proclaims His gifts, 

And homage pays. 

The man I want to be 

Is full of Fear, 

With trembling knees and heart, 

For God is near. 

The man I want to be 

Is full of Grace, 

With mercy deeply stamped 

Upon his face. 

The man I want to be 

Is full of Fire, 
To do the will of God 

And never tire. 

The man I want to be 

Is full of Love, 

Found anchored in the Lord's 

Protected cove. 

The man I want to be 

Will keep the Faith, 

That in the end 

God's Will will be in place. 

The man I want to be 

Is full of God, 

To walk the golden path 

That Jesus trod. 

As I'm sitting here trying to summarize the four years I have 
spent at the Institute, nothing really comes to mind. Although I 
don't think for one moment my time here was wasted, often 
times I think everyone wishes they could have been somewhere 
else. Nevertheless, that is ultimately where the grandeur of the 
Institute lies, the belief that although it was worth it because it 
was hard, it was more worth it because we will never have to 
do it again. However, the greatest asset of the VMI experience 
seems to come not only from the fact that we use terms like 
honor, character, or integrity, but also from the immeasurable 
pride and unyielding confidence seen in the Institute's graduates 
because, as generic as it sounds, of the fact that they did 
choose a road less traveled by. But the end of the road could 
not have been completed without the help of several others 
along the way, who deserve most of the credit. Momma and 
Will, thank you for all that you have taught me and all that you 
have put up with. You have never let me down and have 
always given me everything I needed to succeed. You deserve 
this diploma more than me. Dad and Dot, you, too, deserve a 
lot of credit, thank you for all your support. Allison, although I 
don't think you will every really understand the life of a VMI 
cadet, you sure have tried. Thank you for sticking around 
when you probably didn't have to. I love you. As for the rest of 
you: Jackson. Tim. Brett, JM, Benson (the rest of the concourse), 
Joel, Ben, Josh, Mark, David and anyone else I'm missing, 
thank you for the good times. One day, hopefully, we can 
appreciate the time we spent here. To my rats, Rory and 
Andrew, stay strong; this place needs people like you here. To 
VMI, thank you for the good times, the bad times, and the hard 
times. ..See you on the rebound. 


399- Andy Kratt 

005 -John Rerucha, Preston McFaddin 

1999- Brian T. Withers 
2005 - Rory Page, Andrew Stone 

As a rat I dreamed of this and now as it approaches, I am faced 
with fear, the fear of life after VMI, but most importantly the fear 
of the unknown. The four years you spend here are a learning 
experience. You learn that the brochure that you got in the mail 
has more lies in it than all the rallies of VMI. As each year goes 
on you learn more and more about the true VMI and how nothing 
is absolute and concrete. Often you find yourself being punished 
for doing the right thing. Then why stay? We stay for the friends 
that we have made. The people make it worthwhile. Shane 
Stille, thanks for being a good dyke and giving me some slack 
in the rope so I could learn. You allowed me to slip but you 
never let me fall. To all my wrestling buddies far and near who 
have shed pounds with me in the wrestling room, there is 
always a third period somewhere. To all my Chemistry nerds: 
titrate for life. Sopheap, after four years of not being able to say 
your name, I must say that it didn't even take me a year to 
realize that you are a good friend and roommate. Nam "The 
Man" Trant, too hard for TV, thanks for being a friend. Tim, I 
curse you everyday for convincing me to come here; nan. 
thanks for being there. Heidi, only one more year, babe, you 
have added another aspect to my life that keeps me smiling 
everyday, remember that "it's broken." Thank you God, Mom. 
and Dad for your son has finally broken out. 

1999 - Shane Stille 


2005 -Chris Hardy 






First Class 165 

Namanator, Nammie 
Air Force - Chemistry 


Reuben F. Trant, II 


Army - Ci\il Engineering 

Reub, Reubenizer 
Army - Civil Engineering 

You know, all of this jibber-jabber about how life is at VMI has 
gotten me wanting to tell everyone my VMI life story.. .and these 
are some pretty good stories, too. However, all I really want to 
say is this: thank you VMI for four great years— of humility, 
confusion, boredom, and frustration. Rat year established the 
tone for the rest of the cadetship. It set the pattern for my ups and 
downs, good and bad. Nonetheless, my VMI experience has 
been a positive one. I've met a bunch of great friends. Thanks, 
Tony, for giving me a traveled bug. Thanks, Pheap and Peter, 
for being true friends. Thanks, '02 chemistry majors for the help 
in rough times. Y'all are the smartest and most ambitious groups 
of people I know. Lastly, thank you. Mom, for everything you've 
done. You mean the world to me. 

I don't think I can really reflect on or sum up the past four years 
in this little bit of space. So maybe you can understand the 
enormity of it all by my exclusion of the details. Those of you 
close to me will stop and, for a moment, reflect yourselves, 
only then will you know how to fill the voids. It has been an 
unbelievable experience... I came here so naive... It's crazy 
how much I've changed. ..VMI has taught me many lessons, 
but the three I believe most significant are those of life, people, 
and myself. I must thank Tim, God, and VMI for that. Tim, for 
you are the reason I am here; God, for giving me the guidance 
and ability to take it all in and learn; and VMI for giving me all the 
opportunities and experiences. ..Mom and Dad, there are no 
words to express the gratitude I have for having you as my 
parents. Your love and support throughout my life and time here 
have been the wind beneath my wings. Tim, your selflessness 
is without equal and only something I hoped to mirror. Your 
advice is always so sound. Thank you brother. Lea, you 
made me believe that dreams do come true, and that fate is real. 
Thank you for letting me have someone so special to experience 
this place with. Reuben, what can I say, man? I seriously 
could not have made it without you. To all my friends, our bond 
is forever. Truly, this has been an amazing place and time in 
my life. 

First and foremost, I want to thank Mom and Dad. You 1 
were, and are, the best thing that ever happened to me. Til 
you so much for all the support, encouragement, and moil 
all, the love. Please know that I could never have asked r I 
of you. I can't imagine VMI without you. To my brothers, ■ I 
I can't find the words, but I know you know. John, you vl 
always the one I found to spill my heart and mind to, I did 
often and you always understood. All the late nights in NEBtj 
long chats as we drove to and from the "I"... I'll never fafl 
'em. Tim, although you weren't at VMI with me, I knew I 
were always still there, just a phone call away. Whenevl 
needed a friend to make it all make sense or pick me up, I el 
always count on you. Even though you might not have had! 
time, you always made some for me. We have sometlj 
very special, the three of us, and no one will ever be abl j 
take that from us. 

To the CE boys, especially Tommy and Jeff, we ma(l 
fellas! Thanks for everything and being the friends that you i 
Tommy, keep the bourbon and cokes comin' and keep the ; ] 
table open. To the roomies, Matt, Luke, and Tri, it was atol 
us vs. the world. Thanks for all the memories. To Matt T. 1 
the staff, thanks for never saying die; we fought the good M 
To the concourse boys, you always kept me smiling, especj 
when I needed it most. To the C-30 Rats, guys, I hope I 
have a great cadetship and remember to keep your heads I 
Thank you, VMI, for the great friends, memories, and lessij 
I hope our system can withstand the test of time. "Here's tc j 
and those like us, damn few left!" Keep the faith! 

1999 - Lance Smith 
2005 - Steven Watson, Kirk Stokes 


1999 -Jason Berg 

2005 - Greg Shakespeare, Donnie Barbaree 


1999 - Brad Wineman 
2005 -Shore Stokes 

166 First Class 


Frank L. Trigueros 

Tracy, CA 

David D. Troxell 


Andranik Tsarukyan 
Glendale, CA 

Mexicano, Paco, Tra-hair-rose, Buck 
Marine Corps - History 

"Trox" and "Davey T." 
Air Force - Ci\il Engineering 

Army - International Studie 

rst and foremost I would like to thank God (or giving me the 
(Dortunities I have had, and allowing me to come to VMI. I 
vuld not be graduating if it were not for the Lord above. I would 
I to thank my family; if it were not for their support and many 
s:rifices, I would not have been able to come to this school. 
] my parents, my brother, my aunt and uncle and my 
ijindparents. thank you all. Also to my friends back home, 
fjnk you. A lot has happened in the past four years here at 
Hi I've learned a lot about people and a lot about myself. At 
ies, I have to admit I have hated this place and wished it 
Jul bum to the ground.. .but who doesn't 9 The friends I have 
Mde and the experiences that I have gone through will stay 
)h me for my entire life, and I wouldn't trade them for anything, 
jis school has forced me to grow up and become a better 
jrson and that is what I needed. To my roommates: Dave, Dirt 
!ig, and D. Ross; you guys are truly some of my best friends, 
3've been through a lot and I couldn't have been more fortunate 
ihave all three of you become my friends. Thank you guys 
[ making this experience all the more worthwhile, 
i my boys down the stoop, JR and Trav: the last two years 
've been awesome, and I'm gad that we've become friends. 
iiu guys, along with my roommates, are but a handful of 
^nds I would do anything for. Thanks for everything, guys, 
" my fellow F-Troopers and other friends here at VMI; your 
pndship has meant a lot to me and has made my experience 
ere in Virginia one never to forget. And I'll close with this, the 
lassie message of Robert Frost: 

wo roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less 
iveled by, And that has made all the difference," 

999 -Cliff Ford 
:005 - Parker Mills, Will Butt 

I arrived at VMI desperate to prove something to myself, my 
parents, and, most importantly at the time, my peers. Knowing 
it was the first step in this process, I remember feeling an 
overwhelming surge of spirit, pride, and fear while signing the 
matriculation book. 

My ignorant state of bliss blinded me from the true purpose and 
meaning of a VMI cadetship. As I slowly discovered over the 
course of three years, I should have arrived eager to enhance 
my character, discipline, fortitude, and personality, and also to 
grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. 

I am most grateful to all of my past roommates (rat year to First 
Class year), dykes, co-dykes, instructors, acquaintances, 
friends, and family (especially my mother and father) for forcing 
me to learn such a difficult lesson. Although my initial reaction 
was that of disdain, I now truly understand the act of brotherhood 
they committed. Without being subjected to this group of fine 
individuals, their level of patience, and the lessons they taught, 
I would not be the person I am today, and VMI would not have 
been worth the journey. In retrospect, I can only feel great 
remorse for the unknown loss I would have had to endure. 

As for my rats. John and Will, I can only hope you both retain 
the knowledge I directly and indirectly passed to you. I also 
hope you learned from my faults and won't repeat them. VMI 
will bring everything to you, including much hardship and 
happiness. Make no mistake about it. you will find temptation 
beckoning you at every turn. You may want to quit or leave, 
but if you stay until the end, I promise there will be no regrets. 









I ^H 


^' Jfr\ 

,~""~ — 

The vast majority of cadets write this paragraph while they are 
still within the confines of the four walls of Barracks. Having 
graduated one semester early. I have the rare opportunity of 
reflecting back on my years as a VMI cadet. Anyone who 
knew me, knew that I despised VMI. After graduating, however, 
I am deeply indebted to VMI for all the friends I made and ail the 
experiences I shared with my BRs, I especially want to thank 
two of my closest BRs, Chris Sullivan and Chris Carroll, for all 
the memories and the countless hours of conversation at the 
lunch and supper table. I also want to thank my professors in 
the Department of International Studies, especially Professor 
Ayer, for the excellent education that I received. The greatest 
honor, however, goes out to my mother for giving me the 
emotional support that I needed to successfully endure my 


1999 Chris Mills 
2005 -Ansel Wilde 

First Class 167 

Jacqueline B. Tugman 

Curtis W. Van Cleve 

Jackie O. 
Army - History 

Air Force - Mechanical Engineering 

Navy - Biology 

Well, these past four years have been blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. 
Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah 
blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. 
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.Blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah. Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. 
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.Blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah. Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. 
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah 
blah blah blah blah blah blah. If's not like you were going to pay 
attention to what I had to say anyway... And to all the gentlemen 
and NSIB crew: if's a good thing you all came here and found 
each other because you would not have made friends anywhere 

Rephmoc, Stillborn, Mury, Warren G, The Jew, Brownie, 
and all the other failed abortions of the Barry Williams Infantry. 
I am proud to be a part of such a unique and loyal bunch of 

I know I would have ended up at Tech if it weren't for the times 
we spent together. 

* Seth Wheeler and crew vs. J Mogee and company in the 
Ranger Pit 

* Mardi Gras in room 396. Dancing, Singing and an inch of 
spilled beer on the floor 

' All male Golf Co. in '02 thanks to the Bulldog team 

* Golf and Gotel riot alone and pay for it alone 

"Max, what a history of good times. Sweet Briar girls, Mack 
trucks, Ring Figure, studying until BRC, and drinking at Lanette's. 
"Nick, should have had more fun at Sweet Briar and you still 
haven't climbed the smokestack. I hope Kati reads this one 
day. Catch up to you in Amsterdam on 4-20 
" After meeting Lanette, my grades went from a 1.9 to a 3.6, 
what else is there to say? Coffee at Waffle House untill the sun 
came up, working together at Applebee's, and studying together. 
I found an enduring love, and I hope we have many more years 

" Paul: Stay focused on your grades and BRs. Carpe Diem, 

" There's only one phrase to sum up my cadetship. Shaft- 

For my dyke Rich, I climbed up the smokestack. 
Thank God it's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Matriculation day being my first impression of the "I," I 
know what to think, but soon I found it to be my pla> 
imprisonment for the next four years. I would find myse 
restrictions for nearly my entire cadetship. But, the thine 
made it worth it was the friends I've made since I have 
here. I have already accomplished some of my goals ir 
and they were to be one of the team captains and also hi 
school record on the swim team. None of this would have 
possible if it were not for the loving support of my mothee 
father always pushing me to do better and achieve m 
Thank you. To my rats, Matt Hendricks and Shushil Ma: 
the best of luck here, and I hope your time will fly by fasten 
mine did. 

1999 - DaveKaczmarek 

1999- Richard Hallett 
2005 - Paul Kuwick, Shushil Machhi 


1999 - Issac Moore 
2005 -Matt Hendricks 

168 First Class 

James N. Wahlgren 
Westminster, MD 

Stephen P. Ward 


" > 




Scott A. Watts 



Chesterfield, VA 



Nate, Nate-Dogg, Piglet 
Army - Physics 

Granpa, Ze Mole 
Armv - History 

No Count 
Army - Economics & Business 

wanted to go to VMI for almost as long as I can remember, 
j even now, when I'm almost done with it, I sometimes find 
lard to believe that I'm actually here. There's more than a few 
3d things that have come out my four years here: increased 
rsonal confidence, a sense of morals and values, my best 
nnds in the world, and bagpipes, to name a few. Although 
lire have been times when I just wanted to roll over and die. 

in all ifs been a great experience, and I have no regrets. My 
'inks go to God, who's always been there, even when I didn't 
lem to notice; Mom, Dad, and Ally for all your love and 
pport; Tonya for being there even when you were so far 
'ay; Jake, Dusty and Travis for being great roommates and 
;at friends; and to the countless other people who I've met 
>ng the way and have helped me get through it. To the rats; 
jnks for a good First Class year, and hang in there. Take 
ngs seriously but never lose your sense of humor. On my 
ty out the Limits Gates, I will pause and look back at Barracks, 
,d I'll salute VMI... a sharp crisp military salute like I was 
jght... out of respect for the school, its traditions, and what it's 
■ne for me. And as I turn around to leave, I'll have a grin on my 
:e that would get other people locked away in a room with 
idded walls. 

History will look back on this class as the one that changed the world, hopefully 
for the better. There is too much personality here not to do otherwise. From 
"You've lost that lovin feelin" at STP. to our ghost parade. '02 stuck together 
Spring Break '01 , Ice Bowl, and hours of Delta Force with the roommates are only 
the tip of our iceberg of adventures. Some of my darkest days became my BR's 
finest hour. They were always there for me. Chris, our birth under fire was the 
Acura. For us there are no more speeches at Natural Bndge. . .I hate that bridge 
so very very much. None of this would have been possible without undaunting 
support from home. You guys I can never repay Everyone, good luck and "One 
for all, all for one." Steve came to VMI like most of us, looking for a challenge 
and to expand his horizons. Steve started his battle before getting to the Ratline 
when slight mechanical problems caused his carlo explode with him in it No guy 
will deny however, that scars are cool Steve proved to be unlucky on his birthdays. 
One such birthday he developed a strange disease causing him to lose all of his 
hair. Bald scalps are attractive to some girls though, but hey, who wants to date 
a Hooters waitress' Steve's luck was proven later though, because Steve would 
again test his courage in battle, surviving the Battle of Applebee's. Many Keydets 
penshed in that battle However, most of the casuaRies occurred from brave 
Keydets lunging themselves on enemy hand grenades Maybe this helped influence 
Steve to seek arnior as his occupation in the Army. Steve has many great qualities 
especially that of helping out other Keydets - notably through his matchmaking 
abilities This led Steve on many more adventures, including a mountain trek one 
weekend through a blizzard Steve was very good at drawings, which helped 
those around him to get through very long history classes. Most of his drawings 
featured tanks rolling over his infantry mends. Steve was most distinguished in 
his knowledge of movies, and he even was employed at VMI because of it 
Another thing that Steve was distinguished in was his memory. He would entertain 
his friends with the same stones again and again and again. Steve is a great 
friend, always there for those mneed.andasgoodasafnendcouldbe.l wish him 
lots of luck in his life outside of VMI. Just remember, Steve, tanks can blow up, 

It is said that we all will look back at this place many years from 
now with a different perspective than we have now. I know that 
for me, VMI has been an interesting, yet frustrating roller coaster 
nde. When I came here I thought I knew it all. Once the Ratline 
was over. .I definitely thought I knew it all. It wasn't until I had 
the opportunity to study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, that 
made me realize I know very little. VMI preaches its ability to 
create the citizen-soldier. It gives you challenges, and you 
work to accomplish them. For me, VMI was different. It helped 
me realize what I thought was bad.. .is really good compared to 
this place. To Sim-dawg... you've been my best friend here. ..I 
will definitely visit Chile. ..enjoy the Army, brother! Coop— stay 
out of trouble. ..Kyle— don't talk so much. ..Proctor— savor the 
experience, and best of luck. 


1999- Ian Bobbitt 
2005 -Bill Pearl 


1999 - Sager Marshall 
005 -Jonathan Proctor 

First Class 169 

Marc E. Weber 


Gregory B. Wells 

William W. Wessling 

Naples, FL 

]ank, Webnuts 
Army - Biology 

Army - Economics &r Business 

Dirty Mexican, "Sanches", Trash Dick, Goat Moutli 
Army - Psychology 

I don't know where to begin or what to say now that the end has 
come. The privilege of having great friends and roommates 
has afforded me the benefit of success and the gift of a lifetime of 
memories here at the "I." The everlasting support of my loving 
parents, who have instilled in me the will to succeed and who 
love this place more than anyone I know, has guided me 
through the toughest times in my life. Without them, I would be 
lost. I would like to thank my sister for the many interesting trips 
to VA Beach, enabling me the freedom to escape the reality of 
VMI for a few weekends out of each semester. To Cindy, 
Tubesteak, and Rocco, I leave my best wishes for your success. 
Remember each other through every year, as true friends are 
hard to come by. I would like to end by thanking VMI for 
providing me with the challenge of a lifetime, for without such a 
challenge I would be labeled as nothing more than a mere 
college graduate. I wish everyone the best of luck in life and 
leave you with the words of a wise man: "I'll catch you on the 
flipside." -The Funnyman 

More than anything I wish to thank my parents for all the love 
and support that I have received while at VMI. What I want to 
carry with me is all the interesting memories that I have of the I 
and all the great friendships that I have. What I want to leave 
behind is the advice for my rats and all of those that come after 
me, nothing is ever so hard you can't finish it as long as you 
have your heart and mind set to finish it. 

To say that my time here at VMI was fun would be "incorrel 
Thanks, SpookTim, and Dickboy, for the first three wonde' 
and not so wonderful years. We sure did get close and n 
some rather interesting times and conversations. I would a 
have made it through the end of Second Class year without!! 
of your badgering, along with FlappMo. As well, First Clef 
year has been quite amazing, Nicho, Murph, and, of couni 
Rephmoc have been crazy kids. The summer of Spain sf 
Olympic Trials was amazing. Confinement and condi] 
probation has plagued me for three years, so my time ava 
from VMI has been quite limited. However, I surely enjo;d 
those times filled with drunkenness, jail time, and car problefd 
Joe, glad you hung with me. ..Nate is still lost! I thank ; j 
mother, grandmothers, and grandfathers for your support ; I 
teaching me to "suck it up" by letting me learn all lessons on j 
own. I learned many things from VMI most of them out of I 
classroom. Finally, I want to thank my best friends from Flori 
who at times made it better to be at VMI, because everybij 
suffers in their own personal ways. Thanks everyone wri 
knew and helped me in some way, I love you all very mut 
Remember "That's not very nice". Suck it easy. ..I'm out!! 

1999- Shawn Ward 
2005 - Aaron "Cindy" Thatcher, Matt McGuire 

170 First Class 

1999 - Matt Matheny . 
2005 - Brad Miller, Jason De\ine 


1999 - Alexander Marrone 
2005- Daniel Schreiber 

j/ $ ■jrlfc ^PN 

. ' 

Brandon S. Wheeler 

Army - International Studies 

Air Force - Historv 

Magnum PI 
.Army - Chil Engineering 

b long grey line has stopped.and it stopped in 01's place. What has 
f died is the spirit of that long grey line, and you,you fine gentlemen 
tye kept that spirit. In four years we have seen from the leaders and 
V led alike enough lies and corruption to last a lifetime. Gentlemen 
ipur four years we have played witness to the death of the "I," but 
we also seen firsthand the perseverence of what a few good men 
I accomplish. From cardiac to meat, T9 to the cadre, we gentlemen 
H received every cheap shot imaginable and been knocked down 
ie and again, most often when our hands were tied behind us. but 
I got right back up and spit the blood right back at them. We won 
id I have been proud to fight the good fight with you. It has not been 
tain, and we can thank VMI for teaching us what we want to be, even 
1 was by showing us what not to be. 113 Rats, and Little Wheeler, I 
|pe you learn this lesson half as well as I have and find those 
piemen you have with you to help you through it all. If you can find 
|M in four years here you will be blessed more then you know and will 
|ve something that will never leave you, ever. I was blessed with the 
fee best dykes anyone could ask for. Rats, I hope that I taught you 
ore than how to be a cadet just like my dykes did for me. Thanks Rob. 
il, and Kevin .My family has always known my appreciation for them, 
iiafs why I want to thank you few men, you gentlemen, for you have 
icome an extension of that family. Each of you has taken the road 
Eg traveled, and for that I commend you as well as thank you. You 
md of brothers has stayed the course. Most of you will continue to 
we somewhere out there in the air. land, and sea. I am honored to 
I out there with you somewhere and hope that one day our paths will 
oss. For some ol you brothers, this goodbye might perhaps be our 
st, so "Moritur te Salutamus." For the rest of you gentlemen... until 
|at day!! 


by Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 

And sorry I could not travel both 

And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 

To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 

And having perhaps the better claim, 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

I took the one less traveled by, 

And that has made all the difference. 

Looking back over the last four years of my life at VMI I have 
had many good times but also many hardships, though, it has 
been the best four years of my life. I'm often asked, "Why VMI?" 
My response is always: "I don't know!" But now as I look 
back, I have realized that I've done the right thing. I leave with 
many lessons, but two that stand out. First, that situations are 
what you make of them and secondly, all things are possible 
through hard work and determination. I took the road less 
traveled, as I always have, but in the end it is the only way to 
go. I strongly believe that VMI has equipped me to handle "life" 
better than most college students. I want to thank my family for 
standing behind me through the hard times, good times, changes 
and, most importantly, allowing me to go to college to achieve 
my dreams. I hope I have surpassed your every expectation. 
I want to also thank my dykes for teaching me everything I 
know about the "I," and I hope I have done the same for my rats, 
so they can succeed here. To all my close friends, thanks for 
the good times, and to Jerret, you may have not finished with 
me but you will always be a Brother Rat, classmate, and best 
friend. Joe and Lucas, you know what has to be done and you 
have to be tools to do it, so now just go and do it; you can 
succeed here 1 ! Being a Marine I have much to be proud of, but 
I will never be prouder than I will when I walk across that stage. 


999 - Hardee, Steinbach, and Azar 
'.005 - Houston, Fallin, Drown, Aguire 

1999 - Eric Duncan 
2005 - Erick Lockard, Adam Frick 

1999 - John Wright 
2005 -Joesph Turner, Ted (Money) Hendersc 

First Class 171 

Maxwell B. Whitman 


Nicholas J. Wilborn 

Shane C. Wilhelm 

CliftonForgc,VA I 

S hitman, Maxi Pad, Bubba 
Army - Mechanical Engineering 

Marine Corps - English 

Army - Economics & Business 

I'm finally here, First Class year and I'm getting ready to leave 
the armpit of the universe. Every year here has really sucked, 
but rat year had to be the worst (thanks, Jake). However 
throughout those sucky years, I have to say that here at VMI I 
have made some really close friends. Hey Blanch (Supertool), 
Spring Break 2000, baby, freestyle in Camaro RS all the freakin' 
time, yo, Big Pimpin' up in Fredericksburg, dancing at Tech, 
and don"t forget Mary Washington because all the girls want 
you. "Foe sheezy!!!" 

Nick, "'Sup, Yo!" Hey, guess what? You still a skinny bench 
warmer, but there's no need to fear because "I got five on it." 
To all my little G funks up in the Half-Beast (rm 333) Dave, Mike, 
RJ, Dustin, and Conner, "This homeboy is going to bed, ti sho 

Curtis, keep it real in ME. Always remember all the fun rides 
back and forth from home even though you were sleeping or 
taking a leak half the time. Together we've found keys in a 
Mack truck, came back at the three minute call from Lanette's 
and had to run up the stairs, blew my car up (the first time), and 
took me to my first Hooters. Thanks for being a good friend. 
To all the rest, "Bubba Sort!!" 


Mom and Dad, I love you and thank you so much for your 

support. I couldn't have done it without you. 

Ted: Keep up the good work and make me proud. 

I can't say I will miss this place, but I will miss the guys I have 

Paul (Murry), Matt, Nick (The Head), Warren (Dick Boy), Tim, 
Lapp (Flapp), Jared (roomie), Joe, and Steve: you guys had 
better stay in touch. 

I am off to become poor, I will be borrowing money from all you 
guys later. Look me up in Europe. The worst four years of my 
life are finally over. May VMI bum to the ground. 


Where to start? I guess first I want to thank my parents:! 
always being there. You have given me all the support, kl 
and motivation I have needed to survive four years of I 
place. I love you both. It has been a wild ride. There was raJ 
a sober night in 311. I will never forget the crazy times wittr! 
crew. Matt, you and I have been the closest of friends since,! 
beginning. Greg, you and I are like brothers. Corey, Seil 
Frank, Cy, and Mark, don't forget all the crazy times we! 
have had. I will not ever forget you guys. To the Class of 2(! 
we stuck together and we showed what true brotherhood is! 
my rats: remember all that you have learned and alw 
remember just chill. And finally to Meg: you are everything 
me and I love you. I can't wait to start our life together. To all 1 
future cadets: what in God's name are you thinking? I am oi I 


1999 - Ben Chang 

2005 - Mike (Candle dick) Candlelerio 

1999- Ryan DeBouchel 
2005 -Ted Henderson", Ben Hobbs 


1999- Shawn Ward 
2005 - MikeTittermary 

172 First Class 

Joseph M. Williams 


Marine Corps - History 

Tyson D. Williams 

Lexington, NC 

Edward B. Witherell 

Mt. Kisco, NY 

Army - Psychology 

Yankee boy; Mush-Mush; Blakey 
Army - Civil Engineering 

!, like the rest of us came to VMI for something more than a 
imission. He was first a squad member, but became a true 
id. He is the only rat I knew to hum on the stoop dunng Hell 
3k. Legend will tell someday that it was, of course, the 
ine Corps Hymn. He honed his skills in hours of Delta Force 
ig with the rest of us when we should have been studying, 
iry Mom. The FBI wants him on two counts of clock- 
ighter. Joe is the only one I know who thinks a blizzard isn't 
jod enough reason to not cross the mountains. Buck Tucker!! 
lose turn is it to take notes?" Everyone who knows him 
ild stand a post for him because he would do the same for 
n. Joe possesses all the qualities of a true Marine. Semper 

Alex - see you in the fleet in a few years. To Hull - good 
c with next year's Golf rats. To my parents - thank you for 
rything, you're the best. 

The "Ty and Ty Show" will live on forever. Damn, we have 
some memories, don't we? 

This is it man; the final round. We started together, spilled the same blood in the 
same mud, and now four years later we're ending together Throughout it all you 
have become like a brother. True to the spirit of being a brother, I've loved you 
and hated you plenty of times on a constantly reversing roller coaster. I wanted 
to knock you out at times, like dunng our Third Class year when you came into 
the room drunk, proceeded to fall out of your rack, and then blamed the Honor Court 
for... what was it? Oh yeah, "Damn Honor Court. They came in and took the 
microphone out of my rack and made it shorter." Then there were all the times 
when I came to you for advrce, and though I couldn't always understand what you 
were saying, your good intentions were always known and made me feel better 
like only a brother could Throughout our beloved four years spent here in this 
"concrete womb," I have seen Blake mature into a standard that all cadets should 
follow. He was like the normal cadet in voicing his discomfort when things were 
not going so well (which around here was all the freaking time), but what separated 
him as a leader were the steps he took in changing the situation, or "changing it 
from the inside." Instead of moaning and complaining, Blake would come up with 
a solution. Perhaps his almost constant hovering over engineenng books (with 
the damn light on when the rest of us were trying to sleep) developed his mind into 
a problem-solving machine, but I think that it was always embedded in him. He 
has truly matured into the "officer and gentlemen" that he has so diligently sought 
after, Takecare, brother, I know you will be a success in whatever the future holds 
for you. Stand proud beside your father and family "We few, we happy few, we 
band of brothers . . .This was the road less traveled by I knew that this was going 
to be the experience of a lifetime. Yes it was hard, yes, at times I found myself 
pondering over my being here But that's what it was all about. Knowing that 
every day was a challenge, a fight in myself to stand tall with pnde, to dnve on. 
And I won. Thank you Mom, Dad, brother, and sister for giving me all the 
encouragement a loving family could give. To my best fnends and BRs, I leave 
these last words to you. 
We are a proud few, and we always stand tall. 

99- Andre Sapp 


1999- Coley Campbell 
2005 - Tripp Smith, Frank Williams 

1999 - Joseph S. Fontanelli 
2005 -James E. Hayes 

" ' 

First Class 173 

Timothy B. Wolford 

Beaver, PA 

Louis T. Wong 

Queens, NY 

Luke C. Wullenwaber 

Lewiston, ID 

Army - International Studies 

Air Force - Computer Science 

Wully, scuba steve, waber, lucius 
Army - International Studies 

Throughout my four years here I have encountered men that 
are models ot integrity and character, and I have also encountered 
men who are the antithesis of these values. However, throughout 
my experiences with both, I have come to develop a stronger 
sense of personal honor, and that is the most important thing that 
VMI has taught me. Even when life seems unfair, if you 
always base your decisions on what is honorable, you can 
never go wrong. Brian, Stillman, and Scott, it was an honor 
serving with you. 

"To my parents, even though you might not have fully understood 
why I came here, you always supported my decision and that 
is all I could ever ask lor. To the gentlemen and fellow concourse 
companions, I have never had a closer group of friends. Good 
luck to you all in everything you do. Jackson Castleberry, I 
hope you make your millions. Jonathan Tibbs, you are going 
to make a fine Ranger. Thomas Prilliman, my longest standing 
roommate, it's been a memorable three years. I'll miss you 

1999 - And 



2005- Brett Havelka 


" ™ ' i' 



It has been a long journey since rat year. I can't believe I'm 
finally graduating from this place. Every year I ask myself, 
"Why did I ever come here?" Well now if s all worth it, because 
it's time to end my stay here and start my life. To my Mother, 
Father and brother, I love you all and thank you for your 
support. Rat year sucked, but it was a crazy experience. I was 
lucky to have a dyke who took great care of me. To all my 
roommates you are the ones that have kept me going. I will 
never forget the crazy stuff we did up in 428. The friends that I 
have made here will last a lifetime. To Jason, my roommate for 
four years, it's been a blast. You have been a great friend and 
roommate. You will be a great officer in the Army. To Ryan, I 
won't forget the crazy things you made me do here. To Bryan, 
good luck with Kate because I know you two are meant for 
each other. To Bryant, my fellow New Yorker, you have been 
a great friend and good luck in getting your pilot slot. To all my 
boys in the nerd cave, good luck in the future and I hope we can 
start our own company some day. Well, it's been one hell of a 
ride and I'm glad it's about over. To my rats, Austin and Ryan, 
good luck in your next three years here and strive to do your 


1999 - Suwatwongjanchaysang (Jack) 
2005 -Austin Cam, Ryan Clemens 

The Institute is fragile, under attack from without and from wi i, i 
And defending her is a daunting task, which few can posi>B 
understand. The attacks from without are well documented J i 
in recent years have nearly laid VMI to waste. But the attrt 
from within are virtually unknown and have been equ,i 
destructive. Many cadets do not realize the struggles, or ( 
worse, they are directly opposed to the fundamentals of ( 
And it seems that those who never understood this struggles 
often those who come back to run the "I." The admin aim 
says, "this isn't the school of George Marshall or Jonata 
Daniels." They are right, but far from the way they imagi 
They mean to say cadets have ruined the system by crea 
an unduly harsh VMI. But, the I does not now suffer becaus 
a lack of quality cadets striving to emulate VMI's great me 
word, thought, and deed. The problem is far higher. Those 
pretend to enforce the standards of Marshall and Daniels w 
disgust the very men they preach about. This deterioratio 
the highest levels has wreaked havoc on our once fine Instil '. 
My only consolation is that a remnant within this class - its I 
leaders, privates and rankers alike - did the absolute best ! I 
could to resist the attacks on he Institute both from without :l 
from within. To some it may appear as if we lost the battle of ) 
last four years. But in truth the fact that we stood up and foi I 
was a kind of victory in itself. I only hope future classes wil i 
able to do the same. If not . . . 

Moving on, to the boys (you know who you are): withoJB 
doubt I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you. I will not for R 
Best of luck to you all in the future. Jesse and Jarod: each j ( 
I have been here it seems fewer true VMI men show uflj 
matriculation. Find those that are in your class and stick toget \ 
t's the only way. 

1999- Greg McDearmon 
2005 -Jarod Wheeler 

174 First Class 


Marc D. Yelle 

Michael R. Zanetti 

College Point, NY 

Kevin A. Zirkle 

Yellie, (damn) Yankee 
Army - Biology 

Roland, Z-\lan, Bayonetti 
Army - International Studies 

Army - Economics & Business 

has been a long four years, finally drawing to an end. Through 
athe pain I have endured here, I've learned many lessons. I 
line for most of the big name words VMI uses to sum up the 
"HI man. Honor, discipline, fraternity. But what I really came 
re for was challenge. And Breakout was just the beginning, 
(link I met that challenge head-on and was rewarded with all 
jll had to offer... both good and bad. In the end, these four 
jars have been worth it. I not only have a degree, but 
emories for a lifetime, true friends, hard lessons, many drinking 
pries, a big ring, a few scars (both physical and emotional), 
(d a woman whom I love. To my family, Mom, Mike, and 

c, I love you all. Your support has been the strength I needed 
jget through this place. To Tamara, I love you and couldn't 
tve done this without you. To my dykes, thanks for everything, 
|fi, you really taught me a lot. To my rats, John and Vic, 
inks for your help... I hope I've gotten you off on the right foot, 
bmember why you are here, stick with it, and enjoy this 
|;ss as much as you can. To Dave. Christian, and Alex we 
jve had a interesting, if not good, year. I had a lot of fun with 
u. To my roommates; Salmaan. you have made me want to 
| a better person. Jim, we have had our fun. Hooray for 
dat? And Larkin, our different lives aside, we have been 
tough a lot together... please stay in touch. Thanks. Good 
fck, Brother Rats, I will always remember you all. Stay the 
')urse. IHTFP. Pax. -M 

ship in its harbor is safe... but that isn't what ships are made 


- BenRowe 
005 - Victor Bockman, John Leacock 

All I can say is that the history of our class will make one hell 
of a movie some day. The stories that we will long remember 
after we have gotten out of this place could not have been better 
if they were scripted. I am proud of our class, because I know 
that the things we have accomplished throughout our cadetships 
are merely a hint of the success to come. Although many on 
Post will celebrate when they are rid of us once and for all, it is 
too late for them, because we have already left our mark. And 
wherever we go from here on out, I am confident that we will not 
soon be forgotten. Like everyone else who endured four years 
at the "I," I have grown up much too quickly, yet have learned 
more about life and friendship than I ever thought possible. VMI 
is not about the formations, parades, uniforms or classrooms. It 
is about finding laughter in the most ridiculous places, and 
having people to share that with. Some of us claim that we 
came here for the education, to play a sport or prepare for a 
career in the military. In reality, we all came here for the 
experience, we just did not know it at the time. An experience 
that words can not do justice in describing, and that very 
experience is what we will take with us. It started with my 
parents, who loved me and supported me without question. It 
is not always easy to thank the ones you love the most, but I 
hope that my actions will resound as loud as my words. The 
impact of my roommates has also been incredible, and I hope 
that years from now we still remember all of the crazy things 
that we would do ... My friends here have made this place 
bearable, and to name them all would probably fill up the rest of 
the page. You all have my everlasting gratitude, because, 
thanks to you. I was able to survive and thrive at VMI. I can 
only hope that I returned the favor somewhere along the way. 
Ah. we few. We happy few. We band of brothers. Truly. 


1999- Dave Burns 

2005 - Sam Mielnik, Drew Thorn 


■■■J lELJ^ 1 ' *■ 

All that I know to say is that VMI has certainly had a huge 
impact on my life. There have been many exciting and trying 
experiences during my stay here. I have met many people 
and become the closest of friends with others. Along with my 
friends and comrades I have closely watched VMI be recreated 
and transformed into an institution that produces the new version 
of the citizen soldier. Without flinching or shuddering, the Institute 
has passed down to my heralded class numerous tests of 
integrity and charisma. We arrived a boisterous group and four 
long years and many injustices later we stand proud. We have 
for the most part stood strong, and I pray that the past tribulations 
are the very instances that one day will benefit us in the world 
beyond VMI God bless the Class of 2002. 



Lee Rees 


- Chris Meyers 

First Class 175 


ie Class of 2002 commissioned 72 cadets into the armed services on May 15, 2002. Forty-eight 
;re commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army with Major General Richard Hack '72 
Iministering the Oath of Office. Four were commissioned as ensigns in the U.S. Navy with Rear 
jmiral Mark Fitzgerald administering the Oath of Office. Six were commissioned as second 
utenants in the U.S. Marine Corps with Lieutenant General Gregory Newbold administering the 
ath of Office. Fourteen were commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Air Force, with 
rigadier General Daniel Darnell '75 administering the Oath of Office. These members of the 
lass of 2002 enter the military at a time when they are needed more than ever due to the battle of 
rrorism on the homefront. These cadets are bound to succeed in their military endeavors due to 
e preparation that VMI has provided them. 

" nn »""M»Hll1|JUHi 


First Class 177 

August 17, 1998 


May 16, 2002 

First Class 179 


On May 16, 2002, 245 cadets anxiously waited until 1 100 for the Commencement 
exercises to begin. It had been a long, arduous journey for the Class of 2002, 
which once numbered 442 in August of 1998. The Class of 2002 had an 
interesting cadetship from the start, with their Marine Corps crucible-like events 
and 18-mile march to New Market Breakout that differs from any other class in 
the Corps. Third Class year went by slowly with a more rigorous demand placed 
on academics. Second Class year brought the long-awaited Ring Figure, which 

was one of the classiest Ring 
Figure ceremonies in many 
years. Before we knew it 
August of 2001 had arrived 
and we were in the final leg 
ofourcadetships. We 
experienced something that 
most classes don't, a "step- 
up'" with the administration. 
This resulted in the majority 
of the class being laden down 
with penalties until after 
Christmas furlough. But, 
with help from the governor, 
those things went away 
earlier than expected. 
Although, the year was 
bumpy, May and Graduation 
were just around the corner, 
seemed to put a smile on 
everyone's face. Caleb 
Sylvester was selected as the 
Valedictorian for the class, and gave a meaningful speech about the importance of 
attitudes both here at VMI and out in the "real world." Senator John Warner of 
Virginia followed Sylvester with the Commencement address, becoming the third 
Washington and Lee University alumnus to do so. John Sloan was the recipient of 
the First Jackson Hope Medal and the Cincin natus Medal, and Jeff Prausa was the 
recipient of the Second Jackson Hope Medal. The Class of 2002 graduated 18 
distinguished graduates, 91 Bachelor of Science degrees and 139 Bachelor of 
Arts degrees. The Class of 2002 brought many things to VMI; 
the people of that class will be missed. 

aJBBfctt £ \ m 

^^^^>^^^H - v \Vi^H- 

-j^Pf^^^M. • 

^^^? ^^H • Jp 1 

Wfe^* . ^ ^'i 



r:7 irst Class 

182 First Class 

First Class 183 

It's been a long road ... 

This group of second classmen 
joins the coveted Brotherhood of 
the Ring, the second milestone in 
one's cadetship. 

186 Ring Figure 2003 


Ring Figure 

Every Ring Figure falls into the same tradition year in and year out. Every class knows that 
Ring Figure has barely changed since it began. From the very first who joined the Brotherhood 
of the Ring, they know the ring dance, the ring ceremony and the celebration that follows. But 
each class has things happen that make its Ring Figure its very own. The Class of 2003, which 
joined the Brotherhood of the Ring on November '2 nd , 2001, had its own unique experiences, 
which will forever be remembered. It began with the class dinner with BG Alan Farrell as the 
guest speaker. The class did not receive the typical cliched words that so many other officers 
have spouted in the past; what they did receive was the hard truths of life to come and the 
required solidarity that will be drawn from each cadet. This was only the beginning. The next 
day's classes were unbearable, as each cadet knew that within a few short hours he or she 
would be receiving their rings. After being released from their academic torment, class 
members nervously prepared for the ring ceremony, when they would finally be allowed to 
hold their own rings. Again, the Class of 2003 was greeted with a unique and poignant 
speaker, Coach Bobby Ross '59, who also gave a memorable speech. He gave cadets a 

different perspective, 
challenges to his 
storied football coaching 
continued, pictures were 
cried, and the Class of 2003 
dance— the time when it 
to wear its coveted ring, 
a new layout. The class 
tables and line the 
with folding chairs, giving 
chance to watch all of his 
placing their rings onto 
walked through the giant- 
ring. The class followed 
tradition. Several class 
their dates. The Class of 
percent success rate. With 
successes, one was a 
fake out. After the class 

relating life and its 
experiences during his 
career. As the day 
taken, dates met, parents 
counted down to the ring 
would finally be allowed 
The ring dance was given 
decided to eliminate 
perimeter of Cocke Hall 
each class member the 
orherBRs. Finally 
their bare fingers as they 
size replica of the class 
another Ring Figure 
members proposed to 
2003 can only boast a 50 
four proposals, two were 
rejection and one was 
was introduced as 

members of the Brotherhood, it was released from VMI and gathered at the Travelodge for the 
tent party. The majority of people did not see the back of their eyelids, except the football 
team, which had a rugged game on Saturday. The Keydets hung tough against Appalachian 
State on Saturday, but came up shy of victory. Just as the night before, the class retreated to 
the Travelodge for a long night of making memories and creating legends. Our memorable 
weekend culminated on Sunday with a laid-back class picnic at Zollman's Pavilion, which was 
a welcomed respite after the previous wild nights. 


Ring Figure 2003 187 

(David A. <Barkocy 
Lindsey WaCCic^ 

(Brent <B. <Barth\ Jr. 
Jenni "Wells 

<David!M. <BartCes 
JAngeh <Dawn WichoCs 

188 Ring Figure 2003 

'Dere^J. <Brcrwn 
O&via Chapman 

(David <P. (Burdette 
Stacey Johnson 

•Matthew JA. Campbell 
%f[Re Lynn Andes 

Ring Figure 2003 189 

Joseph C. 'Darin 
Megan Perry Anderson 

Andrew L. <Dau>son, Jr. 
'Kristin <DankCCe Souder 

'MichaeCF. Demayo, IV 
Jessica <Rged 

<90 Ring Figure 2003 

Jordan <E. To^. 
Anna Marie WkoCaisen 

(Brian ]. (jardner 
l(etty 94 Qorman 

<Dermot J. Qavin 
Micfieffe 'Mahon 

Wittiam Jf. gentry, III 
Memrie- Ann Ti66itts 

Ring Figure 2003 191 

'03, '03, '03 ... Members of the Class of 
2003 follow their president's lead in an "Old Yell" 
for their class. 

Brother Rats, are you ready . . . President 
Brandon Turner leads his class in an "Old Yell" after its 
ring presentation ceremony. 

In memory . . . Wes Swank presents an honorary 
class ring to LTC Mcllhenny,, USAF, Barrett 

Mcllhenny's father. 

Waiting in the wings . . . Second classmen eagerly await the 
beginning of the ring presentation. 

192 Ring Figure 2003 

ly pretty lady, got a dollar ... 

ien Griffis shows us that he can dance, but 
W for a price. 

Welcome to the Brotherhood 

... The women of Room 240 look happy 

to join the coveted brotherhood of the ring 

Fruits of our labor ... The 

Ring Figure Committee celebrates the 
success of its class's Ring Figure. 

Happy. . . Josh Gonzales seems to be 
both happy and excited about dancing the 
night away 

Doug: Let me have her. 
I Rollin: Yeah right!! 

Ring Figure 2003 193 

Mihaela guherovic 
<PauC Joseph <Froehlich 

William Jt. Hale 
Ashley Kjithrine Meddle 

Craig ©. guiliano 
0enise 'Wads 


Wf\j | 

1 ■> \ 

1 i 1 

<EdmundX guy, III 
%atie (Phillips 

Michael <P. Haag 
Jessica (Danielle Carder 

Kyle <D. Haire 
JuCianne Catherine 'Worreti 

Alia I. Hamad 
"Kjis Chavez 

John <P. Hampton, Jr. 
<Re6ecca gill 

Thomas <F. '. Hancock W 
Adele (Rankin Moore 

Jeremy Harper 

Ring Figure 2003 

<RpnakfJ. Ingram 
Susan Lynch 

Steven % Johnson 
AshCie Leigh I^enSerry 

Li Jason Cra6tree 

(Brendan A' Kearney 

Ring Figure 2003 195 

SCatfe Ji. Levenson 
Amanda "Fletcher Oyjhton 

MichaeC J{. Lipari 
<Broohg AshCey <Boyer 

(Baldwin g. Cocher, III 
%yk 'Elizabeth StiCC-weCC 

(Davids Loeffler 
"Whitney Trostk^ 

196 Ring Figure 2003 

Jonathan M. Cowery Christopher % MacfDonaU 

<Rgchael Lynn O'ConneE Soda Smith 

Arthur A- 'Matthews, V (Brandon % Matthews 

(Rlakely Wood Jayne AshCey (Bfuford 

fa H 


i\ l| 4 

f f 


i il 

(Daniel M. McWair 
%etty MicheCCe Wimmer 



Matthew % McQueen 
'Erin Updike <Dai(y 

Marco A. Midence 
'Erica Etizaheth Munkwitz 

Christopher 'W. Mision 
Laura Lee (Pereira 

Adam % MonteCeone 
Jennifer Ann (Diresta 

%fnneth <R. Mosetey 
Sharone 'Urickhouse 

Ring Figure 2003 197 

oes on Forever . 

Do I really have to choose . . . Dave 

Loeftler has a hard time selecting a girl with whom 
to spend the evening. 

Tell me you like my sweater or I'll 

have to drop you ... Doug Bahrns dips 
his date on the dance floor. 

Baby's got back . . . Jennifer Dineen 
concentrates on her moves. 

198 Ring Figure 2003 

Going the distance . . . Kevin Solomon 
takes the ball and runs. 

Dancin' the night away . . . Lara Tyler 

and Stuart Chambers are dancing at the Friday 
night tent party. 

iVhere's Waldo? . . . Can you find him 
n this picture? 

He said YES!!! ... Bill Talley and Blake 
Traina goofing off at the Travelodge on 
Saturday night. 

Hey honey . . . Andy Biesterveld gets a little 
PDA during the Appalachian State football game. 

Ring Figure 2003 199 

■ • TO-Vli 

IQQ Ring Figure 2003 

Seth g. OstCund 

(Rpbert J. Osypowkz 
Laura (Day 

<Dere%_<B. Overstreet 
Tara Lynn Conte 

■William %, (Padgett 
%fltie Mackintosh 

Joseph % <Pai$s 
Amy Christine Wrin 

202 Ring Figure 2003 

Ring Figure 2003 203 

William J. Sinkinson 
Xpidra Jlnne Torant 

'Brian <R> Sinkute 
Courtney <D Qtfioaenizer 

geraUM. Smith 
Stephanie <Da%im Jfartman 

Nathan A Smith 
Chelsea Lee <Dwyer 

•Matthew <W. Speers 
'Emily SeaCe 

204 Ring Figure 2003 

Levi T. SpelTman 
Nicole Elizabeth Svasta 

Joshua L. SorreOs 

LesRe ferrance 

y I'M 

L v ^l 

1 // 

<SpCTin X <D. Steele 

%fnda[CAnn lowers 

Matthew W. Van 'Wie 
Stephanie gfeason 

<Edvjard%, Vaughns 
<Doris Vaughns 

(Bryan J{. 'Wac^er, Jr. 
Jindrea Sastri 

Ring Figure 2003 205 

[Cicw 5M. Williams 

Andrew <D. Williams 
SaSrina 'Massiah 

(Daren M Williams 
Valerie Michelle Summer 

<DonaUL. Williams 
jKGson 'McLaurin graham 

'David "C 'WW? 
Jaime Aston Martis 


ji Jlaam J. 'Wymer 

I Miranda <Puc£ett 

r^J3 I 

z ^*- ^T^H 

^^■B H| 


Look at what we got ...The women of 
Room 204 display their newly received class rings. 

Nice plates, but where's the car 

Greg Sphunder proudly displays his new 
license plates. 

And you are ??? . . . Rollin Steele looks 
confused with this mystery girl. 

'Bryan M. ZolRnge. 
Cesky Xpinedy 

Ring Figure 2003 207 

rigLeading the way . . . \Ves Swank leads the 
v^ l Second Class in the Ring Figure parade. 

We have completed another j 
year and are one step closer to 
graduation. Only one year aw\ 
now, it seems like it was only 
weeks ago that we were rats 
ourselves. We have seen sever; 
changes since we have been he 
and endured many new 
challenges. This year has been 
difficult one from the beginnir 
It has been the hardest acadeir 
year of our cadetships, more I 
responsibility than we have had 
before, and more bones than w 
ever wanted. 
2003 was the first Second Class in nearly a decade to be dropped off by their 
parents. Upon arriving at our glorious Institute, we were informed of several new regulation 
that would benefit our study and rest habits. Amendments to the Blue Book ranged from a 
new and improved 0700 all-up check to computer usage regulations. Not all of the new 
additions were necessarily failures. The Rat Job Books were certainly popular among the 
rankers. We were all reminded, though, of how petty all of our little gripes truly are on 
September 1 1, 2001. The events of that day helped us all gain a new perspective and broug! 
many closer together, both within the Corps and on a national level. 

The Corps persevered through many challenges this year. In addition to a national 
crisis the Corps was facing many of its own problems. The most prominent of these 
problems was an administration focused more on positive publicity than the welfare of ili 
dedicated and loyal cadets. The Corps survived, as it always does. Although many GPAs 
were damaged, life moved on. The semester climaxed for many on November 2, 2001. Afte 
a seemingly endless wait, the Class of 2003 received its rings. Exams followed soon after Rhi 
Figure. As a result, there were a record number of classmates on Ac. Pro. Fortunately manj 
were able to forget about their academic performance during their shortened Christmas 
furlough. So, as we sit here in the middle of 
the "Dark Ages," and the rats in the mass of 
02 + 3 await Breakout, we are reminded that 
this journey will soon be at a close. 

Thomas Francis Hancock IV 
Historian, 2003 

Maybe it was Crozet . . . Matt Kluk, as a 
rat, looks like he wished that he had not 
eaten lunch that cold day in February 2000. 

Dazed and maybe confused . . . Second classmen Roy 
Perry and David Edwards look out onto their beloved 


It's O-tay . . . David Woody gives us the sign 
that being a third wasn't that bad. 

Supportiii' the team . . . Second classmen Mark 
Davis and David Tavenner cheer on the football 
team as it gets ready to start its game against 
Appalachian State. 

"esting an experiment . . . Biology majors Alicia Williams, James Maxey Matt Kluk, Alia Hamad, 
^aren Wheeler, and Mike Lokale are trying to find the body's limit on alcohol consumption. . .for 
cientinc purposes only. 

Second Class 209 


Christopher N. Adams 
Jacob F. Agnew 
Clint W. Alanis 

Andrew J. Alissandratos 
Jon C. Anderson, Jr. 
Mathias M. Anderson 

Brian K. Andrew 
Jason W. Annis 
Andrew A. Asher 

Patrick M. Atchison 
Douglas P. Bahrns 
Thomas V. Baldwin 
Joshua L Bandy 
Brendan L. Barclay 
Andrew S. Barden 

David A. Barkocy 
Brent B. Barth, Jr. 
David M. Battles 
John T.Bell, Jr. 
William H. Belmont 
Raymond G. Best 

Andrew C. Biesterveld 
Craig A. Blackwood 
William F. Blanton 
Thomas E. Bliss, Jr. 
Christopher M. Bluhm 
Jason O. Boatright 

Looking into the past ... Second classmen Jeffrey 

Dame, Spencer Robbins, Philip Kerns, and Nick Foster =y — I , 

prepare for a Civil War re-enactment. B^I ' '* 

'41 V , 



210 Second Class 

David M. Bull 
David P. Burdette 
Alexander D. Burt, Jr. 
Christopher T. Byington 
Matthew A. Campbell 
Franklin T. Carleton 

Mark A. Carr 
Michelle Carrillo 
Ian B. Cavanaugh 
Stuart R. Chambers 
Chat Chantjaroen 
Peter M.Choi 

S", |\' Daniel A.Clark 

Thomas E. Claytor, Jr. 

■ *£, — 
J I" 

T 1 '" r> 
A. «^?M 

\ J: i 

Clifford C. Cook 
Charles R. Cowherd 

Second Class 211 

James R. Crews 
Robert C. Cuthbertson 
Jeffrey N. Dame 
Joseph C. Darin 
Elizabeth Lee Davis 
Mark T. Davis 

Andrew L. Dawson, Jr. 
Michael F. Demayo, IV 
Brian L. Desautels 
William F. Diaz 
Jennifer L. Dinneen 
Matthew J. T. DiVito 

Matthew L. Dixson 
Edward O. Donohue 
Dennis C. Drinkwater, Jr. 
Banks L. Dupree 
Eric M. Edwards 
Richard C. Eytel 

Aaron M. Fegley 
Justin A. Fentress 
James S. Ferrebee 
ErikS Figueroa 

Devin S. Flavin 
Rachael C. Forrest 
Nicholas P. Foster 
Jordan E. Fox 

Brian J. Gardner 
Der'mot J. Gavin 
William H.Gentry, 
Aric R. Gerke 

j^!&\ I 

'Hoo-rah ... S(,\l Ah in Hockadayl 

j |(iins some members of '2003 in 
having a little fun during one of the 
Barracks concerts. 

: Michael D. Gilbert 
i Daniel J. Goldberg 

Joshua W. Gonzales 
Richard T. Goodall 

Thomas W. Gorski 
Charles P. Green 
Christopher B. Green 
Darnell Raymond Griffin 
Sean M. Griffis 
Christopher R. Gromadski 

Mihaela Guberovic 
Craig D. Guiliano 
Edmund A.Guy, III 
Michael P. Haag 
Kyle D. Haire 
William H. Hale 

Alia I.Hamad 
John P. Hampton, Jr. 
Thomas F. Hancock, IV 
Jeremy S. Harper 
Jason R. Harr 
Gregory W. Harris 

Philip L. Harris 
Randall L. Harvey, Jr. 
Robert J. Hedglen, Jr. 
Phillip W. Hendrix 
Shawn R. Herrick 
Joshua N. Hillsman 

Second Class 213 

James W. Hitch 
Tsung-Ta Ho 

James A, Holloway 
Brian D. Holt 

Craig W. Howard 
Peter G. Hugger 
Jared L. Hull 
William J. Inge 
Ronald J. Ingram 
Steven R. Johnson 

William T. Johnson 
Ruth J. Jun 
Brendan A. Kearney 
Toby J. Kearney 
James L. Keck 
Paul M. Keddell, II 

Philip D. Kerns 
Christopher Y. Kim 
Kennon W. Kincaid 
Ryan T. King 
Luke B. Kingree 

Wesley D. Kite 
Matthew W. Kluk 
John A. Komaromy 
Nichole E. Kramer 
James A. Kuhn, III 
Samuel R. Lagrone 



f- :■'!. in 


•=& — ■n'- — ■ 

J *p- 

<> — l^— 


) < — f — c> 


' Q= v ■ - , ; 

iMfe 0^ '' m \ 

214 Second Class 

I Christopher B. Lambert 
r ~ Jason A. Lambert 

1 Vincent P. LaPietra 
- Patrick V. B. Lavoie 

2 John W. Leggett III 
I Slade A. Levenson 

Kuo-Ruey Liang 
Kai-Chiun Liou 
Michael H. Lipari 
Baldwin G. Locher, III 
David R. Loeffler 
Michael N. Lokale 

John D. Longest 
Jonathan M. Lowery 
Christopher N. MacDonald 
Mario Majetic 
John A. Manos 
I Andrew W. Marsh 

William J. Matkins 
Arthur A. V. Matthews 
Brandon R. Matthews 
James A. Maxey 

David B. Mayo 
Colin J. McElroy 
Raymond P. McKay, III 
Robert L. McLean 

Daniel M. McNair 
Matthew K. McQueen 
Michael T. Meredith 
Joshua P. Middleton 

i Lt~ 

Second Class 215 

Marco A. Midence 
Christopher W. Mision 
Cullen W. Monk 
Adam K. Monteleone 
Kenneth R. Moseley 
Auste Motieciute 

Marc J. Motyleski 
Drew B. Murphy 
Steve J. Nakazawa 
David J. Narcum 
Brandon L. Naughton 
William J. Netherton 

Samson C. Newsome, 
Michael W. Newton 
Pierre S. Ngankeu 
Curtis B. Nieboer 
John C. Noah 
John O. Noonan 

Devin F. O'Brien 
Andrew J. Onello 
Jeremy C. Ongley 
Victoria J. Ortiz 
Seth G. Ostlund 
Robert J. Osypowicz 

Derek B. Overstreet 
William K. Padgett 




P- — f.p j 


WtA — I . i til - 0- t I o° 

Joseph R. Parks 
Joseph C. Pederson 

Oreo-d ... Chip Hancock looks like he' 
^j.stuck between a rock and a hard place as 1 
Mjdances with the Commandant's daughters 

216 Second Class 



\ -, • 



\ And one more thing ... Danny Goldberg gets some additional 
Vk, pointers t'rom a second (lass cadre member during Hell Week 1999. 



fci W 

*<-" ■<> i <£ 

^— «= 

„ -\> Vl „ >3 

It?!'. fc~r 

Clifford M. Piernick 
DeAngello L. Plather 
Michael R. Poliquin 
Paul D. Quinn 
William C. Ragland 
Joshua V. Rakes 

Andrew M. Reel 
Richard N. Reid, Jr. 
Aaron J. Rickel 
Jonathan I. Rios 
Alexander C. Rizzato 
Spencer E. Robbins, III 

Joshua J. Robinson 
John R. Roche 
Dustin A. Rupert 
Alexander D. Samms 
Juan-Carlos Sanchez 
Frank B. E. Saul 

Justin M. Sayko 
Patrick P. Schaerrer 
William V. Schaller 
Anthony J. Schmaus 
Nicholas J. Shallcross 
Thomas P. Sheedy 

Second Class 217 

Gregory W. Shpunder 
Vadim Simakhov 

Jonathan J. Simrak 
William J. Sinkinson 

Brian R.Sinkule 
Christopher R. Smith 
Gerald M. Smith 
Nathan A. Smith 
Kevin E. Solomon 
Joshua L. Sorrells 

Matthew W. Speers 
Levi T. Spellman 
Ryan J. Spivey 
Jay D. Splain 
Rollin A. D. Steele 
Kenneth C. Stein 

Slobodan Stipic 
Jacob S. Storey 
Galen W. Swank 
Jared M. Swanson 
Patrick J. Szvetitz 
Evan J. Szymanski 

William H.Talley.V 
John P.Tamborino, II 
David R. Tavenner 
Heidi H.Theule 
Stephen B. Traina 
Scott A. Trask 

; econd Class 

t. ■ _ ■ 

Justin S. Trenta 



Pang Tu 

Brandon H. Turner 


1 (Jfe. / 

.. <=k 

■V s 

Lara M.Tyler 


— '£=■ K 

' , <=& 

J if> ! 

Matthew W. Van Wie 

\, — — 

-* f 

1 <- 

J> i 

Edward K. Vaughns 

Joseph A. Voorhees 
Justin A. Vorrasi 
Bryan H. Wacker, Jr. 
Charles C. Wagner 
Lars H. Wagner 
Matthew C. Waite 

David Walker, Jr. 
Christopher C. Walsh 
Brandon C. Waltrip 
Brian J. Ward 
Melissa S. Ward 
Douglas B. Warner 

Martin J. Wasielewski 
Nicole L. Weaver 
Nicolette L. Weaver 
Gregory C. Wheal 
Karen M. Wheeler 
Daniel A. Whitehall 

Jan K. Wierzbicki 
Erik T. Wilkerson 

Alicia M.Williams 

Three AmigOS ... Chris Adams, Clint Alanis. anil Matt McOuivnl Andrew D.Williams 

I. Bmviii tu !>(.• h,i\ inu si ii i n ■ Tr\.is-si/t.-(i tun 

Second Class 219 

Daren M. Williams 
Donald L. Williams 
David C. Woody 
Nicholas D. Work 
Adam J. Wymer 
Sartngern Yutthapoom 

Yu Zhang 

Joseph M. Ziadeh 

Bryan M. Zollinger 

A little mud never hurt anyone . 

over for the Rat Mass of 2000+3 on February : 

Second Class 221 

On August 17,2000, 
many young people righl 
out of high school came 
to VMI not knowing 
exactly what to expect. 
These young men and 
women were put to the 
test in every way for jusl 
over seven months until 
they were given the righ 
to become cadets. 
February 25, 2001, was 
the day they were given 
the right. Many of then 
did not make it to the 
pinnacle moment we all call Breakout. As rats we were constantly harassed and pushed tc 
our limits, and, still, the majority made it to that defining moment. After becoming cadets 
and part of the class system, we were able to settle down and enjoy our newfound relative 
peace (that was once stripped from us). As Fourth classmen we elected our General 
Committee class officers and looked forward to the summer months ahead. Some went to 
summer school and some just went home and relaxed. Others did summer training with 
the military, while others went to work. The Ratline and our Fourth class year was finally 
over. Now our chance as upperclassmen had arrived as we returned from summer break. 
Some of us were cadre and corporals, while others of us were privates. It was our chance 
to train the rats and implement the system that was given to us. Many problems arose 
throughout our Third class year, though. People being suspended for reasons not known 
everyone and incomprehensible to some. Academics also were up a level from the previoui 
year, and classmates had to really push themselves to make the grades. We all looked 
forward to furloughs and time off from VMI because of the unrelenting everyday grind. 
But as Thirds we did not necessarily have the power to change that, and a lot of frustratio 
was vented in all directions. Ring Figure was in the planning, and dreams of the ring wer 
well underway. 

Jaden L. Lowry 
Historian, 2004 

Burn baby, burn ... Geoffrey Peltier gets riled up 
as a rat when the Sentinel Box gets set on fire. 

Death March ... The Rat Mass of 2001+3 
meets their cadre in August 2000. 


Work it . . . George Cushman enjoys being on 
the other side of life at VMI as he works out a 
rat during a sweat party. 

Tiole damn team ... The Class of i!004, as rats, cheers on the football team at Alumni 
lemorial Field. 

Third Class 223 

Bree A. Adams 
Joel W. Andrus 

Erica L Ardolino 
William D. Ayres 

Steven R. Ball 
Brent L Banks 
Andrew E. Barrett 
Thomas W. Beale 
James M. Bean 
Ryan T. Beatley 

James T. Beckwith 
Daniel J. Belzer 
Sophien G. Ben-Achour 
Peter G. Bennett 
John N. Berg, Jr. 
Hamilton L. Bice 

Justin A. Bierens 
Lakin A. N. Board 
Edwin H. Bodenheim 
Jason E. Boone 
Brandon S. Boor 
Dernc M. Borthwick 

Paul B. Boulden, Jr. 
Adam M. Brankamp 
Marion P. Brawley, IV 
Jason R. Brightwell 
Frank J. Brinkmoeller 
Thomas J. Brodowski, Jr. 

^ ? t V A. 




. ft 


■ — '> 


— jjfc, 

-,v / 

fii - 


»- ) 

Jarrett R. Brown 
Samuel M. Brown 
David P. Bruton 
Mark A. Buhl 
Peter J. Burke 
Jason M. Cage 

Scott E. Campbell 
Jacob E. Carpenter 
Graham T. Carssow 
John P. Casper 
Alison R. Cassell 
David E. Casteel, Jr. 

Maja Cavlovic 
Edward Chen 
Nathaniel S. Cincala 
Emanuel J. CiudadReal 
Lincoln B. Clark 
Michael B. Coakley 

John R. Cobb, IV 
Philip J. Cole 
David A. Coleman 
Jason C. Conley 
Richard J. Connaroe, 
Ryan D. Consaul 

Edward P. Cooper 
Michael W. Corso 

Jason M. Cox 
Shelley K. Cox 

Third Class 225 

Daniel J. Cragg 
Dennis K. Crennan 

Travis C. Crittenden 
Andrew J. Cunningham 

George H. Cushman, V 
Joseph K. Cuthbertson 
Gary R. Cutler, Jr. 
Eric T. Damon 
Brock P. Daniel 
Jason C. Daniels 

Jonathan M. Davis 
Natasha M. Davis 
Ross M. Davis 
Terrance S. DeGray 
Thomas C. DeShazor 
Joseph J. DiDomenico 

Noah W. Diehl 
Joseph H. Doane 
James M. Doherty 
Jason T. Dorn 
Brian P. Douglas 
Robert F. Downey, III 

Sean K. Duggan 
Jonathan P. Dumas 
Stephen A. DuMontier 
Richard V. Eaton 
Scott C. Eckes 
Drew M, Eland 

226 Third Class 

Nicholas G. Epolito 
Timothy W. Erwin 
Phillip R. Esco 
Bryan D. Faison 
Jacob B. Fauber 
Timothy J. Felts 

Tamara R. Ferguson 
Noah T. Flemming 
Joshua T. Fox 
Andrew M. Frazier 
Edward T. Freeman, I 
Brian C. Gallagher 

Bryson T. Gambill 
Ross A. Garnett 
Nathan L Gilbert 
John C. Ginder 
Hrvoje S. Glasnovic 
Stanley R. Gochenour. 

Geoffrey L. Goldsmith 
Douglas B. Goodall 

■K ' 

Bryan R. Gould 
Mariah H. Green 

Don't eyeball me ... Sophien Ben-Achour works out rat Ryan Clemens at 
Third Class sweat party. 

V 3 " Justin D Greer 

?<=> John P. Gregory 

Third Class 227 

Michael H. Gregory 
Robert H. Gregory, I 
Jonathan E. Hadra 
Jillian E. Hafer 
Justin M. Hairston 
Brian E. Hall 

Daniel F. Hall 
Adam L. Halstead 
Craig S. Hamilton 
Mark L. Hamilton 
James A. Hardin 
Winston W. Harrell 

Andrew N. Harris 
Benjermin L. Harris 
David W. Harris 
Morgan S. Harris 
Benjamin K. Hassell 
John B. Haywood 

Eric N. Hepfer 
Andrew J. Hickman 
Johnathan P. Hicks 
Robert T. Hinkel 
Jeffrey W. Hocutt 
Keith L. Holman 

Elizabeth R. Holthouser 
Brian V. Hudak 

Bryan M. Jackson 
Terrell Y. Jackson 

Another step closer ... David Kendzior and 

Raymond L'Heureux know they are one year 
closer to the end of the road less traveled. 

Third Class 

Roderick V. James 
David M. Jennings 

Harley P. Jennings 
Aarika N. Johnson 

Christopher B. Johnson 
Sarah E. Johnson 
Jonathan B. Jones 
Nathanael E. Joslyn 
Charles K. Karamon 
William F. Kastelberg, V 

Stephen J. Kaufman 
Chi-Wen Ke 
Charles L. Keesee 
David A. Kendzior 
Zachary L. Kennedy 
Allen R. Kent 

Peter B. Kent 
Stan J. Kielczewski 
Vyacheslav Kirillov 
Michael A. Kirk 
Than. Klongcheongsan 
Ryan E. Koniak 

Ryan J. Koziol 
llija Krklec 
Cyrus S. Kump 
Richard P. Lalomia 
Andrew W. Lander 
Vincent Laorenza 

Third Class 229 

Conley C. Laster. IV 
Chad A. Lavender 
Dennis K. Lawrence 
Caleb A. Lee, III 
Pei-Chun Lee 
Jonathan J. Lessen 

Gary A. Lewin 
Raymond F. L'Heureux, Jr. 
Matthew K. Liffick 
Stephen R. Linkous 
Richard K. Little 
Brent R. Long 

Jaden L. Lowry 
Travis D. Madden 
Brian M. Malast 
Abey Malave-Lopez 
Ryan C. Martin 
Stephen C. Martin 

Duncan S. McClellan 
Sean P. McElroy 
Michael J. McHugh 
Leo J. Mclnemey, II 

Michael P. McLaughlin 
Philip R. Metz 
Matthew T. Mikula 
Anthony D. Miller 

Rory M. Miller 
Kent B. Monas 
Joseph D. Montagna 
Joshua E. Montero 



t^— 1 

■ - — (> £ 


f^ f£\ (T^s f*s *^ 

Standing tall ... Benjamin Hassell 
full attention during the 
Class of 2003's ring presentation. 

I hird Class 

Ernesto G. Morales 
Joshua P. Mulford 

■ d v~ 


— ! — ->?==• 

fees — J , "w n 



Charles R. Munn, IV 
Joseph T. Neejer-Widener 

Benjamin E. Nehrke 
Alexander D. Nicoloff 
Deanna M. Nieves 
Brian P. Niven 
Timothy M. Nixon 
Daniel P Northcraft 

Sean A. ODonnell 
Elizabeth P. Olson 
Samuel G. Orr 
Joshua A. Owens 
Francis T. Palaia 
James D. Palmer 

Matthew C. Park 
Jarod V. Parker 
David A. Paul 
Jonathan C. Pax 
Geoffrey L. Peltier 
Anthony R. Peters 

Amanda L Phelps 
Thanphisit Phongsai 
Maurice E. Pipkin, IV 
David M. Poldiak 
Joshua D. Powers 
Daron A. Pressley 

Third Class 231 

Timothy A. Price 
John B. Puvogel 

Jason A. Quash 
Benjamin R. Rand 

Christopher R. Rauh 
Steven A. Raveia 
Derek J. Raymond 
James H. Reisch 
Jessica J. Remick 
Stephen W. Rhyne, Jr. 

Christopher J. Richman 
Timothy J. Rizzuti 
Charles J. Roberts 
Erik L. Robinett 
Daniel D. Ropp 
Matthew R. Roscoe 

Michael E. Roscoe 
J.B. Rosson 
Stacy J. Rostorfer 
Joseph R. Royston 
Joseph R. Rubin 
Gordon H. Ruff 

Jonathan E. Rushin 
James F. Russell, III 
Christopher C. Russo 
Jonathan L. Saburn 
Matthew H. Sanders 
Musa B. Sarki 

232 Third Class 

f I it~i ~> L -£i 

Brian C. Satterlee, II 
William G. Saunders, Jr. 
Michael J. Scott 
Derik J. Screen 
Ryan 0. Seater 
Jesse D. Seguin 

Robert W. Serig 
Matthew D. Sharpe 
Michael R. Shealy 
Adam W. Sheldon 
Matthew R. Shomo 
Joseph J. Sickler 

Robert C. Simmons 
William A. Simmons 
Radee M. Skipworth 
Justin C. Sloan 
David J. Smit 
Brandon M. Smith 

Clarence E. Smith 
Wesley R. Smith 
Justin A. Snair 
Timothy J. Snelling 
Joshua D. Speaks 
Henry W. Stallworth, Jr. 

Kevin D. Strait 
Brice L. Strickland 

^;. ; .-. ■., 

Life on the stoop ... Steven Raveia and Sophien Ben-Achour take on the full 
pleasures of life as a Third classmen — hanging out on the stoop. 

Gregory R. Sturz 
Alex J. Sullivan 

Third Class 233 


Eugene L. Sveum, II 
Kenneth G. Sydnor 

Keith J. Tate 
Ryan P. Taylor 

Ryan S. Thiel 
Jameson K. Thomas 
Joshua D. Thompson 
Rusty J. Thompson 
Frank I. Toomey 
Brian C. Trueblood 

Richard R Tucker 
Michael G. Uranko, Jr. 
Jeffrey B. Van Cleave 
Matthew S. Vogel 
James R Volosin 
Austin R. Wakefield 

Ryan T. Walker 
Stephen M. Walker, II 
Glenn R. Walton 
Thomas H. Walton, Jr. 
Eric D. Waters 
Edward A. Wierzba 

Malgorzata M. Wiesak 
Derek W. Wiley 
Daniel K. Wilkerson 
Robert L. Wilson, III 
Landon K. Winkelvoss 
Berryman E. Woodruff, IV 

234 Third Class 

Joshua L. Wright 
Nathan J. Wright 
Jen-You Wu 
Jesse D. Wullenwaber 
Todd M. Wynn 
Metin D. Yaman 

Matthew R. York 

Keith D. Yull 

Adam E. Zimmerman 

Third Class 235 



On August 20, 200 1 , a group 
individuals entered into 
something for which it was nc 
prepared. We left the safety < 
our families, hometowns, andl 
friends to join something muc 
greater: a glorious tradition. 
The rat mass of 2002+3 walk* 
into Jackson Arch as strangers! 
but before long we were 
roommates, companions, 
friends, and Brother Rats. 
V^ ^jJUBfi | Hdl Week officially began a 
'WtmT^M night on Matriculation Day 

when we met our Cadre. This was a real eye-opener for many and marked the beginnirj 

of our transformation from a disorganized rat mass into a class. It was a tough week, 

which ended when we met our dykes on Hell Night, six days later. After the first week 

the academic year began and the Ratline continued. 

On Sunday morning, November 1 1 , we organized a march to the Lexington 

Veterans Memorial to show our unity and to pay respect to United States veterans, to 

celebrate Founder's Day, and to remember the people who died in the September 1 1 

terrorist attacks. 

The ratline experience culminated on February 9 with the traditional Breakout 

ceremony. The day began early with a forced march and then nine PT stations. 

Afterward we marched out to Breakout Hill with our dykes. It was a long, hard day, bu 

the pain seemed to disappear when we stood around the Sentinel Box as the Corps did : 

an "Old Yell" for the newly formed Class of 2005. 

Though we have completed only one year in our tenure at the "I," the bonds hav<> 

already started to form, and, in the future, we will join the ranks of the many great men 

and women that have graduated from VMI. 

William K. DeShazor 
Historian, 2005 

One, two, three ... Colonel Hutchings pushes with Got any odd jobs... This rat is looking for i 
| the rat mass as they show support for the football team. work during Halloween. 

IM) Four 

I'm first... Brian Park gets the privilege of 
being the first rat sentinel. 

ou may bee whatever you resolve to bee?... Lael Bellotti 
Jows off his costume during Halloween. 

Fourth Class 237 

Fourth Class 

Sir, what do we do 

next... The rat mass of 
'02+3 enters VMI on 
Matriculation Day. 




III 1 

Christopher L. Aaron 
Justin S. Abbinante 
Matthew P. Acors 
Milton E. Aguirre, Jr. 
Brian C. Ahmes 
Kathenne S. Aldrich 

Timothy R. Allmond, Jr. 
Douglas G. Aloisio 
Colin E. Alstad 
Jose P. Amaral 
Jordan P. Amos 
Ryan L. Anderson 

William P. Angle 
Zane A. Angle 
Gabriela Arraiz 
Bryan Auman 
Rebecca N. Baas 
John M. Baber 

K. Banchusuwan 
Robert D. Barbaree, III 
Blake P. Barnard 
Richard H. Barrow 
Nicholas A. Battle 
John A. Beall, V 

Fourth Class 239 

Matthew J. Bean 
Chris R. Beaucham 
David M. Beehier 
Lael E. Bellotti 
Preston R. Beverly 
Joshua R. Bishop 

Charles M. Blake 
Victor E. Bookman, Jr. 
Roland C. Bodenheim 
Anthony R. Boone 
Alexander L. M. Borgelt 
Lance C. Bourassa 

Push... These Brother 
Rats help each other get to 
the top of Breakout Hill. 

>40 Fourth Class 

Say "Ahhh"... These Echo rats are glad that the Ratline is 
almost over. 

Brian K. Bowman 
Alexander N. T. Boykin 
Garrett T. Brickner 
Christopher D. Brooks 
Robert H. Brown 
Adam A. Brownback 

Matthew L. Bruns 
Paul T. Bryan 
Steven L. Bryan 
William C. B. Bryant 
John S. Burton 
William C. Butt, III 

Austin C. Cam 

Michael A. Candelario 

Nathan E. Canfield 

Almost there ... Jamaal Stafford looks forward to reaching the top of the stadium during Breakout 

r r in r< 

Gregory J. Carlson 
David G. Carroll, Jr. 
Ryan L. Carroll 
Anthony Castelides 
Aaron Ceranski 
Hao-Po Chang 

Fourth Class 241 


Jonathan- C 
Kyle B. Clark 

Ryan T. Ciemens 
Adam J. Clift 
Anthony A. Cochet Jr. 
Jeremy R. Coffman 
John C. Coleman, II 
Scarlett M. Collins 

Mark J. T. Conley 

Alien M. Ccones 

Kenneth W. Cooper 

'.' :"5: '.!. ;c3pe- 

-2 Fourth Class 

Hold on... Chris Hardy swings from 
rope on the milk maid during Breakout 

And Stretch... Kathy Aldrich exercises] 
at the top of the stadium during Breakout. 

Rats... The mass of '02-3 get 
for its first sweat party. 

■ ?■ 



e re waiting for you... The Class of -200:2 waits to 1 
et its rats during the first class sweat party. 

_ — ■— y 


The rat mass builds this snowman as a sign of 
and a tribute to their dykes, making it 20'-02". 




.lik *!3i. 1 

Wi . i._JP 


f m \ 

/ — \ 

/ i\\ T7 

\ \ 

i i 

Jonathan K. Con-ado 

Boyd A. Correll. Jr. 

William K. Crockett 

Steven M. Cunningham 

Howard S. Dalton 
Eric M. DeAvilla 
Jeffrey R. DeMara 
Anthony T. DeMarco 
Ty E. Denby 
William K. DeShazor 

Jason D. Devine 
Mark J. DiSalvo 
Sean K. Dixon 
Douglas C- Dobbins 
Michael J. Dongieux 
Matthew R. Dowdy 

Fourth Class 243 

Jason M l 

Peter B. Dreisbach, Jr. 
James C. Driggs 
Jarred W. Drown 
Michael J. Duerr 

Brian E. Duncan 
Aaron M. Dunlap 
Ian G. Dunlap 
Alexander J. Dunoye 
Jeffrey W. Durham 
Ross A. Duritsa 

Franklin L. Dyson, 

Esau A. Eatman 

Roman V. Edmunds 

244 Fourth Class 

Charles J. Ehnot, Jr. 

Cory D. Engelhard 

Elliott R. Erbe 

Luis M. Espinoza-Molina 

Bali Estorga 

Justin C. Fallin 

Edward P. Farrell, III 
James E. Favareau, III 
Charles W. Feazelle 
Brandon K. Fellers 
Thomas W. Ferrara 
Daniel T. Fields 

John T. Fisher 

Brian P. Fitzgerald 

Timothy M. Foran 

Fourth Class 245 

Pater F - - 
Vicheal A. Foxx, Jr. 
Kyle W. Francis 
Adam D. Frick 
Joseph A. Galante 
Gerrid M. Gall 

Erik D. Gallmann 

Nicholas A. Garza 

Loren A. Gernandt 

Robert G. Gibson 

Aaron V. Gleaton 
David R. Glier 
Adam R. Gochenour 
Terrell A. Golden 
Andrew L. Gordon 
Brian R. Gorski 


246 Fourth Class 

■ Do it yourself... Luke Wullenwaber, Vice-President of the RDC, teache 

H rats how to strain in JM Hall, using their Brother Rat King as an example 

IHmnii n— —h. me gg— ■^— ■ i mm 

s~ '~N 

I - ; ,- g 

Joseph Graham 
Tilus L. Green 
Cody J. Grey 
Preston W. Griffith. 
Christopher W. Guin 
Brandon J. Haenny 

James M Hairston, III 

William C. Hamilton, III 

Brandon A. Haney 


t.t ni 

Daniel J, Hansen 
Thomas C. Hardinge 
Christopher W. Hardy 
Nicholas S. Harper 
Justin J. Harris 
Daniel P. Harrison 

Fourth Class 247 

Brett R. Havelka 
James E. Hayes 
Conor L. Heely 
Eric W. Heese 
Edward M. Henderson 
Terrence J. Henderson 

Matthew J. M. Hendricks 
Brian M. Herrick 
Benjamin B. Hilton 
Benjamin J. Hobbs 
Peter M. Holman 
Matthew L Hook 

Remembrance... The rat mass of '02+3 visits the Veteran's Memorial on November 1 1, 2001. 

248 Fourth Class 

/ — > 

Smile... Daniel Harrison and Ed Henderson are all 
smiles as they tret closer to the end of the Ratline. 

. ■> - W ~ - 1 


raking a break... First Classman Scott Watts takes a break from the First Class sweat party to get a picture w itl 
onathan Proctor. 

Travis L. Hord 
Austin L. House 
Kenneth E. Houston 
Eric J. Huggard 
Amit K. Hull 
Thomas J. Humphrey 

Mark J. lannatuono, Jr. 
John W. Ikner 
Anthony lliadis 
Thomas C. A. Innes 
Kyle A. Isaacs 
Nicholas A. Ivey 

Fourth Class 249 


. \ . k Garza and Ian Foley are hanging out on the fourth st< 

David K. Jar-ali 

Wei-Han Jeng 

Jonathan R. Johnson 
Nathan L. Johnson 
Peter C. Johnson 
Samuel A. Johnson 
Timothy M. Johnson 
Alan M. Jones 

Kevin P. Jones 
Justin M. Juarez 
Paul D. Julian, Jr. 
Eric M. Kaltrider 
Andrew J. Karnes 
Kurt S. Karpov 

Maciek J. Kepka 
Benjamin R. King 
Ryan D. King 
James B. Kingsley, Jr. 
John R. Kite 
Peter I. C. Knowles, III 

Andrew M. Kochli 
Jason Kontopedes 
Scott A. Kreckman 
Jeffrey A. Krug 
Peter J. Kubesh, II 
Matthew J. Kurz 

250 Fourth Class 

Paul A. Kuwik 

Daniel W. Kwon 

Jeffrey F. Lange. Jr. 
John J. Langowsky, I 
Thomas A. Largi, Jr. 
John A. Laudeman 
John D. Leacock, II 
Won J. Lee 

Mark A. Lenzi 
Margaret A. Lewis 
Zachary M. Lewis 
Hsin-Yu Lin 
Richard A. Litwin 
Justin S. Liu 

Matthew S. Lloyd 
Eric M. Lockard 
Mark C. Loyd 
Joshua M. Lyles 
Robert M. L. Lyles 
Henry M. Lynch 

Marc B. Lyons 
Jerome R. Mabry 
Douglas J. Macdonald 
Shushil M. Machhi 
Scott T. Maciejewski 
Laura C. Mack 

Fourth Class 251 

Thomas F. Manley, 
Logan J. Manning 

Sean M. Matson 
Owen G. Mayo 

Onyinye I. Mbano 
Gabriel M. McCaig 
Preston H. McFaddin 
Matthew W. McGuire 
Jason E. Meador 
Shannon P. Meehan 

George B. Melton 
Paul F. Mercer, III 
Christopher A. Meyers 
Sambor S. Mielnik 
Andrew M. Miller 
Bradley P. Miller 

Jordan P. Mills 
Felicia D. Milton 

Lucas A. Moore 
Sean T. Moore 

The three muska-rats... Nick Garza, Derek Rankin, and James Shambley take ; 
break from working on the BOMB for this photo. 

252 FourtL I 




John A. Morgan 
Reese S. Morris 

Matthew R. Mullen 
Christopher A. Muller 

Ryan A. Murphy 
Jeffrey T. Murray 
Emily J. Naslund 
Ryan Neff 
Michael L. Negron 
Ian C. Nelson 

Saul R. Newsome 
William L. Nickels 
Adam D. Noelte 
Brian P. Nooney 
Matthew G. Noreus 
Amie-Anne E. Novak 

Robert J. Oaks 
S. Delk Oden 

Rory R Opanasets 
Robert L. Page 

King of the Sentinel Box... David Glier takes his place during a pep rally. 

Fourth Class 253 

Brian Park 
Setfi H. Parker 
Michael E. Parson 

Alexander A. Paul 
William H. Paulette, II 
Maury D. Pauling 

William C. Pearl, Jr. 
Daniel C. Pearsall 
Marco A. Perez, Jr. 

Christopher O. Perry 
Thomas A. Petykowski 
Lev Pobirsky 

Jonathan M. Poplin 
Allen C. Porter 
Joshua B. Poston 

Marlon A. Powell 
Jonathan R. Prible 
Jordan S. Prior 

254 Fourth Class 


■ 1 t I f 

Up in the trees. . . R;it Loren Gernandt keeps a firm 
hold as he glides swiftly across the high ropes. 

I t > I 1 

\7\ 1 

Jonathan A. Proctor 
Joseph L. Pruce, V 
James Pycraft 

Michael D. Ragsdale 
James T. Rainey 
Derek R. Rankin 

William C. Ray 
Pamela D. Reeves 
Luis G. Regla 

Jason A. Reinitz 
John D. Rerucha 
Robert V. Ricadela 

Beau J. Rideau 
Timothy F. Riemann 
Erik J. Rohrmann 

Joseph A. Rouleau 
Adam C. Rouse 
Jeffrey J. Rummell 

Fourth Class 255 

John E - 
Miguel A. Saiido 
Phillip R. Sauls, II 

Stephen W. Sawyer 
Jacob T. Saylor 
Ryan M. Schelske 

Daniel 0. Schreiber 
Shelby E. Sears 
Margaret S. Serig 

Walter G. Shakespeare 
James 0. Shambley 
Philip A. Shapiro 

Joshua D. Simulcik 
Carlton E. Smith, III 
Jefferson D. Smith, IV 

Joseph R. Smith 
Margaret A. Smith 
Matthew B. Smith 


Band of Brother Rats. . . Bravo Company rats 
:ake some time to pose after racing up the House 
{fountain course for Rat Challenge. 

I A 



Low crawlin'. . . Hunter West low crawls quickly through 
the mud, knowing that he is almost finished with the 

f n\ 



. V 

Nathan S. Smith 
Brandon N. Snively 
Daniel Spanu 

Jeffrey A. Sparks 
Brett B. St Peter 
Gregory L. Staat 

Jamaal W. Stafford 
Benjamin R. Stenger 
Samuel J. Stephens 

Jessica H. Stewart 
Charles K. Stokes 
Shore A. Stokes 

Maury A. Stone, Jr. 
John F. Streetman, Jr. 
Andrew M. Stribling 

Brandon K. Strickland 
Joshua C. Sullivan 
Nicholas B. Taran 

Fourth Class 257 

Aaron T. !ha 

Andrew M. Thorn 

Eric L. Thompson 
John B. Thompson 
James M. Thorns, II 
Michael P. Tittermary 
Andrew M. Troy 
Yang-Hsi Tsai 

Steven H. Tucker 
Brian P. Tuohy 
Joseph C. Turner, Ji 
Gregory L VanPelt 
Jonathan K. Vaughn 
Nicholas D. Viar 

Ronald E Volpicella 
Clifford B. Wade 
Jonathan D. Wade 
Randall L Wainman 
Colleen M. Wall 
Aaron E. Wallace 

Jeremy M. Ward 
Steven J. Watson 
Lawton B. Way 
Raymond L. Waytes 
Kurt C. Weishaar 
Beau A. West 

!58 Fourth Class 

jp/j \f\r { .in* 


'05, '05, '05... Tilt- rat mass of '02+3 
becomes the Class of 2005 with an 
"Old Yell" in the courtyard. 

*l * Jk 




t /* 1 1 f 

Z* 1 ""^ 

We're done... Andrew Thorn and 
Chris Perry give a sigh of relief and 
a smile, as they know that the Ratline 
is finally over. 

/^ m \^ 

mt\ r x \ 

Hunter W. West 

Brandon H. Wheeler 

Jarod B. Wheeler 
Christopher E. White 
James R. White 
Angel C. Wilde 
Matthew E. Wilkins 
Austin D. Williams 

Frank G. Williams, Jr. 
Kendall B. Williams, II 
Larry J, Williams, Jr. 
Robinson L. Williams 
Henry Wise, III 
Charles R. Witcher 

Jacki Wood 
Weston D Woolery 
Matthew T. Woyansky 
Chen Yu-Fan 
David S. Ziants 
Clint Zwayer 

Fourth Class 259 

irrior Training 

The New Cadet Military Training Program, later dubbed Warrior Training, began its inaugural year in January. 

The program, the brainchild of First Classman Magnus Nordenman, taught marksmanship, land navigation, first 

aid, and a variety of other military skills to the 
fourth class. Primary marksmanship instruction was 
taught to the rat mass over three afternoons, and 
then, for the first time in over two decades, almost 
all rats attempted to qualify on the M-16 rifle on the 
following Saturday. In the following weeks, the rat 
mass and then the fourth class rotated through the 
land navigation, first aid, and military skills classes. 
On 10 May, the fourth class embarked on Warrior 
FTX, the culmination of a semester's worth of 
training. Thirty-nine squads of fourths, each with an 
upper-class adviser, were dropped off in the 
Washington National Forest with minimal food, two 
maps, and two compasses. Despite the predictions 
of many in the Corps, there were no serious injuries 
or deaths in the fourth class as it traversed the 
rugged six-mile course through the mountains. The 
program's initial success has ensured that it will 
become a staple of a cadet's rat year at the Institute 
for years to come. 

260 Fourth Class 

Fourth Class 261 


Andrew Smith Benjamin Stanley \ James Thompson 

Fifth Yearmen 263 


The third leg of the VMI 
stool. An important aspect of 
any college, but extremely 
important at VMI. Over 400 

^m' £Mr &*# fL' 4- ^y LK*J (C&JL. 1>JL %*sJL L\J 4^w C- ^^ JLJL JL &M/JL JL JL ^1 \*^-JL M / A 

sport 9 with the Corps of Cadets 
giving its full support as they 
take to the field. 


'Victory is no great matter, and defeat even less; 

he essential thing in good sport is striving to 
7 xcel y and the good feeling it fosters between those 
who play fair and have no excuses when they lose. 

Constitution and By- Laws of the 
VMI Athletic Association, 1917 

aing (4-9) 

VMI 116 

rleston 125, VMI 100 

^on 202, VMI 84 . ; 

New Jersey 88, VMI 33 

Kutztown 92, VMI 30 

Franklin & Marshall 79, VMI 43 

Mary Washington MO, VMI 65 

Washington and Lee 126, VMF78 

Howard 101, VMI 91 

Marymount 64, VMI 128 

James Madison 131, VMI 74 

Bethany 25, VMI 65 

University of Charleston 21, VMI 65 

3rd Place Southern States Championships 

266 Sports 

Basketball (10-18, 5-11) 

Metro South 104, VMI 87 (ex) I 
GT Express 82, VMI 96 (ex) "J 
Morehead State W^VMI 87 J 
Virginia Tech 74, VMI 73 
Kentucky99,VMI57 - : 
St. Mary's 72, VMI 98 
Charleston Southern 69, VMI 901 
Eastern Mennonite 51, VMI 77 
Richmond 80, VMI 82 
James Madison 94, VMI 84 
Western Carolina 90, VMI 80 
Georgia Southern r00, VMI 60 \ 
UNC-Greensboro 80, VMI 74 
Davidson 79, VMI 68 \ ; 
College of Charleston 63, VMI 5i 
Appalachian State 91, VMI 93 
Virginia 93, VMI 59 
Furman 68, VMI 76 
ETSU 96, VMI 77 
Appalachian State 81, VMI 88 
Western Carolina 91, VMI 97 

Chattanooga 91, VMI 64 

UNC-Greensboro 91, VMI 64 

The Citadel 75, VMI 55 

Davidson 77, VMI 81 

The Citadel 80, VMI 70 

. -• v -^ 

Soccer (6-11-1, 3-5-1) 

Manhattan 0, VMI 2 

GWU 5, VMI 2 

Virginia Tech 3, VMI 

W&L2, VML1 

David Lipscomb 0, VMI 5 


Citadel 1, VMI 2 

Wofford 2, VML2 

UNC-Wilmington 4, VMI 

Davidson 0, VMI 1 

UNC-Greensboro 4, VMI 2 

Furman 7, VMI 2 

Marsfiail-0, VMI 1 

Georgia Southern 1, VMI 2 

Appalachian State 2, VMI 1 

College of Charleston 3, VMI 2 

UNC-Greensboro 1, VMI 

Rifle (0-6) 

USP 3509, VMI 3344 

2nd VMI Invitational 

4th Yankee Shoot-Off 

N.C. State 3476, VMI 3383 

Navy 6127, VMI 5681 
N.C. State 5760, VMI 5581 
Duquesne 3666, VMI 3605 
>th MAC Rifle Championships 


Sports 26" 

Cross Country 

iiiati 15, VMI Men 51 

•innati 20, VMI Women 37 

4th VMI Invitational— Men 

6th VMI Invitational — Women 

5th Colonial Invitational— Men 

8th Colonial Invitational — Women 

9th Leopard Invitational— Men 

12th Leopard Invitational— Women 

10th Southern Conference Championships— Men 

11th Southern Conference Championships — Women 


Track & Field 


VMI Invitational 

Tar Heel Elite Meet 

UNC/Blue Heaven Rumble Meet'; 

CNU Winter Frolic 

Collegiate Invitational Meet 

SoCon Indoor Championships 

EC AC/IC4A Championships 


Roanoke College Invitational 

Raleigh Relays 

Colonial Relays 

Lou Onesty Invitational 

SoCon Championships 

JMU Invitational 

ECAC/IC4A Championships 


Lacrosse (4-9) 

Canisius 13,VMI7 
Ohio State 19,VMI0 

Wagner 3, VMI 8 
Manhattan 12, VMI 7 

Colgate 18, VMI 3 
Lafayette 10, VMI 3 

Air Force 9, VMI 3 

Pfeiffer 11, VMI 6 
Lees-McRae 4, VMI 9 
St. Andrews 12, VMI 9 

Siena 9, VMI 15 
St. VinceritJrVMIli 

Football (1-10, 1-7) 

Duquesne41, VMI 18 

William & Mary 34, VMI 

Furman 65, VMI 7 


Wofford 59, VMI 14 

Chattanooga 16, VMI 19 

Western Carolina 44, VMI 17 

Appalachian State 27, VMI 17 

The Citadel 49, VMI 7 


ETSU 34, VMI 23 

Sports 269 


15th of 19 at Glenville State Invitational 

14th of 17 at Buck Leslie Invitational 

14th of 14 at Citadel Invitational 

10th of 16 at Glenville State / Oxbow Invitational 

12th of 12 at SoCon Championships 

270 Sports 

Baseball (10-41, 1-27) X 

Samford 11, VMI 1 : 
~ Samford 2, VMI 
Samford H,VMI7 
Coppin State 0, VMI It) 
Coppin State 2, VMI 6 ; 

Richmond 9, VMI 1 
Howard 0-5, VMI 13-11 

Howard 0, VMI 17 
George Mason 10, VMI 4 

Army 2-2, VMI 5-4 

Georgia Southern 8, VMI 

Georgia Southern 13, VMI 1 

Georgia Southern 9, VMI 

Old Dominion 8, VMI 7 

Lafayette 3-9, VMI 2-2 

Wofford 5, VMI 4 

WofYord 9-7, VMI 3-6 

UNC-Greensboro 5, VMM 

UNC-Greensboro 6, VMI 1 

Coppin State 0, VMI 28 

Radford 2, VMI 1 

Furman 12-9, VMI 0-6 

Furman 15, VMI 5 

East Tennessee State 9, VMI 3 

East Tennessee State 17, VMI i 

East Tennessee State 8, VMI 3 

William & Mary 9, VMI 1 

Appalachian State 16-4, VMI 6-3 

Virginia Commonwealth 5, VMI 

Norfolk State 5, VMI 7 

Davidson 12-10, VMI 2-1 

Davidson 7, VMI 6 

Virginia Tech 7, VMI 5 

Western Carolina 10, VMI 

Western Carolina 6-4, VMI 2-7 

College of Charleston 11-9, VMI 0-' 

College of Charleston 15, VMI 5 

George Mason 15, VMI 5 

The Citadel 12-12, VMI 2-4 

The Citadel 11, VMI 5 

Wrestling (11-4, 4-1) 

2nd West Virginia Open 

Keydet Invitational 

2nd Bloomsburg Invitational 

Pittsburgh 26, VMI 10 
23rd Cliff Keen Las Vegas 


Old Dominion 10, VMI 30 

N.C. State 22, VMI 15 

Midlands Tournament 

George Mason 15, VMI 23 - 

, American 12, VMI 35 

East Stroudsburg 7, VMI 29 

Maryland£2, VMI 13 

Virginia 12, VMI 20 

3rd Place Virginia Intercollegiate 


James Madison 7, VMI 28 

2nd All- Academy Championships 

Appalachian State 12, VMI 27 

UNC-Greensboro 3, VMI 36 

The Citadel 11, VMI 23 

Chattanooga 20, VMI 16 

Davidson 0, VMI 54 

Campbell 6, VMI 29 

2nd SoCon Championships 

39th NCAA Championships 

: m ■/■• 

— • Mm 5*3 


Tennis (4-16, 0-10) 

Eastern Mennonite 1 , VMI 6 

W&L Tennis Classic 

Shepherd 5, VMI 4 

East Coast Collegiate Invitational 

Chattanooga 7, VMI 

The Citadel 7, VMI 

Washington and Lee 7, VMI 

St. Francis 1,VMI6 

East Tennessee State 7, VMI 

College of Charleston 7, VMI 

Georgia Southern 7, VMI 

Hampden- Sydney 3, VMI 4 

UNC Greensboro 7, VMI 

Lynchburg 6, VMI 1 

Radford 7, VMI 

Appalachian State 7, VMI 

Davidson 6, VMI 1 

Furman 7, VMI 

Wofford 7, VMI 

College of Charleston 4, VMI 

Sports 271 


^ason, including victories over Marymount University, record. The Keydets did just 

i'oward University, the University of Charleston and that through the senior 

ethany College. Entering his second year as head coach, leadership of Matt Serra, who 

pott Bowser looked to rebound from last season when his served last season as a freestyle 

"- '-' " . •' ''-;'■- ^C^J - ^ &£>*&$ 



i^l ^h^Ih ^^^^^^H 1 ^v 4 ^^K j 

__J . J ^ The 2001-200* 

VMI Swimming 


place finishes in the 50-yard 
freestyle race at the Southern 
States Championships. Serra 
was up to his old tricks again thL 
season when he claimed first 
place in the 50-yard freestyle 
and the 1 00-yard freestyle 
against Marymount. Senior Erik 
Vik also provided leadership for 
the Keydet Swim Team as he 
placed first in both the 200-yard 
butterfly and the 200-yard 
individual medley, also against 
Marymount. The nucleus of the 
team's success, however, should 
come in the future. Freshman 
James Piggs, who proved to be 
the master of the 200-yard 
freestyle after winning five first 
place finishes in the event. 
Another freshman, Sean 
A ^atson, showed signs of 
illiance as well this season 
■. won the gold medal in 

the 2001-2002 
VMI Rifle 

:ey successes at its very 
I Invitational as the 
#" squad finished in third 
lace and the "B" squad 
itjjshed in fifth. The team 
pished in fourth place at the 
m. Coast Guard Academy's 
fpkee Shootout and 1 8th 
Kail at Ohio State's 
(iickeye Invitational 
nament. Senior Walter 
[key served as this year's 
IHjn captain, and junior Nick 
jlhallcross carried a heavy 
bpd as he proved himself to 
^epne of the top juniors on 
, B|team. The team finished 
iith overall at the MAC Rifle 

Championships. With only one 
senior member and a roster 
that includes nine freshmen and 
six sophomores, Jim Thorpe, 
who will be entering his 22nd 

season as head coach, should 
enjoy much success on the 
range in the future. 


the2U0I VMi i'iootuail team 
underwent ayouth movement, 
and laid the foundation for a 
successful future. The team 
entered the season without the 
services of Richard Holland, 
i led the nation in kick 
t yardage during the 2000 
le offense took the 
jut the razzle-dazzle 
s of big play maker 
t, a standout wide 
receiver throughout his tenure 
here at the Institute. On the 
defensive side of the football, 
the squad missed the big hits of 
Quesuan Wigfall. ButCal 
» and company 
ie pieces and 
, putting some of the 
> the heat of battle. 
5shman kick return 
s Green quickly 
: more and more 
I as he tallied up 

Is and was 
lem Conference 
ran of the Year. Punter 
trt Barth improved his 

numbers to climb to the list of 
punting statistics where he sat 
with the conference's top 
punters. At the conclusion of 
the season, Barth earned "All 
America" status. He broke his 
own record for longest punt in 
a game twice, including an 
amazing 73-yard bomb against 
conference foe Appalachian 
State. Kicker Matt Sharpe 
became a sophomore 
sensation midway through the 
season after he made good on 
a 20-yard field goal that gave 
VMI its first win of the season. 

Offensively, some of 
the old guns were brought out, 
oiled up and fired — and they 
were right on target. Senior 
running back Gene Cauthen, a 
four-year starter, chalked up 
over 700 rushing yards, and 
put together a whopping 154- 
yard performance in the season 
opener versus Duquesne. 
Cauthen neared the century 
mark two other times during 
the season. He ran for 99 

yards against Division-I 
National Champion Georgia 
Southern, and chalked up 93 
yards on Chattanooga. In the 
air, Gibson to Garcia seemed 
to be the winning combination 
Garcia led the team with 
500 yards receiving. 

Derik Screen led 
defense with 1 06 tackles and 
even had four interceptions, 
and became the big hit bandit 
for the Big Red defense. 
Youngster Michael Kirk 
stepped up in his sophomore 
season to become a standout 
player in the secondary. 
Linebacker Chris Walsh and 
nose tackle Matt Kluk 
provided a strong push upfront 
and kept pressure on opposing 

With over 1000 kick 
return yards on the year and 
20 seniors returning in the fall, 
the Keydets look to make a 
statement in what will be their 
final season in the Southern 

■ AS 


Stop... Craig 
Howard stops the 
opposing team from 
getting in Cauthen's 


It appears that VMI head 
soccer coach Stephen Ross 
has changed the spelling of the 
word "soccer" to "success." 
After all, that is what he and his 
team began to taste this season 
and will continue to indulge in 
next year. 

With just three senior 
players, Ross' team included 
1 3 freshmen, a number that 
might frighten any coach. 
Fittingly, however, his 
upperclassmen took the upper 

hand and provided much 
needed leadership that became 
recognized throughout the 
conference. Junior midfielder 
John Rios had a career season, 
earning All Southern 
Conference first team honors 
and being named to the third 
team All South Atlantic Region. 
Rios also earned his place in 
VMI history, breaking the 
single season record assist with 
a total of 1 A — this mark 
shatters Trey Kirby's 1994 

record of 11. This effort puts 
Rios in a tie for the number 
two all-time slot for career 
assists. Senior goal-keeper 
John Simmons was also named 
to the All Southern Conference 
team after leading the 
conference in total saves. 
Thanks to the admirable play 
of Rios and Simmons, Coach 
Ross was named "Southern 
Conference Coach of the 

I got it... John Simmon: 
protects the goal from a 
fiercely kicked soccer ball 

276 £ 

Up in the air... Ryan Martin 
keeps the game going as he moves 
the ball up the field. 



Can't touch me... Danny 
Whitehall proves that you can't 
keep a good soccer player down, 
even when his opponents take hold. 

The Keydet track a ad field 
earn, men and women, set new 
records this season, proving 
progress is in the air. 

Sophomore J.B Rosson 
broke the VMI record for the 
pole vault, clearing 1 6' 1". The 
previous record had stood 
untouched since 1994. His 
record-breaking performance 
also gave him a first-place finish 
in the event at the VMI 
Invitational. Rosson also broke 
the outdoor mark in the pole 
vault, clearing 16'2-3/4". The 
previous record had lasted for 
10 years. 

The women made their 
statement, too, via Tasha Jones, 
who rewrote the record book 
this season, finishing at 7.57 in 
the 55-meter dash— breaking 
Aarika Johnson's record set 
last season. 


I hope this thing 
doesn't break... 

Ronnie Hull takes off" 
as he launches 
himself in the air. 

Reverse limbo... Seth Ostlund 

eases his way over the bar. 

ross iountry 

jjrfike Bozeman overcame some tough obstacles in his 1 7* season as head coach of the VMI cross country team this year and 
validated a successful future for the program. Competing without last season's senior standouts Rachael Love and Joe Smith, 
iJozeman's team looked to some new faces for leadership. For the men, sophomore Sean McElroy proved that he is ready to be 

one of the team's top runners after leading all VMI male runners against The 
University of Cincinnati, and in the VMI Invitational, the Colonial Invitational 
and earning top honors for the Keydet men's team at the Southern Conference 
Championships. Sophomore Ryan Walker provided upper class leadership as 
well by leading the VMI men to a ninth place finish at the Lafayette Invitational 
, and finishing second for his team at the Southern Conference Championships, 
^k \ \ W 1 ' . I Junior Michael Lokale also had a standout year, placing 13 th versus Cincinnati 

*B ftf Wfl! and finishing second on the team at the VMI Invitational. For the women, 

rffjr 1 ' Mm ^j ' Freshman Emily Naslund and Alia Hamad led the charge. Naslund was the top 

i BiH I finisher among VMI women, and third overall, at the William and Mary 
Invitational and was the first woman finisher at the Southern Conference 
Championships. Hamad also led the Keydet women at two meets. Bozeman 
remains optimistic about next season since most of his roster will be returning. 
He says he will look to "the experience of upperclassmen" for leadership. 

Almost there... 

Jackie Tugman and 
Karen Wheeler stick 
together as they near the 
finish line. 

Don't Stop... Ryan Anderson 
struggles toward defeating his 
opponent in this neck- to-neck 

\io, I'm going to win this one... Nicholas Battle, Sean McElroy and Michael 
jtokale debate with one another as to who the winner of this race is going to be. 

Sports 279 

The 2001-2002 VMI 
Basketball Team 

I don't think SO... Renard Philljj 

fakes out a player with a slick spin mi 

280 Sports 

J ^asketbal T 

The VMI basketball program underwent a facelift following last year's season, and opened the 
2001-2002 campaign a younger and more explosive team that proved to be hungry for a taste of 
Southern Conference success. 

The future of the Runnin' Roos was in jeopardy after being forced to part ways with senior starters 
Nick Richardson and Eric Mann. Richardson ranks 24th on VMI's all-time scoring list, and Mann 
averaged nearly 14 points and 1 1 rebounds. Both combined to account for half of the team's scoring and 
rebounding production from the previous season. 

This year's squad represented the youngest one VMI has seen since the 1 98 1 -82 season when five 
freshman started on opening night, and the team had only two starters from a year ago. 

Head Coach Bart Bellairs was pleasantly surprised, however, by the development of his young and 
inexperienced players. A team consisting of just four seniors and a combination of 1 freshmen and 
sophomores, the Keydets proved to be exciting, unpredictable, and, best of all, productive. This year's 
team won 1 1 games overall, 1 in the regular season, and five versus Southern Conference opponents. 
The Runnin' Roos up-tempo, high-flying act consisted of a motion offense that emphasized transition 
i ™ % J"" 0\' I scoring. Taking advantage of thoroughbreds Jason ConJey, Radee Skipworth and Richard Little, the Roos 
¥ g^M^A , ^ pushed the basketball and forced the issue, resulting in easy buckets many times throughout the season. 
• «%■ This fast-paced tempo also helped VMI take advantage of sharpshooters Ben Rand and Daron Pressley. 

The Roos played this season lacking experience in the post — the only impact post players were Mike 
Gilbert and Zach Batte, but ended the season on a bright note, since youngsters Tim Allmond, Preston 
Beverley and Sam Mielnik earned valuable game experience and showed signs of ability. 

The season was highlighted by a near win over Virginia Tech, a 24-point performance by Jason 
Conley against nationally ranked powerhouse Kentucky, and a win over Southern Conference champion 
Davidson on February 23 rd . VMI's obvious bright spot came courtesy of Jason Conley. Conley became 
he first Divisinon I freshman in NCAA history to the lead the nation in scoring. He averaged nearly 30 points per game and was 
lamed Southern Conference Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year by the league media association. Conley was recognized 

by college basketball guru Dick Vitale as being one of the top freshman players in the 
country and was featured on ESPN's SportCenter, Sports Illustrated magazine and 
SLAM magazine. 

The future looks bright for the Runnin' Roos, who will run the floor with intensity 
come fall and hope to run the Southern Conference. 

Where do you think 
you're going... Mark Grigsby 
is set on stopping this Citadel 
_J player from making his move. 

Get off of me... Radee 
Skipworth prevents one of the 
Spartans from getting a rebound. 

Sports 281 

The VM1 wrestling team, which entered th; 

three ofits wrestlers represent VMJ on the All Southern I 

junior Adam Britt and freshman Mike Parst 1 1 

Conference Championships, Cox w , i 

season at 37 and won his secoi i 

The VMI lacrosse team endured change this season and made the best of it. 
Playing with more freshmen than seniors, Head Coach Doug Bartlett posted confidence 
in upper-class leadership and a strong defense. 

Posting key wins over Lees-McRae and Siena, the main offensive scoring 
option was taken on by sophomore attackman Leo Mclnerney, who coach Bartlett 
described as being one who "raises everybody's level of play." Sophomore Tim Erwin 
also provided key offense for VMI. Senior Ben Midura came through in the clutch time 
and time again this season. When the Keydets needed a score, they called Midura's 
number. This season also marked the resurrection of sophomore attackman Doug 
Goodall who came back from an ankle injury to get back into the lineup. Brian Niven 
served as the Keydet's main face-off man, however, senior John Eddy also took on the 
role of face-off man and proved he could handle the task. Defensively, the Keydet's 
most improved player from last season, Pat Gregory, moved into the starting lineup. 
Derick Swenk, one of only three players to start every game, provided upper-class 
leadership on the defensive end, too. Tom Sheedy, who made his first appearance this 
season, brought an offensive approach to the defense. Junior Brendan Kearney, who had 
an impressive fall, 
stepped up this season in 
limited play to become 
one of the Keydet's key 
leaders on defense. His 
quickness and alertness 
combined to give him an 
edge over opposing 
players and allowed him 
to break up plays and 
contribute in a big-time 
fashion to the defense. 
The anchor of the 
defense, however, was 
junior goalie Brian 
Ward, who made 
key saves 
throughout each 
game to erase 
Keydet mistakes. 

284 Sports 

Win this one for the Gipper... The VMI 

lacrosse team huddles up before one of its games. 

Get off of me... Doug Goodall holds 
off the opposition as he reaches down to take 
the ball and control of the game. 

No, that's my ball... Derick Swenck shoulders an 
opponent out of the way as they fight for a ground ball. 

I hope I make it... John Eddy 
aunches the ball to midfield right 
before the competition tries to check it 

The 2001-2002 VMI Lacrosse Team 

Sports 285 

The Keydet baseball team 
showed signs of greatness at 
times and signs of hardships 
at other times. Head Coach 
Tom Slater '90 entered his 
second season with a young 
roster that only had one 
senior player, and featured 
12 freshmen. 

The meat and 
potatoes of the team came 
courtesy of two upper class 
sluggers who were able to 
keep VMI close and provide offense when needed. Junior Andy Barden combined with 
freshman Elliot Erbe to hit nearly 1 home runs on the year. Help also came in the way 
of junior pitcher Jeremy Harper, who improved his game, and threw nearly 20 
consecutive strikes in the final innings of a game versus Furman. 

The lineup had experience behind the plate in Barden and junior catcher Justin 
Briggs who has shown signs of being a power hitter as well. The infield, consisted of 
four freshman, Elliot Erbe, Henry Lynch, Duke Acors and Matt Smith. The outfield also 
looked young with sophomore Zach Kennedy and freshman Matt Leake playing 
alongside junior Ben Rand, who is also the starting point guard for VMI's Runnin' Roos. 
The weekend starting pitcher was Harper, while the weekday starter was Matt LifTick. 

Key VMI wins came against West Point as the Keydets posted two straight 
wins over Army, a shut out versus Howard, as well as a 28-0 rout of Coppin State. 


You're out ... Elliot Erbe prevents this battel- from soine any 
further around the diamond. 


Keydet tennis team. Nevatt, 
last season moved into the pla; 
rotation, stepped up when nee 
winning nearly 10 matches, pi 
in both the singles and double: 
format. Coach Harrison credi 
Nevatt's success to his ability t 
the net quickly. Senior Tom 
Huffman, who Coach Harrison 
has great "natural ability", usei 
valuable playing experience fr< 
season, when he played at the No. 
singles slot, to his advantage to help 
him net nearly 10 victories this 

The anchor and future of the 
team, however, lies in the hands of 
junior Slobodan Stipic who proved 
this season that he can compete with 
the best and established himself as a 
singles specialist. 

The VMI Golf team 
was led by senior Chad Kenna. 
Kenna, a sharpshooter for the 
Runnin' Roos on the hardwood, 
also proved he can get it done 
on the green as he averaged an 
impressive 82 on the season, 
and finished first among all 
VMI golf team members on 
four different occasions. 
Sophomore Janet Brown 
showed flashes of brilliance, 
finishing in the top three in 
almost every contest. With 
another two years of eligibility, 
he and Sophomore Adam 
Halstead, who placed first 
among VMI golf team members 
at the American University 
Invitational, have head coach 
Stuart Brewbaker excited about 
what the future holds for VMi 
Golf even though this will be 
(he last year of varsity golf due 

to the change in conferences. 

The 2001-2002 
VMI Golf Team 


Please go in ... Chad Kenna kneels down 
and thinks on how he should putt. 

Here I go ... This VMI golfer putts the 
golf ball, hoping that he will save par. 

/here did it go ... Terrell Jackson 
jatches the golf ball sailing toward the green. 


Extracurricular Activities. . . . 

500 oz^fefc w/zo participate in 
over 50 clubs and organizations. 

K^' ~— ' 


■ i 




P l\ 

fo^ml 1 



1 m jm 


"I do not care to belong to a club that 
accepts people like me as members. " 

Groucho Marx 


Front Row: Matthew Dowdy, Brendan Barclay, David Barkocy, 

and Thomas Baldwin 

Back Row: John Sakaleros, Daniel Schreiber, and Mark Conley 

Not Pictured: Rebecca Baas, Lakin Board, Thomas Browdowski, 
Peter Burke, Charles DeKeyser, Ryan Doltz, Edmund Guy, Daniel 
Hansen, Alezander Haseley, John Komaromy, Owen Mayo, 
Francis Palaia, Gary Pembleton, Derek Rankin, Robert Ricadela, 
and Philip Shapiro 

American Chemical 

Front Row: Seth Osflund, Jason Breeding, and Andrew Harter 
Back Row: Clifford Cook, George Cushman, Heidi Theule, 
Derric Borthwick, and Brandon Waltrip 

Not Pictured: Robert Christafore, Daniel Clark, Ryan Clemens, 
James Doherry, Matthew Dussia, Layne Fielder, Devin Flavin, 
Jillian Hafer, Christopher Hardy, Daniel Harrison, James Hayes, 
Matthew Hylton, Christopher Mision, David Paul, William 
Pearl, Jason Quash, J.B. Rosson, Maury Stone, Eugene Sveum, 
Brian Toney, and Nam Tran 


Big Red 

From Left to Right: Nicholas Compher, James Burket, and 
Josh Schreiber-Schoonyan 

Not Pictured: The Corps of Cadets 




Front Row: Jason Breeding, Brad Brickhouse, J.R. Fidler, and 
Brian Gardner 

Back Row: Robert Witcher, Kenneth Sydnor, Bryan Faison, and 
Jefferson Smith 


Front Row: Justin Abbinante, Kent Monas, William Sinkinson, Tri 
Tang, Spencer Robbins, Stephen DuMontier, Clifford Cook 
Middle Row: Sven Jensen, Andrew Hickman, Matthew Dowdy, 
Ryan Davis, Randy Sheets, Justin Trenta, and Deanna Nieves 
Back Row: Richard Barrow, Jason Quash, Anthony Peters, Maja 
Cavlovic, Adam Frick, James Favareau, and Jonathan Pax 

Not Pictured: Dela Ackaah, Jessie Barnard, David Bartles, Graham 
Carssow, Elizabeth Davis, Ross Duritsa, Roman Edmunds, Rachael 
Forrest, Brian Gallagher, Craig Guiliano, Michael McHugh, Matthew 
Mullen, Sam Newsome, Clifford Piemick, Paul Quinn. Erik Wilkerson 

The Cadet 

Front Row: Henry Wise, Maury Stone, Devon Miller, Charles 

Munn, Jarrett Rice, Victoria Ortiz, and Jason Mounts 

Back Row: Glenn Walton, Neil Mellen, Daniel Cragg, Michael 

Needle, Nicholas Barcheski, Marc McNamara, Marc Weber, 

Lael Bellotti, Joshua Simulcik, Curtis Nieboer, and Matthew Van 


Not Pictured: Ed Donohue, Stephen DuMontier, John Fuller, 
Wynn Locher, and Magnus Nordenman 

Clubs 293 


Cadet Battery 

Front Row: Joshua Bandy, Jonathan Vaughn, Erik Baines, 
David Baber, Brendan Barclay, and John Ginder 
Back Row: Andrew Troy, George Melton, Blake Barnard, and 
Victor Bockman 


Front Row: Jenni Cordell, Jillian Peterson, Sarah Brudvik, and 

Jessica Gogarty 

Middle Row: Kristen Decker, Wendy Anderson, and Elizabeth 


Back Row: Janet Ralls, Tara Bowen, Kristina Stewart, Kendra 

Colter, Ashley Klepinger, Maggie Van Camp, and Valerie 


Cadet Investment 

Front Row: Peter Sok, Brady Bagwan, Mike Zanetti, Ryan Peay, 
Dave Baber, Erik Wilkerson, Thomas Bliss, and David Ross 
Middle Row: Alexander Nicoloff, Matthew Sharpe, Joshua 
Mulford, Aaron Campbell, Jason Kocher, David McNair, 
Edward Chen, Jarrett Rice, and William Gentry 
Back Row: Joel Meeks, Matthew Blanchette, Grey Lester, 
Jackson Castleberry, Jonathan Tibbs, Brian Shepherd, Brendan 
Kearney, David Burdette, and Robert Serig 

Civil War Round Table 

ront Row: Christopher Adams, Matthew McQueen, Jeffrey 
)ame, Philip Kerns, Frank Trigueros, and Spencer Robbins 
Jack Row: Bryson Gambill, William Matkins, Nick Foster, 
Jonathan Sabum, Curtis Nieboer, and John Roche 

"Jot Pictured: Timothy Price, Larkin Scott, and Benjamin 

Community Service 

Front Row: Thomas Baldwin and ErikWilkerson 

Back Row: Joshua Schaller, Wes Swank, and Joseph Parks 



Front Row: Wynn Locher, Salmaan Khawaja, and Brad 


Back Row: Benjamin Griffith, Jason Goldstein, and Andy 



Clubs 295 



Front Row: Jillian Hafer, Henry Papiano, and Robert Elder 
Back Row: Charles Karamon, Christopher Carter, Robert 
Evans, and Benjamin Booth 


Front Row: James Russell, Charles Keesee, Curtis Nieboer, and 
Andrew Frazier 

Back Row: Joshua Fox, Mark Mills, Doug Harmon, Douglas 
Warner, and Stephen Lee 

Not Pictured: Anthony Franklin, Keith Holman,and Slade 


From Left to Right: William Matkins, David Ross, William 


Not Pictured: David Rossi 

•96 Clubs 

Glee Club 

Front Row: John Fuller, Jose Leoncio, James Kuhn, Douglas 

Warner, John Leon, and Dermot Gavin 

Middle Row: Mark Iannatuono, Robert Gibson, Eric Kaltrider, 

Jonathan Cirillo, and James Bean 

Back Row: Douglas Aloisio, Derrick Bodkin, George Cushman, 

and Emanuel CiudadReal 

Not Pictured: Dela Ackah, Joseph Cuthbertson, Aaron 
Gleaton, William Johnson, Richard Lalomia, Owen Mayo, 
Magnus Nordenman, Justin Phelps, James Shambley, and Jared 

Ice Hockey 

Front Row: Adam Zimmerman, Joseph Montagna, Edward 

Skarda, Christopher Richman, Frank Toomey, and Alexander 


Back Row: William Hunsberger, Jacob Agnew, COL John 

Brodie, Craig Guiliano, Mark Loyd, and Jared Conrad 

Not Pictured: John Lentivech 

International Club 

Front Row: Luke Wullenwaber, Tri Tang, and Phakdey Pen 
Back Row: Brian Kornett and Paul Knick 

Not Pictured: Nathan Jones, Jason Kocher, Nam Tran, and 
Louis Wong 

Clubs 297 



Martial Arts 

Front Row: Ruth Jun, E. Blake Witherell, Matthew Lloyd, 
Michael Bang, and Alexander Rizzato 
Back Row: Michael Shealy, Caleb Lee, Keith Holman, James 
Kuhn, Robert Cuthbertson, and Dustin Rupert 

Not Pictured: Jacob Fauber, Ross Garnett, Harley Jennings, 
Chad Lavender, Gordon Ruff, and Jeffrey Van Cleave 

Front Row: Jason Daniels, Charles DeKeyser, Richard 

Connaroe, and Brian Meadowcroft 

Back Row: Derric Borthwick, Benjamin Nehrke, and Nathan 


Not Pictured: Peter Bennett and Alexander Haseley 

Newman Club 

Front Row: Christopher Mision, Kenneth Stein, John 
Pogranicy, Doug Garbark, and Thomas Ferrara 
Back Row: Heidi Theule, Dennis Crennan, Jan Wierzbicki, and ■ 
Karen Wheeler 





Philosophy Club 

nt Row: Paul Knick, Robert Elder, Harry Montoro, Neil 
ellen, and Marc McNamara 
Back Row: Daniel Schreiber, Charles Munn, Bryan Rodriguez, 
Kevin Jones, and LTC Duncan Richter 

Not Pictured: Nicholas Barcheski, David Beehler, Peter 
Dreisbach, Anthony Franklin, Edward Henderson, Terrence 
Henderson, Douglas Hoffman, Vincent LaPietra, John Leacock, 
Jose Leoncio, Devon Miller, Magnus Nordenman, and 
Margaret Smith 

Powerlifting Team 

Front Row: Kenneth Collins, Brandon Matthews, Christopher 
Sullivan, William Talley, and Jackson Castleberry 
Back Row: Bryan Zollinger, Benjamin Bowman, Jason 
Brightwell, David Tavenner, John Haywood, and Michael 

Not Pictured: Adam Belmont, William Gentry, Aric Gerke, James 
Holloway, David Jackson, Drew Murphy, Roy Perry, Joshua 
Robinson, Justin Sayko, and Jonathan Tibbs 


Pre-Law Society 

Front Row: James Burket and Matt Serra 

Middle Row: Eric Hepfer, Erik Baines, Harry Montoro, Jessie 

Barnard, Jason Lamendola, and David Coleman 

Back Row: Luke Kingree, Matthew Van Wie, Sean Griff is, 

William Ragland, Charles Munn, Ryan Consaul, and Matthew 


Not Pictured: Brian Andrew, Matthew Blanchette, Dominik 
Browne, Matthew Campbell, Richard Connaroe, Robert Evans, 
Aaron Fegley, Stanley Gochenour, Darnell Griffin, James 
Hardin, Alexander Haseley, Odis Hickman, Ronald Ingram, 
Matthew Jones, Shawn Lacks, Matthew Mitchell, Deanna 
Nieves, Daniel Northcraft, Devin O'Brien, Andrew Onello, 
Francis Palaia, Timothy Price, William Summers, Luke 
Wullenwaber, and Michael Zanetti 

#.' •- 



Clubs 299 


Front Row: Marlon Powell, Jacki Tugman, Lloyd- Jarell Davis, 

Rachel McGraw, and Tasha Jones 

Middle Row: Musa Sarki, Larry Williams, Traci Schultz, Tamara 

Ferguson, Kevin Solomon, and Kenneth Moseley 

Back Row: Radee Skipworth, Katherine Aldrich, Mildred 

Cooper, Jessica Stewart, Aarika Johnson, and Banks Dupree 

Not Pictured: Arthur Cauthen, Jason Conley, James Hairston, 
Amit Hull,, Michael Kirk, Margaret Lewis, Joshua Lyles, Robert 
Lyles, Abey Malave-Lopez,, Maury Pauling, DeAngello 
Plather, Daron Pressley, Derik Screen, Timothy Snelling, 
Edward Vaughns, Randall Wainman 


Front Row: James Copty, David Becker, and Travis Stephenson 
Back Row: Jason Lamendola and John Trant 

Not Pictured: Andrew Biesterveld, Sean Boiling, Dustin 
Delcoure, David Ellington, James Epps, J.R. Fidler, Layne 
Fielder, Travis Guidt, Christopher Mills, Jarrett Rice, 
Brian Shepherd, and James Smith 

Ranger Company 

Front Row: Derek Brown, Drew Eland, Christopher Russo, 

Joseph Rubin, Kevin Strait, and Shawn Herrick 

Middle Row: William Johnson, David Woody, Christopher 

MacDonald, James Volosin, Justin Gonzales, Joseph Doane, 

Anthony Franklin, Wesley Smith, Z. Somodi, and Anthony 


Back Row: Timothy Tendall, Jonathan Simrak, Glenn Walton, 

Jeremy Ongley, Edward Chen, Geofrrey Peltier, andThananart 


Not Pictured: Joseph DiDomenico, John Leake, and Justin 

Ranger Challenge 

Front Row: Benjamin Hassell, Gordon Powers, Michael Nelson, 
Ryan Davis, and Cory Lindsey 

Back Row: John Roche, Thomas Baldwin, Ryan Koniak, David 
Barkocy, Alexander Samms, and Timothy Wolford 

Not Pictured: Lara Tyler 

"^""^ *% mn ^~ 




r \ 

Rock Climbing 

Front Row: Joshua Powers, Hrvoje Glasnovic, John Bocek, 

Michael Gregory, and David Price 

Middle Row: Christopher Smith, Edward Chen. Christopher 

Gromadski. and Brendan Fitzpatrick 

Back Row: Matthew Halsey, Maurice Pipkin, and Geoffrey 


Not Pictured: Jennifer Dinneen, Brent Long, Devin O'Brien, 
and Melissa Ward 


Front Row: Brandon Boor, Jonathan Lessen, Anthony 
Montgomery,Phillip Stracener, Chad Leo, Brent Pasko, Adam 
Wymer, Seth Wheeler, and Ed Donohue 
Middle Row: Joseph Montagna, Jonathan Rushin, Jarrett 
Brown, Sean Griffis, William Ragland, Sean O'Donnell, Joseph 
Scarbrough, Edward Skarda, Frank Saul, and Stephen Rhyne 
Back Row: William Wessling, James Howard, Baldwin Locher, 
Paul Keddell, Robert Wilson, Ian Foley, Benjamin Bowman, 
Clifford Piernick, Raymond L'Heureux, David Bruton, Noah 
Diehl, Stephen Kaufman, and Ryan King 

Not Pictured: Joseph Cuthbertson, Edmund Guy, Toby 
Kearney, and Richard Lalomia, Joshua Rakes, Thomas Schillo, 
John Tamborino, Matthew Waite, and Eric Waters 


Clubs 301 

Semper Fi 

Front Row: Christopher Gromadski, Anthony Schmaus, Erik 

Wilkerson, Brandon Turner, Patrick Lavoie, Matthew Speers, 

and John Leon 

Middle Row: Samuel Johnson, MetinYaman, Joseph Turner, 

Ross Garnett, Craig Hamilton, and Derric Borthwick 

Back Row: Rollin Steele, Douglas Bahrns, Clint Alanis, Jason 

Lambert, and William Matkins 

Not Pictured: Rob Metz 


Front Row: Christian Blanch, Michael Uranko, Jesse Bilthuis, 
Phakdey Pen, and Benedict Inyama 

Back Row: James Kuhn, Paul Knick, Johnathan Hicks, Brian 
Satterlee, Pierre Ngankeu, Frank Trigueros, and Nathan Blythe 

Not Pictured: Darnell Griffin, Kevin Hanna, Philip Harris, 
Robert Kendrick, and Gerald Smith 

Strength & Fitness 

Front Row: Christian Collamore, Landon Blum, Andrew 

Harter, and Christopher Brander 

Middle Row: Matthew McQueen, Justin Vorassi, and Sopheap 


Back Row: Shawn Lacks, Jason Lamendola, Michael Escobar, 

and Pat Khattak 

Not Pictured: Clint Alanis, Matthew Blanchette, Timothy 
Brennan, Abraham Hughes, Micheal Janati, Jared Lapp, 
Ronald Sebeck, Adam Soller, Wes Swank, Matthew Thompson, 
and Daniel Wilkerson 

Music Society 


Front Row: Justin Abbinante, Jason Breeding, Joel Andrus, and 
Matthew Sharpe 

Middle Row: James Volosin, Bryson Gambill, and Eric Hepfer 
Back Row: Michael Needle, Joshua Schreiber-Schoonyan, Ryan 
Schelske, and Peter Dreisbach 

Not Pictured: Nicholas Battle, Charles Blake, William Blanton, 
Derrick Bodkin, Anthony Boone, Samuel Carney, John Cobb, Dennis 
Crennan, Anthony DeMarco, Stephen DuMontier, Devin Flavin, 
Brandon Haenny, Alia Hamad, Andrew Harrison, Robert Hedglen, 
Harley Jennings, Timothy Johnson, Salmaan Khawaja, Nichole 
Kramer, Jonathan Lessen, Laura Mack, Alexander Martin, Withers 
Moncure, Steve Nakazawa, Alexander Nicoloff, Magnus Nordenman, 
Francis Palaia, Joseph Parks, Eric Poole, Derek Rankin, Christopher 
Rauh, Larkin Scott, Michael Shealy, Thomas Sheedy, Caleb Sylvester, 
Keith Tate, Heidi Theule, Jacqueline Tugman, Brandon Turner, Erik 
Wilkerson, Alicia Williams, Timothy Wolford, and Marc Yelle 

f t • tn 


Front Row: Daren Williams, Jake Copty, Erik Figueroa, and 
John Leon 

Back Row: Travis Stephenson, Michael Shealy, Nathan 
Wahlgren, Timothy Johnson, and Curtis Nieboer 

Not Pictured: Bree Adams, Paul Boulden, Odis Hickman, Ruth 
Jun, Stephen Lee, Elizabeth Olson, Anthony Peters, Gregory 
Staat, Jason Stephenson, Jacqueline Tugman, and Matthew 

■■ " 


Front Row: Andrew Smith and Mark Bauserman 

Back Row: Kenneth Armentrout, Baldwin Locher, COL Grigg 

Mullen, Benjamin Griffith, and Daren Williams 

Not Pictured: Brian Andrew, Andrew Asher, Benjamin Booth, 
Maury Brickhouse, Mark Carr, Christopher Carroll, Paul Carroll, 
Jennifer Dinneen, Christopher Donnelly, James Epps, Matthew 
Erwin, Robert Evans, John Fidler, David Grilli, Philip Kerns, 
Matthew Maxey, Rulon McVay, Alexander Nicoloff, Daniel 
Northcraft, Victoria Ortiz, Joseph Parks, Anthony Peters, 
Gregory Settle, Gregory Shpunder, Clarence Smith, Christopher 
Sullivan, John Tamborino, John Trant, Reuben Trant, Lars 
Wagner, Matthew Waite, Christopher Walsh, Melissa Ward, 
and Jerry Whitlock 

Clubs 303 



Front Row: Ryan Hickey, Timothy Burke, Taylor Jones, Jeffrey 
Prausa, and Stan Kielczewski 

Back Row: Adam Soller, William DeShazor, Roderick James, 
and Peter Kent 

Virginia Historical 

From Left to Right: Josh Schreiber-Schoonyan, Landon Winkelvoss, 
Keenan Enstminger, and William Matkins 

Not Pictured: Christopher Adams, Jason Annis, Jason Armstead, 
David Barkocy, Mark Bauserman, Douglas Black, Mark Carr, Nicholas 
Compher, James Copty, Mark Davis, Andrew Dawson, Charles 
DeKeyser, Dustin Delcoure, Jason Dorn, Eric Edwards, David 
Ellington, Robert Evans, Kyle Haire, Phillip Hendrix, Joshua Hillsman, 
James Holloway, Abraham Hughes, Jared Hull, Matthew Hylton, Tasha 
Jones, Ruth Jim, Richard Kennedy. Patrick Khattak, John Leake, John 
Lentivech, Ryan Manor, Alexander Martin, Brandon Matthews, James 
Maxey, Michael Meredith, Philip Metz, Cullen Monk, Michael Newton, 
DeAngello Plather, Robert Rice, Spencer Robbins, David Ross, Oliver 
Ruiz, Larkin Scott, Gregory Shpunder, Franklin Slavin, Jay Splain, 
Corey Stavinoha, Kenneth Stein, Anthony Sturgill, Jon Tatum, Jason 
Taylor, Jacqueline Tugman, Joseph Voorhees, Stephen Ward, Brandon 
Wheeler, and David Woody 



From Left to Right: Josh Schreiber-Schoonyan, Jessie 
Barnard, Hairy Montoro, and Jason Kocher 

Women's Soccer 

Front Row: Emilie McCombs-Coach, Jackie Tugman, Mihaela 
Guberovic, Heidi Theule, Rachel McGraw, and Karen Wheeler 
Back Row: Naomi Pike, Sarah Johnson, Alison Casteel, Traci 
Schultz, Kathy Aldrich, Jessica Stewart, Ruth Jun, and Alia 

Clubs 305 


I Eerie 

VMI has a lighter side. It 
may be hard to find, but it's 

LiLtsYts t Li/LIf rCLiL^L (A'Vs&l) UtsHJ W* It^ol^t^C 


fcM> n ^^'>^'vMTii ^,^' ^,^riv. W|2il 


ay '81 


^S^PP^^V? ; 










Pictures are worth 1,000 words.... 

"Back in the 
Old Corps,' 
when I was 
Jt a cadet... 

"Let me tell you a story 
about a man named Jed..." 


. «^ 

.A-^"**.*.^!' MWM"' 

A \ _j^ttn 

Another Number One. 

A hidden Super Si and his seven dwarfs, 

message about 
Crozet? No, it 
couldn't be, 
could it?... 

Outracre 309 



. I * ' 







310 Outran 








Outrage 311 



Number One Club 

VMI is a three-legged stool, which strains every fiber of a cadets being. In response to these rigoj 
that are placed on all cadets at VMI, an elite social club has slowly formed over the four years with a vei 
select membership. The #1 Club is a drinking club of sorts, along with a few select GC penalty selectee 
with most of the meetings having occurred in Barracks or The Palms. However, members of the club c 
provide other sendees for the VMI community. Entrance in the club involves a unique initiation ritu 
which few are able to withstand. Members are usually selected by the Commandant's staff for son 
outstanding feat that they have accomplished. The initiation involves 60 hours of community servic 
four months of isolations, and then a year-long probation period. The Class of 2002 has had the honor 
having one of the largest #1 clubs in recent memory. So what does it take to be number 1? As my counselc 
once said... "Just a lot of high-risk behavior." 

"The Commandant's Own" 


"V 1^ 

; lv '" 

wj VE 




President: Mr. Francis 

Offense #1: Combining against the authority of VMI vrith four 
other members of the Corps by trying to avoid marching in an 
Academic Stars Parade. Penalty: six months sabbatical from 
The Palms, one-half semester of hanging out with just his 
roommate, and conduct probation for life. To this day, he 
refuses to pay respect to those with Academic Stars 

Offense #2: Palms, Oasis, then Palms again tab $150.00 

One Night Stay in the Lexington Cityjail $50.00 

Self-bone for Late return from GP<12 hours>.. an Alcohol #1 

HMW — i n > mwm w 

Vice-President: Mr. Sebeck 

Offense: Going over the capacity limit for Club Sinks 

<max Occupancy level : 5> and habitually trying to get it on with a 

civilian girl in his rack 

Secretary: Mr. Davis 

Offense: Busted by ATF special agent Bissell when 
through S-14's window arch during a nightly 
"Alcohol Appreciation" meeting. The consumables 
were seized, along with his rank. 

Outrage 313 



Harry Montoro 

Luke Wullenwaber 

Chris Mills 

Taylor Jones 

Eddie Lewis 

Ed Skarda 

Darian Laf ferry 

Nate Wahlsren 



- , 

Jason Lamendola 

Paul Carroll 

Jake Copty 

Travis Stephenson 

Jim Cowardin 



1 '* 1 

Christian Collamore 

■:+ cm 

Cartoon by Eric J. Iannelli 98 

Outrage 315 



JL Xie /Ld\J\j jmt J3 V-/XYJLJJ fc3l<AJLJL 

thanks the following people 
for their support: 

Major General Josiah Bunting, III 

Doug Chase, Adviser 

Chris Edwards, Herffjones 

Kurt Araujo and the 

Candid Color Staff 

¥M^ Board 

1 : tits & Businesses 

''.- %346 . Advertisements 




i fi[ 1 m ;ii i 

ran H ■ 


AT" A 

t L ^ 

lta» «# 

the most interesting and difficult of 


Aldous Huxlev 

%»<%* lb**" ■■--■- ~>~ 





CDR Philip R. and Mrs. Olivia C. Rossi 

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Robert Green '67 

Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Nemish 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sullivan 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Flavin 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Innes 

Col. H. Francis Bush & Family 

Barbara Parrillo Volpicella 

Stephen and Anita Hook 

Ned and Barbara Riester Richard and Debbie Boo 

Forrest O. Smith, MD T.C. and Linda Brown 

Mr. and Mrs, Slavin Colonel James Turner '65 

Donna Weaver Kepka's Family 

"R"Raiich W.T. Schwartz 

Marshall Donors 

Jerry and Heath Parker 

Harvey M. Shapiro 

Linda S. Dunoye* 

■■;'''■'■■ fiM : -" 

reston Donors 

Cadet Thomas B. Schillo, II '02 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Haenny 

Brig. Gen. Alan Ford Farrell 

Carol and Buddy Bryan '71 

Thomas F. Manley, II '79 

Mrs. Georgia L. Stafford 

Eileen Hinks 



tisements 319 1 



is C.J. Guidt 

// They Could Only See You Now... 

Congratulations Travis! We are so proud of you. We love you 
Momma, Daddy, Lora, Scott, Tate, Mamma Guidt, 
Aunt Linda and Uncle Johnny 

Dear Philip: 

CONGRATULATIONSon completing the 

Ratline with such style. During all the 

trailsand tribulations, you have been 

able to maintain a high gpa.lf a man is 

measuredby his accomplishments, you 

are some man. 

Keep up the excellent work. 

Love , 

Dad and Jenny 

Cadet CoIIamore 


In ijour four vjears at VMI uou have proven to be a 
young man of integrity, perseverance, and complete 
nonestu. We are very proud of uou and tlie man uou 
nave become. Mau God be witb uou as uou move 
forward and upward to soar above tbe clouds. 

Daddij, Momma, Quentin, Karen, 
Jon, Dakota, Sbuanne, and Austin 


Brothers with the Ring 

Love Mom and Dad 




XA- Wa^ A Ua>ri 


LpngvaXu (cl UoH !)Oo 

V\(e All Love Via • 


Advertisements 321 


is just . 

with your 
website . . . 

Now you can shop online for textbooks and collegiate clothing and gifts. Also check 

out information about special events, faculty authors and much more. Take 
advantage of 24/7 service for your shopping convenience at the bookstore's website. 

Virginia Military Institute 

Keydet Bookstore 

200 Lejeune Hall 

Lexington, VA 24450 


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John Progranicy 

Dave Rossi 


Veni Vidi Vici 
Hooah! Hooah! 

VMI 2002 

You marched on a green field 

In the shadow of blue hills. 

You heard a humming between stone pillars 

And learned a code passed on from man to boy. 

You marched away from there 

But you brought the place with you. 

You built a bridge. 

You dug a ditch. 

You fired a musket. 

A black powder gun, 

A rifle, A missile. 

Your blood sunk into the earth somewhere 

(Gettysburg. Normandy. Khe San) 

But you soared on eagle wings. 

You gave a future to the past. 

You chose to listen to a drumbeat 

In the shadow of blue hills. 


Advertisements 323 



There was always something special about you. The 
average and ordinary were never enough. You had to climb a 
little further, reach a little higher. 

While some dreamed dreams, wishing they would 
come true, vou worked hard making your dreams a reality. 

While others hoped, you tried, and most often suc- 
ceeded. We want vou to know how proud we are of all you 
have accomplished, of all you have become. 


Mom, "Del" and Stuart and Papaw 

Relax in Country q uiet am ong Virginia's Rolling Hills 

The Inn At Union Run (ca. 1883) is nestled 
on ten acres of rolling hills surrounded by 
country quiet. Our country inn and restauranl 
offers eight gracious rooms, all air- 
conditioned, with private baths (six with 
Jacuzzis. ) All are individually appointed wit! 
antiques privately collected by the innkeeper 
Four of the eight guest rooms have fireplaces 
and private porches, providing great 
relaxation while enjoying the special views o 
the creek, pond, wildlife and rolling hillside. 
We serve a full country breakfast in our 
Mary Dayton dining room and afternoon tea 
and refreshments in our parlor or common 

Evening dinner is available to inn guest and 1 
the public on Fridays and Saturdays. Our 
American/Regional menu is varied and 
prepared to order, featuring fresh seafood an 
Black Angus steaks. Dinner is also availabli 
Sunday-Thursday by advance reservation on 
- call for details. 

We host special functions. Group Luncheons 
Business Meetings. Weddings, Receptions, 
Rehearsal Dinners. Murder Mystery Dinners. 
Wine Dinners and Wine Tastings by advance 
arrangement. We offer special Honeymoon, 
Anniversary. Gift Certificates, Civil War 
Tours, Massage Therapy, Holiday and Mid- 
Week packages. 

Join innkeepers Roger and Jeanette for 
a relaxing visit and leam about thei: 
Civil War family connections - please 
111 co: 

540-463-9715 or 

Fax: 540-463-3526 Email - 


The Inn At ' [)"■ 

Congratulations Graduate 

Christopher Brian Mills 

Class of 2002 


We hope you never lose your sense of wonder and never 
settle for the path of least resistance. 

You have always considered and chosen the 
unknown... even when there may be a struggle. Because of your 
devotion and drive, it will always take you where you want to go. 
Consider this experience a wonderful gateway not an end. 

Always remember the good is always the enemy of the 
best and wherever God sends you he will guard your life. 

You, Chris Mills have our love and respect for being who 
you are: The most wonderful son and brother there could be. 

With Love, Respect, and Pride 
Mom, Dad, and Jason 

PS. " I hope you dance" 
Song by Lee Ann Womak 

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Ramada Inn 

2814 N. Lee Highway 

Lexington, VA 24450 

Phone: (540) 463-6400 

Fax: (540) 464-3639 

The time has finally come for 
you to toot your own horn! 

Congratulations to Cadet Bo 
Fiasko, his faithful brother 
rats, roommates, and Rugby 
teammates Joe, Chad, and 


Mom, Dad, Hayley, and Emily 

Advertisements 325 



Provisional Appointment 






3e it known that 


is hereby issued a provisional appointment to enter 
the Virginia Military Institute with the 

Class nf 2005 

This appointment is subject to the recipient's meeting 
such requirements for admission as may be effective 
at the time of his official application. 


Director o! Admiss 

5 Ma) 19 89 


II ij 

i B . 





the hinges 

of destiny 

h ertisements 



Preston Wells Griffith, III 

Congratulations! One down and three to go. 


Your Family 

Hartley, Hunt, Mary Margaret, 

Catherine Grace, Mom & Dad 

MOM, DAD, & 

You've followed a hard path, 
met the challenge, & have 
succeeded in achieving your 
dream ! We are always behind 
you 110%. Remember, God 
is always with you. 
Best Wishes Lt.!, Semper Fi! 
Love always, 
Dad, Mom, Betsy, Ben, 
Jolene, & Alexi 
Congratulation Joe Williams, 
The Class of 2002. 

Congratulations Jeff Prausa & BR 's 11 

next time you get to fix the plumbing!) 

You think your career as an 
Engineer is just beginning, but 
that's simply not true. It 
began over 19 years ago 
when, as a three year old, you 
decided to put your favorite 
truck down the toilet just to 
see what would happen! 

Each experiment, each "what 
if?" led up to where you are 
today. Along the way, besides 
a love of learning, you picked 
up a great work etliic and a 
delightful sense of humor! We 
could not be more proud of 

Congratulations "Jeffer"-- 
and keep smiling, it brightens 
the whole world around vou! 


Advertisements 327 


Our Sincerest Congratulations to you and all of 

your Brother Rats. We are all so proud of you!!! 

Just think... Class of 2002+3!!! 

Our best to you, as you continue on, 

Grandmas Betty Heinlein, Martha and Anni 

Sutherland, Grandpa Cliff Sutherland, Butch 

Rice, Aunt Linda Prince, Ronie, Anthony and 

William, the Heinlein Family, your friends and 

"The Entire Foley Clan"!!! 


Jared W. Lapp 

The VMI Chapter of your life 

has come to a conclusion. Another 

milestone successfully completed. 

Our hearts swell with pride for you. 

Trusting in the Lord, continue to press forward 

to the mark of the high calling. 

Our love & support are with you. 

Mom, Dad, Dncle Charlie's bunch, 
Friends, & Church Family 


Congratulations on enduring the 
hardships of the Ratline, success- 
fully tackling the academic 
struggles of the 3rd class year, 
and receiving the honor and dis- 
tinction of earning the VMI ring. 
Enjoy your road to success; you 
deserve it! 


Mom, Dad, Teresa, Grandmom 

and Granddad 

!8 Advertisements 


a w i$ 

''^fe^iAI«x ,, -^ 

•■if : C 


Memory of the 

Top to Bottom: Watch presented to Cadet John DcButtsA Ml Class of 1936, by VMI Company C: 

•Little Sorrel". Stonewall Jackson's warhorse; Coatee worn by Cadet John Steenbergen, VMI Class of 1849; 

WWII helmet liner worn by George Patton. VMI Class of !907;193 1 game ball, VMI 18, UVa 3; 

"Brother Rat" doll form the movie 'Brother Rat", 1939; VMI Class nng. 1853; 

one of seven Medals of Honor awarded to VMI alumni. 

Advertisements 329 



Cadet Anthony "Goon" Franklin 

Words cannot express how 

proud we are of you! 

Mother, Dad & Candice 

Dearest Eddie, 

From 1 to 21, you've filled our hearts with joy and pride! It 
seems like yesterday that you began your journey at VMI and 
now you're graduating! Words cannot express how proud we a 
of all you've accomplished. Now you are ready to make a diff 
in the world. Continue to seek the wisdom of Cod and He will bless 
all vou do! Proverbs 3:5-6 ... 




Eddie Cade 

Matt Cichy 

Matt Burgess & 

Tony Franklin 

! ; rt.\± 

Class of 

Dear Matt, 

What a great job you've 
done, and we know a 
wonderful future will be yours. 
We are so proud of you! 


Mom & Dad 

jriM * ;■ 

Through your hard work and determination, 

have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams! We 

are so proud of all your accomplishments at VMI 

Graduation is just the beginning of a new parade 

go for it! May God bless you always. 

Mom, Dad & Family 

I 1 

lUiiiui i iuiiiLin i uirTLjii i 


:>— «: 

■ ■Am.A.mAiuiAii' 

330 Advertisements 




Congratulations! After four 
years of enduring the rigors of 
VMI you have accomplished 
your goal and graduated. Now 
you are a brother of the elite 
VMI alumni. From the Ratline, 
three years of serving the 
Institute as an officer in the 
Cadre, performing in the VMI 
Band, and successfully com- 
pleting your undergraduate 
work in Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, you have distinguished 
yourself at a very unique and 
challenging college. Your entire family is extremely proud 
of you. May the knowledge that you have gained from the 
classroom, the Barracks, and military training serve you 
well in the years ahead. Most importantly, maintain the 
honor that VMI has instilled in you as well as the friend- 
ships that you have been blessed with over the last four 
years. May God bless you and keep you and your "Brother 
Rats" safe as you leave VMI and go out into the world. 
Our country desperately needs what you and your broth- 
ers have to offer. 

All Our Love, 
Mom, Dad, & Dawn 

I m 


p, Sven, 

jf' Congratulations 

on your 


the Jensen 

clan is with you 

always, past, present, 

and future. 



Corframs Blue Blazers 

Alvin (alter 

102 W. Washington Street 
Lexington, Virginia 24450 

Student Accoual 







Advertisements 331 

Alexander: All parents should be proud of their 
children; we are lucky because we can be. Not 
just because you are graduating from VMI, but 
more than anything, because of the person you 
are. Do you know our favorite picture of you 
was one that was taken when you were three 
years old, while attending preschool? Your 
pose, chin pointing confidently up in the air, is 
the epitome of the determination and self- 
confidence that was as much your spirit then as 
it is today. It is the picture of a little boy with a 
lot of character. That little boy has grown to be a 
man of character, not to mention one sharp 
knife. We love you, Son. 
Mother and Dad 


Alex: You have now laid a great 

foundation for a successful future. 

We are very proud of you, and we 

know you will always do your best 

and be a credit to this country. 


Grandmother and GP Casto 

332 Advertisements 

Alexander: There was never any 
doubt that you wouldn't accomplish 
the goal you set for yourself, whether 
it was doing your best at VMI, jump- 
ing out of a plane, or running in a 
marathon. You always give your 
best in whatever you undertake. We 
wish you the best that life has to 
offer. Go for it! 
Love ya, 
Gramps & Grams Haseley 


"A man must eat a peck of salt 

with his friend, before he 

knows him." 

By Miquel De Cervantes. 

Your friend, 

Michael C. Escobar 

"Future. That period of time in 
which our affairs prosper, our 
friends are true and our happi- 
ness is assured." 
By Ambrose Bierce. 
Your friend, 

I Alex Martin 
"You were the one who 
made things different, you 
™ were the one who took me 
jj in. You were the one thing I 
] could count on, above all, 
:you were my friend." 
j By Tom Petty. 
A Your Rat friend, 
^John Corrado 

"The best mentors are the people in 
your life who push you just a little bit 
outside your 'comfort zone.'" 
By Leigh Curl. 
Your Rat friend, 
JB Thompson 

Alexander: It has brought us such 
joy to see you grow into such a 
wonderful young man over the 
past four years. You are in our 
daily thoughts and prayers as you 
move on to the next phase of your 
life. We are so very proud of you. 
"Uncle" Dan 

and "Aunt" Becky Shearn 

Alexander: As your 
Uncle and Godfather, 
I am just incredibly 
proud of what you 
have accomplished. 
Graduating from 
VMI indicates the 
true character that 
you possess. As an 
ex-Army Officer, and 
with seven years in 
the infantry, I can say 
that the parents of the 
soldiers that will be 
in your charge 
couldn't ask for a 
better leader. Al- 
ways remember that 
leadership is about 
serving others. Sol- 
diers follow character 
not rank. The Army 
is lucky to have you. 
Love, Richard Casto 

"Alexander the 

Congratulations on all your 
many accomplishments. 
Your very proud Godmother, 
Deborah Skilken 

- - J* 

Live the life of your dreams, bold and 
courageously, doing the things you 
wish you would have done. 
Willis P. Tatterson 

Alexander and GP Casto 

The most important piece 
of advice I can give you is, 
"stay in touch with the 
Man upstairs because he is 
your best friend, and you 
can always count on Him." 
Wherever life's journev 
takes you, He is there, too. 
May God bless you and 
bring you back often to see 
your old friend. Your 
friends and I wish you the 
very best always. 
Jim Bugg, Sr. 

Advertisements 333 

.tofcer ms 

^ e "fhcrnks -for <ajl the memories™ you're 

-Vhe best"... Lov«£ you, Ho\nn e ^)ad 

Guard I I 

fowr yearns \aftesr t avid a 
job uj<f ! I done! 

Conqra+u! a+ions on 
/our- ^r&diAaiiom 4-rom 

Love. Always 
Mom e ' 

Advertisements 335 


xx you may be whatever 
you resolve to be." 

Stoneivall Jackson 


'We love you and we are proud of you— 
Ail that you are and att that you will be. 

'Mom, 9{icfa Sarah, andCeb 


Another chapter of your life has been com- 
pleted. You have the rest of your life to 
explore, embrace, and utilize the knowledge 
& principles established during these last 
four years. We are 
so proud of you! 
May every chal- 
lenge in your life 
become a victory, 
may you always 
follow your heart 
and may every 
road that you take 
lead to happiness 
and succes. 

We love you! 



CLASS OF 2002 





iJYicbolas ^hallcross 
Class of '05 
Congratulations on your accomplishment 
^Through hard work and diligence 

you have achieved your goals. 
MQny they serve as an inspiration 

for your future. 

£}ur love and continued support. 

<V£)om £r ^7>ad 

336 Advertisement 


§k ax 







Advertisements 337 



Mom, Dad, Jake, Carrie, and Amie 

Way to go, 


I hope that all o 

your wishes wil 

come true, just a! 

this one has. 

I love you, Devo ! 




Faster than a screaming cadre, 
Stronger than the RDC 

Able to strain 4 flights of 

stoops in a single bound.. 








Way to go SuperRatMatt! 
and SuperRats: Jimmy, Nate, Rob, Jared, and Hunter 

Love you, 
David, Mom, Cera, Andrew, Buddy, & Jared 



You have had courage to work hard for something 
you found to be a personal challenge. The Ratline 
was difficult. However, you have persevered and 
have conquered this challenge. The first of many 
challenges in your life. Each challenge you conquer 
will give you additional strength for the future. Well 

We are very proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 


Mijo Guadito 

How can a parent in so few words 

express the profound admiration your 

family has for you as you have 

traversed the hallowed grounds of 

VMI? Your steadfast resolve to stay 

the course through all manners of 

setbacks and take on the Ratline and 

"The Field of Lost Shoes" not once, but 

twice due to your unexpected 

"vacation" to Bosnia compliments of 

Uncle Sam speaks to the man you have 

become. We are so immensely 

proud of you and all that you represent. 

Job well done, 

my son 

Mamacita and Family 


X , "r 
t, ■-■'' : " V ' 


From the boy you were. 

To the man you've become 

Advertisements 339 


- — _ 

Spend ou 
With "si" 
Stand til ... 

All the world 
Still in sleep, i 

In our he 
Bear the colo 







Post the colors 

( hola tu; 
Our colors'-- white, ye 

Ere earth's guttering lamps 
Hush'd to wait that great raj 
--res close in last sleep, 

V.M.I. , send His favor upo 
O) The Colors, that legions. 

(will fly) 
Our colors --white, yellow < 


340 Advertisements 

James Bryant Smith 

Class of 2002 
United States Army 

Advertisements 341 





Cadet David R. Rossi VMI '02 

You have persevered and prevailed over the four year Rat Line that is VMI. 
Take pride in the success of attaining the ultimate breakout—graduation. By 
surviving the crucible, you have earned the right to presence in Moody Hall. 
In this and in all things, give thanks to God. 


Mom, Dad, and Grandma Mary 





jfiSStHSQv i 


r . ■ 





Steve Cunningham 

and your fellow Brother Rats! 

The Class of 2005 

Mom, Dad, Brian, Tommy, Sue, and Tom IV 



Continued Success 

John, Chad, Tim, and Ryan 

Mom and Dad Casper 

Congratulations Travis 

You set your goals as a child 

and are achieving them as a man. 

God gave us a precious gift with you. 


Mom and Dad 

Advertisements 343 


Edward John Anderson 
Class of 2002 

Dad, Mom, Alison, & Robert 


(304) 296-0074 

148 Fayette Street * Morgantown, WV 26505 

(800) 840-0074 



I "Accept the challenges so that you 

I may feel the exilaration of victory." 

—General George S. Patton 

We have admired your strength 
and determination. What you 
have accomplished has made us so 
very proud!! 

Cadet Jeff Kuehne 

Love ya, 
Mom, Dad, & Steph 

Solarge Rules ! 


Commandant' i 

Support the VMI Rifle Tean 

23 S. Jefferson Stnst 
(540) 463-73! 

Class of 2002 

T o 

Tfe VMl Mumni Association 

34-1 Advertisements 


Congratulations Class of 2002 


21T Brady B#^atf\ |p% - fr'"'"" ' W% ,^fy^atfaji : toy0e 

2LT Kenneth Collins '^p*fe 

2tTJared Conrad 2LTRyan Davis 

2LT Frank Deetjr III 
2LTDii$tin Delcoure V 2LTD6ugas* 

^V 2LT Brendan Fi&p&trick 

2LT DarnellXbqffin \^ ' ^7 

>v 2LT Gabriel Hen 
2LTRyan Hickey^. V\-2 

2^T</ames Howard 
2t T Patrick Khattak ' >v 2LT Jason Kocher 

2LT Matthew Kohler 
2LT Brian Kornett f X^jtLlJatvd L app 

■•Wri — -*-— - — -., - 2LT-K in Lau 
2LT Cory Lindsey 

2LT Gordon Powers 
2LT JahsTsimm 
2LTPaul Stamp 
2LT<fo& ath an! Tibbs 

2LT Jonathan Pogrttnjcy 


dy Sheets 
k Slavin 





Matthew Thompson 

2L T Claren or Ton ey 
Trant ^A 

2L T Gregoryypelis 

2LTStephen Ward 

2LrBJstkf Witherell 2LT "Tim Jtfol&fJrd 1 

C^ l^fiLak^WuIJm waber 2LJJW&aei2£jxe\2^ 

$^ek \o, ^of\^^L0^cimd 
LieutenantsTa~nd-b est ofJ ockto everyone 

in the Class of 2002! 
-Cadre and Staff, VAU Army ROTC 

Advertisements 345 

Bryant D. Harrison 

Class of 2002 

You maij be whatever you resolve to he 

Yet another dream achieved, 
as the next waits on the horizon! 


With All Our Love, Pride, and Admiration 

For The Courage, Honor, and 

Commitment you have shown. 

OM and BRET 

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tk m 


2Lt. C. Brian Toney 

I'm so proud of you 

Chemistry 4 Life! 

You will be missed 



Congratulations Nick 

You did it- - 
Job well done 


Dad, Mom, Kristin, 

Matt, Tammy, and Nadia 


You are the 
>V pride of our clan. 


Mom, Dad, & Ally 

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Grant us brotherhood, not only for this 
but for all our years. . . a brotherhood not 
of words but of acts and deeds. 

mm ..-y- ■ 




Anthony Raymond Boone 

and /* 

Fellow Brother Rats of the Class of 2005 I ,-. ~. I 

We are proud of you 

Love & Best Wishes 

Mom, Dad Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, 

Grandmas & Grandpas, and Friends 

Brandon J. Haenny 

$| Congratulations on the success you 
.^jhave achieved in completing your' 
i "Rat" year at VMI. 
^^ YOU DID IT!! 

gj Our love and best wishes always to 
you and your brother rats. 

Dad, Mom, and Valerie 


17 August 1998 
28 February 1999 
10 November 2000 

15 May 2002 

16 May 2002 



Good Luck 
Mom, Dad, Meghan & Patrick 

i I V.h ertisements 

Congratulations Stephen Ward '02 
United States Army 

BUILD ME A SON, O Lord, who will be strong enough 
to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself 
when he is afraid; one who will be proud and unbending in 
honesty, defeat, and humble and gentle in victory. 
BUILD me a son whose wishes will not take the place of 
deeds; a son who will know Thee and that to know himself 
is the foundation stone of knowledge. 

LEAD him, I pray, not in the path of ease and comfort, but 
under the stress and spur of difficulties and challenge. Here 
let him learn to stand up in the storm; here let him learn 
compassion for those who fail. 

BUILD me a son whose heart will be clear, whose goal will 
be high, a son who will master himself before he seeks to 
master other men, one who will reach into the future 
yet never forget the past. 

AND after all these things are his, add, I pray, enough of a 
sense of humor, so that he may always be serious, yet never 
take himself too seriously. Give him humility, so that he may 
always remember the simplicity of true greatness, the open 
mind of true wisdom, and the meekness of true strength. 
THEN, /, his father, will dare to whisper, 
"J ha\'e not lived in vain. " 

Douglas Mac Arthur 
From a young boy to a VMI graduate . . . always with the same 
goal . . .to serve your country. God Bless you and protect you. 

With our love, 
Mom & Chris 


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You have travelled sometimes a Ion 
and difficult road these past four 
years, which have been filled with 
character-building experiences. 
Your determination, perseverance, 
and faith in God have carried you 
through to reach your achievements 
at VMI. I am so very proud of you. 
Love always, MOM 


Because you are my brother, there is 

a closeness that we share. We don't 

discuss it, but it's there. And at 

Graduation, I hope you know how 

much you mean to me, how much I 


Love always your brother, 



350 Advertisements 

Jarred W. Drown 

Class of 2005 

Congratulations on Breaking Out! 

We are so proud of your accomplishments! 

You nave worked hard and persevered well through 

the Rat year! Only 3 more years! 

£ove, Mam and S)ad 

VMI's Most Famous Alum 

- never owned a business, but man- 
aged the business of World War II; 

- never ran lor office, but was 
revered by presidents and 
political leaders; 

- never lied to Congress, his honesty 
earned their trust and respect; 

- never sought fame or fortune, but 
his name became a symbol of 

Callell Marshall, nil III global hope. 

George C. Marshall Foundation Museum, Research Library & Archives 

Visit the Marshall Museum and Library across the Parade Ground from VMI Barracks. For information call 465 "105 Em 251 

Dear Brian, 

You've come a long way 
baby! Congratulations! 
We are so proud of you! 

Much Love, 
Mom, Dad, Grandma, Amy, and Andrew 

Ryan Peay and Seth Wheeler 

Class of 2002 

Congratulations on your Graduation! 

Chris Donnelly, Class of 2002 

As a dyke and as uncle dykes, 

you have been a tremendous influence on our 

son! Your leadership has been outstanding! 

ffiest wishes, tDawtet and %)oxi 'Dtown 

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth 

And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; 
Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth 

Of sun-split clouds, -and done a hundred things 
You have not dreamed of... 
Up. up the long, delirious burning blue 

I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace. 
Where never lark, or even eagle flew- 

And. while with silent, lifting mind I've trod 
The high untrespassed sanctity of space. 
Put out my hand and touched the face of God. 
"Hyli FMt" fry John CiTksee, ]r. 

Congratulations and every blessing. Michael 
With love from Allen & Liz Honaker 


It is finally your day to shine. Words can't express 
how very proud I am of you. You have told me that 
you have always wanted to fly for the military and 
now you are one step closer to fulfilling your 
dream. We have been through many things together 
in the past five years that we have known each 
other, and I hope we continue to go through many 
more things together. You are my best friend and I 
am grateful to have you in my life. 
Love always, Christine 

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Wei/ef/ ;J/a(i(m 


(t/xtre/tf 6 d'jtea/m . 
■ 4/o /it. ii/Jad, a/u/ L/fr/ 


*SU©r. f - 

Da ivoX loXlavl <$Jwzaal Vfw- pxx/Uh, 
nuvu K&cui. Jo m-a/leoc 
wfie/ve, \awul \a tvo ruJufi 


\Jf\yi\A, UJea, cwvc UoaaJL 


<2)JW G)au«n ©atruuj- 

C^adet (Christopher £\ Donnellu, (_Jass of 2002 

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. 

Only through experience of trial and suffering 

can the soul be strengthened , vision cleared, 
ambition inspired, and success achieved. 

Helen Keller 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, 

and I - I took the one less traveled by," 

and that is making all the difference, son... 

With Love & pride, Dad & Mom 
Way to go big brother!!! [_ ove - .Shannon & Jonathan 



"this place has to test you and push you to your limits 
'on many levels. from year to year the source of the test 
was different the source of happiness was the one 
constant: friendship without friendship this place 
would be unbearable and not worth it you can get an 
education anywhere, but you can only make these 
Friendships at the Virginia military institute." 

Matthew in a letter to Dad, VMI Class of 1 950-B dated April 29, 2002) 

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i— i 
i— i 



We love you and are proud of 
I / your accomplishments at VMI. 
v J God Bless You! 
V ,iVeni Vidi Vici!!! 

David Michael Beehler '05 

Love and Hugs- 
Dad, Mother, Danielle, 

Stephen and Catherine 







Way To Go Jessie! 

You chose a tough goal, but then you've never 
been one to back down from a challenge. We are 
so proud of you. You said you would do it, and 
we knew you could. Hell week, the Rat-line, and 
Break-out Hill - all accomplished to make you 
Cadet Stewart, CLASS of 05. You go girl! 

We love you, Mom, Mike, James and Dad 

Congratulations for 
everything that you have 
accomplished your first year 
at VMI. Your family is very 
proud of you. 


Love always, 
Mom, Dad, and 
the girls 




637 Waddell St. 

Lexington, Va. 


: 5^?^^»^W^?^SS;^SXSt«^^-^*^ ; ss^^^ 

The Dean and the Faculty of VMI 

congratulate the Class of 2002 for a Job 

Well Done and extend Best Wishes and 

Godspeed for their adventures ahead 

Colonel Henry D. Schreiber of VMI's Department of Chemistry, 

is one of 1 1 college and university faculty 

awarded Virginia's Outstanding Faculty Award for 2002 

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ernestine & Al Hockaday 


FAX 540-464-1358 

Class of 2002 

Congratulations on 
a Job Well Done! 


Wishing You the Best in All 

Your Future Endeavors! 
brother "RjRt CMucfe walls, § Ffln/ilw 

ernestine & Al Hockaday 




FAX 540-464-1358 

Gift Boutique 



Dan C. Vance 

Investment Representative 

22 W. Washington Street 

Lexington. VA 24450 

Bus 540-463-1999 Fax 540-463-6445 


Serving Individual Investors Since 1871 


Build Me A Son 

By General Douglas MacArthur 

"Build Me A Son. Lord, who will be strong enough to know when 
he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid: 
one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat and 
humble and gentle in victory. 

Build me a son whose wishes will not take the place of deeds, A 
son who will know Thee- and that to know himself is the 
foundation stone of knowledge. Lead him, I pray, not in the path 
of ease and comfort, but under the stress and spur of difficulties 
and challenge. Here let him learn compassion for those who fail. 

Build me a son whose heart will be clear, whose goal will Be high, 
a son who will master himself before he seeks to Master other 
men, one who will reach into the future, yet never forget the past. 

And after all these things are his, add, I pray, enough of sense of 
humor, so that he may always be serious, yet never take himself 
too seriously. Give him humility, so that he may always 
remember the simplicity of true greatness, the open mine of true 
wisdom, and the meekness of true strength. 

Then, we, as your parents will dare to whisper: 
lived in vain." 

"We have not 

May all your dreams come true. The Vik family is very proud of 

Swim Team Captain 

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"5h& itictoHty cheap and 

fieilawL w&iz it not fat the 

tigwt o£ the qxune" 

L * 


Jim Favareau '05 


from his fans: 


Mom 81 Dad 

Tom 81 Tully 

* ^J 

Lance 8L Leader 
Flash 81 Beak 

Jack 81 Beau 
Buzz 81 Reebs 

Joey 8MB 






Congratulations to the 
Class of 2002 


VMI Dining Hall 

Keydet Kanteen 

Snack Bar 

Managed Services, Managed Better 

"We are here to serve You." 

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t Sayfte, '80, im/rte you to visit 


Visit our on-site custom 
embroidery and screen-printing 

shop for all your personal, 
business, club and team needs 


Sayre University Sportwear and Custom Shop 

15 W. Washington St., Lexington - 540464-3000 

My blouse is torn and tattered, 
My dress-hat's sadly battered, 
I haven't any brasses 
Accoutrements, or gun; | 

I've a great load of demerit, 
Though I bravely try to bear it, 
For to break the Regulations 
Is a constant source of fun. 

The First 
Class Private 

7905 BOMB 

The habit known as "socking," 
To my nature is most shocking, 
My attitude is hostile 
Toward any kind of drills; 
To be absent from formations 
Is the chief of my vocations 
For with ease I "ride" the surgeon 
HI And swallow all his pills. 

As for chevrons! Well, I scorn'em 

And though once I may have worn'em 

No longer I regard them 

As ambition's highest goal, 

I am slack and proud to tell it, 

My place I would not sell it, 

And the man whom I see "running," 

Is abhorrent to my soul. 


You may call my actions listless, 
You may think that I am shiftless, 
And imagine that for nothing do I care, 
But your judgement will be shaken, 
When the final count is taken 
Of the men in life successful, 
For I'm certain to be there. 


"The Oldest College flnnual in the South" 
established in 1SS5 

VMI Sox 8 
Islington, Virginia 24450 

phone: (540) 463-9513 
email: VMISOMS@mail.vmi.gdu 

Always there will be, 

along the sidelines of 

life, inferior souls who 

throw mud at those 

whose attainments they 

do not quite understand. 

The man who really 

accomplishes doesn't 

pay attention to such 

detractors. If he did, he'd be on their level. He keeps an eye 

singled on the higher goal-and the mud never touches him. 

Author: Jerome P. Fleishman 

We are so proud of your accomplishments! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Brooke, and Kristen 

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A. man achieves according to what he 

believes. . . and you believed that you would be a 

VMI Grad. . . and so you are! 

We knew j on could do it! 


X ! 

Press on so that, "You may be 

whatever you resolve to be. . ." 
May God bless you and your resolve! 


Dad and Lantie 

Emily, Jessica, Michael and Stephen 

Max and Draco too! 

Matthew F. Serra 

Con gratulations 
Jim Burket '02 

"People do not become great 

by doing great things: they do 

great things because 

they are great." 


Mom, Dad, & Cissy 

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i / 1/1& I \A/l/l i/i/ \*\A/%/%/ vV/ */' vw JLS l/i/£^ U^L/ 1 1 \si I V 

Barracks as it sounds the day's 
final call, leaving silence until 

the next day. 

"All Good Things Must 

Photo by Kenneth W Iversen '54 


>2 BOMB Stall 

Pass In Review 

The 2002 


published by Herff- 

Jones, Inc. in 

Charlotte, North 

Carolina. Our 


representative was 

Mr. Chris Edwards 

and our HerfY- 

Jbnes CSA was 

Mrs. Darlene 

Cooper. The 2002 

BOMB is the 

108th volume and 

contains 368 pages. 

The cost of the 

2002 BOMB was 



Photgraphs were 

provided by staff 

members, VMI's 

Public Information 

Office, and Candid 

Color. Mr. Doug 

Chase was the . 

yearbook adviser. 

Jason Breeding, 

Class of 2002, 

served as the 


Please note: 
No portion of the 
'2002 IHW BOMB : 

may be reproduced 
without the direct 
consent of the editor. 

business Stan 
fusiness Stan 
Thomas F. "Chip" Hancock, IV, Sports Editor 
Nichole E. Kramer, Writer 
Matthew Van Wie, Sports Writer 
Alicia M. Williams, Photographer & Writer 

las A. Gar 

Jordan S. Prior, Business Stan 
Derek Rankin, Business Staii 
William CRau, Stan 
James O. Shambleu, Photographer 
Daniel Spami, Stan 


Jason and I began the year with aspirations for a great and very profitable yearbook. I had hoped th 

Riandant's office would see it as a much needed club for rats to learn and take over this failing boo 
rain's great and far reaching wisdom, rats could not participate in club activities due to warn 
o it was left to two people to lay out the book and one to make us some money. Jason and I spa 
hours at night and many weekends here completing this book. Even after school was over, w 
rath here to finish it. Jason, I must say I don't know how you do it but somehow you can do a lot with 
ittle, and I wish you the best of luck with your life. I must however apologize to the Class of 2002 for th 
mfortuhate mistake that the stoonie made in throwing awav vrmr nhnt-ns Afrpr all rW l^c ho-n^-n*, 

miortuhate mistake that the stoopie made in throwing away your photos. After all that has happene 
hroughout this year-between our little insurrection to me driving back and forth to JMU twice a week- 
ve produced an awesome book. From my pictures below you can see quite a few of my different faces, guest 
wasn't a very good rat. To Paul, Wes, and Ronnie, you have been true friends, thank you. Even thougl 
loger screwed up, looks like in the end, I didn't. 

Chris Mills 


at/A ma „,«.,. ./■'/■• 

■ i, „/,,,/, a r* \ ;,;,„/,. 

./.,.,; Wa/k, 3d % 

» m, •'.,■.;:.■■■...;/■,;, 

oh Saturday, Mo bmnty-iUndi -/ - fan, 

two dotua-M<laiutl<ao 

at two c r/cA- ,., Me aflexm . « 

t , ,„,„„„,/,, I y(,,„/,/, .<,/,/, J T: /,«„/< 

Wardctt, <%yMa 




The 2002 BOMB is finally finished. I started this task 
in April 2001, expecting only a few pages of the '01 
BOMB to do during the summer, but ended up doing 
the majority of that book as well. This volume was 
completed less than two weeks after graduation, and I 
think that it is one of the best BOMBs that VMI will 
ever see. Countless hours on weekdays, weekends, 
and furloughs allowed for this book to be produced on 
time. I would like to thank Chris Mills, for if were not 
for his help 1 don't think that it would have been done 
on time. I knew that this job would be a lot of hard 
work, but I knew that if I could get a staff, it would 
make life a whole lot easier. Getting the staff sort of 
happened, but with all of the other commitments that 
staff members had, Chris and 1 winded up doing the 
entire book. I do thank the staff for being willing to 
help whenever needed, though; I wish you all the best. 
The theme of this yearbook "Pass In Review," reflects 
the military nature of VMI, but, more importantly it 
appeals to the subconscious in that it causes one to 
step back and look back on the year's events. I 
wanted to incorporate the events of 2001-2002 and the 
history of VMI, as I thought it was important to 
connect the Corps of today to the Corps of the past. I 
did my best to highlight the First Classmen, as it was 
our final year, and the events that occurred in 2001- 
2002 affected us more than anyone else. I hope that I 
have given the Corps and the Institute an accurate 
representation of the history of the 2001-2002 year. To 
the Class of 2002, 1 hope that you enjoy this book as 
much as I enjoyed creating it. I hope that as you turn 
through the pages that you will remember the more 

important things at 
VMI — the good times 
and friends. I am a true 
believer in VMI's Class 
System and I hope that I 
have served you well in 
all of my different 
functions. Being at VMI 
has given me opportunities that I don't thinl: 
I would have ever gotten anywhere else. 
The friends that I have made are 
irreplaceable, the people that I have met, 
from Jimmy Carter to Henry Kissinger to 
Mark Warner to Gabriel Byrne, I owe all o 
that to VMI. As time passes, our wounds 
will heal and we will look forward to cominj 
back to the "I" for our fifth or 50 th reunion? 
During my time here I, have met some gre 
Brother Rats and faculty members, who 
have been mentors and role models. Col 
Francis Bush — your hard work and 
dedication that you give to your classes 
amazes me, it is your work ethic and 
dedication that I hope to have when I comf 
back to teach. Col. Kurt Iversen — your 
guidance and friendship has been a , I 
wonderful thing to have my First Class yea 
I only wish that I had gotten to know you 
earlier in my cadetship. Col. Alan 
Baragona — from STP to this day, you have 
been one of my greatest teachers. I have 
enjoyed being in TGMS and the New York 

366 Closing; 

trips; I consider you one of my 
greatest mentors. Kurt Araujo- 
you are man of great work ethic 
and dedication. Thank you for 
all your help this past year. 
Doug Chase — you are a great 
friend and mentor. This past 
year has been tumultuous for 
both of us. I can never repay 
you for listening to me and just 
being there; I truly think that you 
are a great man. Monika 
Dickens — you are a person of 
great work ethic and dedication. 
I appreciate the help that you 
have given me this year from the 
GC to the BOMB; this is my 
, thanks to you. Caleb — you have 
become a great friend to me 

over the last two years; 
I'm sure that you will do 
great things with your life. 
If you ever need anything, 
I've got your back. 
Salmaan, Nate, Chris, 
Paul, Wes, Ben, Scott, 
Rob, Tim — we have been 
together since we were 
rats in Band Co., you have 
provided me with great 
friendships. You all have 
been like my brothers, and 
that is something to me 
that is priceless. Jo Ann 
Wright-you taught me 
everything I know about 
yearbooks. Mom and 

Dad — you brought me into this 
world and for that I am 
grateful. I truly appreciate all 
the sacrifices that you have 
made to get me to this point — 
my diploma is for me and the 
both of you. Amberlea — my 
soon-to-be wife, you have been 
with me from the get-go; you 
have provided me with strength 
and comfort. I know that we 
will be happy forever. God has 
blessed us with our love and 
companionship for each other. 

for that I am eternally grateful. 
In closing, I hope that you have 
enjoyed the 2002 BOMB, I think 
that it will be a long time before 
another volume like this is produced 
again. If you ask me whether or not 
I am glad my time at VMI is over, 
my answer is bittersweet. This 
place has tested me in everyway 
possible and I have won — with 
diploma in hand. In the words of 
Robert Earl Keen, "It feels so good 
feelin' good again." 

Jason W. Breeding 

VMI Class of 2002